Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 51


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 51

The episode starts with Ragini and Laksh looking at Lavanya. Lavanya comes running and hugs Laksh and Laksh hug her back. Sawitha also comes there.
Lavanya : Papa…
Lavanya breaks the hug and hugs Ragini and Ragini hug her back tightly. Ragini breaks the hug and caresses her face.
Ragini : How are you beta?
Lavanya : I’m fine mama how are you?
Ragini nods and Laksh smiles and holds Lavanya’s cheek.
Laksh : We heard you punched someone.
Lavanya : I should have punched that Naksh instead of Avinash.
Laksh : Relax luv, don’t get angry.
Lavanya : No papa he pushed chotu and that idiot didn’t even ask sorry.
Laksh : Relax Luv don’t hurry for anything.
Laksh holds her hand while Lavanya fumes and looks away. They enter Principal’s office.
Principal : Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Laksh Maheswari.
Laksh : Maheshwari.
Lavanya giggles while the principal gives a stern look.
Principal : Please take you seat.
Ragini and Laksh nod and sit. While Lavanya, Sawitha and Rahul stands behind RagLak.
Laksh : Can we know who complained in the beginning.
A voice : Me Mr. Maheshwari.
Laksh and Ragini turn at a Lady of their age with modern Saadi. She enters the room and behind her Naksh and Avinash come.
Principle : Mrs. Sameer please take your seat.

She sits and puts a leg on top of the other.
Ragini : Listen Mrs. Chatterjee our daughter did a mistake and we are ready to ask sorry from them only if that boy asks sorry from my son.
Lavanya : Mama…
Laksh signs her to be quiet.
Mrs. Sameer : How ill-mannered you people are? It was an accident which happened to your son.
There was a short eyelock between Avinash and Sandya while Lavanya and Naksh looked each other sternly. Laksh chuckles and looks at Naksh and Avinash and feels something odd.
Laksh : Isn’t that insane? Do you think that anyone would hit without a reason? I know my daughter didn’t do right from your POV but she did right from hers. Maybe your son was also wrong.
Another voice : My sons will never be wrong.
Laksh rolls up his eyes and look back and is shocked.
Laksh : Sameer (He stands up) Sam (His college friend Sam)
Sam : Lucky.
Ragini also stands up and smiles.
Ragini : Sam what a surprise.
Laksh and Sam hug each other and stay for a while. Laksh breaks the hug and punches on his stomach.
Laksh : You left us after college hena?
Sameer : I’m sorry but business and everything was in Malaysia and dad sent me there.
Laksh : Happy I met you.
Sameer: All thanks to that young lady for punching my son’s nose.
Laksh and Ragini laughs.
Laksh : I’m sorry for it Sam.
Sameer : Well well well bro let’s forget it.(Sameer’s wife come there and look at Sameer.) Maya this is Laksh I mean Lucky (Maya smiles and forwards her hand and Laksh shakes hand with her) and this his wife Ragini (Ragini folds her and so does Maya and they smile) shall we go out and speak?
All of them nod while the kids look at each other.
Laksh : Well Mrs. Chatterjee sorry for the inconvenience and I think our problem is solved.
She looks at them unbelievably while they leave the office. They reach the parking lot of the school.
Sam : Well Naksh you have to ask sorry from Rahul after all he is my besties son.
Naksh : Dad…

Laksh interrupts : Just forget Sam.
Maya : Naksh you must ask sorry. Actually we were much bothered as he is to be the next head boy so…
Ragini interrupts : I understand and it is fine leave it but you can be friends now.
Lavanya : Mama are you serious? This is never going to happen, anyways I’m getting late for my lessons.
Laksh : Luv listen…
Lavanya : No way, he broke Rahul’s hand and then tried to punch him and then lied to us. I’m not going to leave him (Lavanya tries to go but Laksh holds her by both hands.) Papa leave me…
Laksh interrupts : Princess listen to me…
Lavanya : No way and not today papa ask him to ask sorry right now.
Sam : Naksh ask right now or you are going to get killed.
Ragini : No it is fine.
Lavanya : Nothing is fine, papa leave me (Laksh tries to calm her and stop her but she isn’t stopping or calming) papa…
Maya : She is right, Naksh ask sorry.
Naksh : Rahul (He gives a stern look to Lavanya) I’m sorry.
Lavanya calms down and releases herself from Laksh’s grip and gives a stern look to Naksh)
Laksh : Luv this behavior is really bad.
Sam : Leave her, she is right in fact so proud of her that she fought for her brother.
Lavanya smiles proudly while Sam taps her head.
Naksh : I have lessons now.
Naksh leaves while Sam sighs.
Sam : He is always stubborn.
Laksh : It is fine.
Lavanya : Uncle and Aunty I’m really sorry for my rude behavior but I had to do this.
Maya : It is alright.
She smiles and caresses her hair.
Ragini : Lavanya (Lavanya turns to Ragini and Ragini hugs her) be calm all the time okay? (Lavanya hugs her tightly and nods) Mama loves you.
Lavanya : Love you too mama.

