Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 52


The episode starts with Laksh is sitting like a lifeless body while Ragini is sitting beside him in the same state. Tears were continuously rolling down Ragini’s eyes while Laksh was lost in his thoughts. Both of them had no way to console each other as they were broken equally. A doctor comes out and Laksh rush to him.
Laksh : For past 4 hours you have been telling the same thing at least tell us his state or any other way to save him.
Doctor : There is germ in his intestine so Mr. Maheshwari Relax we are trying our best.
Laksh : I want the best doctor who does this surgery right now. I don’t care how much money is spent but I just need my kid.
Doctor : The best doctor who does this surgery in the city is here.
Doctor leaves while Laksh is frustrated. He kicks the wall and punches his hand. Ragini stands up and holds him and shakes her head.
Ragini : This is not the way.

Laksh : I should have listened to you and get the scans done at least then…
Ragini interrupts : This is what meant to happen.
Laksh holds her cheeks and Ragini holds his hand.
Laksh : Last time also everything happened because of me. I have still not forgiven myself for…
Ragini : Enough Laksh please, I need strength right now.
Laksh hugs her and she hugs him back tightly.

Scenes shifts to school where Lavanya and Sawitha are walking in the corridor and Naksh comes from the opposite direction looking at a book. Lavanya was about to clash with him but Sawitha drags her away.
Lavanya : Are you really off you head? Who will read books in the corridor?
Naksh was about to say something but Sawitha drags her but she doesn’t move.
Naksh : Seriously? You don’t…
Before he could complete a girl comes running.
The girl : Sawi your papa has come to school.
Sawi : My papa?
The girl nods and Sawi runs dragging Lavanya while Lavanya gives death glare and run behind Sawitha. Sawitha and Lavanya reach the office and finds Sanskaar is there.
Sanskaar : Both of you get your bags and come to the parking.
Sawi : But papa…
Sanskaar : Do what I said.
Sawitha and Lavanya nod and walk to their class and get the bags and come. They walk to the car and find Laashya hugging Sandya while Rahul is sitting beside her. Sawitha gets in front while Lavanya gets in behind.
Lavanya : What happened? Where is Raghav?
Rahul : Di Raghav (He hugs her and tells her everything while Sawitha and Lavanya are shell shocked) I’m scared di.
Lavanya hugs him back; Laashya moves to Lavanya and hugs her tightly.
Laashya : Nothing will happen to my Raghav hena di?
Lavanya : Nothing will happen.
Lavanya wipes the tears which were continuously flowing from her eyes and looks out of the window and remembers all her moments with Raghav so does the others.

Scene shifts to hospital where Ragini has rested her head on the wall and tears are rolling down her cheek. Swara looks at her worriedly and tears roll down her cheek too. Laksh is seen seated and is looking at the ICU door continuously. Lavanya, Rahul and Laashya comes running. Lavanya kneels down beside Ragini while Laashya shakes Laksh.
Lavanya : What happened to Raghav?
Laashya : What happened to him papa? (Laksh looks at Ragini and then looks at their kids asking about their brother) Ma where is Raghav? (She walks to Ragini and shakes her while Rahul cries out looking at Ragini and Laksh) I want my brother.
Ragini looks away as she is unable to answer them. Laashya sits on her lap and makes Ragini look at her. Rahul walks to Laksh and sits beside him and rests his head on Laksh’s chest. Laashya looks on while Ragini hugs her really tightly.
Ragini : He is there inside and nothing will happen to your brother.
Laashya buries her face inside Ragini’s chest and Ragini hugs her back really tight. They look on at the ICU door. Ragini closes her eyes and remembers herself with a baby bump and she remamebers she shouting ‘Laksh’. Her chain of thoughts gets disturbed when the room door was opened. Laksh rushed to the doctor while Ragini stood and made Laashya stand walked to them.
Doctor : We have done our work rest is on god’s hands.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Doctor : We are done with the surgery and we will keep him under observes for 12 hours if we see movement before that he is safe or…
Ragini : Or what?
Doctor : Don’t worry hope for the best btw better not get close to him as he is already germ infected.
Doctors leave while Ragini enters the room and finds Raghav lying unconscious with tubes connected. Ragini walks to him and looks at him and closes her eyes and remembers Laksh hugging her from becks while she is looking at Laashya and Raghav sleeping and telling her “Laashya is my choti Ragini, the princess I wanted (Ragini blushes and holds his hand on her waist) and Raghav is the child we lost, go has given him to us again” Ragini nods. Ragini comes out of her thoughts and looks at Raghav a ray of hope came as she knows god will not punish her again. Laksh walked in and he could understand what Ragini was going through he held her shoulder and she turned to him.
Ragini : Will god help us?
She asked innocently while Laksh nodded back.
Laksh whispered : He will help us.
Ragini rested her head on his chest while holding Raghav’s hand and encircling Laksh from the other.
Ragini : He will be okay.
Laksh nodded and wiped the drop of tear which rolled down her cheek.
Laksh : You stay here I will go and settle all the bills and the rest of the procedures.
Ragini : Laksh don’t leave me please, me and our kid needs you.
Laksh breaks the hug and makes her look at her.
Laksh : I will be back soon.
Ragini nods and he leaves. Sanskaar entered the room carrying Laashya.
Sanskaar : She wanted to see him.
Ragini carried Laashya and walked to Raghav. Tears rolled down Laashya’s eyes.
Laashya : Mama ask Raghav to get up. Tell him I won’t fight with him; tell him I will give my toys or won’t break his, even I will share my chocolate cookies with him. Ask him to get up and come, I will play boys games with him and I will let him use my crayons too. Promise mama I won’t call him monkey or fool hereafter. He is not naughty but very good mama ask him to come.
Laashya cries out while Ragini buries Laashya’s face inside her shoulder and Laashya hugs her tight.
Ragini : He will come baby now stop crying, you are our good angel hena? So stop crying.
Laashya : If I stop crying will he come?
Ragini nods and Laashya wipes her tears and smile but still tears roll down her cheek.

