Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 42


Here I’m again with another chapter of your ff… I know today it isn’t Monday or 1st of August but still after many requests asking to upload this ff I’m doing. I seriously can’t deny the personal requests so I agreed to upload it… I tried to make it somewhere to good hope you like it and yeah please do comment on how you find it…Sorry for making you wait and for making you wait I have given you a lengthy epi…Here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 42

The episode starts with Ragini and Lavanya breaking the hug. Laksh drags Lavanya to his chest and caresses the cheek which he slapped.
Ragini : Forget it Laksh, past just let it be in the past. (She holds his cheek while caressing Lavanya’s hair) this is a good lesson for both of you.
Lavanya : Mama is right, let’s forget it papa.
Laksh nods and stands up along with Lavanya. Ragini forwards her hand.
Ragini : Help me to stand up.
Laksh : Ohh old woman.

Laksh holds her by her arms and makes her stand and Ragini starts beating him.
Ragini : Am I old for you?
Laksh : Of course Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini tries to leave in anger but Laksh drags her by her waist and her back hits his chest.
Ragini : Laksh leave me.
Lavanya : Don’t worry ma I’m going down
Laksh : There she herself understood and left.
Lavanya leaves while Ragini is struggling to release herself but Laksh tightens his grip. Ragini gives up stands like an obedient child.
Ragini : I love you Laksh.

Laksh slowly releases the grip and walks to the edge still holding her and hugs her from back encircling his hands around her waist. Laksh pecks her cheek and places his chin on her shoulder. Ragini holds his cheek and rests her head on his head.
Laksh : Do you know how I felt when I got to know you and Raghav were kidnapped?
Ragini nods.
Ragini : I know how you would have felt, you tend to slap your daughter who you never raised a finger for. (Ragini kisses his cheek and turns to Laksh breaking the hug and holds his hands) It has been 20 years that we are living together, everything is still more like a dream. An extra caring and immensely loving husband, a mature and an understanding daughter, a smart and intelligent son, a cute and adorable daughter and naughty and a clumsy son everything is like a dream. Thanks for coming in to my life (She holds his cheek with one hand and holds his hand with her other hand) and making everything colourful Laksh. Thanks for completing me. You are just the simple definition of my life. I don’t know how I will repay…
Before she could complete Laksh drags her in to him and places his lips on hers. Ragini just clutches his shirt while Laksh encircles his hand around the waist and drags her closer while the other on is holding her head. Ragini moves one of her hand behind his neck and the other one in to his back and clutches his shirt tightly. They were lost in each other while Laksh pushed himself forward to her and it turned out be a passionate and an intense lock. Tears rolled down Ragini’s cheek, she breaks it and their lips just a parted a millimeter away and they stood in the same position. Ragini smiled through her tears while Laksh looked at her lovingly and wipes her tears.
Laksh whispers : I’m a business man and it is true but you can never pay my love back as it has no end.
Ragini whispers : Promise me that you will be my husband in all my births whether I’m a cat or bat.
Laksh : Promise, I kept my promise which I made you in our previous birth and will keep on my promise.
Ragini : Did you promise me in our last birth?
Laksh : Haa can’t you remember?
Ragini : But it was someone called Ansh who promised me.
Laksh : How many times should I have to tell you? There was no any Ansh or Vansh in your life only Laksh and only Laksh and only Laksh and…
Ragini interrupts : No I remember it was Ansh…
Laksh quickly gives a kiss on her lip and moves back.
Laksh : Did you at least now remember it was not Ansh but Laksh?
Ragini makes a pout face and nods.
Ragini : Yeah my all life hero.
Ragini laughs and Laksh smiles looking at her lovingly and they share and intense eyelock still Laksh’s one hand is around her waist and the other one is behind her head while Ragini’s one hand is around his neck and the other one is on his back. Still they are so close to each other that their eyes are an inch apart. The whole world was busy while their world just stopped. Many unspoken conversations were going on through their eyes. Still Ragini was the most beautiful woman on the earth for Laksh while Laksh was the most handsome man on the earth for Ragini. There was no one perfect for each other or complete each other and there will be no one perfect for each other than Ragini to Laksh and Laksh to Ragini.

Scene shifts to Adiya’s and SImran’s room. Aditya and Raghav playing with a ball while Laashya is on the bed with her hair left open.
Laashya : I want to go near mama.
Laashya makes a cute sad face. Ragini enters along with Laksh.
Ragini : Mama came sugar cane.
Laashya : Mammaa
Laahsya smiles and jumps to Ragini and she carries her.
Simran : Let them stay with us today.
Laksh : No it is fine Simran, it is very hard to manage them. Come here champ.
Raghav comes running and Laksh carries him.
Ragini : Good night Simran, good night Adi.
Aditya and Simran look at each other and then say good night. Ragini and Laksh leave.
Laahsya : Mama today what story will you tell me?
Ragini : What story does my doll wants? Btw did you both drink milk?
Laashya shakes her head.
Raghav : Super hero story.
Laksh : Are you mama’s doll?
Raghav pouts and shakes his head.
Raghav: I’m papa’s champ.
Raghav hugs Laksh while Laksh chuckles. They reach the kitchen; Ragini makes Laashya sit on the kitchen table. Laksh sits there while Ragini takes the milk powder and sugar and starts preparing milk.
Laashya : Papa, sorry for calling you naughty papa.
Laashya makes a cute sad face and Laksh pinches her cheeks.
Laksh : It is alright sweet heart.
Laashya kisses on Laksh’s cheek.
Raghav : He is my papa.
Laashya : No mine.
Raghav : I’m papa’s champ hena papa?
Laksh looks at Raghav and nods.
Laashya : I’m papa’s princess hena papa?
Laksh nods looking at Laashya.