They break the hug and Ragini caresses Lavanya’s face.
Ragini : Take care and yeah eat meals at time.
Lavanya nods and looks at Laksh and she hugs him. Sameer and Maya look at them confusingly. They break the hug and Laksh looks at Lavanya.
Laksh : We miss you and yeah take care. We will bring you back very soon.
Lavanya : Miss you too, give my love to Laashya and Raghav. Hope he gets well soon.
Sawitha : Shall we leave?
Lavanya nods and leave.
Avinash : Well mom dad even I’m leaving. Bye uncle woh bye aunty.
Avinash too leaves.
Sameer : Can we know what exactly is happening?
Laksh : Why not after having a super cup of coffee in our house?
Sameer and Maya look at each other.
Sameer : Sure.
Laksh and Ragini get in along with Rahul. Ragini gets in back while Rahul in front.
Ragini : Rahul wear your seat belt.
Laksh leans and makes him wear and drives off. They reach MM, Ap, Swara and Raghav come down.
Ap : Sameer beta how are you?
Sameer : I’m fine aunty how are you?
Ap : I’m fine too, come and sit.
Sameer and Maya sit along with Laksh. Raghav comes and sits on Laksh’s lap and rests his head on his chest.
Sameer : Is it all or more.
Ragini smiles while Laksh chuckles.
Laksh shouts : Laashya, Laash baby.
Laashya comes out of the kitchen running munching a cookie.
Laashya : Papa… (She stops looking at Sameer and Maya and then obediently walks dusting her mouth) why did you call me papa?
She acts so obedient while Sameer and Maya smiles.
Laksh : This uncle and aunty wanted to see our little princess.
Laashya smiles and sits beside Laksh.
Sameer : Done?
Laksh nods and caresses Raghav’s hair.
Ap : I and Swara thought of going to Mandir.
Ragini : Both of you go ma I can manage.
Ragini smiles while Ap nods and walks out and Swara follow her giving a bitter look to Ragini.
Maya : Glad we met you, I was born and lived in Malaysia and has no friends or relatives here so always felt lonely.
Ragini : Now we can often meet and spend time.
Sameer : What is our prince’s name?
Raghav looks at Laksh and he signs him to tell.
Raghav : Raghav Laksh Maheshwari.
Maya : Isn’t he not feeling well?
Ragini : Haa lately he is having a stomach ache btw what would you like to have?
Laksh : Ragini’s coffee is the best.
Laashya : Mama’s chocolate cookies are also the best hena jaanu? (She look at Laksh and then bites her tongue) I mean hena papa?

All of them laugh looking at her cute face.
Ragini : She is the second naughtiest, my naughty boy is not well or he would have turned the whole house upside down.
Rahul comes getting changed and sits. Raghav gets down from Laksh and walks to Rahul and sits on Rahul’s lap and rests his head on his chest.
Sameer : How sweet kids Lucky you have.
Laksh and Ragini smile and look at each other.
Ragini : I will go get something to eat.
Maya : Shall I help you?
Ragini : Sure Maya.
Laashya : Mama shall I also help you.
Rahul : You probably step in to kitchen only to eat not help mama.
Laashya pouts while Maya laughs and carries her. Ragini and Maya enter kitchen and Maya makes Laashya sit on the pantry.
Maya : Ragini if you don’t mind me asking (Ragini keeps the water in the heater) is Lavanya living separately?
Ragini smiles and she drops Laashya down and gives the cookie box.
Ragini : Ask bhaiyaa to take you and Raghav up and watch a cartoon, go.
Laashya nods and walks up.
Maya : Is everything okay?