Scene shifts to hospital mandir where Rahul, Lavanya, Sawitha, Sandya and Sandesh are praying while rest of the people is looking at them. They keep on praying remembering what doctor said that the rest is in god’s hands. Ragini is sitting in the couch inside the ICU while Laashya has rested her head on Ragini’s chest. Laksh enters and looks at them.
Laksh : Any improvement?
Ragini shakes her head; Laksh sits beside Ragini and look on at Raghav. He looks at Laashya where she has cried a lot.

Laashya : I stopped crying papa but still he didn’t awake.
Laksh takes her to his lap.
Laksh : He is very lazy hena that is the reason he is sleeping like kumbakaranan.
Laashya and Ragini smile while Laksh sighs and rests back and Laashya rests her head on his chest. Raghav’s fingers moves and Ragini notices this.
Ragini : Laksh he moved (She smiles) I saw him moving.
Ragini rush to him so does Laksh. Laksh rush out and comes with the doctor. Doctor starts checking Raghav while Ragini pray god. Raghav slowly opens his eyes and looks around and finds Ragini looking at him smiling.
Raghav whispers : Mama…
Ragini nods and smiles, Laksh holds Ragini by her shoulder while Laashya jumps up and down in happiness.
Doctor : Nothing to worry now, but he has to stay in a clean surrounding and bring him for weekly checkups. You can discharge him day after tomorrow and I will remove this tube by morning.
Ragini nods while the doctor leaves. Raghav looks on and Ragini sits beside him.
Raghav whispers : What happened to me mama?
Ragini shakes her head and caresses Raghav’s hair.
Ragini : Nothing baby, you are fine.

Laashya : My Raghav is fine papa.
Laksh : Haa baby. Laashya hugs Laksh in happiness and Laksh carried her and makes her sit beside Raghav and he smiles.
Laashya touches Raghav’s hand slowly.
Laashya whispers : Is it paining?
Raghav shakes his head
Ragini : Laashya his stomach is only operated how come his hand pain.
Laashya touches his stomach slowly with her tiny fingers.
Laashya : Is it paining?
Raghav : Little.
Laksh carries Laashya.
Laksh : Let him take rest Laash baby we will go inform others okay?
Laashya : You go inform I want to stay with him.
Laksh : Let him take rest baby.
Laashya shakes her head while Laksh walks out carrying her. Ragini caresses Raghav’s forehead and pecks his forehead.
Ragini : Take rest.
Ragini stands up.

Raghav : Mama don’t leave me alone.
Ragini : I will never leave you alone.
Ragini sits on the stool beside the bed while Raghav closes his eyes and falls asleep. Laksh comes and informs everyone.
Lavanya : I want to see him.
Laashya frowns.
Laashya : Papa won’t let us di cuz he has to take rest it seems.
Laksh pecks her cheek.
Laksh : Actually let’s go home and come in the morning.
Rahul : For once can’t we see him.
Sanskaar : Let them Lucky.
Laksh : Okay okay or his darling siblings won’t get sleep tonight.
Lavanya, Rahul, Sawitha, Sandya and Sandesh rush in. Swara and Sanskaar follow them while Laksh looks Laashya.
Laashya : Take me also jaanu.

Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : No way, I won’t let you see him.
Laashya hits his chest while Laksh chuckles.
Laashya : Leave down at least then I will walk by myself and see him.
Laksh shakes his head while Laashya gets teary.
Laksh : Ok ok doll I’ll take you.
Laksh takes Laashya and walks in, all of them has surrounded the bed and looking at Raghav lovingly.
Sanskaar : We will go home now it is already late.
Ragini : Haa, I will stay with Raghav.
Laksh : I will stay.
Ragini : No you go, you have to look after Laashya too.
Swara : I and ma are there to look after them Ragini.
Ragini looks at Laksh and he nods his head. Ragini walks to Laksh and pecks Laashya.
Ragini : Take care and don’t trouble badima and daadi okay? (Laashya nods) We will come back soon.
Laashya : Love you mama and papa.
Laksh pecks Laashya’s cheek and Sanskaar carries her and leaves out. Just then Aditya and Sujatha enter.
Ragini : Rahul take care of Laashya and you too apply your medicine and change the bandage.
Rahul nods and leaves out giving a tight hug while Laksh caresses his head. Sandya, Sawitha and Sandesh leave out.
Aditya : How is he now?
Laksh : He is alright.
Sujatha : Thank god.
Aditya : Just a while ago Ap ma called us.
Aditya looks at Raghav.
Ragini : Now he is alright.
Laksh walks to Lavanya who is still looking at Raghav and holds her shoulder.
Laksh : He is fine beta.
Lavanya nods and wipes her tears, Lavanya walks out while Ragini gives a painful look to Laksh and follows Lavanya. Lavanya ends up out and Ragini holds her shoulder.
Ragini : Princess stop worrying he is fine.
Lavanya : I just had no idea what went on mama.
Ragini : Look at me (Lavanya turns) I know what you would have gone through. Now stop worrying everything is okay.
Lavanya nods and Aditya comes out.
Aditya : Shall we leave?
Lavanya : While even when I’m in pain you think to give more pain.
Ragini : Lavanya… (Lavanya looks at Ragini and Ragini shakes her head) take care and remember be calm all the time.
Lavanya nods and gives tight hug to Ragini and Laksh comes out and hugs Lavanya and Lavanya leave.
Sujatha : If anything is emergency call us we are living close by hena.
Laksh nods and they leave. Ragini and Laksh enter the ICU and Ragini sighs while Laksh Removes his top button and sits down. Ragini covers Raghav properly sits beside him and stays looking at him. Tears roll down her cheeks and she holds his little hand and bends and kisses it. Laksh looks at her and smiles.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini turns to him and gives a painful look. Laksh walks to her and drags her to his chest and caresses her hair.
Ragini : He scared me Laksh.
Laksh breaks the hug and wipes her tears.
Laksh : Now everything will be okay.
Ragini : I still don’t get what happened?
Laksh nods and holds his cheek.
Laksh : I will ask Sandesh to bring dinner you must be hungry.
Ragini : He must be hungry (She caresses Raghav’s hair) my little boy had to suffer a lot. When he vomited blood my whole body froze Laksh.
Laksh stroked her head while she rested her head on his chest. Laksh took the phone and dialed Sandesh.
Sandesh : Haa chaachu tell.
Laksh : Did you people reach home?
Sandesh : Haa just now (In the background Laashya is heard crying) Laashya…
Laksh : Why is she crying?
Sandesh : I will check.
Laksh : Btw ask daadi to pack food for us and can you bring it and give?
Sandesh : Okay (Sandesh walks to the living room and finds Swara consoling Laashya) I will bring. Laashya why are you crying baby?
Laashya : Ant bit.
Sandesh face palms while Laksh hears it over the phone and chuckles.
Laksh : Okay then I’m hanging up and yeah Sandesh look after her.
Sandesh hangs up and walks to Swara and carries Laashya.
Sandesh : Daadi ma (He shouts) Daadi
Ap comes out of the room.

AP : Haa beta tell.
Sandesh : Chaachu asked to pack food and bring for them.
Ap : I’ll pack quickly.
Swara : Wait ma I will pack.
Ap : I will also come and help.
Laashya buries her face inside Sandesh’s chest and sobs.
Sandesh : I thought my princess is strong (He chuckles) Omg but she is a coward.
Laashya looks at Sandesh and shakes her head.
Laashya : I’m not a coward but if an ant bites it hurt right?
Sandesh nods while Laashya pouts. Scene shifts to Rahul’s room where he is holding Raghav’s picture and staring. He remembers him telling that he hates Raghav and saying that he took away his happiness. Rahul wipes his tears and walks down. Ap comes packing food and hands it to Sandesh.
Rahul : Bhaiyaa are you going back to hospital?
Sandesh : Yup.
Laashya : Shall I also come?

Sandesh : You are changed in to your pajamas too.
Rahul : Even I want to come.
Sandesh looks at Ap and she nods.
Ap : I will also come.
Sandesh : Ok go get in to the car then.
Laashya and Rahul run out and get in while Ap turns to Swara.
Ap : Swara lock the door we will be back.
Swara : Okay ma.
Sandesh walks out while Ap gets in to the car. Sandesh gets in and drives off. Scene shifts to the hospital where the nurses take all the tubes leaves, Ragini sits beside Raghav and makes him sit and Laksh pours water in to the glass and gives to Ragini. She slowly makes Raghav drink it and makes him lie down. There was a knock on the door and Laksh walked and opened it and found Ap and Sandesh along with Rahul and Laashya standing. Ap walks to Raghav and caresses his head.
Ap : How are you now?
Raghav whispers : Good daadi ma.
Sandesh hands over the food to Ragini.
Laksh : What are you both doing again?
Laashya : Ant bit me papa.
Laksh : Really? (Laashya nods and Laksh bends to her) Shall we go near doctor? He will inject you.
Laashya : Okay papa.
Ragini serves the soup and sits beside Raghav while Ap makes him sit. Ragini starts serving and finds Rahul looking at Raghav with teary eyes. Ragini signs Laksh to look at Rahul and Laksh looks at him. Laksh walks to him and holds his head and Rahul looks back at Laksh. Rahul gives a painful look and strokes his head.
Laksh : Why beta? He is alright now.
Laksh takes him out and makes him sit beside him.
Rahul : Is it because of me?
Laksh’s smile fade and he looks at Rahul confusingly.
Laksh : How can it be your fault? It is a natural disease?
Rahul : I’m the one hated him a lot papa but when I knew he is not well I felt…
Laksh hugs him and caresses his back and chuckles.
Laksh : How can it be your fault? (He kisses on his head) Forget everything and now you love them right?
Rahul : A lot papa, I was wrong then but you and mama made me realize it.
Laksh : Now like papa’s good boy forget it. No one is at fault now so stop worrying okay?
Rahul nods and break the hug and Laksh wipes his tears.
Rahul : I love Raghav and Laashya a lot papa.
Laksh : They love you too.
Rahul : And I have got the best di ever.
Laksh : And that best di has got the best bhai ever.
Rahul smiles so does Laksh.
Flashback 20 years ago. (No one is thinking or narrating)

