Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 50


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama (RagLak) Episode 50

The episode starts with Ragini and Laksh getting down the stairs and Laksh has carried Raghav while he has rested his head on Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh looks at AP who was sitting in the living room where they have not yet spoken after returning from Manali.
Laksh : Voh…Ma(He doesn’t make eye contact with Ap) we are going to hospital to get Raghav check.
Ap nods and walks to him and caresses Raghav’s hair and looks at Laksh.
Ap : Go and come.
Laksh nods and walks to the car while Ragini follows him.
Ragini sits in front and takes Raghav to her lap and he rests his head on her chest. Laksh gets in to the driving seat and starts driving. They reach the hospital and Laksh walks to the resception while Ragini looks at Raghav worriedly.
Ragini : Is your stomach still paining beta?
Raghav nods and buries his face on her shoulder. Laksh comes to them and carries Raghav.
Laksh : The doctor is there we can go meet him.
Ragini nods and they walk ahead. Scene shifts to SM where Lavanya comes downstairs and her phone rings.
Lavanya : Haa chotu tell.
Rahul : Di papa and mama got to know everything.
Lavanya looks shocked.
Lavanya : Where are they? They would have probably called to ask if I am fine na?
Rahul : I told that you are fine and they were proud of you (Lavanya chuckles and sits on the sofa while Simran comes and sits beside her) btw Raghav is not well they took him to get checked.
Lavanya’s smile fades away.
Lavanya : What happened to him?
Rahul : He is having a continuous stomach ache.
Lavanya : Hope he is fine (She closes her eyes) yeah he will be fine.
Rahul : Di I’m keeping Laashya is shouting don’t know why. Mama asked me to look after her.
Lavanya smiles while Laashya enters Rahul’s room souting “Bhaiyaa”
Lavanya : Okay hang up, give a call once they return. Love you and take care.
Rahul : Love you too and bye.
Rahul hangs up and turns to Laashya.
Laashya : Bhaiyaa I’m hungry.
Rahul : Go ask badi ma.
Laashya : Badi ma, Sawi di and Sandya di has gone to mandir.
Rahul : Ask daadi.
Laashya : Daadi is sleeping.
Rahul : You are always hungry (Laashya pouts looks at Rahul) Now mama will come and then she will give you food.
Laashya : I don’t know if I will get food or not but you will get shots for sure for keeping me hungry bhaiyaa.
Rahul looks at her while Laashya fumes and turns to leave.
Rahul : I will give you food dramabeez.
Laashya : That is like my good bhaiyaa.
Rahul walks Laashya holds his hand and walks with him with a cute smile while Rahul looks at her and smiles.

Scenes shifts to the hospital where the doctor is holding Raghav’s stomach while Ragini is looking at him tensely.
Doctor : I assume it be regular stomach pain, I will give medicines if he doesn’t feel better we will take some scans.
Ragini : Can’t we take the scans now itself?
Doctor smiles.
Doctor : Not necessary Mrs. Maheshwari, but if you need I will make arrangements.
Laksh : No it is fine, we will first give him the medicines and then we will do the scans if necessary.
Ragini : But Laksh…
Laksh : Ragini nothing big for him and stop worrying.
Laksh signs her not to worry through his eyes while Ragini looks at Raghav and finds him looking at them confusingly. Ragini kisses on his head and tightens her hug. The doctor prescribes medicines and gives to Laksh. Laksh thanks and stands up so does Ragini. Both of them walk to the pharmacy and get the medicines and walk to the car and get in.
Ragini : Why didn’t you let them do the scans?
Laksh : There is nothing serious and also he might get scared when we do something unnecessarily
Ragini looks on while Laksh holds her cheek and caresses it and starts driving.

