Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 46


Hi its me Dafsi with the episode 45 I’m really sorry I have only given the last part of the update couldn’t check it before I submit….Sorry for confusing you people so much and this is the real update….Hope you would be clear and enjoy it here we go….

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama.. (RagLak) Episode 45

The episode starts with Ragini making Laashya wear her pajama.
Raghav : How long more to go?
Sandesh : Another little more, once you sleep and awake we will reach.
Lavanya comes after using the washroom and Laksh come there and both of them collide and Lavanya doesn’t move back but stays standing so does Laksh. Both of them are stubborn and are standing without moving.
Lavanya : I do have my own values in a way you are an elder person so I will you the way it doesn’t me that I do love you or forgave you.
Lavanya moves back.
Laksh : I don’t want to walk in the way which you freed form me.
Laksh turns back and walks to the other side. Ap looks on while Lavanya gets teary.Laashya is seen drinking milk and the training is shaking and it little by little spill on her dress and she gets nothing to drink.
Rahul : Laashya what have you done?
Laashya giggles.
Laashya : Bhaiyaa (She chuckles) the train is dancing.
Rahul face palms and takes Laashya to Ragini.
Rahul : Mama Laashya spilt all the milk on her dress.
Ragini face palms and Rahul leaves and sits beside AP and Sandesh in front of them.
Ragini : Glad that we got a compartment for ourselves or people would laugh looking at our antics. Why did you spill all the milk Laashya?
Laashya : Maa the train was dancing and I was not able to drink.
Ragini : You could have come near mama right?
Ragini gets Laashya changed and carries. She makes her sit on her lap and makes her drink the milk slowly.
Swara : Laashya doesn’t know do drink milk also.
Swara laughs while Laashya fumes. Sanskaar comes and sits with Raghav.
Laashya : I know to drink hena mama?
She looks at Ragini turning her head and Ragini nods. Laksh comes there and sits beside Ragini while Laashya jumps to Laksh and rests her head on his chest and her caresses her head.
Ragini : Give the phone to bade papa and sleep.
Raghav : Just one more game.
Ragini no more game give it right now.
Raghav gives the phone and rests his head on Sanskaar’s chest and falls asleep.
Laashya : Papa can we stay in Manali forever? I can live with Olaf . Also we won’t sweat like we are in Mumbai.
Laksh : How can we stay? Papa’s and Bade papa’s work, Di’s. Sawi di’s, bhai’s school and then Sandesh bhaiyaa’s and Sandya di’s college, we can’t leave everything. If you want let’s take Olaf with us.
Laashya stars tearing.
Laashya : Olaf will (Her voice starts cracking) die, he needs snow.
Laksh : Ok ok princess let’s stay there now sleep.
Laashya falls asleep on his lap, he places her on his hands in a way that she feels comfortable.
Sanskaar : I think both of them are tired.
Swara nods.
Swara : Let’s make them sleep up.
Sanskaar nods and makes Raghav sleep on top so does makes Laashya sleep. All four of them sit and there was pin drop silent. Laksh kept staring at Ragini while Ragini didn’t give him any attention. Swara and Sanskaar notice this.

Lavanya has slept on top and so does Sawitha has slept. Sandya is busy texting through phone.
Aditya : Sandya it is already late dear, keep it away and sleep.
Sandya : Ok chaachu.
Sandya puts her phone in and rests her head on the window keeping a pillow. Ap has slept while Sandesh and Rahul were watching jokes in Sandesh’s laptop.

Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : I’m sleepy Swara, so good night.
Swara : Ragini this is a family trip let’s forget everything…
Ragini interrupts : How can I forget everything?
Laksh : Ragini you have to think from my POV too.
Ragini : Even if you right from your POV you shouldn’t have told it.
Laksh gets frustrated walks away and Sanskaar follows him.

Sanskaar : Laksh…
Sanskaar interrupts : What is she thinking in her mind bhai?
Sanskaar : Relax Lucky look at me and listen. I know what really is going in your mind. Though you tell or not what Ragini told about your upbringing is not good has stroke in your mind. (Laksh looks on) the reason you behaved like that was that.
Laksh : Bhai…
Sanskaar : Interrupts, Okay our kids went out in the night and it is dangerous and we have right to yell at them too but you shouldn’t have just hurt Lavanya so much. What you did was partially right as well as partially wrong.

