Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 45


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode of your ff hehehe hope you like and yeah thanks alot for your comments and support both through comments and personal messages…Im happy about the new found friends through this ff…I’m very much grateful for each of them and here we go….

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 45

Ragini’s phone ring and she answers.
Swara : Laado are you both coming or we will go and have lunch?
Ragini : No he wants to be here for another little more, you guys go and Laashya and Raghav…
Swara interrupts : I will take care of them.
Ragini : Thank you Shona.
Swara hangs up coveys it to the rest and they get in to the bus. Laksh remembers all what happened gets worried while Ragini holds his hand kisses it.
Laksh : I don’t how to face Lavanya? I should rub my mouth is stone for speaking like that.
Ragini : Started again? Okay you keep on telling and make me more worry. Continue (Laksh look on) continue.
Laksh : Sorry but I will bring her back in our life and it is a promise.
Ragini nods. The rest reach to a restaurant and they sit.
Sanskaar : Order whatever you want.
Laashya and Raghav : We want mama and papa.
Rahul : You don’t get it in the menu.
Laashya : Without mama and papa I won’t eat.
Raghav : But I will eat as I’m hungry.
Laashya pouts and turns away. They make the orders and they get the food. Laashya doesn’t even drinks a sip of water.
Swara: If you don’t eat we won’t go to build Olaf.
Laashya looks on and opens her mouth and Swara starts feeding. They finish eating and walks out and gets in to the bus.
Laashya : Badi ma now are we going to build Olaf?
Swara : Haa baby.
Raghav : Carrot?
Laashya : We will buy it on our way.
Rahul : Badai papa can we go skating?
Sanskaar : Nop.
Sawitha : It is unfair.
Swara : We will go there and decide.

They reach the snow are and get down.
Aditya : All of you be careful don’t go too far.
All of them play with snow, Lavanya forgets all her sadness and plays. Ragini and Laksh reach there. All of them play while Swara and Ragini help Laashya to make Olaf.
Laashya : Mama Olaf is not staying properly.
Laashya starts crying while Ragini wipes her tears.
Ragini : Look badi ma will make. Laksh walks to Lavanya to speak and Aditya looks on.
Laksh : Luv…
Lavanya gives a painful look and runs from there. Sanskaar holds Laksh’s shoulders.
Sanskaar : Give her some time.
Raghav hits snow to Laksh and Laksh hits him back. Sanskaar joing them and they enjoy. All of them are busy on their own work. Sandesh and Rahul were busy playing too. Laksh just looks around and finds odd, Aditya and Sandesh hide Rahul with snow and Rahul scares Raghav. Laksh doesn’t fins Lavanya and gets panicked.
Laksh shouts : Where is Lavnaya?
Aditya gets alerted and looks around, so does everyone.
Aditya : Lavanya…
All of them starts searching for Lavanya. There was a man who was standing nearby, Laksh runs to him.
Laksh : Did you see my daughter?
The man : A girl was walking that way but the storm might be high if gets late.
Laksh informs the others.
Aditya : I will go.
Laksh : I will go.
Aditya : It is because of you she is lost now.
Laksh : Adi it is not the time to fight we have to find our kid.
Aditya understands the real care and concern through his words and nods. Ragini who was shattered walks to Laksh and gives a painful look.
Ragini : Laksh promise me you will bring back my child?
Laksh cries while Ragini breaks down. He gives a tight hug and she cries out.
Laksh : Promise.
He breaks the hug and runs along with Aditya while Ragini holds her head and faints.
Swara : Ragini….

Screen freezes on the shocked face of everyone.

Hope you liked it and yeah for another three weeks I won’t be home so if in any case my family cancels the plans I will upload or you will have to wait until my vacation gets over ) But would promise to give one epi for a week….Do comment on how did you find the story if it is good or bad interesting or boring whatever it is just let me know…..thanks alot for your support love you guys take care…

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Hope Lavanya is safe
    How many times I have to say that don’t say that it is not good or like that?
    Waiting for the next one………..

  2. SPP

    Happy vacation my DEAR
    Enjoy your self and ya take care too of ur self and others too

  3. Awesome dear I will miss this ff a lot as I have to prepare myself for my exams if I am free I will read your ff.

  4. Laksh care for lavanya is amazing, i think ragini is pregnant,waiting for next part

  5. short but superb

  6. Wow loved to today’s episode
    hope luv is safe
    Sorry but I thought that today’s episode was really short and if possible can you do longer ones as I really enjoy reading your ff
    Sorry I have another quest I know that it is your ff and you know what is going to happen but can you please do more present scenes then past I know the only way that we will understand d what is happening is through the past but I really enjoy the present ones
    Sorry if I offended you
    But back to today’s episode it was superb and a lot of tension was created near the ending I like how you left the episode is a suspense
    I hope you enjoy your vacation but please do try to update your FF as soon as you can thank you I would really appreciate it but if you can’t I can understand
    I know that a lot of writers feel that when they get less comments The FF not good any more maybe less interesting that will never be the case with yours as your writing is amazing and to be next to impossible to not like you FF as it is unique inspiring to see yeah yeah I’m comin The FF are not good any more maybe less interesting that will never be the case with yours as your writing is amazing and to be next to impossible to not like your FF as it is unique and inspiring to see their love for each other in the family
    I just have one question is Ragini really luv mother I know that laksh Is not of a her father really but please make can you make ragani her real mother
    Overall I just want to say I really love your ff so much and I felt really happy and lucky when I found it and felt obseesed with reading it ever since I can honestly read the same episode more then 3 times

  7. Nami


  8. A fantastic episode as always … Yar I have never seen a character as cute and adorable as laashya ???
    This was ur shortest episode till now but I hope u would add flashback in next episode… Hmmm I m sure luv would be fine so I m not much worried about her …. Zainu has ragu forgiven laksh … I hope she has??
    Will miss u soooo much … 21 days is a longggg time period would miss my laashya rahul raaghav ragini laksh and luv sooooo muchhh … U enjoy urself and plzzzz take care of urself too

  9. but it too short and your are going so long waiting lak an luv patch up

  10. Ragz_teju


  11. Anjaly

    superb episode .pls make it a long update

  12. Happy vacation dr

  13. Anees

    Today’s episode was short and thr was nothing about the past … Hope Laksh and Adi find Lavanya before it’s too late….

  14. Is there something missing coz there is no continuation from last epi to today’s

  15. Hemalattha

    awesome di

  16. Superb part

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