Scene shifts to the hall, Laashya comes.
Laashya : Bhaiyaa can you put cartoon and give me?
Laksh : Go beta.
Rahul : Come.
Rahul takes Raghav and Laashya and walks up.
Sameera : They are really like you and Ragini.
Laksh smiles.

Scene shifts to the kitchen.
Ragini : Haa everything is okay Maya. Actually Lavanya is not our child. She is Laksh’s cousin sisters.
Maya gets shocked and looks on while Ragini smiles.
Maya : Then your kids?
Ragini : She is also my kid but I didn’t give birth that is the only different.
Ragini finishes preparing coffee and she pours in to cups. Both of them come out and starts serving. Ragini also sits beside Laksh.
Laksh : Everything is like a dream Sa, the days we were on college and now.
Sam : So what? Feel young lucky (Sam laughs) we are just in our 40’s.
Maya : You are telling as if you are in you are teens.
Laksh : Still do you eye girls? But I do.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh winks at Ragini while Ragini frowns.
Sam laughs.
Sam : Even if someone comes and tell me I saw you with a gir I would believe but I would never believe that you eyeing another girl other than Ragini.
Maya : His dirty talks has no limit.
Laksh and Sameer laugh.
Ragini : Laksh and Sam both of you will never change.
Sameer : I think we have to leave.
Maya : Yeah ma is alone.
Sameer : Why don’t you come on a dinner?
Laksh : Sure but once my little one is fine.
Sameer and Maya stand up so does Ragini and Laksh.
Ragini : Wait, Rahul (She shouts) Laashya and Raghav come down fast.
Three of them come.
Laksh : They are leaving so say them bye.
Laashya : Bye and come again on another day.
Sameer : Sure sweet heart.
Raghav walks to Ragini and stands front of her legs while she caresses his head.
Ragini : Say bye beta.
Raghav : Bye uncle and aunty.
Maya : Get well soon and yeah Rahul you too get well soon.
Sameer and Maya leave. Scene shifts to the school, Lavanya and Sawitha come out after school over. Avinash walk to their car and get in, Naksh and Lavanya cross and they share a deathly eye lock. Naksh walks to his car and gets in. Naksh reach his house and walks up to his room.
Maya : Naksh wait.
Naksh : Now what? You made me ask sorry from that small boy.
Sameer comes from up stair.
Sameer : So what? You did wrong.
Maya : Dad is right Naksh whether it is small or big you have to ask sorry.
Naksh : Just because they dad’s friend’s children you made me feel low today.
Sameer : After he knew that you are my son if he can forgive you can’t you? If he would have hold on the problem you won’t be able to be the head boy next year.
Naksh : Whatever.
Naksh runs up and bangs his room door.
Maya : Avi go have a wash and come to have tea.
Avi nods and walks up.

Ragini is seen arranging her bed while and a pillow falls. She bends down to pick it while Laashya comes and jumps on her back.
Ragini : Laashya get down or you will fall.
Laashya : Say please.
Ragini : No way.
Ragini holds Laashya and takes her forward. Ragini carries Laashya while Laashya makes a puppy face.
Laashya : I love you mama.
Ragini : Suchi? (Laashya nods) but i heard that you love my husband the most.
Laashya pouts nods.
Laashya : I love jaanu the most but i love you in equal.
Ragini chuckles and throws Laashya on the bed and Laashya laughs. Ragini climbs on the bed and drags Laashya.
Ragini : Ask your jaanu to find another princess but this is my princess.
Laashya chuckles and falls on Ragini and Ragini laughs.
Laashya : Ohh my mama is jealous of my papa being with me.
Ragini : Yes he doesn’t give me to spend time with my cutie pie.
Ragini is lying on the bed and Lasshya is on top of her.
Laashya : Naughty jaanu hena mama?
Ragini pouts and nods.
Ragini : But I love that too, (she caresses Laashya’s face) you take away all his worries with your smile.
Laashya hugs Ragini and buries her face in her shoulder.
Laashya : It is because I’m your angel.
Ragini makes her look at her.
Ragini : Yes you are our happiness angel, you four our world.
Laashya : I always want to see you and papa smiling. I don’t like to see tears from your and papa’s eyes mama.
Ragini smiles and pecks Laashya’s forehead. Laashya pecks her cheek.
Ragini : You forget me but promise you will make your papa always happy.
Laashya : Then you?
Ragini : When you make papa happy I will automatically become happy.
Laashya : Then pakka.
Ragini laughs so does Laashya.
Ragini : My cookie baby now it’s time to sleep.
Laashya : Let my jaanu come.
Laksh enters carrying Raghav and places him on the bed.
Ragini : There your jaanu came. Laksh did Rahul sleep?
Laksh : Haa, I changed his bandage and made him sleep by that time Raghav also slept.
Laashya : Everything will be okay, di will come back soon, bhaiyaa will get well soon so my Raghav will also get well soon.
Laksh smiles and carries Laashya and Ragini turns to Raghav and covers him with the blanket and caresses his head.

