Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 44


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 44

The episode starts with Lavanya running out and Ragini runs behind her while Laksh runs up. Laksh enters his room and sits on the couch frustratingly.

Ragini : Lavanya listen dear whatever papa spoke was…

Lavanya interrupts : True whatever he spoke was true.

Ragini : No lavanya he spoke is in anger.

Lavanya : Come on I’m a human I do have feeling and emotions he will keep on hurting me and I can’t keep on bearing.

Ragini : This is a misunderstanding sweet heart.

Lavanya : Stop talking sweetly, you don’t have to act anymore (Ragini is shocked) I’m tired of it Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.

Ragini is shocked and Swara comes there along with Sanskaar.

Swara : Lavanya she is your mother.

Lavanya : No she is not my mother if she is my real mother she would have understand my pain (Lavanya’s voice cracks while Ragini shakes her head in disagreement) When I’m in pain she will also feel the same pain, but she didn’t. There is no relation between me and this family, everything is broken.

Lavanya turns to leave and Ragini holds her and gives tight slap on Lavanya’s cheek shocking all of them

Ragini : Go, go away but remember one thing Lavanya maybe the mother who gave birth to was Simran but me and your papa oops sorry me and Mr. Laksh Maheshwari looked after you like a flower. Still he does so I do. We love you so much, true Rahul is the first child who I gave birth to but you are the first one to call us mama and papa, you are the first to make us feel it. What Laksh did isn’t right but why are you punishing me? I’m just tired of explaining my kids how much we love you four and you four have your own importance in our life. I’m just tired.

She runs in crying and she reaches her room. Laksh stands up and she walks to the washroom without uttering a word. Laksh sits beside Laashya and remembers all what he spoke to Lavanya. Ragini comes after a while.

Laksh : Ragini…

Ragini walks out while Laksh follows, she reaches the up hall and Laksh holds her and she jerks away.

Ragini : What went wrong with you Laksh? (She asks softly) I just don’t understand anything.

Laksh : What she did was wrong Ragini.

Ragini shouts : What wrong did I do?

Laksh holds her by her arms.

Laksh : Relax Ragini…

Ragini interrupts : How am I suppose to relax? She is hurt and I don’t know how to console her. Just leave me alone.

Laksh drags her in to a tight hug while Ragini breaks down.

Laksh : What if something happens to her? My kindness will spoil her. She deserves this. Let her feel what she did was wrong.

Ragini tightens her hug and then frees herself from the grip and looks at Laksh tears roll down her cheeks.

Ragini : Don’t show me your face until you bring her back to my life Laksh, I know not today but tomorrow more than me you will suffer for what you did.

Ragini leaves leaving Laksh shocked. Ragini sits on the couch holding her head while Laksh slowly walks to her.

Laksh : Ragini do you think I’m really happy after talking like that? But she is going out of control.

Ragini : I’m tired Laksh please leave me alone.

She says it turning her head away. Laksh sighs and rests on the bed. Ragini takes the phone and calls Aditya.

Aditya : Haa Ragini

Ragini : Did Lavanya come?

Aditya : What? Lavanya? Are you kidding?

Ragini : No Adi…

Just then the door bell of Singhania’s house ring and Aditya goes to open it and finds Lavanya on the door step and is shocked.

Aditya : Lavanya?

Lavanya hugs Aditya while Sanskaar reaches.

Lavanya : My papa asked me to leave Adi papa, here after I won’t go near them and you too don’t send me.

Adutya : Shshshsh, what happened princess?

Lavanya shouts : Stop calling me princess, it reminds me of that man.

Sanskaar : Lavanya listen to me for once.

Lavanya turns to him and gives a painful look.

Lavanya : I don’t want to listen to anything, I have cut all the ties with Maheshwari’s.

Sanskaar : Don’t forget legally you are a Maheshwari.

Lavanya : I just regret doing it.

Aditya : Lavanya you go up to your room whatever it is we will speak in the morning.

Lavanya : There is nothing to speak Adi papa.

ADitya : Okay there is nothing to speak, go and sleep.

