Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 49


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 49

The episode starts with Ragini and Laksh looking at Laashya who was looking at them with a stern look.
Laksh : Well Ragini I have to leave (Laksh walks to the staircase and Laashya moves his gaze to Laksh while Laksh pretends to not notice her) bye…
Laashya shouts : Both of you lied to me again. (She takes a deep breath and shouts again) jaanu I hate you (she says looking at Laksh and her eyes get welled up) I hate you too mama.
She says looking at Ragini and runs to her room. Laksh tries to go but Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini : You are getting late I will manage her.
Laksh : But Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : I will manage her Laksh you go.
Laksh looks at her worriedly and she holds his cheek and signs him to go. Laksh walks down and Rahul comes out of the room dressed the school.
Rahul : Good morning mama.
Ragini : Good morning.
Rahul : Where is papa?
Ragini : He is eating down, I was going to check Laashya. You go down and eat.
Rahul nods and walks down, Ragini walks to Raghav’s room and finds him ready.
Raghav : Mama I’m ready.
Ragini : Okay champ now go and eat.
Raghav runs down and Ragini goes to Laashya’s room and finds her sitting on the couch with her hand crossed. Ragini walks to her and sits beside her.
Ragini : Princess…
Laahsya : Why did you lie to me mama?
Ragini takes her to her lap and makes Laashya look at her.
Ragini : You will know why I lied you once papa be back home cupcake. Now forgive mama will you?
Laashya : Can’t forgive until I know why you lied.
Ragini : Okay you forgive us then,now come to eat. You didn’t wish papa too, he is having a big meeting. Without his princess wishing if he goes he will get hurt hena?
Ragini carries Laashya and walks down while Laksh and Sanskaar finishes eating and stand up. Rahul’s and Sawitha’s bus comes and they bid bye and go. Ragini walks to Laksh carrying Laaahya and Lakah makes a cute puppy face and holds his ear.
Laksh : Forgive me will you?
Laashya : All the best for your meeting jaanu (she says it looking away in angry tone) and do well.
Laksh : Won’t you give a peck to your jaanu?
Laashya gives a peck on his cheek.
Ragini : From when did you start calling him jannu?
Laashya : Why are you feeling jealous?
Ragini fumes while Laksh chuckles.
Sanskaar : Shall we leave?
Laksh smiles and nods and and they leave.
Laashya : Leave me down.
Ragini leaves her down and Laashys walks to the dining table and starts eating. Raghav holds his stomach..
Raghav : Mama my stomach is paining.
Ragini : Finish eating you will feel better. Both if you stay with daadi. I’m going to have a bath.
Swara comes out of the kitchen and stands in front of Ragini. Raghav annd Laashya are away.
Swara : Ragini what I said is possible…
Ragini points her index finger and grits her teeth.
Ragini : You talk one more thing against her and Swara then don’t tell that something unexpected happened.
Swara : But Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Shut up.
Ragini walks up to her room and sits frustratingly. She walks to the cupboard and take out her saadi. Raghav comes holding his stomach and sits on the couch. Ragini turns to him and looks at him.
Raghav : Mama my stomach is really paining.
Ragini : Did you eat something without asking me beta?(Raghav shakes his head while Ragini looks at him worriedly) I will give you medi and we will see if you will feel better okay?
Raghav nods and Ragini takes the first aid box and takes out a bottle. She makes Raghav drink it and kisses on his head.
Raghav : Mama what if it doesn’t work?
Ragini : It will, now go out and play with Laashya mama will have a bath and come.
Raghav nods and runs. Ragini goes to the washroom and has a bath.