Laksh : Yup everything will be okay.
Laksh pecks her cheeks and she buries her head inside Laksh’s chest.
Ragini : Now make her sleep or she will be chit chatting forever.
Laashya : Let me go sleep with Sandya di today.
Ragini : No Laashya you will sleep here with me today.
Laashya : But mama…
Laksh : Let her sleep there.
Ragini drags Laashya and makes her lie bedside her.
Ragini : Today my doll with sleep with mama and no one else.
Laashya smiles and hugs Ragini while Laksh looks on confusingly. Laksh walks to the table and switches on the laptop and starts working. Laashya falls sleep hugging Ragini.
Laksh : Ragini why are you behaving like this?
Ragini : Behaving like what?
Laksh turns to her and gives a confused look while Ragini sits up.
Laksh : Asking Laashya not to go near Swara and then Sandya.
Ragini : Laksh Sandya will be studying and she might go disturb that was the reason I asked Laashya to sleep here.
Laksh : But you never told like this before.
Ragini looks on while Laksh walks to her and sits beside her.
Ragini : Laksh I know what are you thinking but trust me I’m not doing anything wrong jaan in fact I will tell you everything once I get everything cleared. By telling this I don’t want to make you more worry.
Laksh nods and holds her cheek and caresses it.
Laksh : Okay, I won’t question you here after.
Ragini smiles and holds his hand on her cheek and kisses it.
Ragini : You have always taken my pain away give me a chance to take yours Laksh. I’m asking for my right.
Laksh makes her head rest on his chest.
Laksh : Now sleep (He pecks her forehead) I love you.
Ragini : Love you too.
Ragini lies down and Laksh covers three of them with the blanket and walks to the other side of the bed. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand which was on Raghav and Laksh smiles and holds her hand back.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)
Scene starts with Laksh writing the exam. His mind is not at rest but he keeps ignoring that feeling. He stops writing and closes his eyes and remembers that he hugging Ragini from behind. Ragini holding Laksh’s hand on her waist.
Ragini : Laksh I want to see you as the topper of the year. (She turns to Laksh and holds his cheek. Her face was filled with excitement and her eyes were sparkling) promise you won’t do any stupid things to make me happy. (Laksh smiles and looks on while Ragini makes a cute puppy face) promise me.
Laksh whispers : Promise baaba but you also have to promise me that you won’t do any stupid thing.
Ragini : Promise.
Both of them smile and Laksh pecks her forehead.

Laksh comes back to his senses and starts writing the paper. On the other hand Ragini is seen taken to the hospital and undergoing an operation. A girl is seen standing in front of the OT and she is having Ragini’s phone and she tries contact through Ragini’s phone but her phone is secured with password. The exam gets over and Laksh rush out. Swara comes yawning.
Swara : How was the paper?
Laksh : Good.
He runs to the entrance and Ragini’s hall students come out while Lalsh imaptiently waits for her.
Swara : Why are you tensed Laksh?
Laksh is not answering but is continuously looking at the hall exit. Laksh takes out his phone and dials Ragini’s number and the phone rings.
Girl : Hello.
Laksh gets confused as it was not Ragini’s voice.
Laksh : Ragini…
Girl : I don’t know who you are but there is girl who got hit by a car.
Laksh’s whole body gets frozen and numb. He controls himself from bot to break down.
Laksh : Which hospital?
Girl : City hospital.
Laksh nods and rush out while Swara is confused but follows him.
Swara : What happened Laksh?
Laksh doesn’t answer her but gets in to a cab so does Swara. Laksh remembers all Ragini’s promises and her voice starts echoing. He gets down the car and rush in to the hospital and goes to the reception.
Laksh : Accident ward?
Receptionist : Straight and second left turn.
Laksh’s whole face has turned red and he runs like a mad through the hospital corridor and reaches the accident ward OT and finds a girl standing. He dials Ragini’s number and that girl answers. He rushes to her and holds her by her shoulder. Swara also rush to the ward.
Swara : Laksh…
Laksh : What happened to my Ragini? (He shouts) tell me what happened.

