Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 43


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode of your ff 🙂 and yeah I have as usual tried my best to make it nice and interesting and I have no idea if i have made it up to standards and a special thanks to Nisha Malik for hlping me to write this ff 🙂 thank you…And a big thanks to all my supporters and the dear silent readers….Here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 43

The episode starts with Ragini awaking, he finds Laashya in Laksh arms sleeping peacefully. Ragini smiles looking at them and walks to the washroom and takes her Saadi, she walks to the washroom and comes out and dries her hair. She just sits on the bed and keeps on looking at them. There was a knock on the door which awakes Laksh. Ragini walks and opens the door and finds Rahul.
Rahul : Good morning mama.
Ragini : Good morning prince.
Rahul hugs Ragini tightly and Ragini hugs him back and pecks on his head. Laksh comes and hugs Ragini from back encircling his hand around both Ragini and Rahul’s head.
Laksh : Good morning.
Ragini and Rahul : Good morning.
They break the hug.
Rahul : Mama I came to tell that I’m not going school today as there won’t be lessons going on.
Rahul makes a pout face while Ragini looks on.
Ragini : Why aren’t they having lessons?
Rahul : I don’t know mama.
Rahul leaves while Ragini fumes in anger.
Ragini : What kind of school is this? It is getting bad to worse. I have to speak with the principle for sure.
Laksh : Relax Ragini, (He makes her turn and they share an eyelock) btw you look extra beautiful today.
Ragini blushes and smiles inside her mouth while Laksh chuckles. Ragini hits on his stomach and walks to the dresser. Laksh takes out his track suit and walks to Ragini. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and then applies sindoor looking at the blushing reflection of Ragini. He pecks her cheek and walks to the washroom. Ragini shakes her head in disbelief and walks out of the room. She gets down and walks to the kitchen and starts preparing coffee and just then Swara enters the kitchen murmuring.
Swara : It is like I have given birth to abnormal children.
She takes a pan and places on the stove.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara interrupts : Sawitha is telling can’t go school while Sandya is not awaking up to go to college.
Ragini remembers Rahul coming and telling he can’t go school.
Ragini : Did Sawitha tell that she can’t go school?
Swara : Haa, she has recently started to cut school.
Ragini : Even Rahul said can’t go school.
Swara and Ragni look at each other.

Scene at Lavanya’s room.
Sawitha : So that means di is…
Lavanya interrupts : It is just my doubt only, recently her behavior has changed. She doesn’t share anything with me too.
Sawitha nods and look on.

Scenes shifts to the dining where Ragini and Swara places all the food. Ragini is in deep thought about Rahul. Laksh and Sanskaar come after jogging. Laksh notices Ragini is upset and looks at her, he walks to her.
Laksh : So what is the problem which is disturbing my wife so much?
Ragini looks at Laksh and smiles, she shakes her head.
Ragini : Nothing, go and have a wash to eat breakfast.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : No matter how much you try you just can’t hide anything from me, but it is fine if you want to tell me and then tell me. I won’t force you.
Laksh turns to leave and Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini : Somehow I will at last come to find the solution from you only, the thing is Rahul and Sawitha both are not going school.
Laksh : Is that all?
Ragini : It is not the case Laksh, I’m finding that they are hiding something from us.
Laksh : No way Ragini, they are our upbringing and they will never do anything wrong or go against us or hide things. Stop worrying jaan and yeah don’t ask anything regarding this.
Ragini nods while Laksh taps her cheek and goes up. After a while Laksh comes down carrying both Laashya . Sanskaar as well rest of them except Lavanya come down. Everyone sit while Ragini and Swara start serving.
Ap : Ragini beta, did you give food for Lavanya?
Lavanya walks down.
Lavanya : I’m down daadi.
Laksh turns and looks at Lavanya angrily.
Laksh : What are you doing down? I asked you not to move…
Lavanya interrupts : I’m fine papa.
Laksh walks to her.
Laksh : Fine, if you don’t take proper rest…
Lavanya interrupts : I’m fine papa.
Laksh : But…
Everyone : She said she is fine.
Laksh : But…
Everyone : Fine means fine
Laksh sighs and sits while Lavanya also sits. Ragini walks to Laksh and serves.
Ragini whispers : Why are you being over over protective?
Laksh looks at Ragini while Ragini walks to Lavanya and serves. Everyone eats so does Ragini and Swara sit and starts eating.
Swara : Btw Rahul and Sawitha what made you cut school today?
Laksh : Swara they might don’t have any lessons going on.
Sanskaar : Haa it is better to stay home and study something rather going school and gossiping.
Swara : I asked a question from both of you not your fathers.
Laksh and Sanskaar look at each other.
Ragini : She is asking right, are you both dumb?
Sawitha : Voh..toh…
Lavanya interrupts : I only told them not to go.
Everyone looks shocked at Lavanya.