Everyone is sleeping while Ragini is seen awake.
Ragini ‘s POV.
What Lavanya did was wrong as well what Laksh did was also wrong. I want both of you to get united before you regret it. Both of you spoke out in anger and still you are angry with each other’s act and this anger is not going to calm down but if it calm down both of you are the peopl who will suffer the most and I can’t see both of you suffering. Lavanya is attached to Laksh more than she is attached to me. I don’t want both of you to curse yousrself for each other’s separation. Please go help my family to unite.
Ragini’s POV ends.

It is morning and they reach Manali, all of them get down the train and heads out. Sandesh is carrying Raghav while Swara is carrying Laashya.
Sanskaar : I have ordered a mini bus so we can go around easily.
Laashya hugs Swara tightly.
Laashya : It is so cool here.
Ragini : Here wear the ear muffles.
Ragini makes her wear while Laashya smiles deeply.
Swara : You can’t even stay five minutes outside you want to live here forever.
Laashya can’t hear anything clearly but she looks on and laughs.
Laashya shouts : I can’t hear you badi ma.
Swara shouts : You can’t stay her for even five minutes but you want to live here forever.
Laashya nods and hides her face inside her Swara’s shoulder. The bus arrives and all of them get in. Laksh gets in last and locks the door and sits beside Sanskaar. They reach a guest house, it is guest house made in an ancient style and is five feet above the ground and the floor and the roof is made out of wooden. All the doors are sliding doors and have beautiful view of icy mountains and a river flowing sound is heard, the living room had a chimney so did every room had contained a chimney. The kitchen was attached with the dinning. All of them get down the bus and gather.
Sanskaar : So there rooms where you have to share. Sandya, Sawitha and Lavanya you will get the biggest room. Then Rahul and Sa(He looks a Sandesh with pain while Sandesh drags Rahul and walks away) well Aditya you in a room…
Laashya : I want to stay with Adi papa
Raghav : Me too.
Sanksaar : Okay okay and then Ma in a room, I and Swara and then Lucky and Ragini. We will have a wash and go out see how Manali is.
Laashya : Badai papa Olaf.
Ragini : What is this Laashya Olaf Olaf Olaf? We can make Olaf later now come; I have to get you washed.
Ragini caries her and walks to their room. Laksh and Raghav walk behind them while other go to their respective rooms. Laksh sits on the couch while Ragini takes Laashya and Raghav to the washroom. She gets them washed while Laksh is lost in deep thoughts. He comes out of them room and Lavanya too comes out. Both of them give a painful look with anger and walks away and Ap notices this. Swara walks to the kitchen and stars preparing coffee, Ragini comes out of the washroom and makes Laashya and Raghav dress.
Ragini : Both of you are not supposed to go out for any reason understood?
Laashya and Raghav nods.
Laashya: Can we go out of the room mama?
Ragini : Yes.
Raghav : Can we go to the washroom?
Ragini : Yes you can.
Laksh enters.
Laashya : What about the kitchen?
Ragini : Haa
Raghav : Bhai’s room?
Ragini : Yes.
Laashya : What about Di’s room?
Ragini face palms.
Ragini : Go wherever you want and do whatever you want.
Laashya and Raghav run out. Ragini turns and finds Laksh standing with folded hands. She takes her clothes and walks to the washroom. Laksh rests on the bed and falls asleep. Ragini comes out and finds Laksh sleeping tightly she sits beside him and caresses his hair and pecks his forehead and walks out. She comes to the kitchen and takes the coffee which Swara made and serves it to everyone.
Ap : Ragini, where is Laksh?
Ragini : He is sleeping ma.
Lavanya and Sawitha come and sit so does Rahul and Sandesh. They take the coffee and starts drinking. Lavanya walks to kitchen to wash her hands and Ragini follows her.
Ragini : Lavanya I need to speak with.
Lavanya : I don’t have to.
Ragini : Please for me.
Lavanya : Tell.
Ragini sighs while Swara comes there.
Ragini : What should we do bring you back to us? You are a part of our life. It’s not the matter of a year or two it is 16 years on whole.
Lavanya : But he broke it in 16 seconds by uttering it.
Lavnya starts tearing and she holds the cupboard in pain.
Ragini : He was much worried about you and on the same day I hurt him telling his upbringing was wrong. He never reacted in the way before; he wouldn’t have said it if I wouldn’t have told he growing up kids isn’t right.