Scenes shifts to MM where Laashya are seen eating ice cream and has applies all over her mouth and hands and is sitting on the sofa. Swara comes downstairs and is shocked to see Laashya.
Swara : Laashya, who gave you ice cream?
Laashya : Bhaiyaa
Swara : Look you have applied all over your face and hands, now go and wash it or you will apply it on the wall and sofa.
Laashya : I won’t badi ma, I will finish eating and go.
Swara : No Laashya good girl hena go and wash and come.
Just then Laksh and Ragini arrive, Raghav is seen sleeping on her shoulder and Laashya runs to them and Laksh carries her and laughs.
Laksh : Look at the way my princess has eaten ice cream.
Laashya : How is Raghav now?
Ragini : He is okay, now come with me I will get you washed or you might apply it all over the house.
Ragini says it looking at Swara and walks up. Laksh is confused and he walks up. Ragini places Raghav on the bed and removes his shoes. Laksh drops Laashya down while she tries to climb up on the bed.
Laksh : Hold on, you have ice cream on your hands baby. Have a wash and then you can stay with your bhai.
Laashya pouts while Ragini carries and walks out Laashya’s room. She makes Laashya wash while Laashya senses that Ragini’s angry.
Laashya : Queen Ragini, why are you angry now?
Ragini laughs and finishes washing her and wraps her with the towel and comes out and makes her stand on the bed.
Ragini : No princess Laashya.
Ragini takes dress and makes her wear it and Laashya jumps down and runs out to RagLak’s room. Ragini follows her and enters her room, Laashya climbs on the bed and sits beside Raghav and caresses his hair. Laksh comes out of the washroom and looks at them lovingly while sitting beside them. Ragini walks to the wardrobe and takes her dress and walks to the washroom. She comes out changing and walks out while Laksh follows her. She ends up in the up stair living room and sits. Laksh comes and sits beside her. Ragini sighs out and holds her head.
Laksh : Jaan relax, just relax. I know it is too much to bear but relax.
Ragini hugs Laksh as it is the only way she is able to relax, her Laksh’s arms chest. Laksh wrapped his hands around her and dragged her closer.
Ragini : Hope everything be back normal.
Laksh : Mera bachcha everything will be okay.
Ragini nods and breaks the hug while Laksh pecks Ragini’s forehead.
Ragini : I have to prepare dinner.
Ragini stands up to leave Laksh holds her hand and she turns. Laksh stands up and looks directly in to her eyes.
Laksh : What happened between you and Swara? (Ragini shakes her head and tries to speak but places his finger on her lip) if you are going to say nothing or if you are going to lie to hide it you don’t have to tell me.
Ragini : I will tell you Laksh but not now.
Laashya comes running with Laksh’s phone.
Laashya : Jaanu there is a call for you.
Laksh smiles and takes the phone while Ragini leaves, she walks passing Rahul’s room and enters it.
Ragini : Are you feeling okay now?
Rahul : Yeah, di asked to give a call once you return.
Ragini : Inform her and yeah don’t fall asleep. Take rest, you don’t have to go to school tomorrow.
Rahul nods and sits on the bed while Ragini leaves downstairs to the kitchen. She starts preparing food; Sandya comes to the kitchen and hugs Ragini.
Sandya : Chaachi can you make me a juice and give?
Ragini smiles and nod.
Ragini : Go to your room, I’ll get you there.
Sandya : No its fine chaachi I’ll take and go.
Ragini : No anyhow I will come to give juice to everyone so you go.
Sandya nods and leave up, Swara enters the kitchen while Ragini switches off the stove and walks to the fridge.
Swara : Ragini, what I spoke might be wrong in your view…
Ragini interrupts : Please Swara stop hurting me (Her voice starts cracking) you giving more and more pain by repeating this. (Ragini hears Laksh calling her) stop talking about my family agina Swara please.
Ragini rushes out and finds Laksh on the stairs.
Laksh : Ragini I’m going to the office to get an important file.