Ragini : What do you mean?
Lavanya : Nah, I felt bored at home so asked them to cut school.
Swara : If this is the fact they could have told us directly.
Sanskaar : So did you both stay to give company to Lavanya?
Sawitha and Rahul nod while Sanskaar looks on.
Ragini : Why can’t you say us the truth?
Ragini shouts while Laksh holds her hand and signs her to calm down. Everyone finish eating and the kids go upstairs.
Laksh : If you both shout at them in this way how will they tell you? Stop exaggerating things.
Ragini : What do you mean?
Laksh : If they aren’t going school for a day both of you react as if they did a big crime. Ragini I asked you not to question them about this right?
Swara : But Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : We have to trust them, trust is what is important in whatever the relationship.
Laksh leaves in anger while Sandya comes down stairs. Laksh walks to Lavanya’s room. Sandya and Sanskaar leave.
Laksh : Don’t mind what Ragini and Swara spoke they are your mother’s and they sense everything very faster and most of the time it is right still I do believe you people…
Lavanya interrupts : Papa seriously I only asked them to say.
Laksh : I know I know anyways if you need to share anything and I’m always there with you okay.
Laashya comes and sits on Laksh’s lap.
Rahul : Papa what about the trip?
Laksh : About the trip (Laashya turn her head and looks at Laksh while Laksh looks at her and encircled his hands around her) as my princess wanted to go somewhere icy we have planned to go to Manali.
Laashya : Succhi?
Laksh : Haa baby.
Laashya hugs Laksh in happy, and he pecks her cheek.
Sawitha : Aww I’m excited.
Rahul : At what time papa?
Laksh : Morning, that too by train.
Lavanya : It is going to be fun.
Laashya : I will play in snow, papa will you help me to build olaf?
Laksh nods and smiles while Laashya is very happy.

Scene shifts to kitchen, Ragini is cutting vegetables while Swara is cooking. The workers are helping them.
Ragini : Don’t know if Raghav is troubling Suji ma a lot. She already has Shivan to look after.
Swara : Even ma is there Ragini so don’t worry.
Ragini turns and takes the fruit juices and pours them in to the glasses and walks up. Scene shifts to Lavanya’s room where Sawitha and Lavanya are speaking something while Laashya is arranging the dresser. She turns and an ornament of father and daughter falls and break. Lavanya looks shocked and walks to Laashya and makes her turn.
Lavanya : What did you do? Who asked to touch my things?
Laashya gets scared of her shout and get teary and Ragini enters the room.
Laashya : Di…
Lavanya interrupts : Shut up and leave and never step my room ever again.
Ragini : Lavanya…
Laashya runs and hugs Ragini and cries out.
Lavanya : She broke my favourite ornament mama (Lavanya gets teary)papa gifted it to me.
Ragini keeps the tray on the table and carries Laashya and she buries her head in to her shoulder.
Ragini : Still why are you shouting like this Lavanya, it would have been an accident.
Ragini says it calmly while Laashya cries aloud.
Lavanya : She is such a disaster mama…
Ragini interrupts : Stop talking Lavanya, she is small kid and it was an accident. Do you think she can break it deliberately?
Lavanya : Yes she would have.
Ragini : What are you telling? She is just small.
Lavanya : I’m telling her to get lost.
Ragini : Shut up, enough Lavanya you are crossing your limits. Let your papa come, it is he who is spoiling all of you with his kindness.
Ragini leaves, she starts consoling Laashya but she isn’t getting consoled. Swara comes to the hall hearing Laashya cry.
Swara : Ragini what happened?
Ragini : She broke the ornament which Laksh gifted to Lavanya. (Ragini caresses Laashya’s hair) Stop crying doll, you are mama’s girl right? Shshshshshsh…
Ragini makes her sleep and she falls asleep after crying hard. Ragini makes her lie on the couch and pecks her forehead and caresses her hair.
Swara : I think she is tired.
Ragini nods and sits beside Laashya and looks at her worriedly. Swara also sits.
Ragini : My head is paining Swara.
Swara : Shall I get you something to drink?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : She got scared when Lavanya shouted at her.
Swara : Don’t worry Ragini by tomorrow they will be okay once we go on the trip.