Scenes shifts to the school where Rahul is seen walking lost in her thoughts. He collides with a guy and the drink on the boys hand spills on his shirt.
Rahul : I’m sorry.
Guy : If you say sorry will everything be okay?
Rahul : But it was a mistake.
Guy pushes Rahul and he falls down and he punches on his face and nose starts bleeding, again he tries to punch before that someone holds his hands. Guy looks up and finds Lavanya.
Lavanya : Chotu get up.
Rahul gets up and Sawitha dusts his back. There was a cut in his hand and it was bleeding.
Guy : So he is your brother.
Lavanya : Yes so what Naksh?
Naksh turns to leave.
Sawitha : Lavanya Rahul’s hand and nose are bleeding.
Lavanya holds Naksh’s hand and he turns.
Lavanya : Ask him sorry
Naksh : Do you know whom are you speaking with? I’m the next head boy.
Lavanya : So what? I can make you not get that post in one complain. So better ask my bhai sorry and go.
Naksh : Listen Ms. Attitude I have no interest to talk with you or ask your brother sorry.
Naksh leaves while Lavanya walks dragging Rahul. She walks to a class.
Lavanya shouts : Where is Avinash?
A boy from the back comes and looks on. Lavanya walks to him.
Sawitha : Luv no…
Before she could complete there was a tight punch in the boy’s nose and it starts bleeding.
Lavanya : I’m sorry, you are my senior but still your elder brother made me do it.
Lavanya walks out holding Rahul, she takes him out to the first aid room and asks the nurse to dress his wound. Sawitha says all what happened to Avinash and she leaves.
Sawitha : I’m asking sorry on behalf of her.