That girl looks at his raged eyes and gets scared while Swara comes and drags Laksh.
Swara : Laksh relax.
Laksh : How can I relax Swara? I shouldn’t have left her alone. I keep on doing this. I don’t even know what happened to her.
Swara makes him sit and calls Sanskaar.
Swara : Sanskaar can you come to city hospital?
Sanskaar : Are you okay Swara? Give me five minutes I’ll be there.
Sanskaar rush to his car and drives faster. Ragini’s surgery is going on. Swara walks to that girl.
Swara : I’m sorry he is a bit tensed when it comes to his wife. If you don’t mind can I know what happened?
Girl : I was coming out of the mandir and found her lying in a pool of blood so I quickly took her here.
She looks at Laksh so does Swara. He is sitting just like a lifeless body without any expression. Laksh remembers all his moments with Ragini. Sanskaar rushes and looks at Swara. Swara signs him to look at Laksh.
Swara : Ragini met an accident.
Sanskaar sits beside Laksh and holds his shoulder.
Sanskaar : Laksh nothing will happen to Ragini.
Laksh : I know (Laksh answers coldly and looks at Sanskaar) I know, my heart is still beating so does hers. I know nothing will happen to my Ragini but I’m not ready to face her, if I wouldn’t have let her she wouldn’t have been lying on a bed breaking all her dreams. I couldn’t keep my promise.
Sanskaar hugs Laksh and Laksh breaks down on his shoulder.
Sanskaar : Bas bas Laksh (He caresses Laksh’s back) be strong, you have to be strong for her.
Laksh breaks the hug and wipes his tears. His face has turned pale already. Ragini’s operation gets over and the doctors come out.
Doctor : She is fine nothing serious and we will shift her to the normal ward. Can I know who is her closest keen?
Laksh : Me.
Doctor : You are?
Laksh : Her husband.
Doctor : I have to speak with you about your wife.
Laksh : Is she okay?
Doctor nods and walks while Laksh follows her. Swara and Sanskaar look at each other. The girl looks at Laksh’s direction and then looks at Swara and Sanskaar. Swara walks to the girl and folds her hand.
Swara : I don’t know if my thanks will repay what you did.
Sanskaar : She is right, you have saved my brother’s life. I don’t know what we would do if you wouldn’t have save Ragini. We don’t know how we would have manged Laksh. His life happiness and everything just lies on Ragini.

The girl nods and smiles.
Girl : My name is Diya and I’m new to Mumbai. I’m searching for a work.
Swara and Sanskaar look at each other.
Sanskaar : You have done a great help and surely we are ready to help. If you don’t mind can I have your CV?
Diya : Sure.

Scene shifts to doctor’s room where she comes and sits.
Doctor : Well Mr. Maheshwari your wife has got hit on her lower abdomen and there is a small disability in her womb where she is having complication in carrying a kid but we can cure it through medicines but if she gets pregnant before that there would be miscarriages or natural abortions are done and maybe she can never bear a kid.
Laksh is shell shocked.
Laksh : Does it mean that she can never be a mother?
Laksh voice sounded worried and his eyes got welled up. Ragini’s innocent face was blinking over and over.
Doctor : Don’t worry Mr. Maheshwari, there are ways to get over it. She can be a mother but her womb is not strong enough to carry a baby. We can give medicines and cure it.
Laksh : Medicines? For how long?
Doctor : Some Drink for years and years, some for months. You wife’s case is simple, just six months is enough.
Laksh : I don’t know what you will do but please cure her. She will break if she gets to know it, I don’t care about the money too but please (He folds his hands) please.
Doctor : Relax you don’t have to worry but you have to make sure that she doesn’t conceive.