Laksh woke up as the sun rays fell on his face. he walked over to Ragini and caressed her head. She looked directly into his eyes as she woke up. Laksh smiled and stroked her cheek
Laksh : How are you feeling today?
Laksh sounds low but he managed to maintain his smile.
Ragini : Better.
Laksh stood up and helped her out of bed and lead her to the washroom. He brushed her teeth and washed her face while holding her by her waist. Ragini looked at him with love tightening her grip on his back and Laksh looked direct in to her eyes which were filled with love. Laksh raised an eyebrow in question
Ragini : I love you Laksh.
Laksh smiled and pecked her on the forehead
Laksh : Love you more and more.
Ragini held the walking stick and directed her head towards the toilet, Laksh understood and left the washroom closing the door behind him and waited impatiently. Ragini came out and Laksh carried her to the bed. Laksh combed her hair and tried to tie it into a ponytail but he couldn’t. Ragini chuckled as Laksh sighed.
Laksh : Why are you chuckling?
Ragini : No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to so better call a nurse to do it
Laksh leaned closer and placed a wet peck on her neck and moved to her ear.
Laksh : Is there anything that Laksh Maheshwari can’t do?
Ragina: Ahem…ahem…
Laksh combed her hair and began to braid it. Ragini nodded in astonishment as he put her braided hair front over her shoulder. There was a knock at the door and Laksh walked to the door, he opened and found the ward boy with a trolley of food. Laksh took the tray and placed it on the table and turned to Ragini.
Laksh : You have to drink your medicine before meals.
Ragini nodded like an obedient kid but looked at him confusingly as Laksh handed her the medicine and a glass of water.
Ragini : I’m bored already Laksh.
Laksh : We can go home once you are have recovered completely.
Ragini pouted and winked her eyes a couple of times at Laksh while he smiled from corner of his lips. Laksh sat beside Ragini with the bowl of soup and started feeding her. She felt an unfamiliar pain in her heart. Her Laksh has never been like this, there was some hidden pain in him.
Ragini : Laksh…are you hiding anything from me?
Ragini asked softly and looked at Laksh. He stopped feeding abruptly, looked at her and shook his head.
Laksh : I’m just worried about you.
Ragini : But I’m alright…you don’t have to worry. It hurts to see you in a troubled face…Laksh… your smile is what makes me happy but it seems like you are worried for something else, can’t you share it with me?
Laksh smiled weakly and continued feeding her the soup. There was another knock on the door so Laksh placed the bowl on the table and stood. Ragini watched him as he walked to open the door. Laksh opened the door to find the doctor and Harini at it. They entered in, Harini smiled at Laksh and he smiled back.
Doctor : How are you feeling today Ragini?
The doctor asked while she was testing Ragini’s eyes. Laksh walked to Ragini and stood beside her.
Ragini : Feeling better doctor.
Doctor : Harini get the sphygmomanometer (Harini nodded and handed the instrument to the doctor who began checking Ragini’s pressure, meanwhile Ragini looked at Laksh questioningly expecting for an answer) your pressure is normal and nothing to worry.
The doctor raised Ragini’s right hand which made her scream in pain. Laksh moved forward and caressed her hair. She buried her head in his chest. Laksh tightned his hug and looked at the doctor.
Laksh : Be a bit gentle…I mean (He shakes his head indicating not to hurt her) hope you understood.
Doctor : Sorry (She smiles looking at Laksh’s concern) and Ragini which part does it hurt you?
Ragini pointed at her elbow.
Ragini : My leg hurts more.
Laksh stroked her head as the doctor gently checked her leg.
Doctor : You don’t have to worry it will be alright. Take your medicines on time and if you feel pain let me know.
Ragini nodded her head.
Harini : Don’t hesitate to tell the pain and if you need any help you can call me.
Doctor : Mr. Maheshwari come and meet me in my cabin.
The doctor left and Harini stood there still.
Harini : Take care and yeah don’t stress yourself too much.
She left the room smirking. Laksh broke the hug and looked at Ragini, she smiled but tears rolled down her cheek.
Ragini : If I would have been more careful this wouldn’t have happened. We could have checked our results together. Everything is just because of me.
Laksh shook his head in disagreement and sat beside her.
Laksh : Ragini stop blaming yourself. (He holds her hand) Everything would have happened for a reason, a reason which both of us will lead a happy life.
Ragini looked on while Laksh wiped her tears and shook his head indicating her not to cry. Laksh stood up and handed over the rest of the medicine. Ragini finished drinking and she rested back. Laksh kept running his fingers through her hair and she dozed off holding Laksh’s other hand. Laksh removed his hand from the grip and covered her with the blanket and walked out.