Lavanya gives a painful look and leaves Ragini closes her eyes and tears roll down her cheek. She wipes it and Swara holds her shoulder. They start preparing breakfast. Lavanya walks out to the balcony and cries remembering Laksh telling she is not her kid. She cries as much as she can. Ragini and Swara finish making breakfast and serves it. Ragini makes coffee and goes to awake Laksh. She stops and thinks for a while.
Ragini shouts : Laashya come fast (Laashya who was about to pick her favourite cookie jerks back hearing Ragini shout) Come here fast.
Laashya comes frowning.
Laashya : Haa mama tell.
Ragini : I will keep this coffee on the table and I will leave out then you awake papa and ask him to drink.
Laashya face palms.
Laashya : You itself can awake and give it right mama?
Ragini : Chup and do what I say you to do.
Laashya nods while Ragini opens the door.
Laashya shouts : Papa, mama has brought coffee for you.
Laashya runs while Laksh awakes up. Ragini grits her teeth for what that little monster did. She places the coffee and turns expecting Laksh will hold her wrist but to her wonder he didn’t. He got down the and walked to the washroom leaving Ragini shocked. Ragini gets a bit worried but realizes it was her mistake probably. Ragini walks out and hits on Laashya’s head while Laashya pouts.
Rahul : Raghav it is spicy you won’t eat it.
Raghav : What is I eat?
Rahul : You won’t.
Raghav takes piece of roti and the curry and places it in his mouth after few seconds he starts crying while Rahul and Sandesh high five and laugh. Swara gives water while he chokes and she carries him and caresses her back. Rahul shouts loud while Ragini walks to him and carries.
Ragini : Shshshshshs, mama will give you sugar and a chocolate stop crying.
Laksh comes and drags the chair to sit while Lavanya who was eating stands up. Everyone was expecting that Laksh would walk away but to every ones wonder he sits.
Laksh : Why are you guys string at me? I don’t think I have to go away without a reason.
Lavanya too sits back and starts eating.
Rahul on Sandesh’s ear : Did anything happen without me knowing?
Sandesh on Rahul’s ear : I should be asking you it dumbo.
Both of them look at each other and signs “don’t know”.
Sanskaar : We will have our lunch out okay? So rest for some time and we will go out.
All of them eat and go to their room while Laksh sits on the couch. Ragini goes to the room and finds the coffee still there and gets teary. Raghav is seen asleep after crying eating spice. Ragini lies beside him and she falls asleep. Laashya walks to Laksh and sits on his lap.
Laashya : Are you and mama angry?
Laksh : No baby, why?
Laashya : Then why did mama call me to give you the coffee?
Laksh : Nothing like that, maybe she wanted to…
Laashya interrupts : Stop lying papa, both of you are angry. Both of you didn’t speak properly also. I don’t like to see you both fighting papa.
Laashya’s voice stars cracking while Laksh rests her head on his chest. Rahul comes and sits beside.
Rahul : Papa even I wanted to ask the same.
Laksh : Nothing like you think, Rahul you must be tired so go and sleep.
Laashya cuddles to Laksh while Laksh pecks on her head.
Rahul : Promise that there is no problem.
Laksh looks away while Rahul understands there is something going on. Laashya looks on, Rahul leaves while Laksh sighs. Lavanya comes from behind and sees Laashya hugging Laksh and she turns and leaves in frustration. Laksh makes Laashya sleep on the couch and caresses her hair. After few hours everyone is ready to go and explore Manali. Ragini makes Laashya and Raghav wear their winter clothes. All of them get in. They sit on their places.
Rahul : Papa did you take the camera?
Laksh : Haa
Lavanya : Adi papa (Aditya turns and looks at Lavanya) I mean papa (He called Adityua as papa while Laksh turns and looks on) papa can I have the water bottle.
She says it looking at Aditya while Laksh felt someone stabbed his heart. Ragini and the rest understand what is going on. Laksh just looked front and closed his eyes while Sanskaar looked at him. Aditya gives the water bottle.
Aditya : Do you want any soft drink?
Lavanya : No papa I’m fine.
Laksh closes his eyes and tightens his fist. Only he had that right, the right of getting called as papa by his daughter but he himself got it killed. Ragini looks at Laksh and tears roll down her cheek.
Ragini’ POV
Did I take a wrong decision by not being with Laksh, he is in deeper pain? What have you don’t Ragini? I have to do something I can’t see both of them suffering. I will somehow unite you both.
Ragini’s POV.