Ragini nods and kisses Laashya and goes to the kitchen and starts making cookies. Ragini finishes preparing and walks to the hall and finds Laashya awake. Ragini sits beside her and takes her to the lap and caresses her hair while Laashya encircles her hand around Ragini. Swara’s phone rings.
Swara : Haa Sanskaar bolo.
Sanskaar : I and Lucky are coming to have our lunch at home.
Swara : Okay.
She hangs up.
Ragini : What?
Swara : Sanskaar and Laksh are coming to have their dinner.
Ragini: Let’s serve everything. Princess let mama go and serve food for papa you sit and draw something.
Laashya holds her tight and shakes her head.
Swara : I’ll serve Ragini, you stay with her.
Ragini nods and Swara leave. Laksh and Sanskaar reach. Laashya sees Laksh.
Laashya : Papa…
Laksh walks to Laashya and carries her while Ragini without uttering a word goes in. Laksh sit on the couch and rests back while Laashya rests on his chest.
Sanskaar : So id bade papa’s doll ready to go on the trip.
Sanskaar drags her and kisses on her head; Laksh is tired so he just closes his eyes. Lavanya and Sawitha along with Rahul get down. Laksh opens his eyes and smiles looking at them while Laashya buries her face in to Sanskaar’s chest and Laksh and Sanskaar notice that something is not okay with her and the rest.
Laksh : Did something happen?
Swara : Come to eat everyone.
Ragini serves food separately and walks to the couch and carries Laashya and sits there and keeps Laashya on her lap. She starts feeding while Sanskaar, Lavanya, Sawitha and Rahul sit to eat.

Sanskaar : Where is ma?
Swara : She went to Aditya’s house.
Laksh sits beside Ragini and makes her look at her.
Laksh whispers : I’m sorry.
Ragini doesn’t answer but continues feeding.
Sanskaar looks at them and then Swara.
Sanskaar whispers : Did something happen?
Swara nods and looks at Lavanya.
Laksh : Please Ragini I’m sorry.
Ragini : Laksh please, don’t you think that you are giving too much freedom to kids?
Lavanya : What do you mean by freedom mama?
Ragini : I’m not speaking with you, when two elders are speaking don’t talk in between.
Laksh : Ragini talk softly.
Ragini : What to talk softly? Your too much kindness has spoilt everything.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini : Nothing Laksh.
Laksh : You mean my upbringing is wrong.
Ragini : Yes.
Ragini shouts at Laksh and walks to the kitchen while Laksh if left shock. She comes back and carries Laashya and walks up stairs. Lavanya feels guilty and she walks to Laksh.
Lavanya : It was because of me only mama spoke like that. (Laksh looks at Lavanya with teary eyes while Lavanya says all what happened) I didn’t really mean it papa, I was just worried and sad.
Laksh : I will speak with her, maybe she is too much worried about Laashya.
Laksh gives a painful smile and walks up. He reaches his room and finds Ragini folding dresses. Laksh walks in side and kneels down in front of Laashya.
Laksh : Did di scold you sweet heart? (Laashya nods and Laksh holds her cheek) She loves you so much but what happened is she got sad when her ornament broke. When your toy breaks you get sad right? Just like that she also got sad. (Laashya looks at Laksh while Ragini turns and looks at Laksh lovingly the way he is managing Laashya.) Now if you are out of your mood we won’t be able to go to Manali.
Laksh pouts and makes a sad face.
Laashya : No I want to go.
Laksh : Then my princess has to smile and kiss papa.
Laashya smiles and kisses Laksh on his cheek.
Laashya : I will ask sorry from di.
Laksh nods and smiles.