Scene shifts to MM where Raghav is crying holding his stomach sitting on Ragini’s lap. Ragini is trying to call Laksh but there is no answer.
Ragini : Beta stop crying. Ragini takes Raghav and walks down Laashya comes out the study hearing Raghav’s cry so does Swara and Ap.
AP : What happened Ragini?
Ragini : Dunno ma he is crying from the morning. (Ragini caresses Raghav’s back while he rests his head on her shoulder.) shshshshshsh my baby, papa will come and we will go to doctor.
Sandesh enters MM and walks to Ragini.
Sandesh : What happened chaachi?
Ragini : He is having a stomach ache.
Sandesh carries Raghav and consoles him.
Sandesh : Look champ I and you will play video games.
Raghav : I can’t I wanna go to mama.
Sandesh : Look mama has to make food right champ.
Sandesh carries him to his room and tries to console him. Ragini walks to the kitchen while Laashya follows her. Ragini starts preparing kada for Raghav.
Laashya : Why is Raghav crying mama?
Ragini: He has stomach ache.
Swara enters the kitchen.
Swara : Ragini if Raghav is feeling hard we can take him to doctor.
Ragini turns to Swara.
Ragini shouts : No thank you Swara, my husband will be here at any moment so I can go with him. Again I don’t want you to raise your finger agaist him telling that he was not there when our child needed him.
Ragini takes the kada and walks up leaving Swara and Laashya shock. Laashya looks at Swara. Laashya runs up and collides with Laksh who was coming from office. He carries Laashya and pecks on her cheek.
Laksh : Guess what Papa bought for his angel?
Laashya is still shocked. Laksh looks on and raises his eyebrows.
Laashya : What did you bring?
Laksh takes her out to his car and opens the car door and she finds a huge bunny. Laashya smiles and then remembers Raghav is not well. Laksh looks at her smile fading.
Laksh : Didn’t my princess like the bunny?
Laashya : Papa Raghav is not well.
Laksh looks on and gets tensed.
Laksh : What happened?
Laashya : He was crying from morning.
Laksh runs in quickly carrying Laashya and reaches Sandesh’s room. Raghav is sitting on Sandesh’s lap while Ragini is trying to make him drink. Raghav sees Laksh entering.
Raghav : Papa
Ragini turns to Laksh and Laksh drops Laashya on the bed and walks to Raghav. Laksh kneels down in front of him.
Laksh : What happened beta?
Raghav : My tummy is paining papa.
Laksh carries him and makes him sit on his lap and makes his head rest on his chest.
Laksh : Don’t worry beta papa came right? (Raghav clutches Laksh’s blazer) Ragini did you give anything?
Ragini nods and looks at him worriedly. Raghav continuously cry while Laksh caresses his back.
Ragini : I’m getting scared Laksh he didn’t stop crying from morning. Shall we go near doctor?
Laksh nods and pecks on Raghav’s head.
Laksh : We will have lunch and go hena baby, stop crying now. My good champ right?
Ragini : Drink this Kada beta.
Raghav : Mama it is bitter.
Ragini : If you drink this I will give you chocolate.
Raghav shakes his head.
Sandesh : If you drink bhaiyaa will show you one thing.
Raghav : What?
Sandesh : You drink and I will show you.
Raghav drinks a gulp holding Laksh’s hand tightly and Ragini quickly makes him eat sugar. Ragini makes him drink with difficulty and she kisses on his cheek.
Ragini : Good boy Raghav.
Sandesh : Come I will show you Kungfu Panda cartoon.
Sandesh carries Raghav and walks to his tv and inserts the CD and plays it. Ragini and Laksh look at each other and Laksh signs her not to worry. Ragini leaves out and Laksh follows her, Raghav has calmed down. Laashya remembers Ragini shouting at Swara and is confused. Ragini is walking to their room and Laksh holds her hand and makes her turn.
Laksh : He is fine Ragini, if again her says his stomach is paining we will go check it.
Ragini wipes her tears and nods. Laksh drags her and hugs her and hugs him back.
Ragini : What happened to the meeting?
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh. Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : Your peck worked again.
Laashya walk to them while Laksh looks at her and carries her. Ragini face palms and looks at Laashya.
Laashya : Mama and papa thank you for the surprise.
Ragini under her breath : Surprise?
Laksh : Go bring it and show mama.
He drops Laashya while she runs down to the car.
Ragini : What surprise?
Laksh : I brought her a bunny for making her mood upset.
Ragini looks at him surprisingly.
Ragini : Laksh I wanted to ask you to buy one as I told her we planned a surprise for her but you…
Laksh : And I brought is without you telling it.
Laashya comes with a bunny where she is hidden by it. Ragini widens her eyes in shock.
Ragini : Such big bunny for my bunny?
Laashya places it down and comes out and hugs it.
Laashya : I love this bunny.
Laksh : And I love this bunny.
He carries Laashya and hugs her really tight.
Ragini smiles looking at them.
Ragini : Laksh go get changed, I will prepare soup for Raghav and have to cook lunch also.
Laksh nods and Ragini gets down. Laksh carries the bunny with the other hand and walks to their room. Ragini walks to kitchen while Ap comes out of her room.
Ap : How is Raghav now?
Ragini : He is feeling better now Ma.
Ap thanks god and smiles.
Ap : I will go and see him and come.
Ragini : Ma I will go bring him.
Ap : No beta it is fine I will manage.
Ragini nods and leaves to kitchen while Ap walks up. Ragini prepares soup and is lost in her own thoughts.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room where Laksh comes out of the washroom wearing a bottom and a t shirt. He sits on couch and takes his laptop out. Laashya is sitting on the bed and remembering how Ragini’s shouted at Swara.
Laashya : Jaanu I have to say you something.
Laksh : Haa baby tell.
Laashya : Mama shouted at badi ma today in the kitchen.
Laksh looks at Laashya confusingly; he keeps his laptop away and walks to Laashya.
Laksh : Did mama shout at badi ma?
Laashya nods sadly while Laksh remembers Ragini crying telling that she is in deep pain.
Laashya : What are you thinking jaanu?
Laksh shakes his head and carries her.
Laksh : Nothing, maybe they were speaking.
Laashya : Will people speak so loudly?
Laksh : Maybe they have small fight? Like you and di fight.
Laashya : But we love each other hena jaanu?
Laksh : Haa haa princess just like that they also love each other.
Laashya nods and rests her head on his chest.
Laashya : When will di come?
Laksh : Very soon.
Laashya : Jaanu why did they take di with Adi papa and Simmy ma? She ours right?
Laksh : I have two daughters hena baby, one daughter is big the other on is small. I sent my big daughter to look after simmy ma.
Laashya : I’m also big hena jaanu?
Laksh : You ask too much questions just like your mama (Laashya pouts while Laksh lies and chuckles. He carries Laashya and places her on him) I will bring your di for sure and promise it.

