Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 48


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 48

The episode starts Ragini coming downstairs carrying Raghav and finds Swara placing food on the dining table. Ap is seen sitting reciting the Ramayana. The house phone rings and AP takes it.
Sujatha : Namaste Annapoorna ji.
Ap : Namaste Sujatha.
Ragini walk to the dining table and makes Raghav sit. She walks to the kitchen and helps Swara to place everything on the table.
Sujatha : I had gone to mandir with Sumi ji and when I returned Adi said me everything. Lavanya is really upset but what Simran did was right from her POV.
Ap : It is wrong Sujatha ji, as a father and a mother my son and daughter have never proved themself wrong. A small or big mistake of Laksh can never change their bond. She has been growing under Ragini and Laksh from the day she was born, in their arms with their warmth. That bond is just strong as any other bond, not through blood they have been strong but through heart.
Sujatha : I understand, let Lavanya stay only until Simran gives birth to the kid.
Ap : Hope you make her realize.
Ap hangs up while Ragini wipes her tears and Ap gives a painful look.
Ragini : Why hasn’t anyone come to eat? (Sandesh get down and sits next to Raghav, so does Rahul and Sandya. Sanskaar also comes carrying Laashya.) Laashya where is papa?
Laashya : Papa said that he needs to sleep and asked me to go with badai papa.
Sanskaar : I think he needs rest.
Ragini and Swara look at each other.
Swara : Where is Sawitha?
Ragini : I will check her.
Ragini walks up and finds Sawitha on call.
Sawitha : Hope you come back soon Luv.

Sawitha hangs up and turns while Ragini walks to her and Sawitha hugs her tightly and cries out while Ragini caresses her hair.
Ragini : Come to eat.
Sawitha shakes her head and Ragini breaks the hug and looks at her. Ragini wipes her tears and pecks Sawitha’s forehead.
Sawitha : Why did Simmy chaachi do something like this?
Ragini : What she did was right from her side Sawi, just stop worrying Lavanya will be back with us very soon. Now come to eat.
Sawitha : I’m not hungry chaachi.
Ragini : Sawitha please don’t be like this, if your chaachu finds all of you in this state he would blame himself and it would make him more worry so come and eat also if Lavanya gets to know she would also worry.
Sawitha nods, she wipes her te
ars and walks out while Ragini looks at the photo of Sawitha and Lavanya hugging each other and walks to it and caresses it and gets teary. She turns and walks out downstairs. Everyone goes to their respective room while Ragini serves food in a tray.
Ragini : Laashya, Raghav go have a wash and get in to your pajamas and come to sleep. (Raghav and Laashya nod and walk up. Ragini takes the tray and goes to her room and places it on the table. Ragini sits beside Laksh and caresses his hair while Laksh slowly opens his eyes.) Get up and eat.
Laksh sits and rests back holding his head. Ragini brings the plate and takes a piece of chapathi and feeds him.
Laksh : I’m not hungry Ragini, please don’t force me.

Ragini keeps it aside and holds his face and makes him look at him while he gives painful look. Ragini smiles and pecks his forehead.
Ragini says word by word : Listen to me carefully, you do have right to get hurt as this is your fault (Laksh closes his eyes in pain) I’m not done Laksh (Laksh nods still closing his eyes tight) but punishing my life (she meant Laksh) is not fair. (Laksh opens his eyes and looks at Ragini lovingly) Trust me, trust your Ragini I will bring our daughter at any cost and there is nothing to worry. She won’t be a part from us for a long time.
Raghav enters and sits on the bed.

Laksh : Why don’t you give a tight slap like you use to give me Ragini? Why don’t you just scold out telling I’m the reason for your separation?
Ragini whispers : Yes you are but you are equally in pain. (A tear escapes from Laksh’s eye and Ragini wipes it) Okay now calm down, relax. Just think that you have sent Lavanya to Simran to look after her. You don’t have to feel responsible for anything. Everything was sorted out yesterday so you are not at fault anymore so don’t weaken yourself by blaming.
Raghav looks at both of them worriedly and Ragini looks back at Raghav.
Raghav : Mama are you telling story for papa, aren’t you going to story for me today?
Laksh smiles and carries Raghav.
Laksh : We will tell you stories champ let your lazy sister comes first.
Laashya enters and climbs on the bed.
Laashya : Whom did you call lazy papa?
Ragini : Who else he told you only.
Laashya : Am I lazy?
Laksh shakes his head.
Raghav : Lazy Laashya Lazy Laashya…
Laashya frowns at Laksh while Laksh looks at Ragini and she controls her laughter.
Laksh : I was joking sweet heart, you are not at all lazy, very active just like your mama.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh drags Laashya towards him and pecks her cheek. Laashya rests her head on his chest and cuddles to Laksh.
Laksh : I promise to bring back your di as soon as possible.
Laashya and Raghav : Pakka
RagLak : Haa pakka.
Rahul enters the room speaking on a call