Laksh : That is just like my good doll.
Laashya runs out while Ragini looks at Laksh with teary eyes. Laksh stands up and Ragini pretends to be angry. Laksh walks to her and stands close to her. He slowly holds her by her waist and drags her to his chest and encircles his other hand around her.
Laksh whispers : I’m sorry, will you forgive me.
Ragini doesn’t speak but remains quiet. His whispering words make her get goose bumps and blush.
Laksh : If you angry peck on my lips and if you are not angry kiss on my lips.
Ragin breaks the hug starts hitting.
Ragini : You try to take advantage of my anger also? (She hits) I hate you.
Laksh drags her to him and they share an intense eyelock.
Laksh : But I love you.
Ragini hugs him and he hugs her back.
Ragini : Sorry that I told your upbringing is wrong,
Laksh : I love you
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at him.
Ragini : No Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : I love you
Ragini : I didn’t mean it…
Laksh interrupts : I know.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : I’m hungry.
Ragini smiles looking at Laksh pouting face.
Ragini : Come I will serve for you.
Laksh and Ragini walk down. Ragini starts serving food while Lavanya and Laashya come.
Lavanya : Mama I’m sorry…
Ragini interrupts : Even I shouldn’t have spoken rudely, sit mama will serve you food.
Lavanya nods and sits. Laashya sits on Laksh’s lap and hugs him.
Ragini : Princess let papa eat.
Laksh : She has come to eat in papa’s hand.
Laashya nods while Ragini carries her and sits.
Ragini : You eat, she has ate enough.
Laashya : Mama is jealous.
Laksh laughs while Ragini frowns.

Flashback 20 years aga (No one is thinking or narrating)
Ragini walks out and runs to the parking lot and cries harder while Laksh comes and holds her shoulder.
Ragini : What is did I do Laksh? Did I get married to you to take off my surname? (She turns and shakes her head) No Laksh, I love you genuinely please don’t believe it Laksh, don’t leave me Laksh, I have no one other than you.
Laksh drags her to his chest and hugs her tightly while she cries out harder.
Laksh : What you speaking? Will I leave you? I know how much you love me Ragini, do you think that I would believe in this false photos. You are my wife, I gave you my surname with all my consent. (Ragini keeps sobbing while Laksh looks at Swara with teary eyes) Shshshshsh, please stop crying Ragini. On behalf of me?
Ragini breaks the hug and holds Laksh’s cheek.
Ragini : The only thing which I ask you is stay with me, there is nothing I need in my life other than your presence Laksh. Promise me no matter what you won’t leave me.
Laksh holds her cheeks and wipes her tears.
Laksh : Even if you ask me to break this promise I won’t. Now stop crying, mt good girl hena stop crying.
Ragini wipes her tears and Laksh holds her hand takes her to their class crossing everyone. All the students just look on and they enter their class.
Laksh : Stop worrying, go and sit. Let the world speak anything they want, for me what matters id what you think and what you should matter is what I think. When I and you know about each other this tears have nothing to do in our life.
Ragini smiles and nods while Laksh makes her sit and walks to his place and sits. He remembers Tisha showing a photo in her phone which had Ragini’s photo in it and said that the international criminal’s daughter has cheated and got married to Laksh Maheshwari to hide her identity by changing the surname.

Scene shifts to Harini who is smiling looking at the photo.
Harini’s POV.
Now I have added fuel to the burning fire (She laughs evilly) I sent the photo to only a person and it might have reached you too Ragini. I will keep on hurting you then eventually Laksh will move away from your life. I know misunderstanding won’t work in between you two so I will separate you both with your love.
Harini’s POV ends.
Harini burns a photo of Ragini and throws it.