Ragini : Laksh dinner.
Laksh : I will be back soon.
Ragini nods and Laksh leaves she walks to the kitchen and makes the juice. She walks up and gives the drink to Sandya and she turns to leave and sees Sandya’s phone vibrating with the name Karan. She looks confusedly and Sandya looks at Ragini staring at her phone. Ragini smiles and walks out of the room and walks to Rahul’s room where he is seen watching tv. Ragini places the juice to him.
Ragini : Drink it and come down, I have made your favorite today.
Rahul nods while Ragini walks out to Sawith’a room and finds her on call.
Sawitha : Get the work done.
Ragini smiles and looks at her.
Ragini : Drink and come to eat.
Lavanya through call : Is mama close to you Sawi?
Sawitha : Haa…Voh…Luv
Ragini gets teary and looks on.
Lavanya : Give the phone to mama? I’m craving to speak to her. (Sawitha nods and hands the phone to Ragini) Mama…(Ragini’s closes her eyes and lets her tears fall) Don’t you want to speak with me?
Ragini : Shshshshs…You have no idea how much I miss you. (Tears roll down Lavanya’s eyes and she wipes it) Come back soon doll.
Lavanya : Yes I will.
Ragini is not able to take it anymore she rushes out giving the phone to Sawitha. Ragini walks to her room and finds Raghav awake and is sitting while Laashya is sitting beside him. Ragini smiles looking at them.
Ragini : How are you feeling now Raghav?
Raghav : Still paining mama.
Ragini : We will drink medi and see okay (She hands the drink to Lavanya and then Raghav) drink this both of you.
Laashya : Mama don’t worry Raghav will be okay.
Ragini nods, and takes the medicine.
Ragini : You have to drink before meals too.
Raghav : Is it bitter mama?
Ragini : No baby, you put in to your mouth and quickly drink water.
keeps the drink aside while Ragini sits beside him.
Laashya : Raghav you have to take the medicine (She shows it with imaginary medicine in her hand) put it in to your mouth (She fakely puts and makes an eww face) and quickly drink the water (She says it opening her mouth and swallows fakely) done.
Ragini : Done? Look who is speaking. (Laashya smiles and grins) now Raghav drink this?
Raghav slowly gets down the bed and runs out while Laashya holds Ragini without running behind him
Laashya shouts : Raghav go and hide fast.
Ragini release herself and turns to Laashya.
Ragini : I will catch you later (She rushes out taking the water glass) Raghav…
Raghav clashes with Swara.
Raghav : Badi ma save me from mama.
Ragini reaches there.
Ragini : Raghav stop being naughty and get down.
Raghav shakes his head.
Swara : You are good boy hena, drink the medicine.
Ragini grabs Raghav while Raghav is shocked and she walks down.
Ragini : Again if you be naughty I will hit you understood? (She makes him sit on the pantry in the kitchen) Now drink.
She serves all the food and places them on the dining table. Raghav looks at her sacredly.
Raghav : Mama are you angry with me?
Ragini : No beta (She carries him and makes him sit in dining table) mama want you to be well soon.
Everyone comes to eat and sits. Ragini and Swara serve and sit.
Sawitha : Where is chaachu?
Ragini : He went to take a file.
Laksh enters.
Laksh : And I’m back. (He removes the blazer and sits beside Raghav) Raghav did you drink your before meals medicine?
Raghav looks at Ragini so does Laksh. Ragini nods and stands up, she walks to Laksh and starts serving. Rahul is unable to eat and Ragini notices this.
Ragini : Wait Rahul, I will feed you.
Rahul nods while Ragini walks to him and sits beside and starts feeding.
Sanskaar : Lucky we must report this to the administration.
Laksh : No Sanskaar, even fault is there in our side so no point of reporting. In fact they called me from the administration.
Everyone looks at Laksh.
Ragini : What did they say?
Laksh : They have asked me and you to come to school. Probably it is because the boy’s parents have reported.
Rahul : I’m sorry.
Laksh : You don’t have to be beta.
Rahul : Because of me…

