Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 47 (Part 2)


The episode starts with Ragini and Laksh are seen sitting cuddled in the cold to each other covered by a blanket on the couch with sweaters staring at their kids who are asleep on the bed.
Ragini : The most peaceful place on the earth is you arms. (She tightened her grip) Love to be like this forever.
Laksh looks at Ragini lovingly.
Laksh : I’m ready to lend my arms forever.
Ragini smiled and looked back at Laksh and they share a lovely look. They look at the four kids and smile.
Ragini : Aren’t they really adorably jaan?
Laksh nodded and kissed on her head.
Laksh : Queen, do you mind sacrificing our couch on next year’s trip?
Ragini looks at Laksh confusingly while Laksh winks at her.
Ragini : What do you mean?
Laksh : I doubt how you gave birth to three kids and is mother of four kids.
Ragini : You mean you want…
Laksh interrupts : You promised me that you would give me my own dozen.
Ragini : Pati dev, I never made such a promise and have some shame Lucky they might hear us.
Laksh : We will ask them too if they want another Laashya and a Raghav.
Ragini : Are you made Laksh? I’m already half mental handling you five and another Laashya and Raghav, Laksh forget it please forget it.
Laksh drags Ragini closer and buries his face in to her neck and pecked her neck while Ragini widened her eyes in shock and blushed. Ragini pinches Laksh’s stomach while he shouted and moved back.
Laksh : What are you doing?
Ragini : I should be asking that.
Laksh : Well romancing with my wife.
Ragini : At this age?
Laksh : Love has no age honey.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Don’t you seriously want another beautiful angel and a handsome prince?
Ragini : You are off your head Laksh, seriously.
Ragini turns and folds her hand.
Laksh : Five years ago you said the same thing, once our champ and doll came you were so happy just like that this time also…
Ragini closes his mouth.
Ragini : I’m seriously tired and sleepy and I’m not in a mood of listening to your stupid talks Laksh.
Laksh : But I’m on full swing to…
Ragini took a cushion and started hitting him.
Ragini : Will you stop your naughty talks? (She continued hitting) You are still the same old Laksh.
Laksh laughed and dragged her closer to him and she collided on his chest.
Laksh : But you are changed a lot, you use to cooperate with me before like a good girl but now. (Ragini closed her ears while Laksh chuckled) ok ok meri bachcha no more baby talks.
Ragini looked at his puppy pouting face and pecked his lips.
Ragini : I hate you.
Laksh leaned down and dragged Ragini and she hugged him tightly. Laksh looked deep in to her pitch black eyes and kisses them while Ragini closed them. Laksh pecked her ears.
Laksh whispered : But I love you.
Ragini smiled and hid her face in to his chest.
Ragini : I know.
Laksh : Whatever Laashya does is just like you.
Ragini : Of course she has to be like her mama.
Laksh smiled and hugged her tightly and Ragini hugged him back and both of them dozed off in each other’s embrace. It was indeed a peaceful sleep for both of them.

Ragini awoke for the sunlight and found herself in Laksh’s chest. She caressed his face kissed on his forehead and walked to washroom and came out having a bath. She walked out to the kitchen and started preparing coffee, Swara came to the kitchen and coughed.
Swara : Good morning Dewrani ji.
Ragini : Good morning Jethani ji.
Swara : I see a glow in your face Ragini (She takes out the bread and the vegetables while Ragini gave a confused look.) I mean something sweet has happened.
Ragini : Come one what are you jabbering?
Swara walks to Ragini.
Swara : Trying for another bachcha?
Ragini : What nonsense? Swara I’m trying to be more responsible Swara. I feel like I’m failing to be a good mother already (She turned to the sink and starts washing cups) I don’t have time to think about kids Shona. (Laksh entered the kitchen and signed Swara to be quiet. Swara left the kitchen taking out the stuffs) I’m running out of my responsibilities.
Laksh went and encircled his hands around Ragini and places his chin on her shoulder.
Laksh : I have asked you not to think too much and what else who said you are running out of your responsibilities (Ragini turns and looks at Laksh) As a wife and as a mother you have never run out of your responsibilities. What made you think like this? (Ragini shakes her head and opens her mouth but Laksh closes her mouth with his finger) You have nothing to share to me now if you didn’t want to share anything with me before I ask.
Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds his arms.