Rahul : Ha di look they forgot us totally.
Laksh grabs the phone excitedly.
Laksh : Hello Lavanya.
Lavanya : How are you papa? Have you done finish blaming yourself? Was mama able to stop you or still are you blaming yourself without a reason?
Laksh : She managed to stop it, did you have your dinner?
Lavanya : Haa haa I had it papa, now you go have yours. I know you wouldn’t have eaten. Papa I love you and I promise to come back soon so stop worrying and look after yourself. Just think that I came to look after Simmy Ma.
Laksh : How is she now?
Lavanya : She is sleeping and now she is fine
Laksh : Okay then take care and here speak with (Ragini shakes her head indicating can’t with a painful look) speak with Laashya, she is missing you a lot.
Laksh gives the phone to Laashya and looks at Ragini.
Laashya : Di come back soon I’m missing you a lot.
Lavanya : I will come cup cake.
Raghav grabs the phone.
Raghav : Di tell Shiv that you only are my di and come fast.
Lavanya chuckles.
Lavanya : Ok ok sweet heart now sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.
Lavanya hangs up and Raghav gives the phone to Rahul. Rahul walks out upset and Ragini and Laksh looks at him. Laksh makes Laashya sit on the bed and walks out. Raghav sleeps while Laashya also lie down. Ragini caresses Laashya’s hair and she falls asleep. Rahul reach his room sits on the bed and Laksh comes and holds his shoulder and Rahul look at Laksh and hugs him.
Laksh : I know you are missing her but I promise you that I will bring her back at any cost.
Rahul nods and Laksh makes him sleep and covers him with the blanket. Laksh pecks Rahul’s forehead and walks to his room and finds Laashya and Raghav are asleep and Ragini is arranging their cupboard. Laksh sits on the couch and looks at Ragini lovingly. Ragini finds him staring at her and turns to Laksh.
Ragini : Why are you giving me love glares? (Laksh smiles looking at her innocent face) Trying to flirt with me?
Laksh chuckles and Ragini frowns.
Laksh : I was wondering how do you still manage to look the same old Ragini? Still beautiful and smart at handling this arrogant Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini : It is because Laksh you are my soul.(She walks to him and sits beside him) You know what Laksh, still I feel you as miracle which happened to my life, you are a miracle.
Laksh smiles and pecks her forehead and they share an intense eye lock.
Laksh : Mrs. Miracle now you better sleep as you look very much tired.
Ragini : First of all you have to eat Mr. Miracle.

Ragini brings the plate and starts feeding him. There was knock on the door, Ragini walks to the door she opens and finds Sanskaar standing.
Sanskaar : Is Lucky awake?
Laksh comes with few files.
Laksh : We will go to the study.
Sanskaar : Are you okay?
Laksh : Yup I’m fine Sanskaar.(Sanskaar nods and goes and Laksh turns to Ragini) Go sleep and stop worrying about me.
Ragini nods and gives a soft peck on his lips and he walks down to his study. Ragini feels hungry and holds her stomach. Swara comes out of her room and finds Ragini holding her stomach. Swara rushes to her.
Swara : Laado, am I going to be a badi ma again? (Ragini gives a confused look) Are you serious?
Ragini : Are you off your head Shona?
Swara pouts and shakes her head.
Swara : Then why are you holding your stomach?
Ragini face palms and gives a stern look.
Ragini : I’m hungry Shona.
Swara : Come down I will serve.
Ragini : If Laksh finds it out he will eat me raw.
Swara : He won’t find it out now you come downstairs.
Swara drags Ragini and they walk to the kitchen. Swara makes chapathi while Ragini prepares coffee.
Ragini : Hope everything is fine Swara, we will have to keep a pooja for evil eyes for our family once everything is back to normal.
Swara : That is true, now eat this.
Ragini sits in starts eating and wonders something.