Ragini and Swara come to the parking lot, Ragini is still upset. Laksh comes speaking through the phone, he hangs up.
Laksh : Bhai will directly come to the mall.
Ragini : Laksh I want to go home.
Laksh looks at her worriedly.
Swara : Ragini stop worrying over it, you have to face these things.
Laksh : Okay if you don’t want we will go home.
Ragini gets in, Laksh and Swara also get in. Laksh drives while Ragini is lost.
Ragini : It is okay we will go to mall.
Laksh : You are not okay, I don’t want to do a boring shopping.
Ragini : I’m okay.
Laksh : You don’t look though.
Ragini pecks his cheek.
Ragini : I’m okay.
Laksh smiles, they reach the mall where Sanskaar is already there. Swara gets down, Ragini was about to get down Laksh holds her hand and makes her look at his eyes and they share an intense eyelock. Ragini’s black eyes were sparkling for the layer of tears while Laksh brown eyes spoke many consoling words. He slowly pecked her forehead for nearly a minute holding both her cheeks making all her worries vanish; they break it and get down. Laksh holds her hand walks in, they reach the gents section first. Swara and Ragini select blazers together while Sanskaar and Laksh are following them.

Swara : Ragini we will get Sanskaar a white blazer and Laksh black.
Sanskaar : This is wedding reception not some one’s funeral.
Swara gives a stern look to sanskaar.
Swara : Then you by yourself get it selected.
Ragini : Swara he is just joking, Sanskaar seriously white would suit you. In fact any colour would suit you.
Laksh : Excuse me he is married, but I’m still available
Ragini hits him with the elbow and gives a disgusting look while Laksh chuckles.
Ragini : Can’t you keep your jerky talks away for a while? And don’t forget you are not single again say that you are single I will get a tattoo done on your forehead tell you are married.
Laksh gulps and Ragini makes him stand properly and keeps a blazer and sees if it is suiting him.
Swara : Any blazer aren’t good.
Ragini : Shall we select sharwani?
Swara nods and both of them leave. Laksh face palms.
Laksh : Will we finish our shopping by today?
Sanskaar : If we at least finish it by night it would be fine.
Laksh and Snaksaar go near Swara and Ragini. Ragini comes with a dark blue sharwani and give it to Laksh.
Ragini : This will suit you very well.
Laksh : Shall I try?
Ragini nods and Laksh goes to the trial room giving the phone to Ragini. Ragini stays roaming looking some shirts. Laksh comes out wearing the sharwani and Ragini hangs his mouth wide open while Laksh raises one of his eye brow.
Ragini : I told this will look perfect.
Laksh : I know, my wife’s choice is always the best including me.
Ragini : Achcha pati dev now let’s see how is yours.
Laksh : Challenging me?
Ragini : Yeah.
Laksh : I will get you dress where girls will hang their mouth open.
Ragini laughs while Laksh looks at her lovingly. They reach the ladies section. Laksh just walks and finds a red beautiful lehenga.
Laksh : Pack this.
Ragini : Let me try.
Laksh : I want to directly look at you on that day.
Ragini : What if it doesn’t suit me?
Laksh : It will.
Ragini : I will look ugly.
Laksh : You are already ugly.
Ragini : I hate you Laksh.
Laksh : But I love you Ragini.
They reach the bill counter. Swara and Sanskaar are standing out after paying the bill. Laksh pays the bill and comes out.