Ragini : I didn’t mean it Laksh, I meant that with the recent incidents it made me feel it. Rahul’s misunderstanding, you slapping Lavanya and then you and Lavanya’s misunderstanding everything made me think like that. I didn’t want to make you worry anymore.
Laksh : Okay forget it (He caresses her face and held her cheek) I know no matter how much I tell you, you will never share anything with me thinking you are making me worry. I can’t change it hereafter.
Laksh tries to leave but Ragini hugs him from back and tighten her grip.
Ragini : Sorry sorry sorry I tried to tell it but you were not in a state that I could tell it Laksh. I will share everything.
Laksh turns and makes her look at him.
Laksh : Have I ever forced anything on you? (She shook her head still looking in to Laksh’s eyes) the only thing until then to ow which I force you is to share you worries with me. I even gave you chances to share it with Swara, at least do it that you would feel better.
Laksh breaks the hug an walks out while Ragini bit her tongue. LAksh entered the room and sat upset while Laashya woke and stretched her arms and saw Laksh sitting.
Laashya : Papa (Laksh turned to her and she stretch her arms, he stood up and walked to Laashya and he hugged her) Good morning.
Lasshya buried her face in his chest.
Laksh : Good morning.
Laksh walked to the couch and sat back and caressed her back. Rahul woke up and yawned. Just then door knocked and Rahul opened the door and Ragini entered with a cup of coffee.
Ragini : Good morning Rahul.
Rahul : Good good morning ma ji.
Ragini laughs and turns to Laksh and finds Laashya on his chest.
Rahul : When are leaving?
Ragini : Tomorrow, early morning my angel has awoke (She places the coffee on the table and carries Laashya while she smiles and pecks Ragini’s cheek.) Rahul go have a wash sweet heart.
Rahul : It is cool mama.
Ragini : Switch the hot water and have a bath go.
Rahul : Par ma…
Laksh : Go prince good boy hena? You will feel fresh.
Rahul nods and leave. Ragini rests her head on Lsksh’s chest and kissed his chest.
Ragini : Forgive me pati dev, here after I will tell everything pakka. (Laksh ignores while Ragini pouts and looks at Laashya) I’m sorry jaan.
Laashya leans to Ragini’s ears.
Laashya whispers : Is my papa angry with you?
Ragini nods.
Laashya leans to Laksh’s ears.
Laashya : Forgive hena my good papa?
Laksh : Forgave.
Swara shouts : Raghav…Laashya are you awake?
Ragini : Run baby, badi ma is calling.

Laashya nods and runs while Laksh finishes drinking.
Ragini : Did you really forgive me?
Laksh : Yes.
Ragini : But it doesn’t seem so (Ragini smiles naughtily) if you are angry with me peck on my lips, if you forgave me kiss on my lips.
Ragini pouts and looks on while Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Using my own techniques.
Ragini : What to do hub, at times I also…
Before she could complete there was pair of lips on her soft lips. Ragini was shocked at his sudden behavior while Laksh dragged her closer holding her waist and kissed her lips passionately while Ragini encircled her hands around his neck. Raghav opens his eyes.
Raghav : Mama…
Ragini and Laksh apart away and Ragini blushed blood red while Laksh chuckled and turned to the bed and found Raghav sleeping the facing the other side and both of them sighed.
Ragini : I’m here champ.
Raghav sat up and walked of the bed to Ragini and sat on her lap. Laashay came inside banging the door where Lavanya woke too.
Laksh : What happened cupcake?
Laashya : Badi ma called to give milk for me and Raghav.
Ragini : Okay for that why are you angry princess?
Swara and Sankaar enter.
Swara : We are going home today hena?
Laashya : Liar badi ma, my mama said we are going tomorrow as I have to make Olaf.
Ragini : Did I tell Laksh?
Laksh shakes his head while Laashya started tearing.
Ragini : Everyone get ready.
Laashya : All of you lied to me (She started crying and ran out) I hate you everyone.
Laashya runs out while everyone laughs.
Lavanya : What a bad joke was It mama papa?
Lavanya walks out while the rest followed her still laughing. Laashya was sitting out on the stairs crying while Lavanya went and sat beside her.
Lavanya : Laash baby…
Laashya interrupts : Gooooooo
Lavanya carries Laashya and places on her lap.
Lavanya : How dare they leave without making Laashya’s Olaf?
Laashya buries her face on her chest while Lavanya makes her look and at her wipes her tears.
Laashya : I want to make Olaf di.
Lavanya : They were joking honey, come let’s go and ask why did they make my cup cake cry.
Lavanya carries Laashya and walks to the living room where all of them are seated. Ragini looks at Laashya while she turns away Laashya tunrs away her face.
Lavnaya : Badi ma why did you lie to Laashya?
Swara : Aww my princess got sad (She carries Laashya and pecks her cheek while Laashya buries her face) forgive badi ma?
Laashya mummers : Forgave.
Sanskaar : What about badai papa?
Laashya : Forgave.
Sanskaar drags Laashya and she rests her head on his chest and Sanskaar caresses her hair.
Aditya comes and sit.