They reach a beautiful garden. Laashya and Raghav along with Sandesh and Rahul play. Ragini, Swara and AP sit so does Sandya, Sawitha and Lavanya a bit far from the elders.
Sandya : In a way I’m responsible.
Lavanya : Di we asked you not to blame yourself, something like this has been running in his minds for a long time that now he spat out.
Sawitha : I don’t think in that way.
Lavanya : Just shut up Sawi.
Aditya comes and sits beside her and they laugh and talk. Laksh looks at Aditya and Lavanya and feels jealous. Laksh gets irritated and sits along with Sanskaar. The ball comes to them and Laashya comes running. Laksh carries her and by purpose he kisses on her cheek.
Laksh : I love you so much princess.
Lavanya gets pissed and AP notices this and gets angry, she walks to Laksh and gives a tight slap on his cheek shocking everyone and he drops Lavanya down.
Ap : Do you even what are you trying to do? You are hurting yourself by trying to make Lavanya jealous.
Laksh : What?
Ap : Haa Laksh, you are in pain more than her. I don’t know if you would understand that even she is going through the same pain what you are going through. She went out on that night for whatever the reason maybe did you even listen to her? You spat out your words for just what Ragini told in that afternoon that your upbringing isn’t right. Did you think before uttering that she is not your child for, once? No you wouldn’t as I have never said it not even when you went against me Laksh I never told you that you are not my child and that is the reason you are going against me. (Laksh looks shocked) Though you got to know you were adopted just like you adopted Lavanya I or your papa never made you feel it and I was happy that my son is just like us but you proved me wrong. (Tears start rolling down Laksh’s cheek and Ragini rushes to him and holds his shoulders) By trying to prove your upbringing is right you proved us wrong. Even you were adopted by us but what if we would have told you to go out telling you are not our son? How would you feel if I would I said it ever? (Laksh bends his head down and cries while Ragini also cries and holds him tightly.) What if I pet Sanskaar in front of you like you pet Laashya in front of Lavanya?
Sanskaar : Maa…
Laksh runs from there and Ragini follows him, Lavanya feels some kind of attraction and tries to run but Aditya holds her hand and shakes his head and Lavanya stays back, Swara carries Laashya while she looks confused. Laksh ends ups near a lake and kneels down. Ragini kneels down and holds him and he cries out.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Just go away.
Laksh jerks Ragini and she falls down while Ragini wipes her tears and holds Laksh’s face.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh looks at me please baaba please I’m sorry Laksh I should have been by your side. I’m sorry.
Laksh shakes his head and looks at Ragini with so much pain, his eyes are just blood red and his face is not less than his eyes.
Laksh : I deserve this Ragini, I just deserve this for hurting my little girl. What ma just told was right.
Ragini shakes her head and drags him to her chest and he sits down so does Ragini. Ragini caresses his hair while he hugs her tightly and puts all his pain out.
Ragini : True what you did was wrong but you did it out of love. You were scared what if something happens to her because of your wrong upbringing but Laksh trust me you are the best father on the earth in fact I get jealous of my kids for getting a papa like you, a papa which I never had. Stop crying Laksh whatever ma told was out of anger and to make you realize.
Ragini breaks the hug and wipes his tears and pecks his forehead.
Laksh : I want my Lavanya back Ragini, will she come back to her papa? No one can replace her in my life. Not even our little own child (Ragini nods) what kind of man am I? Do I deserve to be a father?
Ragini : Now enough blaming, I’m sorry for giving you more pain.
Laksh : How can you ever be a pain to me Ragini? You are my strength and my medicine.
Ragini : Forget everything for me, why do you always get hurt? Why isn’t it me?
Laksh : I have tolf you that anything should face me before facing you.
Ragini pouts.
Ragini : Even I want to protect my life.
Laksh : But my life is precious.
Ragini smiles so does Laksh, she rests her head on his chest.
Ragini : I will unite you both at anycost.
Laksh looks at her lovingly.