Raghav : No, I’m papa’s prince hena papa?
Laksh tries to speak and Ragini looks at them.
Laashya : No, I’m papa’s sugar cane hena papa?
Ragini : Bas bas bas, so all of you are papa’s kids but not mama’s?
Laashya and Raghav shake their head while Ragini frowns and fumes and Laksh chuckles. Ragini finishes making milk and places it on the table still frowning.
Ragini : Here drink it.
Laksh : There you made mama angry again.
Laashya : Raghav you itself keep papa, I have my mama. (Laashya turns away while Laksh pouts. Laashya widens her hand) Mama Teddy bear hug.
Ragini hugs her tightly and pecks her head.
Ragini : Love you both a lot.
She hugs Raghav too and Laksh hugs the three of them and pecks on Ragini’s head.

Lavanya and Sawitha rush to Aditya’s room and knocks. Aditya opens the door and is shocked to see them.
Lavanya : Where is Laashya and Raghav?
Aditya : Laksh and Ragini took them.
Lavanya : Adi papa (She grits her teeth) Just for few minutes I asked you to look after them that I will come and take them to my room but you…
Aditya interrupts : Princess…
Sawitha : All our plans are going to flop.
Lavanya gets teary and while Aditya looks at Simran and then Simran gives back a worried look.
Aditya : Stop worrying Luv.
Lavanya : Just go Adi pa.

Sawitha and Lavanya leaves upset and they see Ragini and Laksh along with Laashya and Raghav coming up.
Ragini : What are you both doing at this hour?
Lavanya : Woh…mama…Laashya and Raghav…
Laksh : Laashya and Raghav?
Both Ragini and Laksh look at Lavanya confusingly.
Sawitha : Laashya and Raghav will you join us to have a sleep over?
Ragini : Sleep over?
Lavanya : Haa mama sibling sleep over.
Laksh : If you don’t mind guys can I know what are you going to do in that sleep over?
Laksh asks while Laashya sits on the stairs and Raghav is looking at them.
Ragini : Get up Laashya, (She makes an eww face) it is dirty down there.
Laashya : My legs are paining and I’m sleepy mama.
She yawns while Laksh carries her.
Lavanya : Nothing much papa, we will just spend few time together and sleep.
Ragini : Laashya is already sleepy and…
Lavanya : And nothing more (She drags Laashya from Laksh) Do you wanna join us or not Laash?
Laashya nods while Lavanya smiles.
Sawitha : Raghav you can join us too.
Raghav shouts : Sleep over.
He runs to Lavanya’s room shouting.
Ragini : Are you guys sure that you need them too?
Sawitha : Come on chaachi this is a sibling sleep over and surely we will want our cute little brother and sister.
Ragini looks at Laksh with a confused look while Laksh nods his head once.
Laksh : Okay then take care, have fun and if they make trouble just don’t hesitate to call us okay?
Lavanya nods and pecks Laashya.
Laashya : Good night papa and good night mama.
Laksh : Good night princess
He pecks her cheek and goes while Ragini gives a tight hug to both Lavanya and Laashya.
Ragini : Very good night.

Ragini and Laksh reach their room and open it and find it all decorated with wild red roses and scented candles and a slow music was playing in back ground. There was a beautiful cake written “Happy 20th Anniversary Mama and Papa” on it. Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh, Laksh looks around. The room was just filled with balloons and flowers all over. Laksh comes and hugs Ragini from behind.
Laksh : So this is what our daughter was acting weird?
Ragini : Not bad, she just acts like her papa.

Laksh : So I don’t think I should waste my daughter’s energy.
Ragini : Of course not Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh pecks her cheek and holds her bare waist while Ragini opens her eyes wide open. They just move to the music and Laksh turns her and drags her and her back hits his chest. (Mujhko barsaat bana lo plays) they dance to the song. Laksh twirls her and drags her and Ragini lands on his chest. Both of them share an intense eye lock. Ragini stops in half so does Laksh. Ragini laughs and sits on the couch and breaths while Laksh sits beside her. Ragini is breathing heavily while Laksh smiles from corner of his lips.
Laksh : We are getting old now.
Ragini rests her head on his chest and he encircles his hand around him.
Ragini : But still I love you.
Laksh pecks her head.
Laksh : Love you too angel.
Ragini puts both her legs up and cuddles to Laksh. Laksh caresses her arm while Ragini looks at him.
Ragini : Laksh…