Laksh nods and stands up he reaches the normal ward and finds Sanskaar entering a room. He walks to the door and holds the door knob and waits for a while. He opens his door and his eyes met his life lying unconscious. He moved to her while Swara, Diya and Sanskaar looked at him. Laksh stood beside Ragini’s bed and scanned her and found one of her hand bandaged, her forehead was bandaged so is her leg is also bandaged. Laksh gave the most painful look a man can give. He stepped forward and held her hand and sat beside her, he kissed her hand and closed his eyes letting all his pain flow as tears. A drop of tear touched Ragini’s hand and she woke up and opened her eyes and scanned the whole room and found three smudged figures and she moved her gaze to her Laksh who was sitting beside her. She winked twice and cleared her vision.
Ragini whispered : Laksh…
He opened his eyes and looked deep in to her eyes. She tried to speak but Laksh placed his index finger in her lips still holding her hand tight with his other hand.
Laksh whispered : Don’t give any excuse for me this time I’m not ready to hear anything Ragini. You scared me to the core.
Ragini kisses his finger and holds his cheek releasing her hand from his hold.
Ragini : Did you do your exams well? Will you be able to fulfill my promise?
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : I failed to fulfill (His voice started cracking) I failed to fulfill your dream. You made me break my promise.
Ragini starts tearing and Laksh holds her cheeks and gets up. He stands up and turns away. He holds his forehead and caresses it while Ragini tries to sit up.
Swara : Ragini careful.
Swara helps Ragini to sit.
Ragini : Laksh look at me (Swara looks at Sanskaar and he walks out. Swara and Diya follow him and walk out) Laksh please…(She winces in pain and Laksh turns to her and she gives a painful look) I’m sorry for breaking your promise. You made my dream yours and I broke it Laksh…Along with me my dreams to shattered.
Laksh shakes his head and drags her into a tight hug and sits beside her and she hugs him tighter and buries her face inside his chest and breaks down.
Laksh : Nothing is shattered (he breaks the hug and makes her look at him) this is not the end. I will make your dream come true. So what? If it is not today we have a tomorrow.
Ragini nods and smiles in between her tears.
Ragini : Will you forgive me for scaring you?
Laksh smiles looking at her innocent face and nods and hugs her tightly.
Laksh : Stop worrying life I’m there for you. Your Laksh will always be there with you.
Ragini nods and looks at Laksh and he pecks her head. Ragini winces in pain and holds her stomach. Laksh gets tensed while Ragini rests back.
Ragini : Did you do the exams well?
Laksh makes her sleep properly.
Laksh : I remembered promising you and I did. (Ragini smiled and makes a painful face.) You must be in pain. I can’t see my angel like this.
There was a knock and the doctor entered and Harini followed her. Laksh smiled looking at Harini while she smiled back and remembers how she came to MM and found Ragini, Laksh, Swara and Sanskaar getting in the car and she following them. She sees Ragini going to Mandir before she could go her phone rings. So she stays until Ragini returns and hits her with car.
Doctor : How do you feel Ragini?
Ragini nods and looks at Laksh.
Laksh : I will go out or she won’t answer you properly.
Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds his hand and shakes her head.
Ragini : I will tell but don’t leave me.
Doctor checks while Ragini answers to her properly. Harini continuously stares at Laksh while Laksh looks at Ragini lovingly.
Doctor : Let her take rest. You can discharge her after a week.
Laksh nods and looks at Ragini and she smiles back. Doctor leaves while Harini looks on and leave.
Laksh : Sleep and awake you will feel better jaan.
Ragini nods and holds his hand closes her eyes and falls asleep. Laksh walks out and looks at eeveeryone.
Swara : What did the doctor say?
Laksh : She has to stay until she gets better. Both if you go home and inform others.
Swara : We will get your things and come at night.
Laksh nods and his eyes struck on Diya. Laksh walks to her and folds his hand.
Laksh : I don’t know if this thanks is enough for saving my life. I have enough money but I don’t want to give and give a price for my life but ever the help I’m ready to do.
Diya smiles and nods.
Diya : I will surely ask.
Laksh gives his card.
Sanskaar : I aldeady took her number
Laksh smiles.
Swara : Then we will go home and come. Diya if you want we will drop you.
Diya nods and they leave. Laksh sighs and turns and finds Harini staring at him.
Harini : Well I was on rounds and heard Ragini met an accident. If you need any help let me know.
Laksh nods and Harini leaves. Laksh enters the room and sits on the couch and rests back and closes hid eyes. He remembers all what doctor said.
Laksh’s POV.
It was all like a dream. My life meeting with an accident, her dreams shattering down, her sudden disability. Everything at once it is too much for her to bear. (He opens his eyes and looks at Ragini) No I won’t let any worries touch her.
Laksh’s POV ends.