Sandya : Now actually when are we going?
Laksh : Tomorrow.
Sandya : But I Have to go today.
Sandesh comes and sits beside Aditya.
Sanskaar : You could have told us before hand.
Swara : Now stay, we will go tomorrow only.
Sandya : But ma I have to go early as I have some project to submit.
Sandesh gets suspicious and walks in to the room taking his phone out.
Sanskaar : I will speak with your principal.
Sandya : No it is okay papa, I will go tomorrow.
Laksh : If is fine, if you want to go with Sanskaar.
Sandya : It is fine
Sandya walks to her room.
Swara : Sandya where are you going come to eat.
Sandya : Ahh I will be back.
Ragini : Come Laashya mama will feed you bread and cheese.
Laashya shakes her head and tightens her grip on Sanskaar’s shirt.
Ap : Laashya come near daadi, I will feed.
Laashya walks to Ap while Ragini pouts and looks at Laksh and he signs her not to worry.
Ragini : Daadi has to eat cupcake, come near mama.
Laashya shakes her head while Ap laughs.
Ap : Laashya is angry with mama for lying hena princess?
Laashya nods and buries her face in her chest.
Ragini : Raghav you come beta. (Ragini carries Raghav and walks while others also walk and sit. Ragini starts feeding while Laashya looks at Ragini. Ragini walks to her and bends to her) Sorry bunny.
Laashya : Why did you and papa lie to me?
Laksh : We were joking angel.
Laksh also walks to Laashya and kneels down beside Ragini, both of them hold their ear and makes a cute puppy face.
RagLak : Forgive us?
Laashya holds both their cheeks with her tiny face and smiles.
Laashya : Forgave.
Ragini and Laksh hug her and she hugs them back.