Laksh interrupts : I don’t know what made me fall for you but when I fell for you I fell in love with you in whole. This is what I have been telling since that day one I proposed you and you are just keeping on asking it until now.
Ragini looks at him lovingly.
Ragini : I have a gift for you.
Laksh : So do I have.
Ragini tries to stand up but Laksh doesn’t leave her.
Ragini : Let me bring it.
Laksh : Later, I want you to be with me like this for another little more.
Ragini smiles and nods and closes her eyes resting on his chest and so does Laksh closes his eyes and rests his head on hers. A permanent smile was there on both of their lips. The aroma of the roses and the scented candle was all over the room and the light music soothed their mind. They felt young and still the same when they first met. Both of them forgot all their problems, their children, their past, their present. They were lost in each other’s warmth. Ragini kept on cuddling while Laksh tightened his grip and there was no space left in between. Ragini was in the safest place in the world in her Laksh’s arms while Laksh was in the most relaxing place in the world his Ragini’s embrace. The moon light along with the candle light added more beauty on the happy couple’s face.

Scene shifts to Lavanya’s room where all of them except Sandesh. Laashya cries loud while Raghav is seen sleeping.
Lavanya : Laash baby stop crying sweet heart shshshshs please please.
Laashya : I want mama…(She cries aloud) Mama…
Rahul : Look if you stop crying I will get you sweets.
Laashya : I don’t want sweets I want mama (She tries to run out but Sandya holds her and brings her back to bed) Mama… Papa…
Sandya : Here I lied you about ghost, there is nothing called ghost.
Lavanya : Stop crying sugar cane, lollipop, cup cake, candy corn. You are my good girl right?
Laashya shouts : I want to go near mama…mama… papa

Scenes shifts to RagLak’s room, Ragini opens her eyes suddenly and she switches off the music and listens carefully.
Ragini : Laksh I think Laashya is shouting.
Laksh : Lavanya will look after her.
Ragini : May be she is troubling them Laksh.
She tries to leave but Laksh holds her.
Laksh : Already they were worried for breaking their first surprise and now this.
Ragini looks worriedly and sits back.
Ragini : It is very hard to manage Laashya and Raghav.
Laksh : They are their siblings and they will surely look after them, stop worrying.
Laksh pecks her forehead.
Ragini : You are just finding reasons to spend time with me.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : There I got caught.
Ragini looks at him while he sticks his tongue out.
Ragini : I hate you cheater.
Laksh drags her closer and tightens the hug.
Laksh : But I love you my queen
Ragini smiles and Laksh rests his head on her lap and she caresses his hair.

Scenes shifts to Lavanya’s room.
Laashya : Leave me to mama’s and papa’s room right now.
Sawitha : Here look what I got for you.
Laashya : What?
Sawitha : A colouring book.
Laashya : Do you have colours too?
Sawitha : Yes, I will give you only if you stop crying.
Laashya : Pakka?
Everyone : Haa pakka.
Laashya wipes her tears and takes the colouring book and starts colouring while others rests back.
Sawitha : Di you seriously can’t keep your mouth shut.
Rahul : Haa, it was all because you scared her telling about ghosts.
Sandya : Okay okay, now don’t remind her again.
Lavanya : Yeah, I can’t control her anymore.
Sandya : Chaachi and chaachu are really great that they handling these two.
Lavanya : True enough, must give a special gift for tolerating these two.
Sawitha : Even Rahul was called naughty but Raghav beat Rahul’s naughtiness.
Sandya : And Laashya beat Lavanya’s stubbornness.
Lavanya : I was not this stubborn.
Laashya : Will you stop talking, I want to colour this peacefully or drop me in mama’s and papa’s room.
Sawitha : Okay all of us will shush meri ma you continue colouring.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room, Ragini takes out a big frame from the top of the cupboard of Laksh which was drawn by her. It was Laksh’s photo when she first saw him crying for her (After Aditya came to meet Ragini in Australia in Ragini’s room Laksh breaks down). Laksh just widens his eyes and looks at the photo lovingly. It has been drawn and coloured with pointillism. Ragini is standing behind him looking at him lovingly.
Ragini : Can you remember when was this?
Laksh shakes his head and looks at Ragini.
Ragini : When you first shed tears for me (Ragini walks to Laksh and rests her head on his back and encircles her hand around him) when you first confessed your love to me. The first time you expressed your love to me.

Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her.
Laksh : When did you draw it?
Ragini : Once we returned to India from Australia twenty years ago I drew this and found it out last week when I and Swara went to clean the Gadodia Mansion I found it on top of my cupboard and thought of gifting this to my love to show how much he loves me from the beginning.
Laksh g’s eyes get welled up and looks at Ragini lovingly.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Listen to me Laksh, (Laksh looks on) that day was the day I saw the reflection of my love through your eyes, that day was the day I saw you in pain because of me, that day was the day my Laksh who never bent his head down in front of anyone fell on his knees, the one who thought about class, status, fame begged me his heart out, he hurt his hand and his blood was dripping all over but pain on his heart was deeper. (She wipes her tears) I should have given a bone crushing hug to my love but my brain was more stubborn not to put you in trouble. That was the first day in my life I faced failure, I failed to lend my shoulder to the one who I love, failed to wipe his tears and peck his forehead, failed to shout telling “I love you”.
Laksh rushes to her and hugs her tightly closing her face inside his chest.
Laksh : Enough, shshshsh… What are you talking Ragini? Twenty years have passed and why are you remembering everything now? Why didn’t you even think of telling me about this before, not even once? (She cries on his chest hugging him tight) You have been keeping this trauma from then without sharing it with me?
Laksh breaks the hug and wipes her tears and shakes his head.
Ragini : Past is past, I just remembered everything suddenly when I saw this picture (She wipes her tears and smiles) did you like the gift?
Laksh shakes his head still holding her cheeks in his hands while Ragini looks at him confusingly.
Laksh whispers : No.
Ragini : I drew it with great difficulty and found it with great difficulty and you didn’t like it?
Laksh : But it made my life cry, it made my life remember the day this stupid love of hers cried. (Life he meant is Ragini and love he meant is him)
Ragini : But this picture is very special to me.
Laksh : I will accept it as it is very special to you but I will never let you look at it, ever.
Ragini makes a pout face while Laksh keeps the frame a side.
Ragini : I thought of hanging it in our room.
Laksh : It has nothing to do with this room which is filled with happiness. I never want you to keep on blaming yourself for my tears which I shed without my knowledge twenty years ago.
Ragini : Without your knowledge?
Laksh : Haa, I was just 23 and a small kid. I was only attracted to you then not loved you.
Ragini opens her eyes and mouth wide open.

Ragini : You traitor (She starts hitting him) I hate you so much.
Laksh chuckles and holds her hand.
Laksh : But I just love you (Ragini frowns at him ) Don’t you want to see my gift?
Ragini : No, why should I?
Laksh : Arey, don’t you seriously want to see the gift which I bought for my wife?
Ragini : No.
She turns the other way while Laksh walks to the dresser drawer takes a box. He gives it to her and sits on the bed. Ragini opens it and gets teary.
Laksh : You like it?
Ragini : LaRa
Laksh : This time if you misplace it and yeah, you know what will happen so don’t dare to misplace it.

Ragini nods and looks at it. Laksh stands up and makes her wear the chain where ‘LaRa’ is carved.
Ragini : It is very pretty Laksh.
Laksh : It contains all six of our names. Laksh, Ragini, Lavanya, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav.
Ragini nods and looks at it through the mirror.
Ragini : You never ever fail to impress me Laksh Maheshwari.

Ragini turns and gives a bone crushing hug to Laksh and he hugs her back.
Ragini : I will get changed.
Laksh nods and Ragini breaks the hug and closes the cake with the box and Laksh blows off all the candle and switches on the light. Ragini walks to the wardrobe and takes out Laksh’s t shirt and a bottom and walks to the washroom. She comes out wearing it and lies on the bed and Laksh has removed all the decorations and he walks to the washroom. He comes out wearing a bottom and t shirt and lies beside Ragini and switches off the light. He drags Ragini in to his protecting embrace and Ragini cuddled to Laksh and Laksh wrapped his hand around her and is caressing her hair.
Ragini : Our anniversary is always spent in this way until now.
Laksh : Hmm…
Ragini : Are you asleep?
Laksh is half asleep so Ragini thinks of not disturbing him; she sits up and scratches his hair in a rhythm so he would fall asleep.
Ragini’s POV.
Until now you never want me to feel the guilt of spoiling your wedding night. No matter how much I have decorated the room with flowers, scented candles, colourful balloons, and a beautiful cake or even tried to impress you wearing an attractive or stunning saadi or a hot dress. I always have failed until now. I gave up and now our kids have started to make this night special but still you want me to be in your embrace with your pajamas on. This is one thing which I love in you the most; you always made me live a guiltless life until now. (Ragini pecks Laksh’s forehead and rests on his chest and cuddles to Laksh) I love you Laksh, I just want to be like this forever.
Ragini’s POV ends
She pecked his lips and dozed off on his chest and he still had his hand wrapped tightly around her. The night was indeed a beautiful and a long one.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