Scene shifts to MM where Sanskaar is working on the laptop and Swara came out of the washroom wiping her hair.
Sanskaar : Swara (Swara looked at Sanskaar still wiping her hair and Sanskaar gets mesmerized with her beauty) I mean… Swara…I…you…
Swara giggled, Sanskaar stood up and walked to her.
Swara : What are you stammering so much?
Sanskaar dragged her closer holding her waist shocking Swara. Sanskaar leaned to Swara and pecked her cheek while she widened her eyes in shock. Swara blushed hard and directly looked in to his eyes.
Sanskaar whispered louder : I… love…you.
Swara looked at Sanskaar shockingly and he nodded back.
Swara : What are you telling? I mean stop joking.
Sanskaar left her and knelt down and looked in to her eyes.
Sanskaar : Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari, I have no idea when I fell for you but yesterday when you asked me to come to hospital my breath just stopped, that is when I realized my live for you. (Swara hangs her mouth open) though I got to married to you without knowing that it was you but now I fell for my wife. Will you accept…
Before he could complete Swara embraced him kneeling down which made Sanskaar fall down and she fell on him. Sanskaar was shocked for a moment but he came to his senses and hugged Swara back.
Swara : I love you too, I was waiting for this day and it is like a dream.
Sanskaar made her look at him and tucked her hair behind her ear and held her face.
Sanskaar : You loved me from long isn’t it my right as a husband to give the right of my wife?
Swara nodded and hugged him really tight and he hugged her back.

Laksh is seen seated in the cabin in front of the doctor placing his hand on his forehead.
Doctor : Relax Mr. Maheshwari, I will lead you to the best gynecologist so there is nothing to worry about your wife.
Laksh : She is my life, I want to give all the happiness she deserves so please (He folds his hand) please help me Dr. Dhamini.
The doctor nodded and gave him a card.
Dr. Dhamini : You contact her, she is a well-known gynecologist. Mrs. Khannah.
Laksh : I don’t want Ragini to know that we are visiting a gynecologist.
Dr. Dhamini : Don’t worry I will tell Mrs. Khannah about your problem.
Laksh nodded.
Laksh : Other than that Ragini is fine right?
Dr. Dhamini : Yes she is perfectly aright, only the external wounds should be cured. I have given her painkillers, once you discharge her you will have to take care of her without stressing her.
Laksh nodded and left.

