Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 41


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Episode starts with Ragini speaking through the phone and someone kidnapping her. Laksh reaches school, and he rushes to the parking lot and finds Swara holding Ragini’s phone. Laksh rushes to her and Sanskaar comes there too. A message beeps on Ragini’s phone from an unknown number.
Message : If you want to save your wife ans child come to the following hotel, Hotel Orchid room number 125.
Laksh panics and drives faster while Swara takes her car and Sanskaar in his. They reach the hotel and reach the room. Laksh opens the door and Ragini comes running and hugs Laksh and Laksh switches on the light and is shocked, so is Ragini, Swara and Sanskaar. They find all the kids along with Aditya, Simran, Ap, Sumi and Sujatha.
All of them shout : Happy 20th wedding Anniversary.
Laksh looks at Ragini who is sweated and is still looking scared. Laksh walks forwards while Ragini hugs him tightly.
Lavanya : How is the plan? All the idea is mine and…
Before she could complete there was tight slap on her cheek.
Aditya : Laksh…
Laksh : Do you know what have you done Lavanya?
Lavanya holds her cheek in shock.
Lavanya : Paapppaaa….
Laksh : Shut up, is this is play or something? What if something happens to anyone because of this?
Aditya : Laksh, she is a kid.
Laksh : Haa she is a kid but where did your brains go? Look how much Ragini has got scared? What if I do something to Swara in anger for not looking after Ragini and Raghav? What if something happen to me while rushing? Where is Raghav?
Ragini is still in shock and faints on Laksh’s arms, he gets tensed and carries her and places her on the bed. Everyone looks shocked while Laksh starts tapping Ragini’s cheek. Sanskaar calls the doctor.

Laksh shouts : All of you know that she is not able to bear any shock, all of you know she slipped in to coma four years back because of a shock and now she is not able to bear any shock. I have been looking after her like a kid without giving any pain or shock.
Laksh starts tearing and the doctor enters. Laksh looks tensed while Sanskaar holds Laksh’s shoulder.
Doctor : Mr. Maheshwari, can I know what exactly happened?
Aditya : I will tell, it is their wedding anniversary and we thought of giving them a surprise. They had gone to parents meeting along with her son so to isolate her and divert Swara’s attention we asked Raghav to hide and we kidnapped Ragini.
Doctor : I see, she has been panicked already before she got kidnapped in the fact that her son is missing and she has got scared and shock this is the cause for her unconsciousness. Nothing serious let her rest a bit.
Laksh sits beside her and holds her hands kisses it while others look on. Sanskaar walks out to send away the doctor. Ragini gains conscious and she sees Laksh beside her. She hugs him really tight and he hugs her back.
Laksh : Shshshshshs…I’m here jaan, nothing happened.
Ragini breaks the hug and Laksh wipes her tears and pecks her forehead.
Ragini : Where is Raghav? Raghav?
She gets tensed while Laksh holds her face.
Laksh : Relax mera bachcha, there Raghav is.
Raghav gets on the bed and Ragini hugs him tightly.
Ragini : Where did you go Raghav? Leaving mama?
Raghav : No where mama.
Ragini scans the room and finds all the decoration and looks at Laksh.
Ragini : Where are we? Laksh…
Swara : Lavanya and the others have prepared a surprise party.
She says all what happened. Lavanya leaves while Aditya follows her calling Lavanya’s name and Laksh feels bad. The children leaves feeling bad for Lavanya, they leave giving a painful look to Laksh.