Ragini : I still wonder something Shona.
Swara : What?
Ragini : What made Lavanya, Sawitha and Sandya go out?
Swara : Even I was wondering, don’t know if Lavanya wanted to meet someone.
Ragini shrinks her eyes and looks at Swara confusingly
Ragini : What do you mean?
Swara : No Ragini I mean…
Ragini interrupts : You mean that Lavanya went out to meet someone dragging Sawitha and Sandya and went out?
Swara : There are chances hena Ragini.
Ragini : Why couldn’t I think the same? That Sandya or Sawitha would have gone out to meet someone dragging Lavanya.
Ragini’s blood was boiling in anger so is Swara’s.
Swara : They would never do such things as they are scared of Sanskaar unlike Lavanya. Lavanya knows she can do anything that Laksh would not react badly.
Ragini : Swara how could you even think like this? Lavanya would never do such thing and I believe Sandya or Sawitha wouldn’t have done too but how could you think like this.
Swara : I just only assumed it Ragini don’t take it serious.
Ragini : How can I wait without taking it serious? Do you know how hurt Laksh and Lavanya would be if they hear you saying this? Did you even think that how hurt I would be that you assuming such things about my daughter and telling that my husband’s upbringing is wrong?
Swara : That is not what I meant.
Ragini : Then what did you mean?
Swara : There might be possibilities.
Ragini shakes her head in disagreement and wipes her tears and takes the coffee out to the study and finds Sanskaar and Laksh discussing. Sanskaar smiles looking at Ragini so does Laksh but his smile fades. Ragini realizes Laksh got to know that she is upset and fakes a smile so does Laksh. She places the coffee for Sanskaar and Laksh and turns to leave.
Laksh : Sanskaar we will discuss the rest tomorrow in the office.
Sanskaar nods and walks out taking the coffee. Ragini understands that Laksh is waiting for her reply and turns. He looks at her and walks to her. Ragini rests her head on his chest and closes her eyes and lets her tears fall down. She wraps her hand around him and he hugs her back really tight.
Ragini : Laksh… (She cries out loud while Laksh breaks the hug and makes her look at him and he gets tensed to see her in this state. She hugs him again and cries on his chest) I’m in a deep pain.
Laksh : Shshshshshsh….(He breaks the hug and makes her look at him and wipes her tears) tell me what happened? What made you worry so much?
Ragini shakes her head and wipes her tears.
Ragini : I can’t tell you Laksh but I promise to tell you once I find it out but I need your chest, I need your shoulder to put out my pain.
Laksh looks at her worriedly.
Laksh : If you would tell me the problem I will support you Ragini so just share it with me, I can’t see you in this state. What bothered you so much you are in this much pain?
Ragini holds his hand kisses both the hands and looks at his eyes.
Ragini : I will share but not now please don’t force me Laksh
Laksh drags her in to his chest and hugs her tightly and she buries her face in to his chest while Laksh caresses her back.
Laksh : At least you said that you are in pain that is enough for me but whatever you make sure you don’t hurt yourself.
Ragini nods still hugging Laksh and he kisses on her head.
Ragini : I know I shouldn’t have broken down but…
Laksh interrupts : Breaking down on my chest is far better than crying alone.
Laksh breaks the hug and makes her sit and pours water in to the glass and makes Ragini drink. He sits in front of her and drinks the coffee while looking at Ragini. Ragini wipes her tears and looks at Laksh.
Ragini : Laksh, I was thinking about Laashya’s and Raghav’s preschool.
Laksh : Why should we hurry life?
Ragini : This year is anyhow going to end within a month.
Laksh : I will check it, now come to sleep. If I don’t make you sleep you will keep on thinking all the problems. You are not supposed to stress yourself too much.
Ragini nods and stands Laksh too takes few files and stands. He walks out and Ragini follows him. Ragini remembers all what Swara spoke and is upset; Laksh looks at her upset and thinks of finding what bothered her so much. They reach their room and Laksh sleeps and Ragini sleeps on the other corner. Ragini switches off the light while Laksh keeps staring at Ragini.
Ragini’s POV.
Is Swara right? No that can’t be she would never do such a thing. Is my and Laksh’s kindness making these things happen? Is our upbringing wrong? Though we proved ourselves as perfect husband and wife are we failing to prove ourselves as perfect parents? I can’t let Laksh shatter again by blaming him as a bad father. I can’t let anyone raise their finger against his upbringing. He is the best father that any child would get and my children aren’t unlucky. I will have to find out the reason behind them going out and have to prove out his bringing is right.
Ragini’s POV ends.
After few minutes Laksh sits up and switches the light on and finds Ragini still awake and lost in her thoughts, he sighs out arranges pillow beside Laashya and walks to Ragini and sits beside her while she look on.
Ragini : Aren’t you sleeping?
Laksh lies beside her and drags her on his chest and hugs her tightly.
Laksh mummers : All the worries come to me, all the worries come to me, all the worries come me.
Ragini chuckles and tightens her grip and cuddles to Laksh and he switches off the light and Ragini dozes off while he caressed her hair. Scene shifts to SwaSan’s room where Swara sits up and remembers what she spoke out in the kitchen. Sanskaar awakes and finds her awake; he sits and switches on the light.
Sanskaaar : Aren’t you sleeping?
Swara : I shouldn’t have spoken like that Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : What are you jabbering?
Swara says whatever happened in the kitchen while Sanskaar look on.
Swara : Did I tell anything wrong Sanskaar? That is Lavanya’s age, and she very well knows that her mama and papa are unlike us. She knows that her mother and father will forgive her whatever she does unlike us so she would have…
Sanskaar interrupts : Might be Swara but still you can’t assume things as our children also got involved.
Swara : Our kids would never do something like that as they know the consequences of it. They know how strict you are and I am.
Sanskaar : Maybe they went for some other reason, whatever it now sleep.
Swara nods and lies down and Sanskaar too sleep.