All of them get ready and goes to the snow. Laksh stops the van and gets down carrying Laashy and buys carrots.
Laksh : Which one does my Laashya wants buy it?
Laashya chooses a carrot.
Laashya : I want to buy this one papa.
Laksh pays and gets in and they reach. Laashya starts building Olaf while Ragini and Lavanya help her to build along with Sawitha and Swara. Sandya is seen sitting using her phone. Laksh and Sanskaar are playing with Raghav while Aditya and Sandesh along with Rahul skating.
Laashya : Mama now let me keeps Olaf’s nose.
Ragini : I will put you will break it.
Laashya : No no I will put it in.
Lavanya : You will break it.
Sandya : Come di will keep the nose.
Laashya I will keep.
Ragini : Okay okay keep.
Laashya slowly keeps and claps and hugs Ragini. Laksh look at the lovingly.
Raghav : Laashya made Olaf.
Laksh walks to them and carries Laashya and pecks her.
Laksh : it is very nice, come papa will get a picture.
Laksh takes out the camera and takes photo.
Raghav : Laashya now we will play snow fight.
Laashya : Okay
She runs and hits snow on Raghav and Raghav hits back. Lavanya and Sawith too joing. Sanskaar takes a handful of snow and keeps on Swara’s cheeks and she shouts and runs behind Sanskaar. Rahul and Sandesh also join Raghav and Laashya. Aditya carries Raghav and everyone hit them snow. Ragini tales pictures of everyone and she searches for Laksh. She felt a cold hand on her waist under her saadi and shivered.
Ragini whispers : What are you doing Laksh?
Laksh mummers : Loving you.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Love me later now go play with them.
Laksh : Come join us.
Ragini smiles and pecks his cheek and runs while Laksh chased her. Laksh and Lavanya started hitting snow to Ragini while she shouted.
Ragini : Stop it both of you I might catch a cold.
Laksh : it is fine I will look after you.
Ragini : Laksh …
Aditya starts hitting Lavanya and Laksh join him.
Lavanya : Both the papas joined hands, Laashya come join di to attack papa and adi papa.
Laashya and nods and they attack Aditya and Laksh. All of them hit each other and Ragini starts sneezing. They finish playing as it got dark and they get in to the van fully drenched. Ragini keeps sneezing. They reach their guest house and walk to their rest house, Ap walks to kitchen to make coffee. Ragini enters the room sneezing while Raghav and Laashya laugh. Laksh comes and wipes her hair.
Ragini : I’m fine (She sneeze and Laksh chuckles) I told you not to make me wet. Raghav and Laaashya go have a wash or you might catch cold too.
Laashya runs to the washroom and Raghav look on.
Laksh : Go
Raghav : I can’t go with Laashya.
Ragini : Why?
Raghav : She is a girl and I’m a boy,
Ragini face palms.
Ragini : Go to bhai’s room then.

Raghav nods and runs. Laksh walks and holds Ragini by her waist and kisses her shoulder and Ragini shivers. Laksh makes her turn and gives an intense look. He caresses her soaked face and pecks both her cheeks while Ragini felt the grip on her waist tightening and she shivered when Laksh’s wet hands touched her waist. Laksh was looking at her parted lips which was shivering and moved closer and Ragini closed her eyes and started sneezing while Laksh moved back and made a weird face.
Laksh : You always spoil my mood.
Ragini : You made me spoil.
Laashya comes out and Ragini wipes her hair and applies cologne to her while Laashya yawned.
Laashya : Mama I’m sleepy.
She feel on to Ragini’s lap while she made her stand properly and made Laashya dress her pajama. Ragini combed her hand and held her cheek.
Ragini : Mama will have a quick wach sugar cane and feed you food and then let’s sleep okay.
Laashya nodded and sat on the bed while Ragini walked to the washroom.
Laksh : Choti Ragini.
Laashya : Haa papa.
Laksh touches her nose and Laashya get angry and Laksh laughs.
Laksh : You mama also gets angry when I touch her nose. You are just like Ragini.
Laashya : Of course I have to be like my mama.
Laashya smiles while Laksh chuckles and gives tight kiss on her cheek.
Laksh : I love you so much.
Laashya also kisses just the way Laksh kissed on her cheek.
Laashya : I too love you so much papa.
Flashback 20 years ago. (No one or is thinking or narrating)