Ragini interrupts : It is fine, we will handle it.
Sandesh : What Lavanya did was right, even if I was in her place I would do the same.
Laksh : It is fine but if Lavanya wouldn’t have hit we could have reported.
Ap : True, whatever it is we have to handle things calmly.
Everyone finishes eating and sits in the living room. Ap walks to her room while Laksh follows her.
Laksh : Ma (Ap smiles and sits on the bed while Laksh sits down near leg and look at her) in every way I feel like I’m failing. As a son, husband, father…
Ap interrupts : No you are not (She makes him look at her and holds his cheek) As a son you have never failed. You always respected us, cared for us and obeyed us. In fact your papa was proud of you and happy for you. Then as a husband should I have to say how much you love your wife? You stood by her from the day you married her till now, even when I went against her still you stood with her…
Laksh interrupts : Ma…
Ap interrupts : Listen to me, it was not wrong. You stood by the person who believed you, believed my son. You respected her and protected her then and now. I’m so proud that my little son who held a girl’s hand and till now you have never leave her. Then as a father you have brought up them with respect, love, care, manners. You are also a human Laksh, the only mistake I saw you in was shouting at Lavanya where I hurt you too. (Laksh shakes his head) To make you realize I had to remind you, your past.
Laksh Ap and she hugs him back.
Laksh : I love you ma.
Ap caresses his back.
Ap : Everything will be okay (She breaks the hug and pecks his forehead) stop worrying. You have not lost anything your life.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room where Ragini is caressing Raghav’s hair.
Ragini : I said sorry hena beta? That was an hour ago I shouted now why are you crying?
Laashya : Because you gave bitter medicine too.
Ragini : Is that why you are crying?
Ragini shakes and hugs Ragini.
Laashya : I won’t speak to you mam will you send me or not?
Ragini : This was all because of you and I won’t send.
Ragini holds Laashya’s ears (Well softly) while Laashya screams.
Laashya shouts : Jaaaaaaaaaanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Just then Laksh enter.
Laksh : Ragini what are you doing?
Ragini leaves her ear while Laksh sits beside Laashya and she sits on her lap.
Ragini : Don’t ask me what I am doing but ask your daughter?
Laksh looks at Laashya while she sheepishly smiles and walks out.
Laksh : What did she do?
He takes Raghav and rests him on his chest and caresses his back.
Ragini : Your shoutan daughter gave a big demo on how to drink medicine taking it as a chance your naughty son ran out. (Laksh chuckles while Ragini frowns) I scolded him for being naughty and now again Laashya wants to sleep with Swara and Sanskaar.
Laksh : So what? Let her sleep.
Ragini : No I won’t let her.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Please Laksh.
Raghav has fell asleep, Laksh makes him lie down and covers him with the blanket and walks to Ragini and sits beside her while She stands up and tries to leave but Laksh holds her hand. She turns so does he and both of them look at each other.
Laksh : You and Swara might have 100 of problems but still she is badi ma for our kids and you are chaachi for her kids.
Ragini : Whatever let it be Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Listen to me (Ragini looks away and folds her hands) I don’t know who is at fault and hope it is not you. Don’t give our problems to kids they are still small.
Ragini : Okay let them do whatever they want.
Laksh holds both her hands and rests her head on his chest. He caresses her hair while she stays still.
Laksh : Though Laashya and Raghav are small they understand everything. You know what Laashya is the one old that you and Swara fought. Ragini there might be 100 of problems between elders don’t let kids involve it.
Ragini breaks the hug and look at Laksh, he pecks on her forehead.