The Harini is checking Ragini while Laksh was sitting beside her holding her hand.
Harini : Nothing to worry, it seems like she has eaten something allergic to her.
Laksh : Allergic?
Harini : Haa something like cumin, pea nuts, tomatoes.
Laksh looks at Swara.
Swara : She is allergic of pea nuts.
Laksh : Did you add pea nuts to the sweets?
Swara shakes her head.
Swara : As she is allergic to it we didn’t add.
Harini : Let her rest a little.
Harini leaves and she meets Ap on her way.
Ap : Is she still alive?
Harini looks shocked while Ap smirks and remembers her adding grinded pea nuts to the sweet when Swara and Ragini left the kitchen. She also remembers Swara asking Ragini not to forget that she is allergic to pea nuts and not to add them.
Harini : Ma…
Ap : Yes beta I did it.
Harini : But why?
Ap : That is your place Harini…
Harini interrupts : But now some one is there.
Ap : I will somehow keep you in your place and take away her from Laksh’s life.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room where Laksh is holding Ragini’s hand tightly and looking at her with teary eyes. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and finds Laksh looking at her with lots of love. Laksh hugs her tightly and Ragini caresses his back.
Ragini softly : I’m fine jaan.
Laksh : Never dare to scare me like this again.
Ragini smiles and breaks the hug and nods while Laksh caresses her face.
Ragini : It is just a regular allergic baaba, trust me nothing serious or nothing to worry
Laksh’s phone ring and Laksh stands up and answers it.
Laksh : Haa bolo Aditya.
Aditya : There are some investigations to be done so we need to inquire Ragini.
Laksh : She is not well and I don’t want her to get involved in this matter anymore, tell me the proceedings that I have to get her rid out of this.
Aditya : Laksh there are some proceedings but before that we need to get the truth out.
Laksh : What truth out? You already found everything didn’t you? I just don’t want my wife to be in trouble Aditya.
Aditya : Laksh I can’t tell you anything further if you just bring her here it would be a great help.
Laksh : She knows nothing.

Aditya : Still it is a must to inquire the criminal’s family.
Laksh : She has nothing to do with that family, I will do the needed proceeding to take her out of that family.
Aditya : Understand Laksh…
Laksh hangs up and turns to Ragini who is looking at him blankly.
Laksh : Take rest I will be back.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh…
Lakhs leaves while Swara enters.
Swara : What happened he is leaving in rage?
Ragini : I think Aditya called and wanted me to do some inquire and Laksh doesn’t want me to get involved in these.
Swara : But they will inquire you and if they want all the people who were with him and attached to him.
Ragini nods while Swara gives her the soup. Ragini drinks and takes her phone and dials Laksh’s number.
Ragini : He is not picking the phone.

Scene shifts to Ap’s room where she is sitting in a rocking chair and is looking frustrate.
Ap : I have to do something to this Ragini, she spoiled my reputation and made this Annapoorna break a promise.

Scene shifts to Harini’s house where she comes and breaks all the stuff.
Harini : The only fault I did was loving you (She throws the vase Laksh’s big frame on her room) That girl from nowhere came and spoiled my life. I have been living with you in my dream for more than five years. Since the day my parents and your parents teased me with you. The way you care her, love her and protect her (she throws another vas on the floor) everything is just pissing me off. At any cost I will just make you mine. You love, care, protection is mine and only will be mine, I would go for any extent.
She looks determined.

Ragini and Swara come down while the others also come to have dinner. Dp and Sanskaar sit while Ap fumes and sits.
Dp : Ragini beta how are you feeling now?
Ragini : I’m fine papa.
Dp : Where is Laksh?
Ragini : He went out regarding dad’s case to the crime branch.
Ap : I told you ji because of this girl our son will have to face all the problem and also it is a shame for our family (Ragini gets teary yet she starts serving food, Ap leaves the table in anger) I knew this would happen. Laksh is now a puppet danced by this girl.
Just then Laksh enters and Ap stops and looks at him. Laksh gets down the stairs while Ragini and the rest come.
Laksh : What are you doing here? I asked you to take rest in the room right?
Ap : Come beta come, beta or should I call you my bahu’s husband?
Laksh : What do you mean ma?
Ap : You have stepped in to an unpleasant place and came back home, first go have a wash. I don’t know what else is there to come.
Ap goes in while Laksh tries to speak up but Ragini holds his hands and shakes her head and he looks at her worriedly.
Sanskaar : I think it will take more time to calm ma. Laksh you come to eat.
Ragini drags him and makes him sit and starts serving food. Dp, Sanskaar and Laksh eat. Swara looks at Ragini and Ragini smiles and nods showing that she is fine. Everyone finishes eating.
Dp : Sanskaar you wanted me to sign few files right bring them now.
Swara : I’ll get them, tell me where is it?
Sanskaar nods.

Sanskaar : A blue file and an orange file in my table drawer.
Swara goes up while Ragini goes to kitchen and tears roll down her cheek, she hears footsteps and wipes them off. She makes milk coffee and turns and finds Laksh leaning to the wall with folded hands. Ragini smiles and asks what through her eyes and Laksh shakes his head indicating nothing. Ragini forwards the coffee and he takes one and she walks to the study and serves coffee for both Sanskaar and Dp.
Ragini : Papa can I ask you something? (Dp nods and looks on) This is the final year, can I and Swara finish our college?
Dp thinks for a while and then nods.
Dp : There is no restrictions to study beta.
Ragini smiles and turns to leave and then again she turn.
Ragini : Papa, what about Ma?
Dp : Don’t worry beta I will manage her btw there would be a reception for you and Swara get the shopping done. Sanskaar.
Sanksaar : Haa papa.

Dp : You and Laksh take Swara and Ragini after college to the mall and get them what they want (Sanskaar nods) Ragini beta tell Laksh also.
Ragini smiles and nods, she leaves while Laksh is proudly looking at Ragini standing out.
Laksh : I appreciate your courage Laksh’s biwi.
Ragini : What happened to the case?
Laksh : I gave in written that you and that family has no any connections, I have to submit some documents tomorrow.
Both of them climb up stairs and Laksh wraps his hands around her shoulder.
Ragini : I will have to change all my names in the college too.
Laksh : Stop worrying baby, I will just look after everything.
Ragini makes a cute worried face while Ap is seen looking at them from down.
Ragini : How much you are bothering about me?