Scenes shifts to SM where Lavanya is seen sitting on the couch in her room and someone knocks the door. She wipes her tears and walks to the door; she opens it and finds Aditya.
Aditya : Aren’t you sleepy?
Lavanya : No I was about sleep.
Aditya smiles and holds her hand and takes her to the terrace.
Aditya : You have never asked me or your simmy ma why did we give you to Laksh and Ragini. Didn’t you want to know?
Lavanya : If it is something which I should know you would have told me.
Aditya : So you didn’t hate us for leaving you.
Lavanya : Firstly I did but when I thought that you left me near the people who love me and trust me so I know that you too love me and wanted me to be in safe and secured. Whatever the reason let it be but that reason is what made me meet my mama and papa.
Aditya : If you have to live with us forever would you?
Lavanya closes her eyes and lets her tears roll down and nods.
Lavanya : Yes I would but if you make me stay here separating me from them that is biggest pain you would give to me.
Aditya is shocked and Lavanya turns to leave.
Aditya : So don’t you love your real mama and papa?
Lavanya : I do but I grew up with their warmth, in their arms, with their embrace, with their pecks, with their smile, with their laughter. For twelve years I didn’t know that I’m not their children and they never made me feel it so after knowing too.
Aditya : But he did it finally.
Lavanya smirks.
Lavanya : He said it but he really didn’t mean it, he was not in his senses. I’m not ready to punish him for what he uttered by his mouth but not by his heart.
Aditya : If you are going against us for them then I know that how much love and care they would have showed you.
Lavanya : And still they do.
Lavanya leaves down crying while Aditya is left shock. She walks to her room and lies on the bed and takes out her phone and looks at the screen saver of her phone which is a selfie picture of Laksh carrying Laashya and hugging Lavanya on the other hand and Ragini is carrying Raghav and Rahul is taking the picture and all their tongues are stuck out.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Laksh is seen sitting impatiently on the bed taping his feet and texting through his phone. Ragini comes out of the washroom adjusting her saadi.
Laksh : What made you take so long?
He switches off his phone and looks at Ragini and finds her holding her ears making a cute puppy face.
Ragini : I’m really sorry Laksh ji for making you wait. Forgive me please pati dev?
A smile appears on Laksh’s face and he stands and walks to her.
Laksh : After looking at your cute face how can I not forgive you (He steps forward and drages her closer and she hits his chest still keeping a puppy face) but you look very beautiful today.
Ragini : Because today as soon as I woke I saw your face.
Laksh : Just eight days have passed, it is like eight months.
Ragini : What we meet each other.
Laksh : But we meet with fear of my Hitler ma.
Ragini : True, it is only we meet early in the morning.
Laksh leaves her smiling and fills her maang with sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra.
Laksh : You have no idea how much happy I’m when I make you wear them.
Ragini looks at his smiling happy face and gets closer to him and wraps her hands around his neck. He looks at her confusingly while Ragini stands by her toes and brushes her lips against his neck leaving him shock.
Ragini whispers : When you call me beautiful don’t you feel to do something like this?
She asks with a naughty tone and pecks his ear, she comes back rubbing her cheek with his and looks at his eyes giving an intense look.
Laksh : Rrrraginiiiiiii……
Ragini raises her eyebrows pecks his cheek.
Laksh whispers : You are testing my patience very much.
Ragini : There is no one who is striking you.
Laksh : We have to leave and if ma comes…
Ragini interrupts : I know but romancing with my husband is not a crime.
Laksh : Achcha then look (He carries her and throws her to the bed while Ragini chuckles and looks at his naughty smiling face and raises one of her eyebrows while Laksh leans to her and she looks at his eyes) day by day you are turning more beautiful…
Ragini hits his arm with her elbow and he falls on her and he looks at her shockingly.