Flashback 20 years ago. (No one is thinking or narrating)
Ragini and Laksh finish praying and they take blessing from the priest.
Preist : Both of you live a long life happily.
Ragini and Laksh stand and looks at each other and smiles. Sanskaar and Swara also take blessing.
Sanskaar : Shall we leave?
Laksh : Both of you go home we will come a bit later.
Sanskaar : Car?
Laksh : You take.
Sanskaar nods and leave while Swara smiles and goes behind Sanskaar. They get into the car.
Swara : At times I’m jealous of Ragini.(She looks out of window where Laksh is holding Ragini’s hand and getting down the mandir stairs) but I’m happy for her too.
Sanskaar feels some kind of pain in his heart.
Sanskaar : Jealous? What made you jealous?
Swara : What kind of question are you asking? Look how Laksh is looking after Ragini. His love for her is clearly visible.
Sanskaar drives off faster while Swara looks at him confusingly. Scene shifts to RagLak.
Ragini : Where are you taking me?
Laksh : You will know.
Laksh and Ragini reach a lake where a bridge is on it.(The lake where Lavanya went in the present when Laksh slapped her) Ragini walks to it and stands on it and the wind starts blowing and her pallu falls off and hair starts flying all over her face. She smiles and feels the air closing her eyes while Laksh keeps staring at her angelic face. Laksh walks to her and encircles his hands around her and rests his chin her shoulder and pecks her neck.
Ragini : This place is so relaxing Laksh.
Laksh : I often come when I’m upset or stressed so thought this place will be the best place for my wife. To release her stress and tension.
Ragini smiles and holds his hands which is on her stomach and closes her eyes and he takes his chin up and tighten his grip. Both of them close their eyes and feel each others warmth with the breeze. It was evening time where the sun was setting in the far and breezy. The orange, red, yellow with a faint purple lines were drawn. Laksh breaks the hug and makes her turn and they share an intense look.
Ragini whispers : I’m really lucky Laksh, day by day you are making me more special. you just know how to relax me.
Laksh holds by her waist and drags her closer and holds her cheek and pecks her forehead and places his forehead on hers.
Laksh whispers : It is because you know how to relax me.
Ragini gets teary and smiles.
Ragini : How much more should I love you to reach up to how much you love me? Am I perfect enough…
Before she could complete Laksh places his lips on her lips and kisses. Ragini encircles her hand around him. He lightly moves back and looks at her eyes.
Laksh : You are just perfect for me angel.
Ragini smiles and drags him to her through his neck and they share an intense and a passionate lip lock where they tried to show how much they love each other at that moment. Laksh wrapped his hand her waist. Ragini breaks the lock and breaths heavily.
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh smiles and caresses her face.
Laksh : Love you more.
Ragini hugs him tightly.
Ragini : Thanks for coming in to my life…
Laksh interrupts : I love you.
Ragini : Laksh please…
Laksh interrupts : I said I love you.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : What Laksh?
Ragini breaks the hug and pouts.
Ragini : You never let me talk about my husband.
Laksh : Yes only I have right to speak about my wife.
Ragini smiles while Laksh chuckles and looks at her cute innocent face.
Ragini : It is getting late, we have to go and revise.
Laksh : There is nothing to revise so relax.
Ragini : What? I have abit more to study.
Laksh : Ok ok we will go.
Ragini : Laksh my dream of becoming an independent business woman lies on this.
Laksh holds her hand and walks.
Laksh : It is a promise I’m giving you that you will surely become one. The day I gave you my name in return I took all your dreams and wishes to me. So stop worrying.
Ragini smiles and nods. He walks ahead while Ragini walks with him. She was happy indeed very happy that there is a soul who there with her to help her, protect her, guide her, care her and moreover to love her unconditionally. He held her hand not to leave it but to hold it along with the rest of the promises he made for her. Ragini smiled happily that god was not unfair with her that he took away everyone of hers but gave her someone to own. She looked at Laksh lovingly wishing god that every girl must get a husband like him.