Laksh : You are my wife Ragini without bothering about you who else should I bother about?
Ragini : Okay okay you do have all right on me.
Laksh : All right?
Ragini looks at Laksh shrinking her eyes.
Ragini : There your jerky mind has started working (Laksh smiles naughtily) btw you heard what papa told about our reception?
Laksh : Haa Haa, we will go shopping after wedding and this time I don’t have to select you dresses secretly.

Scenes shifts to SwaSan’s room, Sanskaar is seen searching something and Swara keeps looking at him while arranging her books on the table.
Swara : What are you searching Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : My car key.
Swara : I saw it in the dresser drawer.
Sanskaar opens and finds it.
Sanskaar : Btw did you ask papa about college.
Swara : Not yet.
Sanskaar : Ragini did.

Swara : What did he say?
Sanskaar : He said Ragini can go but you can’t go.
Swara : But why?
Sanskaar : Also there is a reception or us and them on Saturday, invite whoever you want.
Swara : Why didn’t papa leave me to go to college? You must be lying I’ll go ask Ragini.
Swara turns to leave while Sanskaar holds her.
Sanskaar : it is already night and you are not suppose to disturb them.
Swara : But why? They must be awake.
Sanskaar : Haa, they must be awake but they are not like us.
Swara : What do you mean by not like us?
Sanskaar face palms.
Sanskaar : They love each other unlike us and…
Swara giggles.
Swara : I understood (She winks) but I have all right to speak to my best friend at any time.
Sanskaar holds her and makes her sit.
Sanskaar : Don’t dare to leave the room.
Sanskaar takes his laptop and sits.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room, Laksh sits and removes his shoes. Ragini places the towel and his bottom and t shirt. Laksh walks to the wash room and comes out. Ragini is seen arranging her books in Laksh’s table.
Laksh : What are you doing?
Ragini : Arranging my books .
Laksh : On my table?
Ragini : What? I have alright on this room and the things in it.
Laksh : I never uttered it.
Ragini looks at Laksh with her mouth hung open.
Ragini : What do you mean by I never uttered it?
Laksh : I never told that you have the equal right on this room just as I do.
Ragini makes a cute sad face and sits on the couch with her leg crossed. She was looking cute with her hair in a messy bun and pajamas on.
Ragini : Don’t have I all right on this room?
Laksh walks to Ragini who was pouting her pink lips and sits beside her.
Laksh : You don’t have. (He tucks the hair which came out of her mess and holds her cheek.) But you said I have all right on you.
Ragini a parts her lip away and moves back while Laksh holds her by his other hand and drags her. He caresses her face with his thumb and Ragini looked nervous.
Ragini : Laksh…

Laksh touches her lips letting her get goose bumps and she shivers a bit and breaths heavily. He leans towards her and looks at her shivering lips. He unties her bun, Ragini closes her eyes while Laksh’s lips slightly touches Ragini’s and just then Swara rushes in and Ragini and Laksh a part away.. Laksh face palms and stands up while Ragini chuckles.
Swara : Sorry sorry sorry guys but I had to rush in as I don’t have time, before Sanskaar comes out of the washroom I have to clear it out.
Ragini and Laksh look at each other shockingly.
Ragini : What do you have to clear Shona?
Ragini asks in a naughty tone while swara face palms
Swara : Nothing as you both think I came to ask if papa gave permission?
Ragini : Yes.
Swara : I knew that Sanskaar was lying.
Swara rushes out while Ragini looks at Laksh and Laksh smiles and he walks to her again locking the door.
Laksh : This time no disturbance.
Just then he gets a call. Laksh grits his teeth and answers it going out to the balcony while Ragini burst out in to laughter. Ragini walks to the cupboard and pulls her shelf.
Ragini : What am I to wear tomorrow? What will Swara wear?
Ragini comes to Swara’s room and finds
Swara sitting on the bed. Ragini knocks the door and Swara looks at Ragini.
Swara : Come in.
Sanskaar comes out of the washroom.
Ragini : What are you going to wear tomorrow?
Swara : I was also wondering it Ragini? I can’t wear Saadi I will look married.
Sanskaar : You are married.
Ragini and Swara look at Sanskaar and then both of them come back to their topic. Laksh comes there.
Laksh : You Ragini ki bachchi, you have pulled off all the clothes in the cupboard and who will clean the mess?
Again Swara and Ragini look at Laksh and then give the “I don’t give a damn” look.
Ragini : I can’t at all look married, I will lose my charm.
Swara : Haa Ragini also with the sindoor and mangalsutra, we will look old.
Ragini : But we have to wear them, at least if we don’t wear Saadi we can look charming.
Swara : Let’s wear shalwars.