Lavanya runs up crying and locks herself while Sanskaar says all what happened. Aditya is shocked is not able to believe.

Sanskaar : What Laksh spoke was wrong but he didn’t really mean it, in fact he was tensed what if something happened to them.

Aditya : I understand it Sanskaar but I’m not ready to forgive Laksh soon or send back Lavanya over there, if she isn’t protected there I’m not ready to send.

Sanskaar nods and leaves while Aditya sits on the couch upset
Scenes shifts to MM where Sandya and Sawitha are made stand in the whole and Swara looking at them with folded hands. Sanskaar comes and Sandya and Sawitha start sweating.

Swara : I seriously don’t know how to react. You three are girls, and what you have done is something which we never expected. You know what kind of time period it is and what kind of crimes happening for girls. We protect you like diamonds but you guys have broken our trust. Even if you tell the truth we are not ready to believe it because there is no any reason to sneak out at night other than to meet your boy friend (Sandya’s face changes) or to party. Tell me which one of two did you three go to do?

Sanskaar : Swara…

Swara interrupts : No Sanskaar I should know.

Sanskaar : We have nothing to speak with them. Three of our kids have proved that we have grown them in a wrong way.

Sawitha : Papa…

Sanskaar signs her to stop.

Sanskaar : No, don’t utter a word. Glad that lucky got angry if it was me who saw you coming in from out I don’t how will I react. I have nothing to do with you two. Just do what you feel to do never come and ask permission from us for anything, now both of you are grown up and have your own brain so there no need us now.

Sanskaar leaves up while Swara follows him. Sandya and Sawitha look at each other. Sandya tries to leave but Sawitha stops.

Sawitha : We are not angry with you di (Sandya look on) now we three need each other. All three of us are at fault. You shouldn’t have gone out, Lavanya shouldn’t have told that we will go out and I shouldn’t have accepted.

Sandya nods and Sawith hugs her both of them cry remembering all what happened.

Sandya : Will you join with me to bring back luv?

Sandya forwards her hand and Sawitha keep her hand on Sandya’s and both of them look at each other and nod.

It is morning and Laashya awakes and finds herself under Ragini’s arms. She sits up and stretches her arms yawning. She opens her eyes wide open.

Laashya shout : Manali (Excitement was filled in her little squeaky voice) Wait for me Manali I’m coming to you. Mama (She shakes Ragini) Papa (She shakes Laksh) Awake awake awake, we have to go to manali, olaf might be waiting for me. (She holds her cheek and caresses it and then she rubs her hand and then her arms and acts as shivering) I (Shivers) might (Shivers) freeze.

Ragini awakes and sits up, her eyes are swollen and face is puffed up and she holds her head.

Ragini : Why are you shouting Laashya?

Laashya : Ahhh lazy mama go get ready we have to leave fast, prepare the sandwich and pack my cookies and the lemonade.

Laksh awakes and looks at Laashya, he sits up and Laashya sits on his lap.

Ragini : We are not going anywhere Laashya, just sleep.

Laashya : What? But you promised me.

Ragini : We are not going, everything is cancelled.

Laashya gets teary and looks at Ragini sadly.

Laashya : But mama…

Her voice starts cracking while Ragini sighs.

Ragini interrupts : We can’t go and we are not going.

Laashya : I want to go

Ragini shouts : We are not going anywhere Laashya (She holds Laashya by both her hands and shakes) Once when mama is telling can’t you understand?

Laksh frees Laashya and jerks Ragini’s hand.

Laksh : We are going princess, mama is joking with you by trying to scare you. Go get ready and awake others.

Laashya : Really?

Laksh : Haa baby really

Laksh wipes her tears and pecks her forehead, Laashya runs out in happiness. Ragini turns away and sits putting her leg down.

Ragini : What are you doing?

Laksh : I should be asking that.

Ragini : While so much happened last night are you able to go and enjoy?

Laksh : For Laashya at least we have to go.

Ragini : I don’t feel to go.

Laksh : Can’t you look at me and speak?