Scene shifts to the other side of the park where, Lavanya is seen crying while Aditya and Sandya are consoling her. Raghav and Laashya are blank on what is happening.
Laashya : I want to go near papa, he went crying maybe because daadi scolded.
Laashya’s voice starts cracking.
Raghav : I want to go to papa and mama.
Laashya : Even I want to go.
Sawitha laughs.
Sawitha : We will play cricket hena bhaiyaa and Rahul?
Sandesh carries Raghav.
Sandesh : Me and our champ on one side.
Sawitha : Me Rahul and our princess on one side.
They start playing while Sanskaar and Swara walk to AP.
Sanskaar : Ma you shouldn’t have spoken in that way.
Ap : I know what I did was right, he would probably understood by now.
Swara : But ma at the same time he would have felt sad.
Ap : I know about Ragini, she can make Laksh normal with seconds. With only that belief I spoke in that way, or will you think I would hurt my son like that? Though I never gave birth to him he is my son, my Laksh.
Ap gets teary while Sanskaar hugs her and caresses her hair.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Laksh come home after college along with Swara. Swara is very tired so us Ragini. Ragini exhaustedly walks to their room and falls on the bed.
Laksh : Ragini at least get changed and sleep. (Ragini cuddles to the pillow while Laksh makes her sit) I will bring food, go get changed.
Laksh stands to leave but Ragini holds him by his hand.
Ragini : Laksh the challenge?
Laksh : It is from tomorrow, you shouldn’t have agreed to it Ragini. I can’t serve my wife because of you.
Laksh makes a pout face while Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Everything is just for a month (She stands up and holds her cheek) I love you Laksh and I would go for any extent to prove that I’m good enough to me Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh smiles and pecks her forehead. Ragini walks to the cupboard and takes out her saadi and Laksh’s pajama. Both of them get changed and walk down. Ap stands up from the sofa and looks on.
Ap : So from tomorrow we will start our challenge and there is one more condition.
Sanskaar and Swara come down. AP looks at them and finds Swara’s pallu not on the head. Swara figures it out and wear it on her head.
Laksh : What condition?
Ap : Both of you will have to live in separate rooms.
Ragini and Laksh are shocked so is Swara and Sanskaar.
Sanskaar and Laksh : Maa.
Ragini holds Laksh’s hand and holds it tight, Laksh look in to Ragini’s teary eyes and she shakes her head.
Ragini : We will.
Laksh under his breath : Ragini
Ap : Okay from tomorrow you have to prepare breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be prepared by me as you will have to go college. Tea Swara will make. You have to wash all the clothes and dry them up, then clean the house and wash all the dishes, for a month there won’t be workers in this house. Others I will tell on and off.
Laksh : Ma you are not confirming a worker for the house but my wife and shehas nothing to do to live in this house.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : We don’t want anyone’s blessing to live…
Ragini interrupts : Laksh please, ma I will do as you say.
Ap nods and leaves to the dining table. Swara looks at Sanskaar and he signs her to go to kitchen. Swara nods and leave while Sanskaar goes and sits. Ragini tries to walk and Laksh holds her by her arms.
Laksh : Are you mad? You my wife not this house’s worker.
Ragini : Laksh leave my hand it is hurting.
Laksh : It is hurting me to see you doing all this, I want to keep you as a princess not a maid.
Ragini : I’m your princess but Laksh this is just a matter of one month. Trust me Laksh, I promise you that I will take care of me. Smile for me please?
She makes a cute puppy face while Laksh smiles sadly.
Laksh : For one month how will you sleep without my embrace?
Ragini : I’m fine not to sleep for our love.
Laksh looks at with love while Ragini smiles and looks down she turns and wipes her tears and walks to kitchen. Laksh sits in the dining table.
Laksh : Ma you have never went against me until now, why can’t you accept her? I have asked you many things and you have never said no to me then why not the most important decision in my life and why aren’t you letting me take it? I will find a good guy for Harini.
Ap : I have made my heart a stone Laksh, you are my naughty and cute prince but you have totally broke me and I can’t accept her, this is a test for you love. I want you to be happy Laksh I doubt if she will give you that happiness.
Laksh : She is my happiness, by testing her you are testing me too.
Ap : I’m cursing myself for doing this but you broke my trsut on you, you made me break a promise which I made for an innocent girl.
Ragini and Swara come and place all the food, DP too comes and sits. They start serving food and they too sit and eat. Ap finishes eating and leaves.
Dp : Laksh after finals why don’t you joing our company
Laksh : Sure papa.
Dp nods.