Sanskaar : Shall we have our dinner and go home?
Laksh : Sure.
Ragini : Laksh ma…
Laksh : We will take care.
Ragini : No Laksh we will go home please.
Laksh : Okay then we will go, Sanskaar you both have it and come.
Sanskaar : It is fine…
Ragini interrupts : Please or I will feel bad that you didn’t have it because of me.
Laksh : And if you make her worry I’m going to eat you both raw so go.
Sanskaar gulps and nods.
Swara : Okay, free food.
Sanskaar : You ppay for yours I will pay for mine.
Ragini and Laksh smile looking at them and go to their car. Laksh keeps the bags at the back and gets in. Ragini smiles looking at him while he drives off.
Ragini : Laksh can you take me to a place where I can feel relaxed?
Laksh : Are you okay?
Ragini shakes her head and Laksh looks upset. He drives and stops his car infront of a glass building. Ragini looks on while Laksh gets down and so does Ragini. Laksh holds her hand and walks in while everyone greets him. There was a big board written ‘Maheshwari and Sons‘. Laksh gets into the life and Ragini also gets in. He presses the last digit which is floor 15. They reach up and Ragini feels a cold breeze. There was the sea somewhere in distance which is visible. Ragini’s hair was flying all over, the moon light was dangling was dancing to the breeze and the light added beauty to her angelic face. Laksh stayed looking at her smiling face looking all the stars with his hand crossed. Laksh walked to her and held her hand and walked to a corner and made her climb up to the ladder which lead another concrete slab. He stood up and the breeze was high, Ragini held him tight and she looked down and saw everything small. She hugged Laksh in fear and he made her sit and he sat beside her.
Ragini : Thank you Laksh.
Laksh : How are you feeling?
Ragini : Relaxed.
Laksh : Ragini, life is not always easy or will be easy but I want to clear you up one thing. If you start thinking you are disturbing me, you are bothering me, you are ruining my happiness, you are a burden to then it is completely wrong. You are my wife, my responsible. Marriage is the point where two people become one, after being one what is there to think separately. True we won’t have a perfect life in future but I’m sure we will have a beautiful life. Let the world speak anything and I won’t give a damn cuz my world is you.

Ragini gets teary.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : I will count until 3 and from then onwards forget all what happened until now and remember only you and me. (Ragini nods) 1…2…3…(Laksh whispers and he claps with his fingers.)
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh : Love you more.
Laksh dragged her to his chest and hugged her and she cuddled to him and he held her tight from her waist. Ragini and Laksh together broke the hug and look in to each other’s eyes. They were close to each other, Ragini’s hair was disturbing their passionate eyelock, where Laksh held it and tucked it to a side. Laksh dragged her closer still looking at her eyes. He held her tender face and touched her lips with his thumb making her shiver. Laksh was lost in her beauty, he couldn’t resist himself anymore so her places his lips on hers and pecked it once still looking at her eyes. Ragini was red not less than her anarkali. He chuckled looking at her face.
Laksh : You are blushing so much and making me uncontrollable.
Ragini : No one asked you to
Laksh : Trying to be naughty.
Ragini : No, I’m originally naughty.
Laksh : Ohh okay, so showing your naughtiness to me?
Ragini : Okay then I’ll show my naughtiness to someone else.
Laksh : Don’t even dare to, in that case I’m very much possessive. Even if I die…
Ragini quickly kissed on his lip. It was indeed a soft one at the beginning but the sea breeze which was very strong made them to turn it to a passionate lock. Laksh tightened his grip on the waist while holding her cheeks while Ragini had her hand clutched his t shirt tightly. Laksh breaks it pecking her lips.
Ragini : I won’t, how can you even think of speaking.
Laksh : If I will get shut like this I will speak every day.
Ragini : And you will hurt me every day.
Laksh : Sorry.
Ragini : There will be only Laksh in my life.
Laksh : Shall we leave? My stomach is grumbling jaan.
Ragini : Greedy Laksh.
Laksh makes a pout face while Ragini quickly pecks it and stands up. Both of them come down and get it in to the car.
Laksh : When I want to release my stress bhai brings me here.
Ragini : Here after you don’t have to come here, I’m there to release your stress.
Laksh looks at Ragini lovingly and smiles. Ragini sees a light approaching towards them and gets shocked so does Laksh.
Ragini shouts : Laksh

Flashback ends.