Ragini : I already said you Laksh, if you want to show me your face I want my Lavanya to be with me.
Scenes shifts where Laashya comes out of the washroom and gets changed faster, she runs out and tap SwaSan’s room. Ragini and Laksh come out.
Laashya : Badi ma…Badai papa(She taps with her tiny hands) awake fast…(She runs to Sandya’s room while SwaSan come out) Sandy di get ready fast we have to go to Manali…(She taps both Sandya and Sawitha come out) Get read fast.
Sawitha : Why Laash baby?
Laashya : Manali (She face palms) How can you forget? Go get ready. Awake luv di also.(She runs to Rahul’s room while Sandya and Lavanya look at each other and then look at SwaSan and RagLak) Bhaiyaaa(She taps) Rahul bhaiyaa awake na(She taps and Rahul comes out and Laashya hugs him) Get ready fast.
Rahul : Okay Laash baby.
Rahul goes in while Laashya runs to Sandesh’s room and taps, he opens and looks left and right and finds no one and he feels someone pulling his t shirt and looks down.
Sandesh : Kya huwa kumari?
Sandesh carries her and Laashya hugs him.
Laashya : Bhaiya how was your friends tour? You must be tired hena?
Sandesh : Haa princess very tired and it was good but missed you so much.
Laashya : At what time did you come home yesterday?
Sandesh : I came just after you guys had dinner and slept as I was tired.
Laashya : Did Rahul bhaaiya tell you about the trip to manali?
Sandesh : Haa he told waise…
Laashya : Bhaaiya won’t you come for your princess?
Laashya makes a cute pout face while Sandesh chuckles.
Sandesh : Of course sweetie.
Laashya : Love you bhaaiya (She pecks his cheek) get ready fast.
Sandesh pecks back and nods and he leaves her down. She runs to Laksh and breaths heavily.
Laashya : I woke everyone papa.
Sanskaar walks to Sawitha and Sandya.
Sanskaar : All of us are going, if you are wishing to come then come or you can stay back.
Sawitha : We are coming papa.
Sanskaar says nothing but walks to Laashya and carries her and pecks her cheek.
Sanskaar : You are our cute angel who brings happiness. Swara go get ready.
Laashya : Haa Swara go get read, Ragini you too go.
Laashya hides her face inside Sanskaar’s chest and looks at Swara who gives a stern look and then she laughs looking at Laashya’s antics and leave in. Ragini drags Laashya and walks insides the room while Sanskaar looks on.
Laksh : She is really upset.
Sanskaar : Anyways Laksh you shouldn’t have spoken in that way.
Laksh : Bhai…
Sanskaar : I understand it but you shouldn’t have reminded it. Anyways hope you realize it.
Laksh looks on while Sanskaar leaves. Laksh walks to his room and finds Ragini combing Laashya’s hair while Laashya is tickling Ragini.
Ragini : Stop it Laashya.
Laashya : Can’t.
She keeps tickling while Ragini gets angry.
Ragini shouts : Stop troubling me Laashya, your mischievousness has no limit. Stand straight.
Laashya’s smile fade while Ragini finish combing and makes Laashya look at her.
Ragini : Stop being naughty princess. Sorry okay (She pecks her cheeks) Love you.
Laashya again starts tickling and Ragini laughs and tickles Laashya. Laashya runs out. Ragini turns and collides in Laksh’s strong chest. Both of them share a painful eyelock.