Ragini places food and Swara is also arranging plates. Sanskaar enters and he is on a call. He hungs up and sits on the couch.
Sanskaar : Swara bring me a glass of water.
Swara brings water and gives her. Sandesh comes carrying Raghav and places him on the couch and sits in the dining table.
Sandesh : He fell asleep so I brought him down that if any case if he awakes he will cry.
Ragini smiles and caresses his hair. Laksh comes holding Laashya’s hand. She runs to Raghav and caresses his hair and pecks on his forehead while everyone smiles looking at her.
Ragini : Laashya don’t awake him, go call daadi and come to eat.
Laashya nods and runs to Ap’s room. Laksh comes and sits beside Sandesh. Sanskaar comes and sits too. Laashya and AP come and sit. Ragini starts serving so does Swara. Ragini and Swara look at each other while Ragini gives a stern look and Laksh notices them looking at each other so does Sanskaar.

Flashback 20year ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Swara look at Ap shockingly while she looks at them confusingly. She was about to come forward and just then Kaveri calls her.
Ap : Serves everything and place everything on the table.
She tells it while walking out. Ragini turns to the stove and opens it and finds the upper part of the dal not burnt. Ragini hurriedly takes the upper part and places it on the other stove and pours the milk and adjusts it while Swara serves everything and places it one the table. Ragini comes out with the dal and hopes nothing bad should happen. Everyone comes to eat and Swara and Ragini start serving. Ragini doesn’t serve dal to Laksh so does Swara doesn’t serve dal to Sanskaar.
Laksh : Ragini, serve dal.
Ragini looks tensely.
Ap : Go bring dal from kitchen go.
Ragini : Ma, Laksh had a stomach pain in the morning so I thought of not giving dal as it takes a long time to digest.
Laksh looks at Ragini confusingly, Ap nods and starts eating. Sanskaar looks a Swara and asks if there is any problem and she nods her head.
Ap : Serve some rice for Vishaal beta.
Ragini nods and serves while he rubs his and with hers and Laksh notices this. Ragini moves back on the process the curry falls on Laksh’s shirt. Ap gets angry and was about to raise her voice.
Laksh shouts : Why can’t you be more careful?
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : I don’t where your thoughts are or where are you lost.
Laksh leaves angrily while Ragini follows him. Kaveri leans to Ap.
Kaveri : You said that Laksh doesn’t raise his voice against her Ap now what?
Ap feels bad for Ragini and she ignores Kaveri. Laksh reaches his room so does Ragini.
Ragini : I’m really sorry Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : If I wouldn’t have raised my voice ma would have yelled at you.
Ragini smiles in between her tears while Laksh holds her cheek and wipes her tears.
Ragini : I got tensed for a minute.
Laksh : That spoilt brat…
Laksh tries to leave but Ragini holds him.
Ragini : Relax nothing happened Laksh.
Laksh : My blood was boiling when he touched you.
Ragini holds his arm and rubs it on where Vishaal touched while Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Ragini : It is gone.
Laksh smiles and drags her in to him
Laksh : You just know how to calm me down. (Ragini removes his shirt while Laksh smiles naughtily.) I knew you did purposely, to take advantage.
Ragini removes it and looks at him and nods with a puppy face and pecks his chest Laksh chuckles and gives a soft kiss on her lips while she holds him tight. She breaks it while Laksh winks.
Ragini : Go have a wash and come to eat.
Laksh nods and Ragini walks out while Laksh goes to the washroom and comes getting changed. Swara has taken all the dishes and kept it in. Vishaal in his room touches his and feels Ragini’s touch. Ragini finshes serving food for Laksh and Laksh comes and eats. Ragini also sits beside him and eats.
Laksh : Why did you tell me I had a stomach ache?
Ragini : I burnt the dal but managed to save the upper layer of it.
Both of them finish eating. Raigni washes all the plates while Laksh helps her to arrange them on the rack.
Laksh : So is your work done Mrs. Laksh?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Go have a nap I have to do the laundry.