Everyone is taking their dinner.
Sanskaar : So pack your bags we have to leave early in the morning.
Laksh : Ragini serve me more parathas.
Ragini nods and serves him. Swara bring the cookies Ragini made.
Laashya : Yaaay my favourite mama’s cookies.
Rahul : it is chocolate cookies Laashya not mama’s cookies.
Laashya : It is tasty only when mama makes it.
Laashya takes and eat.
Ragini : Princess eat it after the dinner.
Laksh : Let her eat Ragini.
Sawitha : How many days are we staying.
Swara : Four, get all your winter clothes packed. Get your ear muffles, glows, sock, scarves…
Sawitha : Mama I know what to take mama.
Swara gives a death glare while Sawitha bends her head. Sandya gets a call and she cuts the call and she again gets a call. Sawitha and Lvanya
Sanskaar : Answer the call.
Sandya : No papa I will answer later.
Ragini : Laashya come to sleep, enough eating cookies.
Ragini carries Laashya and walks up while Laashy rests her head on Ragini’s shoulder and wave bye to everyone. Ragini reached her room and makes Laashya sit on the bed. Laksh also comes and locks the door.
Laashya : Mama arrange my bag okay?
Ragini : Okay I will.
Laashya : Take my sun glasses.
Ragini : Okay I will. (She arranges the pillows) Now sleep.
Laashya : Mama my leather jacket.
Ragini : Okay.
Laashya : My winter boots..
Ragini : Okay
Laashya : Mama my…
Ragini interrupts : I will take your whole room, happy? Now sleep Laashya.
Laksh comes out of the washroom and sits on the bed.
Laksh : Ragini take my sun glasses, leather jackets, winter boots and my…
Laashya laughs while Ragini frowns.
Ragini : Are you both joking with me?
Laksh and Laashya : No
Laksh : I and my princess are going to sleep.
Laashya hides her face in his chest while Laksh caresses her hair and she falls asleep. Ragini is arranging their bags.
Ragini : Don’t know what Raghav is doing?
Laksh : Are you missing him?
Ragini pouts and nods.

Scenes shifts to Sawitha’s room. Lavanya sneaks in and awakes Sawitha. Sawitha sits up and wears her specs. (Their conversations are taking place in whispers)
Sawitha : Why Lavanya?
Lavanya : Come out.
Sawitha : At this time?
Lavanya : Our mission.
Sawitha : So soon?
Lavanya : Haa
Sawitha : Okay let’s go.
Lavany and Sawitha slowly walk tip toeing and reach Sandya’s room and sneaks in. They just go in and examine the room.