Scene shifts to SM where Aditya, Simran, Ap, Sujatha and Sumi are seated in the living room while Shivan and Raghav are playing toys. Lavanya comes down wearing a short and baggy t shirt with her hair left open, her eyes are swollen and face has turned pale. She walks to the kitchen while Simran tries to stand but Aditya stops her.
Aditya : I will check her out.
Simran : I shound’t have agreed to make her stay there. I never thought Laksh would do something like this.
Aditya : Relax I will look after you are not suppose to take strees.
Aditya walks to kitchen so doesn’t Simran.
Lavanya : Good morning.
Aditya : Good morning.
Simran : What do you want to drink? Shall I make ginger tea?
Lavanya remembers Ragini never asking that question as she knows what she likes to drink. She wipes her tears and sighs.
Lavanya : It is like everything from the beginning. I drink coffee and milk coffee only simmy ma.
Simran remembers Laksh telling that she doesn’t drink anything but coffee and milk coffee.
Simran : I will make.
Aditya : Simran you go I will make.
Simran : But Adi…
Lavanya : Haa simmy ma you go, it is not good for you.
Simran nods and goes while Aditya starts preparing.
Aditya : Do you wanna go on the Manali trip?
Lavanya gets teary and remembers her packing dresses, and they planning.
Lavanya : No I don’t want to go.
Aditya : Sawitha and Sandya had called, they asked you also to come.
Lavanya : I don’t want to go.
Aditya : Are you scared that your mind will change of staying here when you see Laksh?
Lavanya : No he doesn’t want me and I also don’t want him.
Aditya : Then let’s go.
Lavanya : But I don’t want to.
Aditya : You are a looser Lavanya.
Lavanya : No I’m not, I’m going to Manali.
Lavanya leaves stamping the feet while Aditya laughs.
Aditya : I will unite you both and it is a promise.
Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Laksh reach home.
Ragini : Have a wash and come I will serve food for you.
Laksh : Give me the books.
Ragini hands it over to Laksh and she walks to kitchen. Ragini prepares sandwich and serves it. She palces everything on the table and hears some noises from the entrance.
Swara : It was probably because of you I didn’t eat.
Sanskaar : You spilled it on the floor.
Swara : It was because of you Sanskaar.
Laksh gets down the stairs and find them shouting at each other.
Sanskaar : Disaster.
Laksh : Who? Me or you?
Ragini : Guys relax, tell what happened exactly.
Swara : This gentleman and I was eating. He got a call, without taking the phone like a human he pulled it out of the pocket and spilled the drink on my dress….
Sanskaar interrupts : Let me continue from there, I spilled the drink on her dress and as a mannered woman without wiping it she threw the curry on my shirt…
Swara interrupts : Let me continue, fine I am ill-mannered but what happened to you? He pushed the table in anger and all the dishes and plates fell.
Laksh : I know what would have happened after that so guys go have a wash.
Swara and Sanskaar fumes and walks to their room while Ragini laughs and Laksh is mesmerized to see her laugh.
Ragini : They are too adorable.
Laksh : Why aren’t we?
Ragini : How can we become adorable when a gorilla is there?
Laksh : True true, a handsome hunk like me and a gorilla like you. Hahahahah…
Ragini fumes and turns.
Ragini : Very funny
Laksh : I know baby bitter truth it is.
Ragini : Have you seen your face in the mirror ever?
Laksh : I pity your kids then, they would be ugly like me then. Ahh talking about the kids (He gets down the stairs with sheepish smile) I want my own dozen and if you want I will help you to have your own dozen.
Ragini blushes while Laksh comes and drags her to him and looks at her with love.
Ragini : Laksh this is not our room but the hall.
Laksh : Who cares? You are my wife not Ramu kaka’s wife.
Ragini laughs and pecks his lips and he leaves him in shock, she runs backwards and collides with someone and falls down.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini’s hand get pierced to the nail while she hisses with the pain and looks up and finds Ap standing in front of her. Laksh rushes to her and makes her stand and finds Ragini’s hand having a deep cut. Laksh holds her hand turns to leave.
Ap : Stop Laksh (Ragini and Laksh stop and she stands in front of them) This is a house not something else, you should act according to where you are. Why isn’t your pallu on your head? (Ragini places it on her head) You have to get changed in to saadi as soon as you return, you are a bahu of Maheshwari and you should have those values. (She face palms) Whom am I talking about values? Motherless child and characterless father’s child..
Laksh shouts : Enough ma, I won’t tolerate another word just another word against her.
Ragini holds Laksh’s hand and he looks at her and she shakes her head indicating him not to.
Ap : You have not dared to raise a voice against me Laksh but once this girl came you are going totally against me.
Sanskaar inteerupts : Ma it is you who making him speak and act like this(He gets down and stands in front of Ap) Somehow you were going to make her our house’s bahu right? Does it matter which son he married?
Ap : It does, Harini was suppose to carry Laksh’s name behind her name not this spoiled girl.
Laksh softly : Maa please.
Ragini cries out and falls down while Laksh holds her tightly.
Sanskaar : Enough ma they are destined no matter what happened she could never be Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari or He could never give his surname to anyone. Finish is finish ma, please accept them.
Ap shouts : It will never happen, they will never get my blessing. Laksh will get married to Harini and I will make it happen.
Sanskaar : Stop speaking nonsense, remember one thing if you do anything unwanted you will have to forget both your sons and forever.
Sanskaar leave while Laksh holds Ragini and takes her to their room. Ragini falls down and cries her heart out while Laksh comes and hugs her. She cries burying her face in his chest and clutches his t shirt in pain.
Laksh : Shshshshshs, remember what I told you jaan remind all my words.
Ragini : Let me cry Laksh it feels better to cry my heart out on you chest.
Laksh : But I can’t tolerate your tears life.
Ragini clutches his shirt and cuddles in to him and tears roll down her cheek while he keeps caressing her hair.