Ragini interrupts : And is being naughty too.
Ragini wraps her hand around him.
Laksh : Jaan, you have to go down and prepare breakfast and then we have to pick them too.
Ragini pushes him.
Ragini : You are just enough to spoil my mood.
She stands up to leave but Laksh drags her and she sits on his lap. Laksh wraps his hands around her waist and pecks her neck.
Laksh : Baby this is all because of my wife’s stupid challenge that I can’t spend much time with you. I don’t want my wife to get scolded and lose the challenge.
Ragini holds his cheek and pouts.
Ragini : But you have to accept that I did this for my husband. I know he will understand me though you don’t understand me.
Laksh laughs and pecks her pouting lips and both of them laugh. Ragini places her forehead on his and both of them laugh. Laksh looks at her lovingly and tightens his grip on her waist while Ragini clutches his shirt. He holds her cheeks and kisses on her lips softly and tears roll down her eyes while he wipes it and breaks the lock and Ragini buries her face on his chest and hugs him tightly and he creases her back for a while and breaks the hug and finds Ragini smiling in between her tears. Ragini tries to speak and he pecks quickly and moves back.
Laksh whispers : I don’t want to hear anything, no need explanation for your tears.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : I love you Ragini, I love you that I doubt if there is any other word to show how much I love you.
Ragini chuckles and pecks his forehead and holds his cheek.
Ragini : Some things can’t be expressed by words (She caresses his hair holding his cheek from the other hand) but your eyes show me how much you love me. I don’t feel to move from your embrace.
Laksh : Ragini, if you don’t go your Hitler saasu ma will come.
Ragini shakes her head and buries her face on his shoulder.
Ragini : I can’t…
Laksh breaks the hug and signs her to go. He carries her and drops her by the door and signals her to go out. Swara comes running up and face palms looking at Ragini pouting and looking at Laksh.
Swara : Ragini ki bachchi come down fast ma might come out any time.
Swara drags Ragini while she stretches her hand and walks down looking at Laksh making a puppy face while Laksh chuckles. They reach the kitchen and Ragini prepares food while Swara arranges dishes. They place everything and Ap comes out.
Ap : I don’t want you both to get any bad name from my bhabi or bhaiyaa.
Ragini and Swara nod their head. Laksh and Sanskaar walk down and they sit.