Ragini comes down wearing the red Saadi which Laksh bought for her and everyone looks at her awestruck. Laksh has worn the dark blue sharwani with a beige trouser; he turns to the stairs and finds his angel getting down the stairs with a beautiful smile. Laksh just tightens his fist and controls himself from running to her and hugging her. Ragini greets and everyone and looks at Laksh while he just drops his jaw to the ground and shakes his head in disbelief. He walks to her like and attracted magnet and looks around and finds everyone looking at her. Ragini raises her eyebrows while Laksh smiles from corner of his lips.
Laksh : If I could now I will carry you away and could give a speech on how much beautiful you are.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Even you are looking handsome.
Laksh : Forget me (Ragini drops her jaw to the ground) How can you look so pretty and beautiful and after all so angelic?
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Do you know whom are you praising? (Laksh looks on) Laksh Maheshwari’s wife, Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. If my husband gets to know a handsome boy like you is praising me he will cut you in to pieces.
Laksh : Really? I could have got married to you instead of him.
Ragini punches on his stomach and laughs while Laksh gets mesmerized looking at her angelic beauty. Dp takes the mic.
Dp : Good evening everyone, thanks a lot for attending to my sons reception. Sanskaar Maheshwari and his wife Swara Maheshwari (Both of them greet everyone) and Laksh Maheshwari and his wife Ragini Maheshwari. (Ragini and Laksh greet everyone). They are the daughter in laws of Maheshwari’s and I’m very much happy about it. Please do enjoy.
RagLak and SwaSan are standing on the stage while people come and greet them gift them. Then suddenly lights get off and Harini dances to the song Dola Re Dol, Ragini and Swara join her and dances while Harini makes Ragini fall but Ragini manages not to fall as she knows she would get yelled by Ap so she balances herself, in that process her leg gets sprained and Laksh notices this. Laksh tries to rush but Ragini signs him not to. Everyone praises Ragini and Swara. The reception gets over and the guests leave.
Harini : Aunty and Uncle I’m leaving.
Ap : It is already late beta, Laksh will drop you.
Sanskaar : Ma I and Swara will frop her.
Ap : Do what I say?
Laksh looks at Ragini and she nods and sings him to go.
Laksh : I will drop her it is fine.
Ap nods and smiles.
Ap : Don’t drive faster (Laksh and Harini leaves while Ragini smiles) Swara you might be tired go and rest. (Swara looks at her sudden change) Today a lot of guests praised you and you beauty. I’m very happy. (Ragini smiles while

Swara looks at Ragini) Go beta (Swara nods and climbs up and Ragini turns to leave) You stay, you have work in the kitchen.
Ragini : Ma shall I change and come?
Ap nods and leaves to her oom while Ragini gets teary and walks up climbing stair by stair while Swara rush to her.
Swara : Laado enough, just stop this from now. You are making Laksh suffer by seeing you in pain. He loves you Ragini and can’t tolerate your pain.
Ragini doesn’t say anything but walks to her room while Swara gets disappointed and goes to her room and gets changed. Ragini cries as much as she can as her love is suffering too much because of her after few minutes of crying Ragini was about to remove her ear ring and she felt a strong hand holding her thin soft hand. She turned and her teary eyes met Laksh’s stern gaze.
Laksh : Your eyes are too tired of crying hena?
Ragini shakes her head while Laksh rolls up his eyes.
Ragini : I will get changed and make you coffee.
Laksh : Did ma tell you anything? She would have.
Laksh turns to leave but Ragini makes him turn.
Ragini : Relax (She rests her head on his ches and gives him a relaxing hug) My suffering and your suffering, both of will have to struggle, break, cry, feel low together and I’m sure that the day we will smile, laugh, and out life will fill with happiness very soon. We should not give up easily Laksh, the more you go against ma the more she will hate us. So the anger or the pain put on me.
Laksh hugged her back really tight and she buried her face in his chest. He breaks the hug and holds her cheek and looks at her lovingly.
Laksh : I love you and you are very beautiful today that I don’t know how to express it.
Ragini smiled and Laksh went crazy to see her pretty smiles.
Laksh : You look tired sleep well.
Ragini : Don’t you want to spend more time with your wife.
Laksh : You look too beautiful and I won’t be able to control myself.
Ragini smiles naughtily and she steps and looses balance and Laksh holds her by her waist.
Laksh : Ragini your leg.
Laksh makes Ragini sit on the couch and takes her leg and touches it and she scream.
Ragini : I will take care of it Laksh.
Laksh ; You always make me worry by hurting yourself, can’t you be more careful?
Ragini : I did but it was an accident.
Ragini hugs Laksh and caresses his back.
Laksh : You are seriously like a kid.
Ragini makes him look at him and holds his cheek and leans to him and kisses his lower lip and looks at his dazzling eyes.
Ragini whispers : It is man who had to take the lead.
Laksh rolls his eyes and opens his mouth to speak and Ragini shakes her head.
Laksh : Ragini…
Before he could Ragini kisses him on his lips and he gets carried away and reciprocates. Ragini breaks it and looks at his eyes and he slowly leans to her and pecked her neck and held her waist while Ragini closed her eyes and breathed heavily and clutched his Sharwani while he ran his hand over her left over hair. There was knock and Ragini pushed Laksh and he fell off the bed.
Ap : Ragini where are you?
Ragini under her breath : Ma
Laksh whispers : My mother is seriously…
Ragni closes his mouth and makes him stand.
Ragini : Ah maa
Ap : Where are you come down fast?
Ragini : I will come and do the work,
Ap : Come right now, then only you will come or you will take forever. I will take you and go down.
Ragini : Okay ma one minute,
Ragini face palms and rushes to the washroom and she takes a quick wash and realizes that she didn’t bring her dress. Ap taps door while Laksh is just stucked in between.
Ragini whispers : Laksh… Laksh (Laksh tunred and found Ragini peeping from the wasroom) get me my saadi fast.
Laksh nods and rushes to the wardrobe.
Laksh mummers : Pink…no it is not good, green no it is not good (Ragini face palms while Ap knocks the door) blue blue is good.