Laksh’s POV.
I can’t just see suffering by taunts, what should I do? She is just suffering for the sins she didn’t do. I have to protect her and keep her happy; I’m not supposed to do look her getting hurt. (She pecks her head) I have to seriously do something.
Laksh’s POV ends.
He breaks her hug and wipes her tears.
Laksh : Enough please wipe your tears for your Laksh?
Ragini does and Laksh pecks her forehead.
Ragini : Why Laksh it is always us?
Laksh : Yeah it is always us who sleeps without eating what to do?
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh’s tummy grumbles and Ragini happens to hear it.
Laksh : Hear it?
Ragini laughs and Laksh smiles. Ragini goes to change and she comes out wearing saadi which wears when she sleeps. Laksh sees her cut and makes her sit on the couch and dresses her wound while Ragini shouts when he places the sprit.
Ragini : Laksh it is burning (She shouts) My hand…mama…(Laksh blows it and slowly applies medicine while Ragini keeps hissing) Laksh
Laksh : Okay okay meri ma done. (He looks at teary eyes of Ragini and drags her to his chest) Everything will be okay, stop worrying.
Ragini : Come we will eat the food.
Ragini and Laksh get down and find Swara and Sanskaar eating.
Swara : Didn’t you both sleep?
Sanskaar : We ate your food.
Swara : It was probably his idea, he said that both of you are upset and won’t eat.
Laksh : We are upset but it doesn’t mean we won’t eat hena baby?
Ragini nods her head twice.
Sanskaar : I told this chipkali again what if they come and she said me that if Ragini sleeps she won’t awake until the next morning.
Ragini : My pati dev is hungry now both of you are responsible for his food hena Lucky?
Lucky nods twice.
Swara : You will prepare food hena Sanky?
Sanskaar taps on her head and she pouts and rubs her head.
Sanskaar : Do you thing I’m jobless? It is you who ate the most so you will make.
Ragini : If both of you starts fighting my husband will faint before that myself will go and make.
Ragini walks to kitchen
Swara : Wait let me help you.
Swara also runs behind her.
Sanskaar : You are only suppose to help her not disturb her understood?
Swara : Haa haa
Ragini and Swara starts preparing sandwich while Sanskaar and Laksh sit on the dining table.
Laksh : What should I do Sanskaar? I can’t see her hurt.
Sanskaar : Why don’t you take her out for awhile? Like honeymoon or trip?
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : Exams are coming until then romance mood is off. I fear if she will ruin her exams because of ma.
Sanskaar : Then why don’t we send ma and pa out somewhere for a while? We will speak with papa.
Laksh : I will speak with him.
Ragini interrupts : You don’t have to Laksh. It is in a way putting them out.
Laksh : Nahi baaba not like that…
Ragini interrupts : Whatever don’t need (She places the food on the table) Eat it.
Sanskaar : Yeah in a way she is right Lucky, we will think of something else.
Sasnkaar goes up while Swara comes out of kitchen eating a sandwich in both her hands. She also goes up.
Sanskaar : Enough eating you…
Swara with mouth filled : Me?
Sanskaar : Hippo
Swara frowns and continues eating and both of them enter their room fighting. Ragini sits beside and starts eating.
Laksh : Sorry.
Ragini : It is fine.
She still stays frowning.
Laksh : I love you.