Laksh : Where is papa?
Sanskaar : Maybe he went early as they are going to sight see and ma papa asked me to go pick maami and maama.
Ap : No I already asked Laksh and Ragini to go.
Laksh and Ragini look at each other and Raginu signs Laksh ti sit to eat and he nods. He sits while Sanksaar gives an unbelievable look to Ap and sits.
Sanskaar : But ma they are on their study leave.
Ap : So what? It is just the matter 1 or 2 hours.
Sanskaar : Par ma…
Ap interrupts : Sanskaar please why don’t you mind your own business?
Sanskaar looks at Laksh and Laksh looks back at him and smiles. Laksh sits and looks at Ragini, she smiles and starts serving.
AP : Ragini before leaving arrange the other two guest rooms and go.
Sanskaar : Ma Laksh can go back to his room hena?
AP gives a stern look to Sanskaar.
AP : No need, a challenge is a challenge and there are enough of rooms.
AP stands up and leaves while Laksh finishes eating and goes to his room. Sanskaar looks at Ragini and walks to her.
Sanskaar : I know you have no option but don’t you feel that you are hurting Laksh a lot?(Ragini looks on) he can’t really see you doing so much. You wake at early morning 4 then study, then cook, then do all the house work, going market, then dinner and you sleep late late night after locking the front door. This is not the life he wanted to give you, not a guy wants to see his wife suffering like this when you are supposed to enjoy the comfort we have. It is fine to work but everything for certain extend. When me myself who got married to Swara without any interest cares about her so much Laksh who is thinking you as his life us suffering looking at his life suffering.
Tears roll down Ragini’s eyes but she smiles wiping it and walks up. She walks to the the guest room and starts cleaning it and then moves to the other one and starts cleaning it too. She remembers all what Sanskaar spoke, she walks downstairs and finds Laksh coming out of his room.
Laksh : Shall we go?
Ragini nods and walks out along with Laksh. They get in to the car and Laksh drives off. He was quiet while Ragini kept staring at him.
Ragini : I’m not tired, I’m not in pain, I’m not suffering.
Laksh looks at her and smiles.
Laksh : I would support you at any time and this is to prove you are perfect for me and you are allowed to prove it to anyone.
Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh lovingly.
Ragini : Are you excited Laksh?
Laksh : Excited for what?
Ragini : Your cousins.
Laksh chuckles and shakes his head.
Laksh : The only cousin who is okay with me and Sanskaar is Simran.
Ragini : What about the ones who coming?
Laksh : They are abit fighting cocks.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Maybe you fight with them.
Laksh looks as Ragini confusingly.
Laksh : Do I always fight?
Ragini : Maybe you fought when you were small. (Laksh smiles) Why are you smiling?
Laksh : True, I always fight. I fight when someone takes my things.
Ragini brushes his hairs and pulls his cheeks.
Ragini : Naughty Laksh.
They reach the railway station and Laksh stops the car and turns to Ragini.
Laksh : I don’t want you to get hurt for anything speacially if these people say you anything or taunt you. Just don’t mind it okay?
Ragini nods and both of them get down. A lady from nowhere comes and hugs Laksh and Laksh makes a weird face and she breaks the hug and holds his cheek.
The lady : Look how much have you grown up. (She looks at Ragini and smiles) and is this your wife?
Ragini smiles and takes blessing while the lady nods her head and Laksh also bends and both of them take blessings.
The lady : Live happily forever.
Laksh and Ragini stand back.
Laksh : Where is Dhurav and Pooja wife and Vishaal maami?
Kaveri turns and looks around while Ragini looks and Laksh and he close his mouth with his hands and controls his laughter, Ragini hits him with her elbow..
Kaveri : Those two were here.
Ragini’s phone rings and she answers it and walks behind the car to speak.
Ragini : Haa ma they have arrived.
Laksh turns and looks for Ragini while two guys and girl comes carrying bags and stand near pooja. Both of them have dressed well. Ragini turns and her pallu falls and her hair flies all over face. She turns and one of the guys is mesmerized to see her. She smiles at them and wear the pallu quickly.
Laksh : Ragini, This is Dhurav (She greets him) this is his wife Pooja (Ragini smiles and she smiles back) And this Vishaal.
Ragini greets him and he smiles evilly and Eagini feels uncomfortable. She looks away while he keeps staring at her.
Ragini : Shall we leave, as ma asked us to come home fast?
Laksh : I will get a cab so that one of you can come with the luggage.
Dhurav : We don’t know the roads in Mumbai what if we get misplaced?
Vishaal : I and Ragini…
Laksh interrupts : Bhabhi (Laksh smiles) if you don’t mind I prefer you calling her bhabhi.
Vishaal smiles and nods.
Vishaal : Well I and bhabhi can go together as she would know the roads.

Laksh looks at Ragini, she smiles and nods. Laksh gets a cab and they put the luggage and Ragini gets in the back while Laksh opens the front door and Vishaal sits and he closes and looks at Ragini and she signs him that she if fine. Their car leaves while Laksh gets in and the others get in too and he too drives off.
Vishaal : I’m Vishaal, Vishaal Mishra.
He forwards his hand and Ragini looks on and forwards her hand.
Ragini : Ragini Maheshwari I mean Ragini LAKSH Maheshwari.
They shake the hands while Vishaal doesn’t leave hers but gives an intense eye lock and she takes her hand by force and turns away.
Vishaal’s POV.
What a heavenly beauty she is? Laksh is really lucky to get a wife like her. She is really an angel. I can’t take my eye off her.
Vishaal’s POV ends.
They reach home and get down, Ragini comes in and Vishaal comes following her. Ap and Swara comes out of the kitchen and just then Laksh’s car stops and everyone gets down. He comes in along with others. Vishaal takes blessing from Ap. Kaveri enters and smiles widely looking at Ap.
Ap : Bhabhi
Kaveri : Annapoorna.
Ap and Kaveri hug each other, Pooja and Dhurav take blessing from AP and Swara walks to Kaveri and takes blessing from her. Swara stands beside Ragini while Ragini is really upset with Vishaal’s behavior and Swara notices this.
Swara whispers : Ragini are you okay?
Ragini nods and smiles, she wipes her sweat.
Ap : Ragini
Ragini : Ji maa
Ap : Go make tea for them.
Ragini nods and leaves and Swara walks beside her.
Swara : Are you seriously okay?
Ragini nods and starts preparing tea. She takes it out and serves and Swara comes with sweets and places it on the table. Laksh’s phone rings and he walks out.
Ap : Ragini, show them their rooms and come down and start cooking.
Ragini nods and leave up. Pooja and Dhurav along with Vishaal follow her.