Dp : Sanskaar make an appointment with Karan Thakur by next week.
Sanskaar : Ji papa.
Dp : Ragini beta aur Swara how is your studies going on?
Ragini is lost in her own thoughts while Swara hits her with her elbow.
Ragini : Ahhh… yeah what?
Dp : How is your studies?
Ragini : Good papa.
Dp : I know that it is tough time, but Ap is too stubborn. Hope she realizes.
Ragini nods and smiles. Dp nods and leave, Ragini takes all the plates and walks in. Swara also comes and helps her.
Swara : Ragini you don’t have to worry I will always be there with you, we can share the work and do.
Ragini smiles and nods. Sanskaar and Laksh come and sit on the pantry.
Sanskaar : Swara yo might be jumping up and down that you have no work for one month.
Swara frowns at Sanskaar.
Swara : No Sanskaar, I have to make tea.
Sanskaar : Hoo very big work. (Hehehe lovely)
Laksh : Ragini doesn’t know how to cook, now what will we do?
Ragini who was washing a knife cut her palm in tension and she screams, Laksh and Swara rush to her.
Laksh : What have you done now?
Laksh throws the sponge and the knife and drags her to their room and makes her sit on the bed. He takes out the first aid and takes the cotton.
Ragini : I’m fine…
Laksh grits his teeth.
Laksh : Don’t utter a word.
Laksh wipes off the blood and still blood flow; he gets tensed and wipes it still. He applies a medicine and bandages her hand and stands up and holds his head.
Ragini : I’m sorry Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : I have made a decision that we will go out of the house.
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : No way
Laksh : What else? If you be this careless while you are working. I will not always be around you and with so much work and tiredness you would end up sick.
Ragini : No no I won’t.
Laksh : I can’t let you do this (he sounded rude) I can’t see you hurt we are going and that is final.
Ragini : No Laksh my love isn’t week. We have to live and show. This pain and hurt will bring happiness very soon jaan trust me. Please don’t take any decision in hurry.
Laksh holds both her cheeks.
Laksh : You making me break my promises, I aren’t protecting you, securing you, helping you, keeping you happy. I’m failing to do duties of a husband.
Ragini : No you not are Laksh, now stop worrying and come to sleep. I’m very much tired, what should I do to change my husband’s mood?
Laksh shakes his head in disbelief while Ragini smiles naughtily. She holds his frustrated and worried face and softly kisses on both of his cheeks releasing his stress. Laksh smiles and carries Ragini.
Laksh : Being half naughty is not fair.
Ragini : Sorry sorry sorry I will be full naughty next time now leave me please.
Laksh : No because of your stupidity you agreed to ma that we will live separately, now you have to bear the punishement.
Ragini : Laksh please…
Laksh places her on the bed and leans to hear while Ragini sweats in nervousness.
Laksh : Don’t worry jaanu I won’t give you any punishment as you think (He winks at her while she blushes) If so it would be a greater punishment for me.
Laksh leans to her and pecks her forehead and walks to the door and locks it. He comes and lies beside her while Ragini looks at him lovingly. Laksh smiles and drags her to his chest and she hid her face inside his chest. Laksh kept caressing while he hear some noise.
Laksh : Ragini, are you crying jaan?
Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her finds her tearing.
Ragini : I love you Laksh but I always make you suffer.
Laksh : Mera baaba just relax and sleep. (He pecks on his head) I love you too and more.
Ragini : For a month without your embrace. (She tightens her grip and cuddles more) I will miss you.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : We are going to live in the same house so why are you worrying?
Ragini : Still, I love the nights with you the most.
Laksh : If you want we can spend it secretly.
Ragini : Chiiii Laksh
Ragini hits Laksh and turns the other way.
Laksh : What chii Laksh? You are my wife remember that.
Ragini : Suchchi? I always forget it.
Laksh rolls and comes close to her and hugs her from the back.
Laksh whispers : Should I have to do something which you will remember it forever?
Laksh drags her and wraps his hands around her waist. She closes her eyes and blushes.
Laksh kisses on her shoulder and Ragini gets Goosebumps.
Ragini : Laksh please…
Laksh whispers : I would go ahead but it would be difficult to control then.
Ragini turns and encircles her hand around him and they share an intense eye lock. Ragini slowly got closer and kissed on his lips and he too reciprocated it was soft and yet soft, they broke it after few seconds. Ragini placed her head on his chest and clutched his t shirt tighter as if someone was to carry her away from him. Laksh tightened his hug and caressed her head. Both of them slept in each other’s warmth and each other’s tight hold, the warmth which they are going to miss, and the hold that will get loosen.