Ragini blushes and she eventually smiles and Laksh chuckles, she finishes eating and takes all the plates and walks to the kitchen while he follows her. She starts washing dishes and he hugs her from the back encircling his hands around her waist and she shivers.
Ragini : Laksh if maa comes…
Laksh slowly pecks her neck putting her long black hair to a side while she drops a plate and holds his cheek with her soapy hands. He plants a trace of wet kisses on her shoulder and she closes her eyes tightly. Thousands of butterflies and dragon flies ran all over her body. He tightened his grip on her waist and let her blush and pecks her warm cheeks softy where she breathed heavily and he moved her hair to the other side and did the same to the other shoulder and pecked her cheek.
Laksh whispers : I just can’t tolerate you pain.
Ragini whispers : I’m not in pain, in fact I’m happy that you are standing by my side.
Laksh unders his breath : I just love you so much. What did you to me that you are driving me crazy you crazy girl?
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Your love made me make you go crazy.
Laksh rests his head on her shoulder and thewaist he was holding he encircles his hands around it while Ragini feels a current passing all over hear body. He closed his eyes for a while.
Ragini : Baby…
Laksh : I feel better please let me wait like this for few minutes.
Ragini rests her head on his and she also closes her eyes. Breaks the hug and looks at Laksh’s eyes and they share an intense lock.
Ragini : Don’t look at me like this you are making me go to the moon and back.
Laksh drags her suddenly and slowly leans to her ear.
Laksh whispers : You have to wait and have more patience sugar cane.
He comes back rubbing his cheek with hers and leaves her and walks out of the kitchen with a naughty smiles while Ragini relaxes and finish washing the plates. She comes up and finds Laksh studying.
Ragini : How unfair and selfish my husband is? (She fumes) Studying alone.
Laksh : I will study in the night you study in the morning.
Ragini : Why?
Laksh : If you are awake while I’m studying it is disturbance for me.
Ragini : Am I a disturbance?
Ragini pouts her lips and gives a sad look
Laksh : You are my strength as well as my weakness. When a beautiful wife is nearby which man will have mood to study? And when a handsome husband like me is near which woman will study?
Ragini : I will so don’t worry.
Laksh : Okay I give up, when you are near me I don’t feel to study.
Ragini comes and encircles her hand around his neck and bite his ear lobe and Laksh shouts.
Laksh : Ouch woman.
Ragini giggles and pecks his cheek.
Ragini : Good night hub
Ragini walks to the bed and fall on it.
Laksh : You drove me crazy and going to sleep. You will have to pay it back.
Ragini : Ha ha, we will see it later now study.
Ragini sleeps but is unable to sleep, she changes aside from side to another but she is not getting sleep. Laksh notices this comes to her.
Laksh : Aren’t you sleepy?
Ragini widens her hands and he hugs her. She cuddles in to his chest and falls asleep while Laksh caresses her hair. He pecks her head and walks to the study table and starts studying. Ragini keeps on changing sides and Laksh quickly finishes studying and comes and sleeps and Ragini opens her eyes and then again comes on to Laksh’s chest and sleeps while Laksh chuckles and tightens his grip and both of them sleep in each other’s embrace as usual.