Scene shifts to MM where Swara is arranging the wardrobe while Sanskaar is continuously thinking if her words and is disturbed.
Sanskaar’s POV
Do I love her? Why am I feeling jealous when she praises lucky? I have to get it cleared once her exams are over. Whether we should continue this relation or to release her relation.
Sanskaar’s POV ends.

Ragini and Laksh reach home and Vishal looks at them from up and tightens his fist and grits his teeth.
Ragini : I will get you coffee, go to your room and get changed.
Ragini tries to leave but Laksh holds her by her waist and drags her. They share an intense eyelock. Laksh makes her wear the pallu and pecks her forehead while she smiles.
Laksh : Get a cup for my wife too.
Ragini nods and leave while Laksh notices Vishal eyeing her and tightens her fist and walks to his room.
Vishal’s POV.
She is driving me crazy day be day. Her beauty is just too much to stare. I will surely make her mine not for a night but forever. She is just too good for me both mentally and physically.
Vishal’s POV ends.
Ragini comes to Laksh’s room while he was sitting on the bed wiping his hair. Ragini keeps the tray and wipes his hair while he looks at her lovingly. Laksh slowly runs his finger on her waist while Ragini widens her eyes.
Laksh : I can’t control myself when you looking so beautiful. Ragini I don’t know how but I need a cute little girl like you.
Ragini blushes and takes the coffee.
Ragini : Managing one Ragini is itself hard for you and do you need one more?
Laksh : I said for now one is enough later I need another five girls and another six boys. Then I will get my own dozen.
Ragini : Laksh shut up and drink.
She hands it over and Laksh winks at her and takes but he loses balance and the cup falls down. Laksh and Ragini look at each other shockingly.
Laksh : Sorry I couldn’t hold it properly.
Ragini : Was this the reason you asked two cups?
Laksh holds his hand and shouts.
Laksh : Ragini my hand is paining.
Ragini : Paining? Laksh what happened?
Laksh holds his right hand and shouts with pain. Ragini gets tensed and holds his hand. Laksh’s hand gets locked and it starts paining. Ragini rushes out and Sanskaar was coming from upstairs and notices Ragini.
Sanskaar : Ragini are you okay?
Ragini : Sanskaar…Laksh…
Sanskaar ruhes to room and finds Laksh holding his hand while losing his eyes and wincing in pain.
Sanskaar : Lucky what happened?
Laksh : Maybe locked.
Ragini : Locked?
Sanskaar : Usually before exams he gets it and it hurts like nothing for him.
Laksh looks at Ragini and she gives a worried look.
Laksh : I’m fine. Sanskaar you go get me the spray, once keep rubbing it will be okay.
Ragini takes the spray from the drawer and sits beside him and sprays. Tears roll down her eyes while Laksh gets worried. Sanskaar sighs and leaves up to his room taking water. Ragini rubs his hands slowly and tears fall on his hands.
Ragini : You asked me not be nervous and what happened to you?
Laksh : It happens during exams and I will be fine.
Ragini : You couldn’t hold the tea cup how are you going to hold your pen.
Laksh : Uffo jaan this is nomal thing. Once I sleep and awake it I’ll be fine.
Ragini : Sure?
Laksh : Haa baby sure, (He caresses Ragini’s face while Ragini closes her eyes and holds his hand. He takes his right hand while he winces slwoly in pain and she kisses it) Ragini go and sleep and stop worrying I’m fine.
Ragini bandages his hands and walks out while Laksh looks confusingly. She comes with a plate of food.
Ragini : Eat and sleep, why is it you who is getting all the trouble? Why not me?
Laksh : God loves you and he can’t see an angel suffering.
Ragini starts feeding him.
Ragini : If you won’t get to write tomorrow I won’t also write Laksh don’t even think of forcing me.
Laksh finishes eating. Ragini makes him lie and covers him with blanket.
Laksh : Okay my kid’s mama I will do as I say you.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : I think you are in a hurry lucky ji.
Laksh : Very much to carry a cute little Ragini and play with her cute little fingers and peck on her cute little pink cheeks and to hear me calling ‘papa’
Ragini smiles looking at Laksh and covers with him with the blaket.
Ragini : You yourself is a kid.
Laksh fumes and gives a naughty look.
Laksh : You will see my other face once this month is over.
Ragini : I’m also waiting to see my borning husband’s other face.
Laksh sits up and drags her to him and holds him by her waist. He leans to her and runs his lips in her neck while she closes her eyes and clutches his t sirt and he pecks. He move to her ear and blows hot air while she shivers.
Laksh whispers : Even now I’m ready.
Ragini bluhes and pushes him back.
Ragini : We have our finals tomorrow and you are romancing with me. (She brushes his hair and pecks on his forehead) you will play with your princess very soon.
Laksh : Princesses.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Okay pati dev princesses now sleep you look tired.
Laksh : Okay good night and sweet dreams.
Ragini switches off the light.
Ragini : Good night.
Laksh : Ragini lock the room and sleep.
Ragini nods and walks up to her room and locks the door. She feels someone looking at her and gets tensed. She closes the balcony door and pulls on the curtains and takes out Laksh’s pajama and walks to the washroom. She get changed and come out. There was a knock on the door and she gets a bit nervous and remember Vishal’s words.
Ragini : Who is there? (There was no answer) who is on the door?
Swara : It is me open the door.
Ragini opens and Swara enters. Vishal goes passing her room and gives a look full of lust to Ragini while he closes the door.
Vishal to himself : She is is driving me crazy. I want to just make her mine forever. Her beauty is too much to handle. I have no idea how Laksh is sleeping separately while he has a hot and beautiful wife. If it was me by now…
He smirks and walks to his room. Scene shifts to Ragini’s room.
Swara : I heard Laksh’s hand is locked.
Ragini nods and takes out the notes.
Ragini : Hope he is fine Swara, btw did Sanskaar chase you?
Swara pouts and nods.
Swara : Haa, he has some client meeting tomorrow with foreign clients.
Ragini laughs while Swara sits and starts revising. Ragini starts reading and she remembers Laksh and takes his picture and keeps staring and falls asleep.

