Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 40


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Rahul: Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 40

The episode starts Ragini entering her room and finds Laksh siitng and reading some files.
Ragini : I asked you not to do any work right Lucky? (She sounded troubled) When have you ever listened to me?
Laksh closes the file and looks at Ragini frowning at him.
Laksh : I was just…
Ragini interrupts : I don’t need any explanations.
Laksh sighs and smiles while Ragini checks his temperature and hands over the medicines.
Laksh : You are like a paying nurse, look how strict you are.(Ragini gives a death glare) I mean you are taking care of me that well.
Laksh grins.
Ragini : When will you ever change Lucky? 20 years, in this 20 year I don’t even see a bit of improvement of your mental state.
Laksh : Of course there can’t be any change (Ragini looks at him confusingly, while Laksh drinks the medicine and looks at Ragini) When I’m living with a mentally disabled person, how can you expect for my mental states improvement.
Ragini grits her teeth and takes the pillow and starts hitting Laksh while he chuckles.
Ragini : Am I (She hits) A mental (Again she hits) case? Am I crazy?
She raises the pillow to hit again by then Laksh drags her by her hand on top of him and she lands on his chest both of them share an intense eyelock. Laksh drags her closer and they are inches apart.
Laksh whispers : You will always be my crazy lady.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini whispers : Year before you called me as your crazy girl, now have I gone old that you are calling me lady?
Laksh laughs and pulls Ragini’s cheek.
Laksh : Whether it is lady or girl I don’t care in any way you will be mine.
Ragini smiles and they share and intense and lovely eye lock while Laksh holds her faces with one hand and gets closer and just then Lavanya enters the room, and Ragini stands up and composes herself. Lavanya looked shocked to see her mama and papa romancing. It was not new for her but still she always gets shocked. Ragini and Laksh felt awkward but managed to be normal.
Lavanya : Sorry for not knocking before entering.
Ragini : It is okay Luv, what made you come?
Lavanya : I came to tell that tomorrow is the parents meeting for us.
Laksh : I have an important meeting tomorrow.
Ragini : But Laksh you have to take…
Laksh interrupts : I took enough of rest jaan and tomorrow I am needed.
Ragini rolls up her eyes.
Ragini : Fine do whatever you want Laksh (Laksh tries to speak but Ragini speaks out) and Luv I will come to your meeting.
Lavanya : Good night.
RagLak : Good night.
Lavanya leaves smiling remembering RagLak’s face when she entered the room. She enters the study where Sawitha was reading a book.
Lavanya in her mind : They are really a very sweet couple and let them always be like this. Oh god mama’s and papa’s face turned as if high school kids got caught doing something wrong (She laugh) they are really cute.
Sawitha : Luv are you okay? (Lavanya comes out of her thoughts and looks at Sawitha) why are you laughing alone?
Lavanya : Nothing.
Sawitha nods and starts reading the book while Lavanya sits on the couch and arranges her school bag.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room, Ragini is damn angry and is arranging the cupboard while Laksh is trying to convince her. Raghav is already asleep while Laashya was sitting on the couch colouring. Ragini closes the cupboard and turns to Laashya.
Ragini : Don’t you have any idea of sleeping Laashya?
Laashya shakes her head and realizes what Ragini asked and looks at Ragini with a cute puppy face while Ragini gives a death glare.
Laashya : I do have that idea mama.
She runs to the bed and lies beside Laksh while Ragini closes all the windows and the balcony door and pulls on the curtains and walks to the washroom. Laksh makes Laashya sleep while Laashya sleeps hugging Laksh and Ragini comes out.
Laksh : Ragini…(She doesn’t respond but lies beside Raghav and switches off the light) Ragini…
Ragini dozes off while Laksh sleeps disappointed.

It is morning, Ragini awakes and finds Laashys hugging Laksh and sleeping. Ragini goes to the washroom and comes out wearing a yellow saadi. She wipes her wet hair and Laksh awakes and finds Ragini in front of the mirror.
Ragini : You can go to office, I never want to control over you.
She tries to leave but Laksh holds her by her wrist. Laksh makes her wear the mangalsutra and applies sindoor Ragini stays calm until then and leaves the room releasing herself from Laksh’s grip. Laksh looks disappoint. Ragini goes to Rahul’s room and opens it.
Ragini : Rahul awake beta (She shakes Rahul) Awake or you will get late for school.
Rahul awakes and stretches his arms and finds Ragini keeping his uniform on the bed and she looked upset.
Rahul : Good Morning Mama (Ragini doesn’t hear) Mama
Rahul shouts and Ragini jerks up and looks on.
Ragini : Why are you shouting?
Rahul : You look upset.
Ragini : Nothing, now go get dressed.
Rahul : Mama…
Ragini interrupts : Are you also having meeting today?
Rahul nods and goes to the washroom.