Ragini awakes early in the morning and walks to the washroom and she comes out wearing a pajama. She ties her hair in to a messy bun and sits on the chair with her leg folded. Ragini sarts preparing notes and studies for a while and Laksh awakes. He goes down without making noise and walks to kitchen. He prepares coffee for Ragini and places few cookies in the plate. Swara comes there and is impressed.
Swara : What a caring husband? Mine is sleeping like a lazy monkey.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Do you also need coffee?
Swara : Nah fine, I will make a tea and drink. Have to makes for others also.
Laksh : Did you learn how to make tea?
Swara nods proudly, Laksh shakes his head in disbelief and walks out.
Swara : Ramu kaka show me where are the tea powder, milk and sugr.

Laksh reaches his room and places the coffee on the table.
Laksh : Good morning baby.
Ragini : Good morning pati dev.
Laksh pecks on her cheek and sits on the couch
Laksh : Done refreshing?
Ragini shakes her head and looks worried.
Ragini : I don’t get this part at all.(She starts tearing) I’m scared that I will fail in my finals.
Laksh : Are you mad? You are the topper…
Ragini interrupts : Topper in my previous college but you are the topper in this college.
Laksh : Okay I will give up for you now stop worrying.
Ragini hits him with the book and he drags her on to his lap.
Ragini : No one asked you to give up (She grits her teeth) You give up and I will cut you in to pieces.
Laksh : Okay meri ma I won’t
Ragini : I in fact want you to be the topper there is no happiness than seeing you high but the problem is I not understanding that part. What if I fail?
Laksh : Okay now tell me which part and I will help you, stop talking negatively.
Ragini : Money and banking.
Laksh pecks her cheek.
Laksh : My favourite lesson. I will teach it tonight, now go get ready we will get late for college.
Ragini nods once and smiles. She stands up and takes out a shalwar and places Laksh’s t shirt and a trouser. Both of them get ready and come down while Swara is already waiting for them.
Swara : When both of you finish romancing itself the college will finish. Shall we leave?
Ragini nods and they turn to leave.
Ap : Stop.
All three of the stop while Dp and Sanskaar comes there.
Laksh : What ma?
Ap : Ragini won’t go college hereafter.
Ragini looks shocked and looks at Laksh.
Laksh : Why shouldn’t she go?
He walks to Ap and stands in front of her.
Dp : Annapoorna.
Ap : This is a saas aur bahu problem, she is ruining our family name.) She shows the edited photo.) Our family respect and reputation is dead. I don’t want more insult for our family. I won’t allow Ragini to study, if Swara wants she can but not Ragini.
Laksh : She will go college and it is final.
Ap : If she steps out and I will leave this house.
Laksh : Ma please ma it is her dream.
Dp : Annapoorna what you are doing isn’t pleasent.
Ap : Okay then let me give her a challenge. She should not get any scold from me, and has to do all the works I ask her to do which means she should not do any mistakes for a month and has to d everything properly just one month and I will accept she is deserve to be a bahu of Maheshwari, I will gather everyone and announce it and also I will accept her as my bahu.
Laksh : She is human and I don’t want her to prove herself for anyone.
Ragini holds Laksh’s hand.
Ragini : I will accept the challenge.
Laksh looks shocked.
Ap : You get at least one scold I will not let you study hereafter.
Ragini nods and Ap leaves. Laksh drags Ragini out and makes her look at him.
Laksh : What was the need for accept it?
Ragini holds his hands and looks into his eyes.
Ragini whispers : Don’t you trust me?
Laksh whispers : I do (He holds her face) I have my total trust in you but…
Ragini interrupts : I need your support Laksh, don’t weaken me please.
Laksh : I will and will always.
Laksh pecks her forehead and she rests her head on his chest and lets her tears roll down.
Ragini : I will show the world what our love can do.
Ragini tightens her grip and Laksh holds her head and hugs her more tightly as if he is not letting anyone to take away from him. She felt strong and protective; her biggest strength was holding her tight in to his embrace. On the other hand Laksh was proud that his wife is ready to accept anything for their love. Both of them felt perfect for each other. They didn’t have to change for each other their life was just perfect just the way they are. They felt proud of each other; they felt as if there is no better persona for them than her to him and him to her. Even they accepted their flaws and mistakes happily. Moreover they trust each other.

Flashback ends.
They reach the railway station where Laksh is carrying Laashya, Aditya along with Lavanya and Raghav. Raghav comes running and hugs Ragini and she carries him and pecks on his cheek. Lavanya gives a painful look to both Ragini and Laksh.
Laashya : Adi papa…
Aditya comes and carries Laashya and she jumps to him. Laksh walks ahead and makes everyone get it and Sandesh carries Raghav. All of them get in and sits. Aditya, Sandya, Sawitha and Lavanya together, Laksh, Laashya, Raghav, Rahul and Sandesh together. Ap, Sanskaar, Swara and Ragini together. The train moves and all them are lost in their own thoughts.