He takes it and gives to Ragini while she grits her teeth and takes it and closes the door. She ocmes out wearing it and she leaves but Laksh holds her hand and points his lips.
Ragini : Laksh ma, I will come to give coffee to you room then I will give, now get down from the balcony and go. (Laksh pouts) go
He is not leaving she pecks and rushes out.
Ap : What made you take so long?
Ragini : Ma…
Ap softly : Okay forget it.
Ragini finds pain in her leg but doesn’t show it. Laksh comes from the front door while Ragini gives a stern look and Laksh winks at her.
Ap : What made you take so long Laksh?
Laksh : Car broke down.
Ap : Okay go to your room.
Ragini goes to kitchen and cleans the kitchen slowly slowly and she remembers what happened in the room and blushes. She comes out with coffee and opens the door and finds Laksh asleep hugging his phone, she takes out and finds her pouting photo and smiles. She losens Laksh’s sharwanit buttons and brushes his hair with her hands and covers him with the blanket and pecks his forehead and his thin lips and walks out closing the door behind. Ragini walks to her room and gets changed in to Laksh’s pajama and falls asleep hugging his picture.

A week has passed Ragini has somehow managed herself without getting scolded from Ap. In this week Ragini, Laksh and Swara were very busy while Ragini managed to do both studies and house hold work. They got their study holidays. Ragini was studying early in the morning and she got changed in to her Saadi and was waiting until Laksh come and he came running after coming from jogging.
Ragini : You are late hub.
Laksh : I’m sorry angel I was caught in the traffic.
Ragini : Hurry up I have to go down.
Laksh nodded and walked to the dresser and took the sindoor, he applied it on her maang and made her wear the mangalsutra. This was a part of their daily core. Ragini gave Laksh’s morning peck on his lip and ran down to the kitchen and started preparing food. Swara entered yawning and looked at Ragini proudly.
Swara : Ragini you have become a pro mow.
Ragini smiles and finishes cooking and serves them, she places the food on the table and Laksh, Ap, Sanskaar and Dp come and sit and Ragini and Swara starts serving.
Ap : My brother’s family is coming day after tomorrow from my village.
Laksh and Sanskaar look at each other and make disgusting face.
Dp : Why suddenly Ap?
Ap : For the holidays.
Dp : But exams have started and they on their study holidays and it would be a disturbance.
Ap : Am I suppose to ask them not to come? If my bahus find hard to help me I will call Harini.
Ragini : No ma it is fine, we will help hena Swara?
Swara gives a stern look and nods.
Ap : Mm good.
She gets up and a goes. Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh and Laksh smiles back, she walks up to her room and takes out all the book and starts preparing to study and Swara enters.
Swara : Ragini aren’t you tired already?
Ragini shakes her head and smiles; Sanskaar and Laksh enter and sit on the bed and Ragini looks confusingly.
Laksh : Well my stubborn wife is not at ready to accept the defeat.
Ragini : Laksh come on this is something to do with our love and life.
Laksh : I know…
Ragini interrupts : It is my wish so please Laksh.
Laksh : Ok ok relax, Sanskaar is here to teach us how to write on exam just a week more guys.
Swara and Ragini nod and Sanskaar starts telling how to write and the others listen to it attentively. After studying and disicuusinf Swara is very much tired she walks to her room and falls on the bed. Ragini is resting her head on
Laksh’s lap while Laksh is caressing her hairand Ragini is looking at him lovingly.
Ragini : Laksh don’t you get angry on me Laksh? You get angry only if I don’t care about me other than that why aren’t you getting angry on me?
Laksh pecks her forehead and looks at her eyes.
Laksh : Because nothing has reached up to my love to you, my anger is not even close to my love.
Ragini sits up and hugs him.
Ragini : I love you Laksh.
Laksh : I love you more.
Ragini : Love you more than you love me.
She breaks the hug and pecks his cheek.
Laksh : Sleep bunny, you are tired.
Ragini : stay a nother little more.
Laksh : If you Hitler saasu ma come I and you both are dead.
Ragini frowns while Laksh makes her sleep and he sits beside him and she fall asleep. He goes out covering her with the blanket and pecking her tender cheeks.