Ragini : Why Laksh?
Swara : We will go home and speak
Ragini stands up and they leave. They reach MM and Laksh takes Ragini to their room. He makes her rest.
Laksh : I will meet Lavanya and come.
Ragini nods and rests while Laksh walks to Lavanya’s room and knocks it. There was no response and he opens it and doesn’t find anyone. He goes to the study and opens it and only finds Sawitha, Sandya and Rahul along with Raghav and Laashya sitting sadly.
Laksh : Where is Luv?
Rahul : Do you know how long has she planned this?
Sawitha : Haa chaachu, she never expected that it would turn out to be like this.
Rahul : Also di would have never thought that you would slap her.
Laashya : Just go papa, we are angry with you.
Laksh tries to speak but everyone interrupts.
Everyone : Just go.
Laksh leaves the room disappointed and walks out closing the door behind. He tries calling Aditya but there was no response.
Simran was going passing him.
Laksh : Simran, Lavanya… (Simran tries to leave while Laksh holds her) I’m sorry Simran but please tell me where is Lavanya?
Simran : She is with Adi.
Simran leaves while Laksh remembers him slapping Lavanya. Scenes shifts to a bridge on top of a lake where Lavanya standing and is sobbing while Aditya comes with two ice creams. Lavanya remembers Laksh’s slap and cries more hard.
Aditya : Enough of crying now, come and have this
Aditya forwards the ice cream and Lavanya doesn’t take.
Lavanya : If it was someone else who slapped me I wouldn’t have been crying until now Adi papa but my papa slapped me, my papa (She hugs Aditya and the ice cream falls down) he has never even raised a finger on me if he has slapped that means I did something big right?
Aditya : Shshshshsh…Stop crying Luv you are my good girl right? Come let’s go home.
Lavanya stays still while Aditya makes Lavanya look at him and wipes her tears and pecks her forehead.
Lavanya : I want to be alone for a while.
Aditya : Okay let’s go home and you can stay alone there.
Aditya holds Lavanya and takes her to the car. They reach MM, and Lavanya comes up and finds Laksh sitting on the stairs waiting for her.
Laksh : Lavanya
Lavanya’s eyes get welled up so does Laksh’s. Both of them remember the slap, Lavanya slowly walks to Laksh and then gives him a painful look while Laksh holds her cheek and she hisses with pain. She closes her eyes and tears roll down her cheek and Laksh’s cheek. Lavanya walks back and runs up shuts her room door. Laksh tries to go behind her but Aditya stops.
Aditya : Let her stay alone for a while.
Laksh turns to Aditya.
Laksh : I’m sorry Adi…
Aditya interrupts : More than her I know you are hurt as I know that how much important she is to you. (Laksh gives a painful look with eyes welled up) Let her stay alone for a while.

Aditya leaves and Laksh walks to his room and finds Laashya and Raghav sitting on the bed with leg and arm crossed and Ragini looking at the with a confused look.
Laashya : Tell papa to ask sorry from di.
Raghav : Until then we won’t eat.
Ragini who was resting down sits up.
Ragini : What is wrong with you both?
Laashya and Raghav : We won’t eat means we won’t eat.
Ragini : Okay he will ask sorry happy?
Raghav and Laashya : Happy.
Ragini notices Laksh entering and gives a blank look.
Ragini : Here your children are here on a strike.
Laksh : What is the problem princess and prince?
Laksh sits beside them.
Raghav : We don’t want to talk with naughty papa.
Laashya : How painful would it be for di?
Both Raghav and Laashya leave. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand and looks at him.
Laksh : I’m sorry…
Ragini interrupts : You are the one who is suffering a lot after hitting. Laksh, you are the one who told me that we should never hurt others in the name of punishment. What happened to my Laksh today?
Laksh places his hand on his head and places his elbows on his thigh.
Laksh : I was just tensed in the fact that you and Raghav in danger and then when I saw you tensed and scared I don’t have any idea what went wrong with me. Trust me Ragini I didn’t mean to hurt Lavanya, I hurt my kid so much she gave me a painful look Ragini…
Ragini hugs him and caresses his hair.
Ragini : She will surely forgive you as she has your values, she understands very well, she compromises, her happiness lies on others, she is sensitive, calm, polite as well as brave and stubborn just like her papa, she is another ‘Laksh’.
Laksh breaks the hug and looks at Ragini.
Laksh : I did something which me myself can’t forgive me. Aren’t you angry with me for slapping her?
Ragini nods.
Ragini : I am very much angry as you slapped her because of me, but you need someone on your side so let everyone forgive you including my princess then I will think of forgiving you.