Ragini : Good idea, it is far better than Saadi.
Laksh and Sanskaar look at Ragini and Swara with hands folded crossed and mouth hung open.
Laksh : Are you two serious?
Sanskaar : Unbelievable.
Laksh : Ragini you are spoiling that innocent girl. Come here.
Laksh drags Ragini but Ragini stays numb. Sanskaar looks at Swara with a stern look while Laksh carries Ragini (Not in the bridal style but the other way) and walks out. She hits his back with her hands.
Ragini: Leave me down Laksh.
Laksh reaches their room and places Ragini on the bed and leans to her and she moves back.
Laksh : Don’t you wanna look like my wife?
Ragini : I do

Laksh : Then what were you telling about can’t look married?
Ragini : Ohh someone got it serious?
Laksh : Who is serious?
Laksh turns to leave Ragini holds him by his wrist and makes him look at her. She slowly gets closer to Laksh and nears his lip while Laksh looks shocked. Ragini yawns and falls on the bed.
Ragini : I’m sleepy, good night.
Laksh : This girl is seriously unbelievable.
Laksh makes her lie properly and covers her with the blanket. He closes the door and the balcony door and he finds someone standing. Laksh looks closely and the person disappears. Laksh thinks may be it is a tree shadow and closes the windows and door and pulls off the curtains. He cleans all the mess Ragini did and closes the cupboard. He lies beside her and switches off the light. He drags her in to his embrace while Ragini clutches him tightly and cuddles to him. He kisses on her head and dozes off.

It is morning; Ragini comes out wearing a saadi and dries her hair.
Ragini : Lucky awake baby or we will get late.
Laksh : Five minutes.
Ragini : What are you going to get by sleeping for five minutes?
Laksh : Let me finish my dream.
Ragini goes towards him and starts shaking.
Ragini : Awake…Awake…Awake…
Laksh drags her on top of him and get mesmerized to see her with her wet hair. Laksh tucks her wet hair while Ragini blushes.
Ragini : I know I’m beautiful with wet hair now awake.
Laksh : I’m sleepy.
Ragini : No one asked you to clean all the mess and sleep. You could have left it.
Ragini stands up and walks to the wardrobe and takes out Laksh’s t shirt and trouser and places it on the bed. Laksh yawns and walks to the washroom while Ragini shakes her head. She arranges the bed and combs her hair. Laksh comes out wearing the towel. He hugs Ragini from back and places his wet face on hers and Ragini shivers.
Laksh : Why didn’t you wear the shalwar?
Ragini : No this is fine.
Laksh : I prefer you wear the shalwar as you would feel comfortable, don’t worry about ma.
Laksh pecks her cheek and takes out a red anarkali shalwar and gives it to Ragini. Ragini looks at Laksh while he nods and gestures her to go and change. Ragini goes to the washroom and comes out wearing it. Laksh is all ready and is waiting for Ragini. Ragini adjusts her chunni Laksh looks at her mesmerized.
Laksh : You never leave a chance to look beautiful.
Ragini : Even you never leave chance to look handsome.
He smiles from corner of his lips and walks to her. He takes the sindoor box and fills her maang with sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra while Ragini looks at him lovingly.
Laksh : Shall we leave?
Ragini nods and takes both her and Laksh’s books while he takes his car key and both of them head downstairs. Swara comes wearing a yellow anarkali shalwar. Both of them get down and takes blessing from Dp. Swara takes blessing from Ap and Ragini bends but she walks away. Laksh holds Ragin’s hand while she gives an assuring smile that she is fine.
Dp : Take care and Laksh drive carefully.
Sanskaar : Haa, when you wife is close by, your brain works a bit faster.
Sanskaar winks while Laksh and Ragini looks at each other embarrassingly. Laksh leaves, Swara and Ragini follow him. Ragini gets in front beside Laksh and Swara behind. They leave and reach college. Ragini and Swara get down while Laksh goes to park the car. Ragini and Swara walk in to the college while everyone look at them.
Ragini : Am I looking odd Swara that everyone is looking at me?
Swara : I should be asking the same.
They rush to their class and everyone look at them with different kind of expressions. Laksh comes and stands behind them. Sam comes and hugs him.
Sam : Happy wedded life bro.
Laksh : Thank you.
Ragini smiles.
Sam : So treat?
Laksh : There will be a reception this Saturday.
Rakesh : Cool.
Ragini and Swara sit while the entire girls look at them as if it to eat them. Laksh notices this and the looks at Ragini who is feeling uncomfortable. Laksh walks towards and sits beside her and holds her hand.
Laksh : Are you okay?
Ragini shakes her head while Laksh looks at her.