Laksh : I will also help you.
Ragini laughs .
Ragini : I love you life now go and have a nap then you can study and teach me later. It will be a revision for you too.
Laksh : You will n never listen to me so stubborn.
Ragini : Go baby.
Laksh looks on. Ragini holds his hand and walks out she reaches his roomans makes him lie. She leaves out closing the door behind. Swara and Sanskaar come down.
Swara : Laado, Ma and Maami along with Dhurav bhaiyaa and Pooja has gone to mandir. I and Sanskaar are going to his friends get together.
Ragini : Take care Shona.
Swara annd Sanskaar leave. Ragini walks to her room and someone drags her and pins her to the wall. There wall in between the stairs and guest r room. Ragini closes her eyes and feels someone smelling her hair. She get eyes and meets a grey eyes filled with lust.
Vishal : How can you manage to look so beautiful and hot? Laksh is really lucky to get a wife like you.
Ragini grits her teeth and tries to push him but his grip is tight.
Ragini : Such a corrupt youth are, I’m your brother’s wife.
Vishal : So what? Cant I too taste you?
There was a tight also on his cheek and he hold his cheek. Ragini’s eyes are red and full of rage.
Ragini : Try to touch me again and you won’t have breath in your body. The only life who has the right to touch me or in your cheap words to taste me is my Laksh.(she spits on his face) being my husband even he never speaks so cheaply I wonder if you have the same blood as him. (She turns to leave but she turns back) I wont tell it to Laksh because I don’t want him to turn in to a murderer for touching his Ragini but I wont think twice to do something for you for touching his Ragini.
Ragini leaves to her room and walks to washroom and stands under the shower and runs her hands where Vishal touched.
Vishal is seen sitting with the spit on his face.
Vishal : You will have to pay for this Ragini. I will get it paid.
Ragini makes tea for everyone and she gets very busy with house work. Laksh is tired of looking her tired. After the dinner she walks to her room and someone drags her and she feels the touch familiar and opens her eyes and met with dark brown soft eyes. Ragini smiles and wraps her hand around his neck.
Ragini : Pati dev what are you doing upstairs?
Laksh whispers : Came to meet my angel.
Laksh holds her waist and she clutches his shirt. She close her eyes and her kisses on both her eyes. They hear feet steps and Laksh dragsherand hides inside the curtain.
Ragini : To romance with your own wife you have to suffer so much.
Laksh : It is because of whom?
Ragini gets teary while Laksh holds her cheek.
Ragini mummers : Because of me only.
Both of them are very much close to each other. She starts singing while some approaches towards them and Laksh hugs her tightly and buries her face in his chest. They hear the foot steps fading and moves a bit away. Laksh wipes Ragini’s tears and pecks her forehead.
Laksh whispers : I was joking honey.
Ragini : No Laksh it is really because of me only.
Laksh drags her and runs up and reaches the terrace. He holds his ear and makes a cute puppy face.
Laksh : How can you be the reason? Forgive me please.
Ragini takes his hands and kisses then.
Ragini : I have taken your rights. I have not yet given me to…
Laksh places his finger on her lips and shuts her. He moves closer to her.
Laksh : Stop talking about my right. I know when to do what (He winks and leans to her and nuzzles his face to her neck and placed few wet pecks while clutching her waist.Raginu closed her and held his arms. He turned her and hugged her tightly while the wind blew faster and her hair was flying all over his face. Her fragrance made him go crazy he ran his hand around her waist while pecking her shoulder. Ragini held his cheek and turned to him and seductively ran her hands on his chest and held his neck and both of then shared and intense and passionate eyelock. She stood by her toe and pecked his forehead and then cheek. He made her look at him and kissed on her lips and it continued for minutes. It was an intense and a passionate one where unspoken feelings were spoken. She moved forward clutching his shirt. They break it and Laksh pecks her cheeks for few times and hugs her and she hugs him back really tight it was an intense hug where they fel each other. Both of them had there eyes closed.
Ragini’s POV.
I try my best not to make you worry my life but Im failing. Whenever Im with you I try to divert your mind by being romantic but I fail. I learnt noting can take your worries for me from you. Until Im whole heartedly okay you will have this worries with you. I will give all that happiness you deserve.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Ragini tightens her grip and moves notes forward where there is no space in between.
Laksh’s POV
Thus struggle you are struggling for our love is really painful for me jaan but still as you have to Im quiet and toleraring your pain. I promise you that you will live a life of a princess once this month is over.
Laksh’s POV ends.
Both of them gets lost in each others warmth and someone is eyeing them. Five days ahead, the day before the exam Ragini awakes early on the morning and starts studying. Laksh comes with a cup of coffee.
Laksh : Good morning.
Ragini : Good morning lucky.
Laksh massages her head and she closes her eyes and feels it.
Laksh : Don’t strain yourself too much. Go get fresh yup and come.
Ragini stands up and rests her head on his chest and sighs. He carries her and makes her stand near the washroom. He gives her a saadi opening the cupboard. She walks in while Laksh closes all her books and finds a paper where it is written “one day more to achieve my dream with my love ❤” He smiles and puts in his pocket. Ragini comes out after having a bath, Laksh applies the maang and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Vishal goes passing and looks at this. He grits his teeth and walks away.
Ragini : Shall we go to the mandir today? I want to pray for our exams?
Laksh nods and both of them go down. Ragini does the morning puja and gives arti to everyone. Laksh makes her eat prasad and she feeds him back. Ragini keeps back the thaal and places it back. Ragini turns to leave to the kitchen.
AP : Stop(everyone look on) you don’t have to work today. I and Pooja will cook today.
Ragini looks at Laksh while he smiles.
Ragini : Par ma…
AP interrupts : Do what I said.
Ragini nods while Ap and Pooja walk to the kitchen. Swara walks to Ragini and smiles.
Ragini : Shoma shall we go to mandir today?
Swara : Even I wanted to ask it.
Laksh : Sanskaar you also come.
Sanskaar : Okay.
Swara looks at Sanskaar shockingly and remembers her holding his leg asking to take her with him and he saying no.
Ragini : I will ask Ma and come.
Swara nods and Ragini leaves to the kitchen.
Ragini : Ma, can I and Swara along with Laksh and Sanskaar go to mandir?
AP nods and Ragini smiles and leave. Laksh and Sanskaar sit in front while Ragini and Swara sit in back. Scnes shifts to Harini’s house where she looks at the picture RagLak hugging, she tries to separate Lalsh from Ragini by cutting but a part of Laksh us getting cut. She keeps on trying and atlasr she succeeds but she was not able to take away Ragini’s hand. She gets pissed and stands up.
Harini : I can’t tolerate them anymore, I have to do something to get my Laksh.
She calls someone and speaks something which is muted.
Scenes shifts to the mandir where Ragini and Laksh are praying having a cute smile on their faces.
Scene shifts to MM where Vishal smiles evilly.
Vishal : You will face the consequences for messing with me Ragini and yeah my attraction towards you have turned in to an obsession. I will at least make you mine for one night.
He smirks and smokes cigarette.
Screens splits on Raglaks faces and Harini and Vishal’s faces
flashback ends.