Flashback 20 years ago. (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini awakes and finds her on Laksh’s arms. She was very happy that it was not a dream but real. A deep smile appeared on her lips when she saw Laksh’s innocent face with cute smile on corner of his lips. He looked more like a small kid. She got up and was lost in his handsome yet cute face; she caressed his forehead and hair. Ragini pecked his forehead and turned to leave but a strong masculine arm dragged her back to where she was. Her back hit the strong chest.
Ragini : Lucky leave me.
Laksh tightened his grip and there was no space left in between. Laksh places his face on hers while Ragini blushes and holds his hands which are around her waist.
Laksh : Had a peaceful sleep after a long time.
Laksh pecks her cheek.
Ragini : I’m sorry Laksh.
Laksh makes her turn to him and finds her tearing. Laksh cups her face and makes her look in to his eyes and wipes her tears.
Laksh : What are these tears for Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari?
Ragini mutters : I’m sorry for not making your wedding night the best…
Before she could complete Laksh places his finger on her lips and shakes his head while Ragini looks at him.
Laksh whispers : Shshshsh… It was the best night ever Ragini (Ragini looks on) your warmth, your presence, your embrace, your grip (He caresses her face) this is what matters to me. I was indeed very happy (He smiles deeply)I was very happy that at last I’m there to protect my love, my life and she is safe in my arms and it is going to be forever. Just your continuous cuddling was more than enough for me. (Ragini hugged him and he hugged her back really tightly) I don’t want anything else from you other than this hug from you. Just stay with me forever like this.
Ragini nods and breaks the hug and smiles naughtily.
Ragini : Okay pati dev then your wife will only give you hugs and nothing more.
Laksh makes and pout face and drags her on top of him.
Laksh : I will get what I want on exact time so get all time ready.
Ragini smiles and nods while Laksh chuckles looking at her cute face while Ragini blushes. Laksh pecks her blushing cheeks and her cheeks turn from pink to red. He tucks her hair behind her ear and caresses her tender face and the other hand still wrapped around her. They share a sweet eye lock still managing a cute smile on their faces and it turns out to be an intense one where it breaks when the door knocks. Ragini rolls off the bed and goes to open.
Laksh : Wait.
Ragini stops and looks on while Laksh opens the door and finds Swara.
Swara : Ragini?
Laksh : Come in.
Swara enters and bursts out in to laugh looking at Ragini.
Swara : What is this Laado? What are you wearing?
Swara places the bag which was having on the bed while Ragini grins.
Ragini : Laksh’s pajamas shona, I had no other option left.
Swara : You could have awoken me right?
Laksh : It is fine Swara, she is wearing her husband’s clothes and it is not a crime.
Swara : Ohh really I forgot that both of you are wedded.
RagLak : How can you?
Swara : Chilax guys I was kidding. Ragini get changed mama called me and said there would be some ritual where we have to prepare something.
Ragini : Prepare what?
Swara : Prepare something to eat.
Ragini : I don’t know anything.
Swara looks shocked and covers her mouth with her hand.
Swara : What nonsense are you talking?
Ragini : I have no idea how to lit the stove.
Swara : Now what are we gonna do? I thought you would know and was fear free.
Laksh : Are you two serious?
Swara and Ragini look at Laksh who had his hands folded by his chest and was looking shocked.
Ragini : We are serious.
Laksh : You are suppose to impress ma not get black marks from her.
Ragini gets teary and she looks on.
Ragini : But I didn’t have any way to learn how to cook Laksh.
Ragini’s voice was cracking while Laksh walks to her and wraps his hand around her shoulder.
Laksh : I understand you baby, ok now stop tearing (He wipes her tears while she looked upset) actually bhai knows to cook as he lived alone and even I know but he knows it very well.
Swara : Wow, Really?
Laksh : Btw what made you stop learning how to cook?
Swara chuckles.
Swara : Mama never let me enter her kitchen as I would turn in to a complete disaster.
Swara grins while Ragini looks at Laksh worriedly nods twice in a way that showing he will find a solution and walks to the table and takes his phone and dials Sanskaar.
Laksh : Sanskaar come to my room. (Laksh hangs up) Ragini, go get changed now bhai will come.
Ragini nods and takes out a dress and walks to the washroom.
Swara : I should have at least learnt how to cook, I had a way at least but Ragini.
Sanskaar enters Laksh’s room and Laksh tell everything. Sanskaar looks at Swara and gives a death glare.
Sanskaar : In the morning you didn’t know how to wear a saadi and now you don’t know how to cook.
Laksh : At least now do you know how to wear?
Swara : Nop, I wore looking the way Sanskaar wore. I just forgot how I wore it too.
Laksh : Good luck bhai, wear saadi every morning along with your wife.
Sanskaar checks the time.
Sanskaar : Just an hour more for breakfast time. Why is god testing me like this?
Swara : You can tell me the steps of making the food and I will work according to it when Ragini comes.
Sanskaar : Come with me.
Sanskaar drags Swara and goes out. Laksh remembers Ragini in the washroom and taps the door.
Laksh : Ragini are you okay?
He hears the door unbolting, Ragini opens the door and Laksh is shocked.