Ragini woke and found her on Laksh’s strong chest. She just kept staring at him and then caressed his hair. Laksh awakes and looks at Ragini who was staring at him. Laksh quickly pecks her pouty lips.
Laksh : Good morning jaanu.
Ragini : Morning.
She buried her head in his chest and tightened her grip.
Laksh : My dear lazy crazy wifey if you don’t get up I will have to spill a bucket of water.
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : I don’t want to go college, be like this only for today.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Can’t means can’t
Laksh tries to get up but she isn’t letting him but clutching his t shirt tightly.
Laksh : Crazy woman leave me.
Ragini : No
Laksh tries to free but she isn’t moving her head from his chest or releasing the clutch from his t shirt.
Laksh : Baby assignment…
Ragini interrupts : No means no.
Laksh : Ouch my eyes.
Ragini gets panicked and removes her head from his chest while he tries to get down but Ragini clutches by his shirt.
Ragini : You cheated Laksh Maheshwari…
Laksh : Did you knock you head somewhere?
Laksh laugh while Ragini is holding buy his t shirt tightly, he removes his t shirt and escape while Ragini pouts and makes cute sad face.
Ragini : Get lost (She throws the t shirt on his face while Laksh laughs) I hate you.
She takes the pillow which Laksh slepts and hugs it.
Laksh : My wife is gone mad with me.
Laksh carries her and walks to the washroom.
Ragini : You are doing woman harassment.
Laksh keeps her down and she turns to leave but he holds her by her waist and drags her.
Laksh : Be a good girl and get ready fast, you have to make breakfast too.
Ragini steps forward and was about to slip and Laksh holds her and she holds her shower tap in one hand and his bare body with the other. Both of them get drenched in water while Ragini looks at Laksh’s soft eye while Laksh looks at her big round eyes and they share an intense eyelock.
Ragini : Sowwy.
Laksh pecks on her forehead and looks at her wet shivering lips. He slowly leans while Ragini clutches him tightly. Their lips were about to touch and just then there was knock on the door. Laksh makes Ragini stand.
Laksh : Like a good girl have a bath fast.
Ragini nods like an obedient child and Laksh leaves out and wear the t shirt and opens the door.
Swara : Where is Ragini?
Ragini shouts : Laksh my towel, I forgot it.
Laksh face palms while Swara chucles.
Swara : Serve your queen but ask her to come fast.
Laksh smiles sheepishly while Swara leaves. He gives the towel and takes his dresses and walks out to the guest room in the down. Ragini is seen wearing saadi and Laksh comes there, he walks to her and sees Ragini finding hard to tie her dori and helps her out while she blushes.
Ragini : I’m wearing Saadi which means I’m not going college so you are. By tying the dori you have given permission.
Ragini pecks his cheek and runs to the kitchen. Swara had already cut all the vegetable and washed them. Ragini gives a tight hug to Swara.
Ragini : Sorry Shona…
Swara interrupts : I understand Laado, you wanted to spend few more time with Laksh hena? Stop worrying and quickly start cooking.
Ragini smiles and takes out her phone and sees the ingredients and starts preparing. Swara reads it out for her and Ragini cooks. She cooks with so much love, each thing she did, she did for her love. She finishes preparing and serves them for the dishes.
Ragini : Swara please taste this for me.
Swara takes a spoon.
A voice : Stop…