Ragini : Why everyone is looking at us like this?
Laksh : Maybe there is some reason.
A girl comes forward.
The girl : So Ragini Gadodia…Sorry Ragini Maheshwari, the girl who got herself married to Laksh Maheshwari to take off her surname of her criminal father.
Laksh : What do you mean Tisha?
Laksh’s voice sounded rough. Tisha shows a photo while Ragini and Laksh along with Swara are shocked. Ragini cries out and runs out of the class room and Laksh runs behind Ragini. Swara too follows them.
Flashback ends

Laksh is seen working on the lap and checking some files sitting on the couch while Ragini is seen knitting a baby blanket for Simran’s kid. Laashya comes and gets on the bed and sits on Ragini’s lap.
Ragini : Mama is working sweet heart.
Laashya : I have something to ask from you.
Ragini keeps away all the wool and makes Laashya sit on her lap properly.
Laashya signs Ragini to bends her head. Ragini bends and Laashya holds her ear.
Laashya whispers : Mama I want to go on a trip.
Ragini whispers : Trip?
Laashya nods and makes a cute puppy face.
Laashya : Please mama.
Ragini : Why suddenly beta?
Laashya : I want to go somewhere icy, I watched ice age and felt it.
Ragini : Go ask your papa.
Laashya : You ask I’m scared.
Ragini : You? Scared of papa?
Laashya nods while Ragini looks at Laksh who is seriously working.
Laashya : Please, my loving mama hena?
Ragini : Papa…(Laksh doesn’t look at her) Papa… (She calls him a bit louder and he looks at her) Papa, our sugar plum wants to go on a trip.
Laksh : Trip? Why can’t she ask by herself?
Ragini : She is (Laashya closes Ragini’s mouth with her tiny fingers while Ragini carries her and sits on the couch beside Laksh and frees herself from Laashya) scared of you it seems.
Laksh closes his files and keeps it aside.
Laksh : Is my cupcake scared of me?
Laashya : Mama is lying, I’m not scared of you.
Ragini : Liar Laashya.
Laksh carries Laashya and pecks her head.
Laksh : Where does my princess wanna go?
Laashya : Somewhere icy, I’m bored to stay home.
Laksh : Icy?
Laashya : Haa icy, I want to play with ice.
Rahul enters and sits beside Ragini, Ragini drags him to her lap.
Rahul : Even I want to go somewhere mama, I’m bored.
Ragini and Laksh look at each other and Ragini nods once g smilinand Laksh sighs.
Laksh : Okay we will go on a big family trip.
Laashya and Rahul : Pakka?
Ragini and Laksh : Pakka.
Raghav comes running and jumps on the bed while Lavanya comes rushing in to the room.
Lavanya : You shoutan Raghav.
Ragini : Raghav what did you do?
Ragini sounded strict while Lavanya tries to catch Raghav.
Lavanya : What didn’t he do mama? This boy has spilled the powder in front of my washroom. I came out and slipped.
Ragini hangs her mouth wide open while Laksh looks at Raghav angrily. Laashya and Rahul chuckles but Rahul signs her stop.
Raghav : Di I seriously didn’t do it by purpose.
Lavanya : Then why were you laughing when I fell?
Laksh : What were you doing in Di’s room then?
Lavanya : I only called him to watch a cartoon, even Laashya was there with me and I went to washroom and Laashya had left.
Raghav : I opened the powder box and it fell on the floor. I thought of telling you but you rushed out fast and slipped di, I couldn’t control myself so I laughed.
Ragini holds her head.
Laksh : Luv, he would have done it by mistake.
Lavanya : Still…
Ragini interrupts : Lavanya…
Lavanya in anger turns to leave and slips again while everyone burst out in to laughter. Ragini and Laksh keep away Rahul and Laashya and rushes to her still laughing. Lavanya tries to stand up and is not able to stand up. She shouts in pain while Laksh carries her and places her on the bed.
Laksh : Is it (He chuckles) paining?
Lavanya gives a stern look while Ragini hits Laksh with her elbow to Laksh and he stops laughing.
Ragini : Is it paining?
Lavanya nods and gets teary while Ragini takes the first aid box and Laksh holds Lavanya’s ankle.
Laksh : You have to be careful baby.
Rahul : It was an epic fall di.
He laughs and Ragini and Laksh who was controlling their laughter also laugh while Lavanya also laughs through her tears. Laashya and Raghav climb on the bed and sits.
Lavanya : Mama…
Ragini : Stop laughing everyone.(She closes her mouth and sprays and bandages it) It will be okay.
Laksh : If the pain doesn’t get reduced we will go to doctor.
Lavanya nods.
Laashya : Papa the trip?
Laksh : We will go once di gets fine.
Lavanya : What trip?
Rahul : We just thought of going on a family trip.
Raghav : It is okay we can even go now leaving di hena mama?
Lavanya throws the pillow at Raghav.
Ragini: Raghav you are being naughty day by day.

Laksh : But next week I’m having few important meeting so thought of going this weekend.
Lavanya : I’m fine to go, there are two days more and I will be okay.
Ragini caresses her hair and makes her rest.
Laashya : Di take rest I think you are too tired of falling today.
Laashya grins while Rahul laughs remembering Lavanya falling while the others control.
Laksh : Let her take rest, you three go out. If you three stay here you will keep on disturbing di.
Rahul, Raghav and Laashya hugs Lavanya and Lavanya hugs them back.
Rahul, Raghav and Laashya : Get well soo di.
Lavanya : Mm I will and we will have fun together.
Laksh stands up and side hugs Ragini kisses on her head and Ragini wraps her hand around him and both of them look at their children and smile.

Screen freezes on the faces of Ragini and Laksh.


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