It is morning and Ragini awakes and finds Swara sleeping on the couch. She sits up and walks to the wardrobe and takes her yellow anarkali shalwar and walks to the washroom. There was a knock on the door and Swara awakes and walks to the door and opens. Laksh was poutinh his lips and closing his eyes while Swara had her eyes half open.
Laksh : I want my morning peck and then only I will enter the room.
Just the Ragini comes out of the washroom and looks at Swara who is half sleep and is staring at Laksh while Laksh js pouting. She burst out into laugh.
Ragini : Then you stand out itself.
Laksh opens his eyed and finds Swara yawning half sleep and Ragini laughing behind her. Laksh pats Swars’s cheek.
Laksh : Bhabhi ji (Swara jerks and awakes) stop sleep walking and go to your room.
Ragini : If I wouldn’t have come both you would have…
Laksh interrupts : Ragini…
Ragini stops laughing.
Ragini : Ok ok baby stopped.
Swara just grins and walks off to her room. Laksh gives a stern look to Ragini while she makes a cute puppy face.
Laksh : Don’t talk to me.
Ragini : Sorry sorry jaan I was joking.
Ragini walks to him and quickly pecks his lips.
Laksh : What was that?
Laksh makes her wear the sindoor and mangalsutra.
Ragini : You morning kiss.
Laksh : Today I need more power.
Ragini : How is your hand now?
Laksh : Good.
Ragini gets happy and hugs him.
Ragini : I was a lot worried you know.
Laksh breaks the hug but still hands wrapped around her waist.
Laksh : I know but now I want my boost.
Ragini stands by her toe and kisses on his lips while he leans and reciprocates and she stands back normal and clutches his shirt. Laksh borke and pecked her forehead and gave an intense eye lock.
Ragini : Shall we leave? If I let you will be staring at me forever.
Laksh smiles and leaves her. Ragini walks out while Laksh’s phone rings.
Laksh : Haa Aditya tell.
Aditya : Laksh can’t you think about it once?
Laksh : No Aditya there is nothing to think about it, I don’t want her to go through any kind of pains.
Aditya : But this is important as we need information. You know that her father is not dead but in coma so we can’t get any details right now.
Laksh : If you can’t tell me the exact problem even I can’t let her go through problems.
Aditya : Laksh I wish I could explain you everything.
Laksh : Enough, she was born for him and it is not her fault but now she is my wife and I can’t let her look like a criminal.
Laksh hangs up and walks out and gets down and sits to eat. Raginilooks that he is upset and asks what through her eyes he shakes his head. AP comes and sits.
Pooja : Ragini and Swara both of you sit I will serve you must be getting late.
Ragini and Swara look at Ap and she nods so both of them sit and starts eating. All of them finishes eating, Ragini and Laksh takes blessings from the elders.
Dp : Sanskaar is also having a big meeting hope you do it well.
Sanskaar nods.
Sanskaar : I will drop you three at college and pick you too.
All of four of them get in to the car. Ragini and Laksh at the beck while Swara in front is revising.
Sanskaar : Oh god will you stop studying at least now Swara. It is really annoying to see you with books all the time.
Swara : What bothers you?
Sanskaar : Somehow you are going to fail.
Swara hits him with the book while Ragini and Laksh laugh. They reach college and Sanskaar leaves dropping them.
Ragini : Laksh you go to your hall, it in the other building right? I will go to mandir in front and come.
Laksh : Now why do you have to go?
Ragini : For you.
Laksh : No need.
Ragini : I will go and come fast, my hall is here in the entrance so I will quickly come. Swara you also go, both of your numbers are in the same hall right? (As Ragini joined newly her roll number is far from Laksh’s)
Laksh holds her hands and nods.
Laksh : Take care and go, don’t get late ok.
Ragini nods and leave while Swara and Laksh go to their hall. Ragini enters Mandir and stats praying.
Ragini : Please nothing bad should happen to my Laksh, without any disturbance he should right the exams. Everything should be okay for him. Please go protect my life (Laksh).
Ragini gets down the stairs and crosses the road and just then a car comes and hits her and she shouts “Laksh”. Here Laksh feels restless but the bell rings and he sits and calms himself. They start distributing the papers while on the other hand Ragini is shown lying in the pool of blood closing her eyes and people gather around her. Laksh is continuously feeling restless but tries to ignore but he isn’t able to.
Screen splits on RagLak’s face.

Flashback ends.