Scene shifts to SwaSan’s room where Swara is writing the ingredients and the step how to prepare halwa and keer.
Swara : So much to do? God please help us.
Sanskaar : Swara, today you will only have to prepare a sweet but tomorrow both of you will have to cook.
Swara : Don’t forget we gave college unlike you.
Sanskaar : Achcha who gave you permission to go to college?
Swara hangs her mouth wide open.
Swara : Do we need permission for that?
Sanskaar : Of course, in our family girls doesn’t study after marriage.
Swara grits her teeth.
Swara : What the…Never mind I will get the permission.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room, Ragini comes out wearing a saadi (What she wears in the serial in the beginning). Laksh was mesmerized to see Ragini with her wet hair. She walks to the dresser while Laksh walks to her like a magnet attracting to a metal. He stands behind her with a smile in corner of his lips. Ragini kept staring at him lovingly. Laksh hugs her from behind and takes the mangalsutra and makes her wear it and he takes out the sindoor box and applies it to her maang while Ragini blushed. Laksh wrapped his arms around her.
Laksh : Mangalsutra and sindoor should be worn by me and only me, it is one of my right and if I’m not around you and only then you have right to touch them.
Ragini : Just as you say.
Laksh tightens his grip and pecks her cheek.
Laksh : I love you my dear ugly wife.
Ragini releases herself and turns and hits on his chest.
Ragini : Just get lost you gorilla.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : I can’t change the fact at all that you are ugly.
Ragini : If I’m ugly why did you get married to me?
Laksh : Who knows? That is a fact that I regret.
Ragini : As if you are really handsome.
Laksh : Aren’t I am?
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : No (She chuckles) Don’t ask anyone else.
Laksh : Achcha, then why were you staring at me like that in the morning?
Ragini : Did I? Stop dreaming.
Laksh drags her closer makes her look at him.
Laksh : Didn’t you?
Ragini whispers : No
Ragini releases herself from the grip.
Laksh : Okay I can’t change the fact my wife is ugly and also I can’t change the fact she is a bit crazy
Ragini : I hate you monkey.
Ragini leaves stamping his foot. Ragini leaves the room in anger while Laksh laughs.
Laksh shouts : But I love you my ugly angel.