Ragini is seen feeding Raghav food while Laaahya iS on Sanakaar’s lap. Swara is seen coming out of Ap’s room Rahul and Sawitha enter while Laksh comes from upstairs on a call. Rahul turns to leave.
Laksh : Rahul stop.
Rahul stops.
Ragini : What happened that you are bandaged?
Rahul : I tripped and fell.
Laksh : Tripped and fell to front or back?
Rahul : Back.
Rahul is looking tensed while Ragini comes close to him while others look on. Sandya comes and looks on.
Laksh : Then how come your nose knock beta?
Rahul : Voh..when I stood up I fell again.
Ragini : Fell again?
Rahul : Mama I’m tired.
Laksh : Okay you go rest (Rahul leaves And Lalsh turns to Sawiha) did he really trip and fall?
Sawitha nods.
Sanskaar : Are you telling the truth? (Sawitha stays still) open your mouth and tell.
Sanskaar shouts while Sawitha jerks and looks at him.
Sawitha : No papa he didn’t trip and fall but someone punched him.
Everyone looks shocked.
Sandesh : Who punched him?
Laksh : Relax Sandesh. Sawith tell exactly what happened.
Sawitha tells all what happened and everyone is shocked.
Swara : What Lavanya did was really wrong.
Ragini : Might be Swara but (she turns to Swara) even the same thing happened to my brothe I would have surely done this. She has taken a stand for his brother.
Ragini uttered each words clearly where everyone look on.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Laksh what Luv did was right, she taught a lesson to the people who messes with her siblings.
Ragini walks up to Rahul’s room and finds him crying. Ragini sits beside him and makes his head rest on his chest. Laashya and Raghav also come along with Laksh.
Rahul : Will I be able to protect di back?
Ragini : Of course, my boy is growing. He is now abit little to handle with big boys but very soon my son will grow up and protect his sisters.
Ragini kisses in his head.
Rahul : I felt as a loser today mama.
Laksh sits beside him and makes him sit on his lap.
Rahul : How can our champ Raghav’s and Jaansi Ki rani Laashya’s brother become a loser?.
Laashya pouts while Raghav smiles and walks to Rahul.
Raghav : Bhaiyaa you are my super hero. Super heroes don’t lose hena papa?
Laksh nods smiling.
Ragini : Today your di protected you but tomorrow you will have to protect your di just like this.
Laksh : But my naughty daughter shouldn’t have punched the other boy’s nose.
Laksh touches his nose and feels the pain.
Rahul : The thee bhaiyaa got hit is really innocent.
Ragini : We will ask sorry from him now you go get changed.
Laksh : Go have wash make sure you don’t wet your bandage.
Rahul nods and walks to the washroom. Laashya is sitting behind Ragini and Ragini smiling looking at Laksh so does Lasshya gives the same proud look of Ragini and smiles.
Laksh : Why are you both smiling like this?
Ragini : I am so proud of my daughter.
Simultaneously Laashya : I am so proud of my didi.
Laksh chuckles and looks at Laashyaa and carries her.
Raghav : Ma my stomach is again paining.
Ragini carries him.
Ragini : My life what us wrong with you? (Raghav gets teary) shall ai give you Tha kada again? You would feel better?
Raghav nods and burries his face in her shoulder.
Laksh : Ragini get him ready we will go get it checked.
Ragini nods and leaves carrying him.
Laashya : Did you see mama shouted again to badi ma?
Laksh : Meri daadi you notice everything.
Laashya chuckles and hugs him tightly.
Laashya : Just like Ragini hena?
Laksh nods and laughs and pecks her forehead.
Laksh : Stop worrying sweetie everything will be okay.
Laashya : I know jaanu everything will be okay until my jaanu is there.
Laksh smiles and hugs her while she buries her face inside his chest.