Scene shifts to MM, Sanskaar and Swara enter and finds all of them the living room. Swara walks to her room so does Sanskaar. Ap looks at the door continuously. Swara and Sanskaar reach their room. Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand and hugs her and Swara is shocked.
Sanskaar : I got scared (He tighten his grip) I got scared when you asked to come to hospital.
Swara turns to him and holds his cheek.
Swara : I’m fine.
Ap comes and knocks their room, Dp too comes.
AP : Where is Laksh and Ragini?
Sanskaar tells everything while both of them are shocked.
Dp : Is Ragini okay?
Sanskaar nods.
Sanskaar : Laksh will stay with her.
AP : For how long is that girl going to suffer?
Dp : But this is what you wanted right?
AP shakes her head.
AP : I did but after seeing her love for my son I think she is the best for him.
AP gets teary and walks to the house mandir.
Dp : I know, no one can ever hate that girl.
AP prays god.
AP : Please god protect my sons and daughters and give all their happiness.

Scene shifts to the hospital. Ragini awakes and finds Laksh staring at her. She feels pain in her hand while Laksh walks to her.
Laksh : Is it paining too much?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Abit.
Laksh : If I could I would take all your pain.
Ragini smiles while Laksh sits on the stool beside the bed and caresses her face.
Ragini : I would never give you.
Laksh chuckles and holds her hand and kisses it.
Laksh : You have to take care of yourself Ragini. This is the last chance I’m giving you.
Ragini : I will take care.
Laksh smiles and nods. There wasa knock and Laksh opens. AP and DP along with Sanskaar and Swara enter. Ragini tries to sit but she needs support. Laksh rush to her and makes her sit properly.
Ap : What is this Ragini?
Ragini : Ma I’m not wearing saadi so pallu…
Ap interrupts : Shut up (She walks to her) I’m asking about my daughter? Are you a baby to close your eyes and cross the road?
Ragini gets teary while Laksh looks confusingly.
Laksh : Ma..
Ap interrupts : Chup, let her answer.
Ragini : Sorry for hurting your daughter ma.
Ap hugs Ragini and Ragini hugs her back. Laksh look shocked and looks at Dp and he nods back.
Laksh : Ma did you accept her as your bahu?
Ap breaks the hug and looks at Laksh.
Ap : Yes but didn’t accept her as my bahu but beti.
Laksh gets happy and hugs Ap and Ap hugs him back.
Laksh : Love you ma.
Ap : Love you too beta.
Ragini smiles looking at them and gets teary. Laksh looks at Ragini and smiles and she smiles back. Ap breaks the hug and holds Laksh’s cheek.
Laksh : I know what are you going to say.
Ap : Forgive me beta.
Laksh : Ma you are making me angry please don’t ask sorry from your daughter and you will see her other face.
Ap smile chuckles.
Dp : Laksh take care of our daughter if again something happens to her we won’t leave you.
Laksh : I will papa.
They talk for a while and leave. Laksh sits beside Ragini.
Ragini : I’m so happy today.
Laksh : Tell me how are you feeling.
Ragini : I told you I’m happy.
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : Not that, is the places where injured are hurting?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : All the pain vanishes when I look in to your eyes.
Laksh smiles and gives a peck on her lips.
Laksh : My life now it is time to sleep.
Ragini : Laksh I’m making you a promise once I get better we will take our relationship to the…
Laksh kisses on her lips and shuts her mouth shocking Ragini. Laksh closes his eyes and remembers what doctor said “If she conceives it would be danger for her and might make her never able to be a mother” He holds her head and continues kissing while Ragini clutches his t shirt and reciprocates. Ragini breaks the lip lock and looks deep in to Laksh’s eyes.
Laksh : Stop talking and sleep now like my good girl.
Ragini pouts and sleeps while Laksh caresses her hair and she fall sleep.
Laksh’s POV.
I can’t make you feel guilty at any cost, I have to do something which would strike you from getting closer to me. I can’t keep hurting you. (He looks at her angelic face) I love you and nothing will change it Ragini. I can’t let you suffer more.
Laksh’s POV ends.
Flashback ends.