Two days later, Ragini awoke early in the morning and found Laksh asleep beside her holding her hand and his head placed on the bed. A drop of tear escaped from her eyes and she wiped it and stroked his hair. Laksh woke up and smiled looking at her, his eyes were swollen and Ragini easily traced it.
Laksh : Good morning angel.
Ragini : Good morning (their eyes met and got lock for a couple of seconds) did you cry?
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : Why should I baby? There is no reason to cry.
Laksh said it holding her shoulder. Ragini smiled and sighed.
Ragini : I want your chest.
Laksh chuckled and sat on the bed beside her and she rested her head on his chest.
Laksh : Jaan…
Ragini : Mmm…
Laksh : I’m planning to join office
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh happily.
Ragini : Really? (Her face was filled with happiness) I’m so happy Laksh. My guy to my man.
Ragini laughed out and Laksh chuckled.
Laksh : I was always your man.
Ragini : And you will always be my man.(Ragini said as Laksh patted her head) I will adjust your tie and send you off to the office just like other wives.(she blushed) I’m being dramatic anyways Laksh all the very best.
Laksh : Will you support me and help me?
Ragini nodded.
Ragini : How long do I have to stay here? (She made a pouting face and tried to sit up and Laksh helped her to sit properly) I’m just tired of this hospital environment.
Laksh : For your kind information it’s been only we have been living in the so called hospital environment and five days more.
Ragini : Five days? Laksh please take me home. I can’t stay here even for a day.
Laksh : Stop being stubborn baby, you have to recover soon.
Ragini : But I want to…
Laksh interrupts : I don’t want to hear anything more, I want my wife to get cured.
Ragini : I want to go home and that is final.
Laksh : No way.
Ragini : I promise to be a good girl only if we go home.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Laksh…
There was a knock on the door and Laksh walked to it and opened and found Swara and Sanskaar standing.
Swara : We brought your washed dresses and fruits.
Ragini : Swara take me home with you please?
Ragini made a cute puppy face and folded her hands. Swara looked at Laksh as he rolled up his eyes.
Sanskaar : She might be bored Lucky, for how long can she tolerate the same face?
Laksh dropped his jaw down and looked at Ragini while she shook her head and gave a stern look to Sanskaar. Swara sat beside Ragini.
Laksh : I will go to the canteen and be back.
Ragini nodded and Laksh left the room. Sanskaar gets a call and he left the room. Ragini laughs and pinches Swara’s cheek.
Ragini : It seems like my jethani is really in a hurry to make me a chaachi.
Swara : Ragini (She blushes) What are you talking?
Ragini : Stop blushing (Ragini winks at Swara) it seems like you couldn’t sleep all night.
Swara : Shut up Ragini, I will also get a chance to tease you right then I will catch you.
Ragini : Look your neck is red…
Swara closed Ragini’s mouth.
Swara : What nonsense?
Ragini released from Swara’s grip and laughs. Laksh walked in smiling.
Laksh : You are getting discharged today.
Ragini : Really? (Laksh walked to her and she hugged him tightly) I’m so happy and at last I can live peacefully without this hospital smell.
Ragini pecked his chest and broke the hug. Sanskaar entered in putting his phone inside his pocket.
Laksh : Btw Sanskaar what happened to Diya?
Sanskaar : Well she is educated and we decided to give her a job in our company as your personal assistant.
Ragini : That is great (She smiled) There is someone who saved my life to look after my Laksh.
Laksh : Ragini…
Swara : Then let’s get ready to go home and Sanskaar inform ma about it.
Laksh : I will go pay the bill and come.
Laksh and Sanskaar left the room. After they had the breakfast Laksh carried Ragini and Sanskaar took the wheel chair and Laksh placed her on it. He pushed it put of the hospital and made her sit in the car. Ragini held her stomach and winced in pain.
Laksh : Are you okay?
Ragini : Yes, there was a pain in my stomach.
Laksh : Don’t worry it will be okay.
Ragini nodded and Swara go in behind beside Ragini. Laksh got in front beside the driving seat and Sanskaar got in and started driving. They reach home and Laksh carries Ragini.
Ragini : Sorry for being a burden Laksh.
Laksh gave a stern look rolled up his eyes. He walked to the main door while Swara and Sanskaar took out their things. Ap was standing with the aarti thaal and Simran was standing behind her along with Sujatha and Pooja. Ap starts doing aarti and Laksh enters the house and takes her to their room up.
Simran : How are you now Ragini?
Ragini : I’m okay Simran and how are you?
Simran : I’m fine and Laksh Maami said that she is getting discharged on Saturday…
Laksh interrupts : Haa but your bhabhi ji wanted to come home early. (He adjusts Ragini’s pillow and make her lie properly) she was literally eating my head.
Ap sat beside Ragini and caressed her head.
Ap : I will look after her and you don’t have to worry Laksh.
Kaveri entered the room rushing.
Kaveri : I heard Ragini came (She finds Ragini staring at her) I went to mandir to pray for you beta.
Ragini smiled as Kaveri gave laddoo to Ragini. Ragini looked at Laksh and he shook his head indicating her not to take. Ragini smiled back looking at Kaveri.
Ragini : I will eat it later when I feel to.
Kaveri nodded and placed the thaal on the table beside the bed.
Laksh : Let her rest a bit (Everyone nodded and left the room) Don’t you want to ask why I asked you not to take it?
Ragini nodded and gave a sheepish smile.
Ragini : Because you wanted to eat it (She chuckled while Laksh gives an unbelievable look) what else Laksh, it is probably because it is not reliable.
Laksh smiled and caressed her face and gave peck on her lip.
Laksh : Have a nap, I will go get fresh up and come.
Ragini nodded smiling at him and Laksh left to the washroom.

Scene shifts to the kitchen where Swara is helping Pooja and Simran to cook. Sanskaar comes there while Pooja and Simran look at each other and smile. Sanskaar signs Swara to come out and Swara nods as Sanksaar leaves.
Simran : Swara get me the cumin seeds please.
Swara : Hold on Simran.
Swara takes the cumin seeds and gives.
Pooja : Take me the cinnamon and powder it Swara.
Swara rolls up her eyes and does it.
Swara : Bhabhi here it is.
Ap enters the kitchen.
Ap : Swara make the mango juice to Ragini and give beta, make extra drink for others too.
Swara nodded and starts making and Ap leaves.
Pooja : Swara you go, Sanskaar called you right?
Simran : We will make the juice you go.
Swara : It is fine bhabhi I will finsh it and go.
Pooja : We will manage you go.
Swara nodded and left while Simran started making drink. Harini enters MM and greet everyone. She takes blessing from Ap.
Ap : Sit down beta.
Simran comes out with drink and walks up giving a stern look to Harini.
Harini : Heard that Laksh got Ragini discharged.
Ap : Haa beta.

Simran knocks Laksh’s room and Laksh opens, Ragini is seen sleeping tightly. She gives the drink and turns to leave.
Laksh : Simran (Simran stays still) Didn’t Aditya come?
Simran : He has few investigation to do so he has gone to Kolkata.
Laksh smiled and nodded, he placed the drink on the table and walked out of the room closing the door behind to the living room which is their upstairs.
Laksh : By any chance do you know why is Aditya hiding from me? If the reason for arresting that man is revealed to be that he doing some illegal acts and then it is over from there, what else is there? There is something else which Aditya is hiding from us without knowing I can’t risk Ragini’s life.
Simran : Nnnothing Laksh…I mean… (She starts stammering while Laksh chuckles) If there is something he would tell me.
Laksh : Of course but you won’t tell me right? (She smiles and pats her cheek) You are my cousin and I know a lot about you.