Lavanya walks to the bed and peeps to check if Sandya is asleep but it turn out to be pillows arranged.
Lavanya : She is not here
Sawitha : What?
Lavanya : She is not here, these are pillows.
Sawitha : It will make things easy, I will check out the cupboard.
Sawitha opens it and finds it locked. Lavanya face palms.
Lavanya : Let’s find di.
Sawitha : May be she went to the washroom.
Lavanya : Pagal ladki, who on the earth goes to washroom after arranging pillows?
Sawitha : Fact, now what are we to do?
Lavanya : We will go and find her.
Sawitha : Don’t know if she went out?
Lavanya : Then let’s go out.
Sawitha : What if we get caught for going out at this hour?
Lavanya : Everyone is sleeping Sawi, come let’s go.
Sawitha nods and both of them leave out. They sneak out and walk out of the gate. Sawitha and Lavanyawalk by the sreet holding each other and are shocked.
Sawitha and Lavanya : Di
Sandya turns and is equally shocked.
Sandya : What are you both doing?
Lavanya : So the message we read on your phone was true?
Sandya : Message?
Sawitha : The message which was sent by jiju.
Lavanya stamps Sawitha’s foot.
Lavanya : Not jiju, this boy.
Lavanya points towards the tall guy who was beside Sandya.
Sandya : So both of you were spying on me?
Karan : Sandya are they your sister?
Sandya nods.
Lavanya : How can you do this di.
Sandya : Listen to me Luv.
Sawitha : No we will tell mama.
Karan : Listen to me first girls, I seriously love your di and will surely ask her hand in marriage. I just came to meet her as she is going to Manali tomorrow. Trust me, if you go and tell you will increase the problem.
Lavanya and Sawitha look at each other.
Lavanya : Okay we won’t tell anything.(Lavanya walks to Sandya) We share everything with you and so I thought you would also share everything with us but you…
Lavanya shakes her head in disappointment and walks.
Sandya : Karan I have to go now bye.
Karan : Take care.
Karan leaves while Sandya runs behind Sawitha and Lavanya and reach them.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room. Ragini finish packing and sits on the couch. She holds her head, while Laksh makes Laashya sleep properly and covers her with the blanket.
Laksh : Are you okay?
Ragini : No I’m having a headache from the morning.
Laksh takes a tablet from the dresser drawer
Laksh : Here drink a painkiller.
Laksh turns to take water and finds the jug empty.
Ragini : I will go get.
Laksh : You stay I will go.
Ragini nods and Laksh leave. Scene shifts to out of MM .
Sandya : I’m sorry Luv and Sawi but…
Sawitha : Please di now don’t need explanation.
Lavanya and Sawith rush in and just then Laksh gets down. Sandya enters too. Three of them get shocked to see Laksh standing on top of the stairs looking at them.
Laksh : What are you three doing late night? (Three of them walk upstairs and stands in front of Laksh.) bolo.
Laksh looks at them with rage while three of them start sweating.
Laksh shouts : If you are going to tell or not?
Sanskaar and Swara rush out hearing Laksh shouting so does Ragini.
Ragini : Laksh what happened?
Laksh : In this late night where did you go? Lavanya…
Lavanya : Papppaaa…paa
Laksh walks to them.
Laksh : What business do the three of you have at this hour and that too out of the house? I’m sure Lavanay it is your idea.
Sawitha : No chaachu…
Laksh : I’m speaking, speak when only I ask you to. (He looks at Lavanya) I think I have given you more freedom and have pet you more than the limit.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh shouts : Shut up
Lavanya gets scared and gets teary.
Swara : What were you three doing? Answer.
Ragini : Sawitha, Sandya, Lavanya answer beta.
Laksh : You three have proved me wrong, I asked them to trust you and believe you but you three have proved me wrong today. But I’m pretty sure my daughter is the reason. Ragini was right, my upbringing is wrong.
Laksh’s voice cracks while Ragini comes and holds his shoulder while Lavanya shakes her head.
Ragini : Laksh please…
Laksh jerks her hand and holds Lavanya’s shoulder.
Laksh : Are you dumb that you can’t speak? What if something happen to any of you? You always keep doing things without thinking and do you think that I will shut my mouth every time?
Sanskaar : Lucky relax.
Laksh : No bhai not today, today she has to answer me. I have to do something or else she would do something which I never expect, she is misusing my kindness, I’m not ready to hear stories from anyone talking about my upbringing. I regret giving you too much freedom Lavanya, you are using me for you ease. Morning you spoke rudely with Laashya, and then Ragini. Now you would have manipulated Sandya and Sawitha too. They would never do something like this as they are scared of Sanskaar but you have no fear for your parents.
Lavanya shouts : Enough, enough is enough. Everything you talked about me is enough. I never thought my papa would speak like this.
Laksh : But I’m not your papa.
Everyone is shell and hell shocked Laksh is angry so is Lavanya. Lavanya nods her head while Ragini holds her and she jerks her hand
Lavanya : True a fact I forgot for long time. I’m not your daughter and it is true, you have your own daughter and your own princess. I’m going to my parents and forever and right now.
Laksh and the rest are shocked.
Laksh : Then go away.
Lavanya is shocked and runs out of the house.

Screen freezes on the angry face of Laksh and crying face of Lavanya.


So guys how was the episode…Life is full of happiness and sadness so is my ff hehee I know I sounded dramatic anyways tell me how was my todays epi please do comment on how did you find it good or bad…Thanks alot for your both support from personal and public comments and messages…thank you and the next update will be on wednesday 🙂

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  14. SHR963

    OMG….how can you always manage to make the plot thick with emtionsss……..Hats offf…..Awesomee

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