Scene shifts out of the house where Laksh is speaking through the call and someone is eyeing him and he feels it. He looks around and doesn’t find anyone.
Laksh : Haa I want two tickets to be booked Hari.
Hari : Sir before that visa interviews and all.
Laksh : I want to surprise my wife so if I have to attend any interviews I will come alone.
Hari : So exactly on when do you want it?
Laksh : On 18th of September?
Hari : I will let you know sir.
Laksh : Thank you.
Laksh hangs up and looks around and doesn’t find anyone so he goes in. He walks to his room and walks to the washroom carrying a bottom and a t shirt. Ragini shows Dhurav and Pooja their room and then Vishaal follows behind her, she had left her pallu off her head and it flies all over and touches Vishaal’s face and he smells it. She stops in front of a room and opens it.
Ragini : This is your room.
Vishaal : Thank you Rag…(Ragini looks with her eyebrows raised and Vishaal smiles) ohh sorry bhabhi.
Ragini gives a stern look and turns and finds Laksh standing.
Laksh : Where did you keep my body spray? It is missing in my room.
Ragini : I stole it hub, missed that smell.
Laksh slants his head and raises one of his eyebrows.
Laksh : I’ll get it you go and make a cup of coffee for your hub.
Ragini smiles and nods, Ragini walks down while Laksh walks to their room and takes his body spray, Vishaal who was looking at them fumes and walks in. Ragini enters Laksh’s room and gives him the coffee while he stands an makes her hold few papers.
Ragini : What is this?
Laksh : Your notes to study, you have no time to prepare so I prepared.
Ragini looks at him lovingly and her eyes get welled up.

Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : My tiring and busy wife has to study and achieve her dream too and we have another six days only.
Ragini : Thank you Laksh (She hugs him really tight while he caresses her hair) I love you.
Laksh : Love you too and angel
Ragini : Mmm…
Laksh : Are you disturbed in anyway? (Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh confusingly) I know Vishaal is a flirt and is characterless is he…
Ragini interrupts : I’m fine stop worrying jaan. (Laksh smiles and gives an intense look to Ragini) I have to go help ma Laksh.
Ragini walks out and runs to the kitchen and Ap is seen scolding Swara.
Ap : What have you done? If you don’t know to make the curry you should tell you don’t know.
Swara : Ma I said…
Ap interrupts : Now at least go and bring the dhal from the store.
Ragini enters and Ap turns to her.
Ragini : Ma shall I make the curry?
Ap : Will you have enough time?
Ragini : I will try me.

Ap nods and Swara comes back with dhal.
Ap : Give it Ragini she will prepare.
Ragini nods and take the dhal and starts preparing. She feels faintish and olds her head and manages to be back normal. Swara arranges all the dishes and turns to Ragini and Ragini was about to fall but Swara rush to her and holds her.
Swara : Ragini are you okay?
Swara makes Ragini sit and makes her drink water.
Ragini : I’m fine.
Swara : Wait did you eat in the morning?
Ragini look on and Swara looks at her angrily and Ragini looks down and shakes her head.
Ragini : I thought but with the work I forgot.
Swara : Forgot? This won’t work I’m going to tell Laksh.
Ragini holds her by her arm and takes her hand on and keeps it on the head.
Ragini : Promise on me you should not tell it to Laksh.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : He is already worried, enough of being a burden for him. I can’t see him worrying anymore for him Swara. At times I feel to leave him alone and run away.
Swara : I won’t tell but take care Ragini, firstly you sit and eat. If something big happens he won’t bear it
Ragini nods and she smells and feels something burning. She widens her eyes and switches off the stove and turns in shock and just then Ap enters the kitchen.
Ap : Are you both done?
Ragini and Swara turn in shock.