Screen freezec on their hugging position.


Naksh played by Sumedh Mudgalkar 18 years
Avinaash played by Rohan Shah 17 years
Lavanya played by Shivangi Joshi 16 years but studies with Sawitha
Sawitha played by Aditi Batia 15 years

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  1. Laksh laashyaa scenes are cute, raglak part is awesome as usual, hope raghav is fine in the next part

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Dafsi di ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ This was something Amazing ???? Seriously beautiful! Sorry I was not able to comment previously as my grandpa passed away 🙁 Anyways u rocked this FF once again.
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂
    Love ya!


    1. Dafsi

      Ya Allah hope you are okay Zuha dea… It is fine at least now you commented hena????? and thanks fir the lovey dovey comment and making my day ????? love you and a teddy bear huggy to my lil sissy?? keep smiling….

  3. Sreevijayan

    Nice uupdate

  4. Teja

    amazing dafsi

  5. laashya is so cute I love her and lakshya bonding why swara always blame luv next part soon

  6. U just made me happy
    I was missing my siblings n u just made me feel close to them
    I would also punch da person who messes with my bro or sis

  7. Ragz_teju

    Awesome superb amazing

  8. Zainu I think I missed last part dono y ragu s angry on swara…ill read it nw…cmg to tis part wat to say want to learn frm u hw shuld v b in all relationship..v lovely I loved flashback back scenes too…oh my adorable raglak…u r awesome as usual

  9. Read it dr dono hw I missed it

  10. Anees

    I loved the way Ragini warned tat vishal… Raglak terrace scene was super… U r amazing writer…

  11. Awesome episode dear. Laksh and Laashya’s scenes are beautiful. Raglak scenes as usual outstanding

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous Outstanding
    Loved Raglak scenes alot?????
    Loved Laksh and Laashya’s bonding alot so cute and adorable?????????
    U just nailed and rocked it ?????
    Love u DEAR???
    Waiting for the next one………….

  13. Heyyy little surprise fr ur quick update..tnq so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. It’s awesome dear

  15. awesome

  16. Superb superb superb episode

  17. Superb superb superb episode.

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