Flashback ends.

The Singhania’s door bell ting and Simra opens it and finds Laksh standing folding his hands.
Laksh : I’m here to ask sorry from you, for hurting Lavanya.
Simran’s eyes turn red and her eyes catch Adtya standing behind Laksh.
Simran : Adi where is Luv?
Aditya : Simmy relax…
Simran interrupts : Where is my daughter?
Ragini comes with Lavanya.
Ragini : Please Simran we did a mistake but please don’t tell us that you can’t let Lavanya live with us.
Simran : You got me wrong Ragini, do you think even after she is chased by that house. I will never let her step there.
Lavanya : Simmy ma…
Simran interrupts : Ma, you have to call me ma.
Ragini : Simran please don’t punish me doing this, she is my daughter.
Laksh : Please Simran.
Simran drags Lavanya from Ragini while Ragini doesn’t leave her.
Aditya : Simran leave her, it is her right to go there.
Simran : But she isn’t safe there, our daughter isn’t safe there naymore.
Lavanya : No simmy ma it is not like that.
Simran : it is like that. You have to stay here with me and foever.
Simran drags while Lavanya cries.
Laksh : Simran she is my daughter.
Simran : I have more right on her, she has my blood.
Ragini falls down on her knees and cries and folds her hand.
Ragini : I beg you that please don’t seprate her, she is our life Simran. Laksh and I can’t live without her.
Simran shouts : I said I won’t risk her life again (She holds her stomach in pain) get out of our lives.
Aditya and Ragini rush to her and holds her and Simran breathe heavily. Aditya takes her to their room while Laksh calls the doctor. The doctor reach and checks Simran while she unconscious.
Doctor : She is undergoing stress and she is not suppose to, if any shock happens she might slip in to coma. Give her the medicines and take care of her.
Everyone is shocked and the doctor leaves.
Aditya walks to Lasksh and folds his hand and tears roll down the cheeks and Laksh nods and Ragini turns and hug Lavanya and Lavanya hugs her back.
Ragini : Take care of yourself and come back soon doll mama can’t live without you.
Laksh comes hug both of them and pecks on Lavanya head.
Lavanya : I will come back how can you think I can live without you two.
Laksh breaks the hug so does Ragini.
Laksh gives a painful look and pecks her forehead and walks out while Ragini wipes Lavanya’s face and kisses all over her face.
Lavanya : Mama you go papa needs you.
Ragini nods and turns to Aditya.
Ragini : We can’t force as you have the same right on you but as a mother, thinking I have all my right, take care of her. She doesn’t tell anything about her, it is you have to find so I will send what is allergic to and her like and dislikes.
Ragini leaves looking at Lavanya and runs out. Laksh is facing the car and Ragini walks to him and hugs him from back.
Laksh : For how long?
Ragini : Very soon.
She tightens her hug and Laksh closes his eyes in pain. They reach MM and Swara and Sanskaar rush to them along with the other kids.
Sawitha : Wehre is luv?
Ragini doesn’t say anything but walks up.
Laksh : They kept her, Simran’s health is not good so they had to keep her.
Laashya : Won’t di ever come?
Laksh : She will and she has to.
Laashya runs up to Ragini and hugs her.
Laashya : I want di.
Ragini : She will come princess.
Laksh enters and Ragini gives a painful look while Laashya cries and doze off. Laksh sat beside Ragini and drags her to his chest

Screen freezes on their face.

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