Ragini walks down and Swara also comes down. Ap is seen ordering the workers, Ap notices them coming and turns to them. Ap gives a blank look while Dp and Sanskaar comes down.
Ap : Look at the time, by this time you should finish preparing the food. There are some customs and morals in this house which have been ages long and I don’t want them to break. Let this be your first and last time.
Dp: Why are you shouting AP? (He turns to Swara and Ragini who had their heads down) The kitchen is there beta go.
He points at the kitchen while Swara and Ragini nod and leave.
Ap : Stop, as marwadi bahus both of you have to wear your pallu on the head.
Swara and Ragini nod and place the pallu on their head and leaves to the kitchen. Ragini removes the pallu so does Swara as they are not used to them. They start preparing according what Sanskaar told.
Dp : Aren’t you being too rude Ap?
Ap ignores and walks to the room. DP and Sanskaar sit in the dining room and AP joins them. Ragini and Swara come out and start serving what they have made, Laksh is still missing.
Ragini : Papa, I will check Laksh…
Laksh comes down and sits.
Laksh : How can I miss your special day?
Ap : Why isn’t your pallu on your head?
Swara and Ragini put it on.
Laksh : Ma why are you being so rude to them? What is the big deal if not wearing the pallu?
Ap : From when have your started talking against me?
Laksh : It is you who making me talk against you ma and I have vowed in front of the agni that I will support her and stand by her side forever.
Ap laughs.
Ap : My son has grown up a lot and I’m so proud of it. This girl (pointing at Ragini) has changed you, I knew that she doesn’t have any good values and she is here to break our family. Very soon she will get all the properties separated and separate our families.
Laksh opens his mouth to speak back and his eyes get caught up to Ragini folding her hand and shaking her head asking him not to speak back. Tears roll down her cheek and she pleads and Laksh sighs and runs up. Swara comes to Ragini and holds her shoulder while Ragini wipes her tears and goes in to the kitchen and cries. Swara comes behind her.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini hugs Swara and cries.
Ragini : He is suffering a lot because of me Swara, how can I look him suffer?
Swara breaks the hug and makes her look at her.
Swara : He has right to take pain for you Ragini but it is you who have to heal it as it is you who can heal it. You will have to win ma’s heart very soon and make realize that you are just perfect for her son.
Ragini nods and wipes her tears and walks out while Dp finish eating.
Dp : Both of you have prepared the sweet very tastily so this is your gift.
He gives money for both of them and blesses them. Swara turns to Sanskaar while Sanskaar goes up giving a look to Swara where Swara follows him. Ragini serves food in the plate and serves dessert and places all of them on a tray along with a glass of juice and walks up while Ap looks on from her room. Ragini reaches their room and finds no one. She places the tray on the table and walks out to the balcony and finds Laksh lost in his thoughts. Ragini holds his wrist and drags him inside and makes him sit on the couch. They have a painful eye lock but Ragini manages to break it giving a warm smile.
Ragini : Laksh, she is your mother and she is hurt bachcha, we should make her realize what she is thinking is wrong not by verbally but by action. She loves you a lot and when you went against her she broke. She is broke just the way you are broken, if she doesn’t accept the person who you love how you feel it is the same way for her. She loves Harini as her own daughter and she had her own dreams, it will take time for her to accept me until then she will taunt me, insult me hurt me. She will try her best to prove us wrong but we have to join hands to prove ma wrong and make her realize that we are meant to be together. Trust me from the day she accepts me as her bahu she will look after me as her own child and then I don’t want you to regret for speaking up harshly at her. When your wife is getting treated as a princess from your mother I don’t want my Laksh to regret speaking harshly with his ma. I don’t want you to cry out then telling ‘Ragini I was wrong Ma really loves you and I spoke rudely with her’ (Laksh looks at her lovingly while she rests her head on his chest) I promise you that I will make ma accept me as her bahu and even if she doesn’t she will always remain in the position of the mother in my heart because her anger is just due to love and if she is treating me as her princess or not I will treat her as my queen. So if she says anything to me you just stay calm, it will reduce her pain as well as yours.
Laksh makes her look at him.
Laksh : How can you make me understand everything so easily Ragini?
Ragini : Just the way you make me understand things.
They look at each other with loads love and care
Laksh : I’m now really hungry jaan.
Ragini makes him eat and pecks him on his forehead. She finishes feeding Laksh. Laksh’s phone rings and he answers it while Ragini stands up and goes down taking the tray. She comes back to the room and starts arranging her dresses in the cupboard and Laksh comes out of the washroom.
Ragini : Laksh
Laksh : Mmm
He sits on the bed.
Ragini : Will papa and ma allow us to go to college, just few month more for our graduation.
Laksh : I will ask permission.
Ragini : No I will ask.
Laksh : Are you so brave to go and ask by yourself?
Ragini turns to Laksh and gives a confused look.
Ragini : What is there to brave in it?
Laksh chuckles and walks to her with a dark smile and make her wear the pallu on her head.
Laksh : This is how you must stay under this roof, that is a rule of this house. In such house where girls must be in this way do you think my parents will allow you to study?
Laksh sounded a bit rude and Ragini looked shock.
Ragini : Laksh but this is my dream and why are you speaking like this?
Ragini sounded low and a bit of fear was mixed in her voice while Laksh burst out in to laughter. Ragini gives a confused look and Laksh holds her cheek.
Laksh : Did you think I was speaking seriously? (He chuckles while Ragini frowns) I was kidding baby and yeah I will speak with papa he will surely let you study.
Ragini : Such a jerk you.
Ragini hears Swara calling her she shakes her head and turns to leave but Laksh holds her by her waist and pins her to the cupboard and comes closer to her. His faces is just inches apart her face.
Laksh whispers : Do you know what a jerk do?
Laksh smiles naughtily.
Ragini : Laksh leave me.
Laksh : You should bear the punishment for calling me a jerk Mrs. Jerk. Especially do you know what a jerky husband does to his wife?
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh wraps his hand around her waist and gets closer and tucks the single hair which was dangling behind her ear while she shivered a bit for his slight and soft touch. She directly looked in to his eyes and he smiles through his while locking his jaw. After tucking his hand moved through her hair which was left opened and he gathered them and out it in to a side while Ragini breathed heavily the more closer he got. Laksh leaned to Ragini still managing to look naughty while Ragini’s hand automatically moved to his back. She gave him an intense look while her lips were shivering. Laksh pecked her neck and she fainted on his arms and Laksh held her. Swara enters the room just then.
Laksh : Ragini
Swara : Ragini how long have I been calling…(She sees Ragini unconscious) Ragini
Laksh gets panicked while Ragini starts breathing heavily.