Scene at SM where Lavanya comes to eat.
Lavanya : I have no what that dumbo was thinking of his self.
Aditya : Whom are you scolding to?
Lavanya tells all what happened at school.
Lavanya : And now that principal has called papa and mama to the office.
Simran : You shouldn’t have done it.
Lavanya : What do you mean by you shouldn’t have done it?
Simran : Stop talking back to me Lavanya, I’m not Ragini.
Lavanya : Haa you can never be her.
Aditya : Simran relax.
Lavanya : I’m just frustrated, I told you I will live here also I said that you should stop bad mouthing my family.
Simran : We are your family.
Lavanya : You should have thought before leaving me then.
Aditya and Simran look on shockingly.
Aditya : We left you with a reason.
Lavanya : Haa but that reason doesn’t change my love towards them. They will always remain my parents forever. Day by day you are losing my respect and love towards you. They never told badly about you or spoke against you for leaving me. You must be grateful for them for looking after your daughter than badmouthing at them.
Lavanya runs up while SImran looks at Aditya and he sighs.
Aditya : We better send her back.
Simran : But she isn’t safe there.
Aditya : I don’t think there would be a place where is safer than there for her.

Ragini is seen walking to Swara’s room. She knocks the door and Swara opens.
Ragini : Has Laashya slept?
Swara : Haa Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Hope she didn’t disturb you and I came to check so that you won’t tell that my second daughter is best in disturbing others.
Ragini leaves while Swara look on. Sandya is seen talking to Karan through phone. Ragini walks passing and hears Sandya giggling. She ignores it and walks to her room and finds Raghav crying and Laksh consoling him. She locks the door and carries Raghav and sings a lullaby and walks here and there in the room while Laksh looks at her locvingly. Raghav eventually falls asleep on her shoulder.
Laksh : Are you angry with me now?
Ragini makes Raghav sleep on the bed and covers him with the blanket.
Ragini : Why should I?
Laksh : There you are.
Ragini : I’m not angry.
Laksh : But you are.
Ragini : Yes I am, I’m angry on myself. Look one child is away, the other one has broken his hand while the other one is suffering with a stomach ache. I’m like Laksh going turn in to a complete mental.
Laksh : Shshshshs… Relax there is nothing to worry.
Ragini breaks down and cries while Laksh walks to her and wipes her tears and shakes his head.
Ragini : I’m getting scared Laksh, Raghav…
Laksh : Everything is okay.
Ragini shakes her head and Laksh hugs her.
Ragini : I can’t lose my kid.
Laksh : What are you speaking, he is having a normal stomach ache.
Ragini : But I feel it as something big, he never cries for normal stomach ache like this.
Laksh : Okay relax (He breaks the hug and wipes her tears) Nothing will happen to our son so stop worrying. If you want we will get all the scans and tests done.
Ragini nods and looks on, Laksh holds her hand makes her sit on the couch and she rests her head on his lap and she falls asleep. Laksh also falls asleep in that posture.

It is morning and Ragin awakes and finds Laksh sleeping seated. She face palms.
Ragini : When will this man ever listen to me?
She makes him properly but he awakes and sits up.
Laksh : Good morning.
Ragini : When will you listen to me? For the 20 years have you ever listened to me properly?
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : Now you listen to me, go get ready we have to go to school.
Laashya : Why are you both going to school? (She laughs) Going to learn ABC?
Ragini : No going to tell teachers there is a naughty girl here and to put her in the dark room.
Laashya pouts while Laksh chuckles.
Laashya : I hate you mama, you always scold me.
Ragini fumes while Laashya runs and hugs Laksh.
Laksh : Ragini why are you slways scolding my baby?
Laashya : Ask her jaanu she is always like this only.
Ragini : Because my cute doll always make mama angry by doing something naughty.
Laksh : Something naughty like her mama.
Ragini carries Laashya and Laashya buries her face in her shoulder.
Ragini : Baby look after Raghav, mama and papa will be back soon.
Laashya nods while Ragin pecks her head and leaves. Laksh has carried Raghav and Ragini come down, Rahul comes following them along with Laashya. Laksh drops Raghav near AP.
Laksh : Ma we are going to Rahul’s school and if any emergency call me.
Ap nods and they leave and they reach school. They go inside and Lavanya was coming from the other direction. RagLak look at Lavanya emotionally while Lavanya gets teary and smiles.

Screen freezes on RagLak’s and Lavanya’s faces


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