Laksh walks down while Simran shakes her head and sighs. Vishal comes and walks passing RagLak’s room and he opens it. He finds Ragini sleeping with a cute smile; he walks ahead and stares at her with full lust, he tries to touch her and finds a hand on his shoulder and gets shocked. Vishal turns and is shocked.
Vishal : Bhabhi…
Pooja : What are you doing Vishal?
Vishal : Nothing bhabhi, I was just…
Pooja interrupts : Come to eat.
Vishal nods and leave, Pooja turns to leave and Ragini awakes.
Ragini : Laksh (She looks at Pooja and smiles) Bhabhi can you call Laksh?
Pooja nods and walks out, she gets down and finds everyone sitting on the sofa. Swara and Sanskaar too come and sit.
Pooja : Laksh, Ragini…

Laksh stands up.
Laksh : What happened to Ragini?
Pooja : Relax nothing Laksh, she just called you.
Everyone chuckles while Laksh feels embarrassed.
Swara : Is there anyone to love his wife as my dewar does?
Laksh smiles and walks up.
Simran : Recently someone else also has started loving his wife like Laksh.
Ap : Sujatha ji aur bhabhi, I have planned to keep a puja for Ragini’s health.(Harini looks shocking) also for Laksh, Swara and Sanskaar.
Sujatha nods.
Sujatha : We will help you to do the preparations.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room, Laksh enters and finds Ragini seated. Laksh walked to her and sat beside her.
Laksh : Why did you call me?
Ragini : Why did you leave me alone and go?
Laksh : Arey baba sorry, as my beautiful wife was sleeping I didn’t want to disturb her beauty sleep.
Ragini : Liar…
Laksh holds her by her waist and drags her closer. Laksh gives an intense look while Ragini turns red. He pecked both her blushing cheek and looked back at her parted lips. He slowly kisses her lips and she reciprocated back with the same passion, she ran her hand seductively which made Laksh go crazy. He took his lips apart from her lips and buried his face inside her shoulder and started nuzzling her neck while Ragini closed her eyes and enjoyed and she started brushing her lips against his neck. He hears the doctor’s voice and jerks back leaving Ragini shocked. Laksh comes back to his senses.
Laksh : This would have happened if I couldn’t have left.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : You just get carried away with my touches.
Laksh laughs nodding while Ragini kisses his cheek and they share an intense eye lock.

Next morning, Laksh awakes from the couch and walks to Ragini.
Laksh’s POV.
I’m trying my best to avoid me from you but it is hard, I have no idea how will stay away from you when you recover. I don’t know what to do too. Eight more months to for your total recover. I can’t risk your life at any cost. Until you are ready to bear a child I’m not ready too. Wish I could explain you but I can’t see you broken. We will meet the gynecologist and get you treated. (He sits and caresses a soft tender cheeks) I promise to give all the happiness in this world to you, it is a soul promise.
Laksh’s POV ends.

Ragini awakes and find Laksh staring at her.
Ragini : Good morning hub.
Laksh : Good morning life.
Ragini sits up.
Ragini : Aren’t you getting ready? It is your first day to office.
Laksh : Yes I have to…
Ragini interrupts : Go (She pouts) don’t think about me.
Laksh : I thought of going to office once you are fine but Sanskaar is leaving for the California project next month so they want me to learn things now.
Ragini : I understand.
Laksh : Now my dear and darling wife has to make a promise.
Ragini : Promise? Okay I promise that I will look after myself, drink medicines on time and have meals on time, I won’t stress myself, I won’t move out of the bed, if I want anything I will ask Swara or Ma and then…
Laksh interrupts : Bas bas bas baaba, relax. I will call you when I’m free and will speak to you.
Ragini hugs him tightly.
Ragini : I will miss you badly.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : Baby I’m going office not somewhere else.
Ragini : Still I will miss you.
Laksh breaks the hug and holds her cheek.
Laksh : I will get changed and come.
Ragini nods while Laksh leaves.

Flashback ends.

Ragini is seen covering Raghav and Rahul with the blanket and she comes out of the room. She walks to her room and finds Laksh working on the laptop. Ragini sits on the bed and sighs.
Ragini : Laksh everything seems back to normal.
Laksh : Nothing is back to normal.
Ragini : Yes our doll has not returned yet.
Laksh : Not only that life, even your and Swara’s problem.
Ragini rolls up her eyes and removes her mangalsutra and places it on the dresser. Laksh walks to her and makes her turn.
Ragini : I have nothing to talk about it.
Laksh holds her necks and leans to her and she frowns at Laksh.
Laksh : My dear loving stubborn wife now I want a hot…
Ragini interrupts : Hot?
She moves back while Laksh chuckles and drags her by her waist pecks on her cheek.
Laksh whispers : Coffee
Laashya enters room and is shocked to see RagLak so close to each other.
Laashya : Jaaaaanuuuuu (She chuckled while RagLak a parts away) what are you both doing?
Laksh : Nothing baby.
Ragini mummers : Laksh you are just enough to embarrass me in front of our kids.
Laksh laughs and walks to Laashya and carries her.
Laksh : You wanted a choti choti bhai hena princess?
Laashya shakes her head.
Laashya : I have Raghav hena papa?
Laksh : Not that chorti princess, a small baby to play with?
Laashya nods her head.
Laashya : I want one papa no no two, I want two. One for me and the other one for Raghav.
Ragini : Laksh stop it (She drags Laashya and makes her sleep on the bed) Simmy ma will give you a baby to play.
Laashya starts tearing as Laksh locked the door and the windows.
Laashya : Simmy ma took my di also will she give me to play with the baby?
Ragini looks at Laksh worriedly while Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : Aww princess di will come back soon.
Laashya : When?