Flashback ends

Laksh gets down the stairs from one side of the stairs while Lavanya gets down from the other. She was wearing a grey pajama and her hair left open. She stops and gives a painful look. She walks and sits in the dining table while Laksh goes comes and sits too. Swara starts serving and Ragini comes down with Laashya, she makes Laashya sit and she too starts serving.
Swara : You sit Ragini I will serve.
Ragini : I’m fine Swara.
Both of them serves and sit. There was a pin drop silence in the room. Laksh was feeling uncomfortable. He finishes eating faster so the others can eat peacefully and ran up. Ragini looked at him worriedly and she continues feeding Laashya and Raghav.
Aditya : Lavanya…
Lavanya interrupts : I don’t want to listen to any thing.
Aditya : Listen to me (Lavanya looks at Aditya) your papa slapped you and it was because he was tensed for Raghav and Ragini. Even if I was there in that place or spoken up I would got slapped. Even if Sandesh, Sandya, Sawitha, Rahul why even if Ragini was to kidnap you and scare him he would have done the same thing. You know your papa’s world revolves around his family and you also know the reason behind it. (Everyone looks on and realizes something) protecting his family and giving them the happiness his only aim. He doesn’t want his dark past to repeat again. It is we who should understand it; he has no idea what he just did in that split second. Now it is up to you to forgive your papa or not. The same thing what happened to you happened to your papa but you got back your family but he…
Lavanya runs upstairs and reaches Laksh’s room and doesn’t find Laksh and she runs up stairs to the terrace as he would either be in his room or terrace. Laksh was just standing folding his arms. Lavanya slowly walks to Laksh and holds his shoulder he turns and finds Lavanya. Laksh just gives a bitter smile and turns back as he is unable to make eye contact with his daughter. Lavanya hugs Laksh from back and she starts tearing.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh sighs and a tear escape he wipes it and turns breaking the hug. He holds Lavanya’s chin and turns it and finds a slap mark on his cheek. Laksh touches it and Lavanya grits her teeth in pain.
Laksh : It must be paining hena?
Lavanya shakes her head.
Lavanya : I seriously didn’t think that my idea will make things worse and hurt you this much, trust me papa I wanted to see you smiling and pecking my cheek for giving you the best wedding anniversary surprise. How can I forget that mama is not able to bear up shocks? How can I be so irresponsible? In fact I deserve this slap papa. It pained but when I realized what you would have gone through when you heard Raghav and mama was missing this pain I nothing in front of it. How could I be so insane? What kind of girl am I? I proved myself wrong and I proved that my parents up bringing are wrong. What you taught me and what mama taught me everything just shattered because I didn’t think and act. I thought of being a star in front of my papa’s eyes but…
Laksh : Enough, enough talking bad about you Lavanya. True that I got sacred, I got tensed, I got angry or whatever it is but I shouldn’t have raised my hand. I shouldn’t have slapped my child. (He held both her cheeks) You never failed to make me proud. I was just a bit stressed up when I heard both Raghav and Ragini are in danger. I just ran out of my mind and didn’t think when I slapped you. I don’t know if I’m forgivable or not.
Lavanya takes both his hand and holds it.
Lavanya : How can I not wait without forgiving my papa? I’m Laksh Maheshwari’s daughter, he has always told me to think from other’s point of view and then act. According to you point od view you slapping me was not at all wrong and in a way I’m happy too (She smiles in between her tears while laksh proudly looks at his daughter) I’m happy that you showed your pain on you daughter, it is you who told me that people show love and pain to the one who they love the most. You showed your pain on me and I’m really happy. If I was not to come forward and tell that I’m the one who decorated it you would have mentally crashed down, I’m happy that you released your stress on me.
Laksh : When did my little girl grow up so much that she is talking so maturely?
Lavanya : I will always be your little girl no matter how much I grow act maturely.
Laksh looks at her lovingly and hugs her and she hugs him back.
Laksh : I love you (He kisses on her head) You will always remain my little girl.
Lavanya : Love you too papa but seriously it hurt me papa.
Lavanya makes a pout face while Laksh breaks the hug and looks worriedly.
Laksh : What punishmesnt should we give to the person who hurt you.
Ragini reaches there.
Ragini : Simple pati dev, do 30 situps.
Lavanya : Mama…
Ragini : Shshshshshsh…This is the punishment for hurting my daughter so Mr. Laksh Maheshwari has to do it.
Laksh : Okay okay Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari I will do it.
Lavanya : You don’t have to do.
Ragini : But it is my order (She keeps both her hand on hip) so do.
Laksh nods and starts doing.
Lavanya : Mama he already asked sorry.
Ragini : Nah Nah, but he has to bear the punishment.
Laksh does all 50 and falls down while Ragini and Lavanya rush to him.
Ragini : Laksh
Lavanya : Papa.
Both of them get teary while and starts shaking him. Laksh opens one of his eye and bursts out in to laugh.
Lavanya : Cheater papa, you scared us.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh sits and drags both Ragini and Lavanya in to a tight hug and he kisses on Lavanya’s head while Lavanya and Ragini hug Laksh back.