Laashya : Raghav did you take your sweater?
Raghav shouts : Mama did you take mine?
Ragini nods.
Laashya : I will build olaf and Raghav you build a castle okay?
Raghav : You have to keep a carrot on it nose Laashya.
Laashya face palms.
Laashya : I forgot the carrot.
Sandesh : We will go there and buy okay?
Laashya nods and sits on Laksh’s lap while Laksh caresses her hair. Lavanya stays noticing this and gets frustrated.
Lavanya: Adi papa can you come this side I want to look out. It is better than looking at some drama.
Aditya : I feel suffocating to sit at that side even still if you want…
Lavanya interrupts : No its okay Adi papa.
Laksh happens to hear it and looks at Lavanya with anger and pain while Lavanya turns her head aside.
Laksh : Laashya go near mama dear papa is having a head ache.
Laashya : Princess Laashya will kiss you and the headache will disappear.
Laashya pecks his cheek and she smiles.
Laksh : Go baby there mama is eating your cookie.
Laashya : My cookie?
Laksh nods and Laashya walks to and was about to fall and Lavanya holds her.
Lavanya : Be careful Laash baby.
Laashya : Thank you di.
Lavanya holds her hand makes her sit near Ragini and she sits back. She gets teary as she has to act as a stranger. She wipes her tears and rests her head yet tears roll down. Ragini looks at Lavanya with teary eyes. Aditya drags Lavanya to his chest and makes her rest. Laksh looks away and tears roll down her cheek
Rahul : I thought you guys will enjoy the trip but all of you lost on your own world.
Raghav : Papa how long more to go?
Laksh : A lot more prince.
Raghav : Can I have your phone so I can play game.
Laksh puts his hands in his pocket, and searches for it.
Laksh : Lavanya did you…
He realizes what he said and sighs.
Raghav : Di are you having papa’s phone?
Lavanya shakes her head with teary eyes.
Laksh : I think I forgot it at home.
Laashya : Mama I’m hungry.
Swara : Just now only the train started and you already hungry?
Laashya : I want to eat cookies which mama made.
Ragini : We will go there and Laashya now sit or you will fall.
Laashya : Mama buy me a carrot once you go there or olaf won’t be able to breathe.
She holds Ragini’s nose.
Ragini : Laashya (She takes Laashya’s hand from her nose) Are you mad?
Laashya : This will only happen when you don’t have nose.
Ragini : Crazy girl olaf doesn’t breath.
Laashya fumes.
Laashya : Olaf does.
Laashya walks to Lavanya
Laashya : Di olaf does breath right?
Lavanya just look on while Laashya pouts and turns to Sawitha.
Sawitha : Yeah it does sweetie now sit or you will fall.
Laashya tries to sit on Lavanya’s lap while Lavanya looks away. Laashya looks at Lavanya and then again tries to sit on her lap. Lavanya remembers Ragini asking why should she punish others for what Laksh spoke. She carries Laashya and keeps on her lap while Laashya rests her head on her chest.
Laashya : I will make olaf and a friend for olaf di, what should we name him as?
She looks up at Lavanya with a cute puppy face.
Sandya : We can name him once we make now sleep, you woke early right?
Laashya : I don’t have sleep, let’s play skating, snow ball and more games okay.
She stays speaking and fall asleep in Lavanya’s lap while Laksh and Ragini look at her.

Screen freezes on Lavanya’s face.

I’m really sorry but I uploaded yesterday but it didn’t turn up 🙁 I’m sorry hope you will forgive me and yeah please do comment on how did you find my episode please do comment and yeah I have no idea if it is good or bad everything is decided on your comments 🙂 thank you and yeah keep reading and supporting 🙂 love you guys and thanks alot for commenting and supporting until now, it is because you I have reached up to here ….thank you…

Next update will be on Friday and yeah an OS of mine will be uploaded today “When We Met”

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