Ragini : Very soon baby.
Laksh lies beside Laashya and takes her on top of him and Ragini rests her head on Laksh’s chest.
Laksh : Now princess tell what story does mama and papa has to tell you?
Laashya : Let Raghav to come.
Laksh : Your lovely brother said that he wants to sleep with bhaiyaa so he is sleeping there.
Laashya pouts and rests her head on the other chest of Laksh. Ragini looks at Laashya and holds her cheek.

Ragini : Now tell what story do you want to listen?
Laashya : I don’t want stories mama, can you sing a lullaby for me?
Ragini nods and starts stroking Laashya’s cheek and starts singing lori and eventually Laashya falls asleep om Laksh’s chest clutching Laksh’s t-shirt.
Laksh : She is asleep.
Ragini nods as Laksh places her beside him and covers her with the blanket and keeps pillows nest to her so she doesn’t fall down.
Ragini : I will bring back Lavanya soon.
Laksh : She is just like you.

Laksh says it dragging Ragini in to his chest.
Ragini : Who is just like me hub?
Laksh : Who else? Laashya only.
Ragini smiles and looks at Laashya sleeping peacefully.
Ragini : She is like us not like me.
Laksh : No she is just like you, the way she cares for everyone and her cuteness everything just reminds me of you. (Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh) She is my choti Ragini.
Ragini : Just like Raghav and Rahul reminds me of you hena?
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : What was that?
Ragini : They are just naughty like you as well as cute, very possessive as well as sweet. Like my Laksh (She smiles and tighten her grip) and Lavanya is just like….
RagLak : Us.
Both of them laugh.
Laksh : She has both of our qualities mixed up.
Ragini nods as Laksh kept caressing her hair. Both of them dozed off in each other’s embrace talking about their little family.

Next morning Ragini awakes and find Laashya hidden inside Laksh’s arms cuddled into him. She sits up and ties her hair in to a bun and draws on the curtain as the sun rays were disturbing Laashya’s and Laksh’s sleep. She walks to the washroom and comes back having a bath wearing a saadi. She wipes her hair and Laksh awakes.
Ragini : Good morning.
Laksh : Good morning jaan.
Laksh walks to her and makes her wear the mangalsutra and applies sindoor on her maang.
Ragini : Get ready to jo I will prepare coffee for you and check my boys.
Laksh smiles and nods, he bends smacks her cheek and she walks out. Ragini walks passing Sandya’s room and she hears Sandya speaking.
Sandya : Ok ok baby we will meet in the park, haa pakka.
Sandya packs her bag and comes out and Ragini walks away. Sandya goes down and Ragini looks on. Swara comes getting down the stairs.
Sandya : Mama, I have morning classes do I’m going out.
Swara : So early?
Sandya : Haa mama Kriya is coming so I will go.
Ragini runs to Sandesh’s room and knocks the door. Sandesh comes and opens the door.
Sandesh : Good morning chaachi.
Ragini : Good morning Sandesh get ready fast.
Sandesh : Get ready? To go where chaachi?
Sandesh yawns and Ragini face palms.
Ragini : Sandesh awake fast and get ready.
Sandesh : Ok ok just five minutes chaachi.
Ragini : Faster faster.

Sandesh nods and walks in closing the door. Ragini runs down to the kitchen and makes the coffee fast and places it on the dining table. Rahul comes downstairs and hugs Ragini.
Rahul : Good morning mama.
Ragini : Good morning prince, I’m going out with bhaiyaa give the coffee to papa. I f he asks say mama went out and not to worry okay. I will speak with him through the phone.
Rahul nods and Sandesh comes down and walks out along with Ragini. They get in to the car and Sandesh drives off.
Sandesh : Is everything okay chaachi? Tell me where to go?
Ragini : City park.
Sandesh drives off and Ragini looks around.

Scene shifts to MM where Laksh is comes downstairs carrying Laashya and Raghav.
Sanskaar : Aww my prince and princess.
Sanskaar carries Raghav and he buries his face in.
Laksh : Ragini… Ragini…
Rahul : Mama went out in hurry.
Laksh : Hurry?
Laksh takes his phone and rings and she answers.
Ragini : Haa Laksh I will come and tell everything.
Ragini hangs up and Laksh sighs.
Rahul : Papa your coffee is on the table.
Laksh nods and walks to the table dropping Laashya down. Sandesh drops the car, Ragini and Sandesh are shocked seeing Sandya and Karan.

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