Screen freezes on their hugging position.


OKAY all the tomatoes and eggs along with cabbage are welcome 😀 with love I know this was unexpected and yeah this is the worst chappy out of all guys please forgive me and yeah do comment all what you felt it would be a great help… And yeah thanks for your lovely support and care keep reading and supporting

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  1. I missed my laksh… ahhaa..
    I just love this laksh. He is just perfect…..waitinf for next update.

    1. Dafsi

      Hahaha Nitu itseems likeyou missed Laksh but not me anyways thanks alot for your comment do keep reading and supporting 🙂 the next update will be from first of August 🙂 until then you will have to wait

  2. as usual superb loved laklav bonding

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much and yeah Im happy that you loved LakLav bonding keep reading and supporting 🙂

  3. Moni

    welcome back Dafsi hehe though i have not reached this episode.i am reading 2-3 epi a day due to lack of time otherwise i would read it at a go.. i just peeped in to say i am liking your ff a lot…i thought why to comment on older ones i will just say it here..you are a fab writer and how do you manage to write such long episode..i get exhausted in 1 para only hehe..i think i need to make you my guru….sorry i talk too much 🙂 🙂

    1. Dafsi

      Hahah even Im a cahtter so I dont mind dea btw thanks alot for your comment and yeah Im kinda used to write lenthy episodes so no problem but at times I do get exausted and yeah do keep reading and supporting…it is fine to comment on old chappy if you can cuz Im re-reading it so I dont lose my track hehehe I know I sound lunatic anyways thanks again

      1. Moni

        Haha ok i will now for sure

  4. awesome , every scene is perfect you’re amazing dafsi dear, waiting for next part

    1. Dafsi

      Thanks alot lovely for the lovely comment Im happy to.know all the scenes turned out be perfect thank you keep.reading and keep supporting :).