Flashback ends.

Ragini’s phone ring and she answers.
Swara : Laado are you both coming or we will go and have lunch?
Ragini : No he wants to be here for another little more, you guys go and Laashya and Raghav…
Swara interrupts : I will take care of them.
Ragini : Thank you Shona.
Swara hangs up coveys it to the rest and they get in to the bus. Laksh remembers all what happened gets worried while Ragini holds his hand kisses it.
Laksh : I don’t how to face Lavanya? I should rub my mouth is stone for speaking like that.
Ragini : Started again? Okay you keep on telling and make me more worry. Continue (Laksh look on) continue.
Laksh : Sorry but I will bring her back in our life and it is a promise.
Ragini nods. The rest reach to a restaurant and they sit.
Sanskaar : Order whatever you want.
Laashya and Raghav : We want mama and papa.
Rahul : You don’t get it in the menu.
Laashya : Without mama and papa I won’t eat.
Raghav : But I will eat as I’m hungry.
Laashya pouts and turns away. They make the orders and they get the food. Laashya doesn’t even drinks a sip of water.
Swara: If you don’t eat we won’t go to build Olaf.
Laashya looks on and opens her mouth and Swara starts feeding. They finish eating and walks out and gets in to the bus.
Laashya : Badi ma now are we going to build Olaf?
Swara : Haa baby.
Raghav : Carrot?
Laashya : We will buy it on our way.
Rahul : Badai papa can we go skating?
Sanskaar : Nop.
Sawitha : It is unfair.
Swara : We will go there and decide.

They reach the snow are and get down.
Aditya : All of you be careful don’t go too far.
All of them play with snow, Lavanya forgets all her sadness and plays. Ragini and Laksh reach there. All of them play while Swara and Ragini help Laashya to make Olaf.
Laashya : Mama Olaf is not staying properly.
Laashya starts crying while Ragini wipes her tears.
Ragini : Look badi ma will make. Laksh walks to Lavanya to speak and Aditya looks on.
Laksh : Luv…
Lavanya gives a painful look and runs from there. Sanskaar holds Laksh’s shoulders.
Sanskaar : Give her some time.
Raghav hits snow to Laksh and Laksh hits him back. Sanskaar joing them and they enjoy. All of them are busy on their own work. Sandesh and Rahul were busy playing too. Laksh just looks around and finds odd, Aditya and Sandesh hide Rahul with snow and Rahul scares Raghav. Laksh doesn’t fins Lavanya and gets panicked.
Laksh shouts : Where is Lavnaya?
Aditya gets alerted and looks around, so does everyone.
Aditya : Lavanya…
All of them starts searching for Lavanya. There was a man who was standing nearby, Laksh runs to him.
Laksh : Did you see my daughter?
The man : A girl was walking that way but the storm might be high if gets late.
Laksh informs the others.
Aditya : I will go.
Laksh : I will go.
Aditya : It is because of you she is lost now.
Laksh : Adi it is not the time to fight we have to find our kid.
Aditya understands the real care and concern through his words and nods. Ragini who was shattered walks to Laksh and gives a painful look.
Ragini : Laksh promise me you will bring back my child?
Laksh cries while Ragini breaks down. He gives a tight hug and she cries out.
Laksh : Promise.
He breaks the hug and runs along with Aditya while Ragini holds her head and faints.
Swara : Ragini….

Screen freezes on the shocked face of everyone.

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