Flashback ends.

Laashya awakes and looks at Ragini sleeping on Laksh’s chest and smiles. She without disturbing them slowly pecks on Laksh’s and Ragini’s cheek and walks out to her room and enters the washroom and comes out after washing wrapped in a towel. Ragini awakes and finds Laashya missing and searches the whole room and she walks to Laashya room and finds her searching for dress.
Ragini : Baby what happened?
Laashya : Mama you go and sleep I will dress by myself.
Ragini carries Laashya and makes her stand on the bed.
Ragini : Mama has to awake right cupcake, you could have called me to help you to get dress.
Laashya : But mama doctor uncle asked not to disturb you.
Ragini makes her wear a t shirt and a short.
Ragini : How can you think you are disturbing me cupcake?
Laashya : No mama now I’m big and can look after myself.
Ragini wipes her hair and carries her to her room.
Ragini : Even if you grow up like me still you will remain small for me so shush/
Laashya keeps her finger on her lip while Ragini pecks her cheek. Ragini makes her sit on the bed and awakes Raghav.
Laashya : Awake Ragini chotu.
Ragini laughs while Laksh awakes and sits up.
Laksh : Whom are you calling chotu?
Laashya : Who else papa Raghav only.
Ragini : He is just 10 minutes younger to you.
Laashya : Chotu awake.
Raghav awakes and sits Ragini carries him.
Laksh : Today I have an important meeting (He stands and stretches his arms) so I have to leave early.
Ragini : I will prepare breakfast fast I already had made the dough for chappathi until then Raghav have a wash.
Raghav nods and sleeps on her shoulder while Ragini walks out.
Laashya : Papa what important meeting?

Laksh : You won’t understand it princess.
Laashya : But I’m big now.
Laksh chuckles and carries her.
Laksh : If you are big the how can I carry you?
Laashya giggles.
Laashya : That day you carried mama also right? Does it mean that she is small?
Laksh looks at her unbelievably while Laashya sticks her tongue out.
Laksh : You smart pants I love you my life.
Laashya : I love you too jaanu.
Laashya buries her face in his chest and Laksh laughs and kisses on her head. Ragini is preparing chappathi and she does everything faster. Swara comes and finds Ragini working. Ragini serves the curries faster.
Swara : I’m sorry I got late…
Ragini walks out and runs up and on the way he finds Sandesh sitting confused on the bed. Ragini taps the door and walks in?
Ragini : Sandesh are you okay?
Sandesh shakes his head and stands up.
Sandesh : No chaachi I’m confused.
Ragini : Confused with what?
Sandesh’s phone ring and he answers.
Caller : Sandy there was no any project for arts students.
Sandesh : Are you sure there was no projects Krish?
Krish : Haa no any projects.
Sandesh hangs up and Ragini looks on.
Ragini : What is wrong Snadesh?
Sandesh : Chaachi Sandya wanted to come early telling there is a project but there is no any project given for her.
Ragini looks on shockingly while she hears Laksh calling her.
Ragini : I have to speak about this later and Sandesh don’t tell anyone about this.
Sandesh nods and Ragini rushes to her room and finds Laksh all ready. Ragini walks to him and miles looking at him. Laksh and Ragini looks at Laashya looking at them.
Laksh : Laashya Daadi is calling you.
Laashya : I didn’t hear anything papa.
Ragini : Rahul bhiyaa asked you to come.

Laashya : What for? He might be getting ready to go to school.
Laksh : Cupcake go near badai papa he is also having the meeting go wish him.
Laashya : Papa I will wish him once all three of us go.
Ragini : Laksh I made chocolate chip cookie, may be Raghav is eating them all.
Laashya widens her eyes and look at them.
Laashya under her breath : Cookies.
Laashya runs out while Ragini Laksh laughs.
Ragini : She will return at any time so my life all the best for your meeting (She pecks his cheek quickly) I know my husband will get and I have no fear in it. Forget all you problems (She pecks his other cheek) concentrate and handle it. (She pecks his lips) I love you.
She says everything on one breath while Laksh laughs and she breaths out loud.
Laksh : Love you too.
He pecks her forhead and walks out and she follows him. Laashya comes running up and stands giving a stern look to RagLak keeoing her hand on her waist while Ragini and Laksh look at each other.

Screen freezes on RagLak’s face.

Vishaal played by Vatsal Seth
Dhurav played by Arjun Bhijlani
Pooja played by Mourni Roy
Kaveri played by Sudha Chandran

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