  5. Sriya

    dear it was stupendous fantabulous chappy as usual no need of cabbages and tomatoes ushould be showered by flowers an petals for this amazing ff dear i posted a new raglak ff promo here is the ink for you dear hope u read it and comment on it dear http://www.tellyupdates.com/raglak-hatred-lust-love-betrayal-promo/

    1. Dafsi

      I will surely read it out and comment on it for sure do keep reading and supporting thanks alot for the comment it really meams alot to get comment from a swaninan anyways Im very happy thank you

  6. Laksh is imaginary husband…being perfect..I love this laksh very much

    1. Dafsi

      Hahaha I made him this way :p anyways thanks alot for liking Laksh and thanks for the comment keep reading and supporting 🙂 🙂

  7. No it was great!! Fantastic as usual!

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you thank you so much Ananya for the great comment keep reading and supporting dea thank you

  8. Zuha Fatima

    Ya Allah! I am dying in fever but your FF Mashaallah! It is awesome! Keep up the good work! Sorry I can’t write a long cmnt today FEVER??


    1. Dafsi

      How are you Zuha?? Hope you are doing good dea…thank alot for your lovely comment it even when you are not well I will include you in my dua for sure and take care Allah Khafiz love you and hugs 🙂

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Hey Dafsi di! Sorry for being Late ? Just woke up and opened TU?? Read your reply…Yeah I was having 103C* fever but now it is 99C* but still weakness?? Well thanks for remembering me in your prayers dear! LOVE U 2? Hugs? Fee Amanallah!

  9. Who told u tat it is worst chapter… Thr is not even one chapter of urs which can be said worst… Super episode showing father and daughter bonding… I just love ur ff alot it shows family bonding and love for eachother especially Raglak love for eachother which is unbeatable… Was waiting for ur ff…

    1. ur ff picture is just enough to tell the whole story of the episode…

    2. Dafsi

      Hehe then you can just skip reading if the picture is bad na?? Just kidding anyways thanks alot for loving my ff and telling that all the chapters are good it really really really means alot to me thank you for the wonderful comment Ani keep.reading and supporting 🙂

      1. Just waiting for the first week of August… If u can update it soon pls…

  10. Wow awesome episode dafsi

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much for the comment dea thank you keep reading and supporting 🙂

  11. Superb superb superb episode dear and all scenes are outstanding. Loved Laksh a lot. Love u dear and waiting for next episode.

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you thank you thank you. Happy that you loved the episode thanks for the commemt and yeah do keep reading and supporting 🙂 I will upload it soon

  12. Rafeee


    1. Dafsi

      Thanks alot for the comment keep reading and supporting 🙂

  13. Anjaly

    superb episode .one of the best raglak ff.i loved it

    1. Dafsi

      Happy that you.loved it dea thanks alot for the comment and yeah it really means alot to know my ff is on of the best thank you so much 🙂 keep reading and supporting 🙂 😀

  14. What a surprise!! Tnq so much fr the episode…as usual u rocked it..

    1. Dafsi

      Heheh Dafsi is full of surprises 😀 thanks alot for the comment dea do keep reading and supporting 🙂 thanks again

  15. Lata

    It was amazing dafsi??

    1. Dafsi

      Ohhh too short comment 😉 i expected a lenghty one :p anyways thank you and keep reading and supporting dea crazy friend 🙂

      1. Lata


  16. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous Outstanding one
    U really gave a shock dear
    And ur surprise was really nice I thought you would update Sasural Swaragini Ka
    Anyways loved today’s to the core and loved Raglak scenes in past and care,support towards each other was just Outstanding ?????????
    Loved last part and as well as the epi
    Waiting for the next one……………

    1. Dafsi

      Omg so much of complements thank you thank you thank you somuch for both support through messages as well as comments thank you alot your comments really means alot to me dea do keep reading and commenting thanks again

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome DEAR
        Continue rocking

  17. Wow! A create episode ends here again…
    I was eagerly waiting for this…
    It was an awesome update….
    N will be waiting for the next part… Impatiently…..
    Eager to read next one…

  18. Nami

    Finally u r back. Missed u a lots. It was awesome Fb was superb. Loved it

  19. Awesome

  20. Hemalattha

    i love it.awesome epi when raglak flashback.di u did it i’m happy for u.i waiting for your nxt update

  21. Ohhh woww what a surprise dafsi… U r amazing at giving surprises and superb updates … Hehehe seriously don’t know how to thank u for giving such an awesome chappy… It was not boring at all infect it was fabulous dear… And of course one of the Best surprise too…. Loved their chemistry and love and care for each other … Cutest family

  22. Awesome

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