Laksh is seen wearing his tie while Laashya is sitting and looking at Raghav sleeping. Ragini comes out of the washroom and stands in front of Laksh. Laksh smiles and makes her wear the mangalsutra and applies sindoor on her maang.
Laashya : Can’t I make you wear it mama?
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Baby this is only you papa’s right.
Laashya smiles pouts, she stands and pecks Ragini’s cheek.
Laashya : And this is my right.
Raghav awakes and sits up, he holds his stomach.
Ragini : Raghav go brush your teeth beta.
Raghav : My stomach is paining mama.
Ragini : Okay beta go have a wash and we will drink medi go.
Raghav nods and walks out.
Laksh : Take care and if any emergency call me.
Ragini nods and Laksh leave.
Laashya : Isn’t papa eating today?
Ragini : He has to leave early today so I will send food through Balaji kaka.
Laashya : Good bye papa
Laksh leaves while Ragini wipes her hair and walks out while Laashya follows her. Ragini passes Raghav’s room and hears him crying. Ragini enters and finds him sitting on the bed and crying.
Ragini : Raghav what happened beta?
Ragini carries and he cries out aloud and starts vomiting blood shocking Ragini. Laashya is shocked too, she runs out and clashes with Swara.
Laashya : Badi ma…Raghav vomited blood.
Swara : Blood?
Ragini rush out carrying Raghav and Swara follow her. Sandesh comes out hearing the noise. Raghav has fainted on Ragini’s arms while Laashya is shell shocked. Ap also comes out.
Sandesh : Chaachi let’s take him to the hospital.
Ragini nods and gets in to the car so does Swara. Laashya hugs Ap and she carries Laashya.
Laashya : Raghav…

Sandesh reach hospital and Ragini rush in. Swara holds Ragini and the reach the accident ward. Scene shifts to MM where Laashya is continuously crying and Rahul is consoling. Scene shifts to hospital where they are taking Raghav to OT. Ragini is shell shocked and Swara holds her shoulder.
Ragini : Laksh, Sandesh call chaachu.
Sandesh takes his phone and calls Laksh, Ragini grabs the phone.
Laksh : Sandesh bolo.
Ragini : Laksh, Raghav… (She cries out while Laksh stands up and rush out) Laksh come fast Raghav, I’m getting sacred.
Laksh : What happened Ragini? Speak properly? Where to come? Give the phone to Sandesh.
Ragini gives the phone to Sandesh and cries and Swara consoles.
Swara : Ragini relax nothing will happen.
Sandesh : Chaachu Raghav vomited blood…
Laksh interrupts : Blood?
He runs out to his car and gets in.
Sandesh : And we took him to hospital.
Laksh hangs up and drives fast. He rushes to the accident ward and finds Ragini sitting lifelessly.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Laksh…
Ragini rushes to Laksh and hugs him and he hugs her back, she breaks in his arms while Laksh has no is what is going on. Ragini breaks the hug and wipes her tears.
Laksh : Shshshshshsh nothing will happen.
Ragini : My Raghav Laksh, I can’t lose another kid. I have no strength to bear it Laksh why is god punishing me over and over?
Laksh : Ragini nothing will happen to our child, we never lost any kid Ragini remember what I told you?
Ragini nods and slants her face.
Ragini : But I thought he will live with us.
Laksh : He will, now relax (He caresses her face and makes her sit) I will check.
Ragini nods and sits. A doctor comes out and Laksh rush to him.
Doctor : There is a problem in your son’s intestine.
Ragini and Laksh are shocked, Ragini rush to him.
Ragini : What do you mean, you said that he is undergoing normal pain?
Laksh : Ragini calm down, doctor can you tell it directly?
Doctor : His saving chances are not high as well as not low so don’t worry we will try our best.
Laksh holds doctors collar and grits his teeth.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Sandesh releases him from the grip.
Doctor : Look Mr. Maheswari we are trying out our best but your son’s small intestine has a problem and we will treat as soon as possible so relax.
Doctor leaves while Ragini and Laksh are shocked Ragini just gets shattered and falls on Laksh’s chest and he holds her tight.

Screen freezes on RagLak’s face.


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