Ragini goes to the kitchen and starts preparing breakfast along with Swara. Ragini looked raged where Swara notices this. Ragini packs all the food for kids and keeps them on the dining table. Lavanya and Sawitha come downstairs and Sandya also comes. They sit on the dining table to have breakfast and Sandesh and Rahul also join them. Sanskaar and Laksh comes along with Laashya and Raghav and sits. Ragini and Swara starts serving.
Sandya : Where is Daadi?
Swara : She has gone with Simran.
Sanskaar : How was college Sandya?
Sandya : Haa papa it was good.
She looks at Sandesh while Sandesh turns his head. Laksh notices this.
Laksh : Sandesh what about you? How was college?
Sandesh gives a bitter smile.
Sandesh : Good.
He looks at Sanskaar and then Swara and he gets teary.
Sanskaar : Laksh today you will have to do the presentation, you know the way I spoil the presentations. And this is not a project to slip from our hands hope you are fine now.
Laksh looks at Ragini and Ragini looks back and gives a blank look.
Laksh : I’m still not fit bhai, it is fine if we don’t get this project.
Sanskaar : But Laksh…
Laksh still looking at Ragini : I know people are craving for this project but I’m not fit Sanskaar, just cancel meetings.
Sanskaar : Have you gone mad Laksh, you and I both know how much this project is important?
Swara : If he is not well how can he do the presentation Sanskaar?
Sanksaar : Okay then I will cancel.
Lavanya : But papa last night you had fit to… (Ragini and Laksh look at Lavanya shockingly) fit to…
Sawitha : Fit to what?
Lavanya : Fit to…(She think what to tell) Fit to… (Ragini gives death glares to Lavanya while Lavanya grins) Fit to check the files right?
Laksh : I just checked the files thinking I can do the presentation but now I’m not feeling okay.
Swara hears honk sound.
Swara : The bus has come run three of you.
Rahul, Lavanya and Sawith rush out.
Sandesh stands up and leave.
Sanskaar : Sandya get ready and I will drop you.
Sandya : No papa it is fine I will go alone.
Sanskaar : Alone? By what?
Sandya : Friends.
Swara : Not necessary, there are more than enough vehicles in our house so you can go by them or go with papa.
Sandya : Ma by bus it is fun.
Sanskaar : No I will drop you go get ready.
Sanskaar leaves up and Swara follows him and Sandya goes up upset and Laashya and Raghav also runs up. Laksh and Ragini left alone. Ragini goes upstairs while Laksh also comes. He enters and finds Ragini taking out his suit and placing it on the bed. Laksh looks at her lovingly and enters in and Ragini turn the other side and tries to leave but Laksh holds her by her wrist and Ragini stops.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Again I failed to understand you (She turns and is not able to make eye contact with Laksh so she burries her head to the ground and tears) another how many times will I fail Laksh?
Laksh makes her look at his hazel eyes and he smiles and pecks her forehead while tears roll down her cheek. He walks a step ahead still holding both her cheeks and looking her lovingly.
Laksh : This is not called not understanding my sugar plum but love, you love and care for me so much that you forget to think other things. You have nothing to do with money, fame, richness (Ragini gets overwhelmed and looks at him lovingly) all what you need is my healthiness not wealth. You can’t blame my Ragini for that because she loves me more than anythings.
Laksh nods and Ragini smiles through her tears and Laksh drags her to his chest and hugs her tightly and Ragini hugs him back. They break the hug and Laksh wipes her tears.
Ragini : Drink the medicine and get ready.
Laksh : Btw your daughter is getting naughty day by day.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : She is growing up too Laksh.
Laksh : We have to be careful while romancing.
Ragini : Chii Laksh, have some shame for god sake. Four people call you papa, three call you chaachu and one call you maamu then think how old you are.
Laksh : Love doesn’t have age cup cake.
Ragini : Okay lava cake.
Both of them laugh and share a lovely yet passionate eye lock.

Flashback 20 years (No one is thinking or narrating)

Laksh and Ragini are standing on the stairs holding each other’s hands. Both of them get down stairs. Everyone is shocked and is not understanding what is going on.
Ap : What is going on? (She holds her head) What have you done? How come this happen? She was supposed to be your bha…
Laksh interrupts : Biwi, she supposed to be and is my wife.
Ap and Sanskaar shocked.
Ap : What are you telling Laksh?
Laksh : I and Ragini love each other.
Ap : Aren’t you ashamed to love your brother’s fiancé Laksh?
Ragini starts tearing while Laksh looks at her and tighen his grip indicating her no matter what I will never leave you.
Laksh : No, but I was ashamed of seeing my love as my bhabhi. We loved each other before bhai’s engagement.
Ap and Shekhar are shocked.
Shekhar : Ragini what this boy is telling is true?
Ragini is silent and holds Laksh by his arms and gets closer to him in scared.
Laksh : You don’t have to fear Ragini, just speak out. You trust me don’t you?
Ragini : Yes.
Dp : Past is past shekhar ji, somehow she was meant to be our daughter in law and we don’t care which son she married. It just happened.
Ap shouts : I do care, I have give a word t an innocent girl and who will answer her? I can’t accept anyone other than her as Laksh’s wife.
Laksh and Ragini are shell shocked so the others. Ragini tightens the grip in pain of hearing someone as her Laksh’s wife while Laksh encircles his hand around her shoulders.
Laksh : She is my wife and she will only be my wife.
Ap : I won’t accept her as my bahu Laksh (Ap points her index finger at Laksh) You have to chose between her or me. You know your mother very well, if she gives a word and it is forever. You were proposed to Harini and she has been living until now thinking you as her husband.
Laksh : She has nothing like that in her mind, in fact she knows I love Ragini.
Ap turns to Harini and looks at her confusingly.
Harini : Haa Ma…(She pauses) I mean aunty, I knew but I didn’t want to ruin his happiness and I’m fine with it.
Ap : Look this is what a girl is, She is gold Laksh gold. This girl (Pointing at Ragini) has eloped. How characterless is she? She got engaged with one brother and got married to another.
Dp : Annapoorna…
Ap : Nothing can stop me, I won’t live in a house where a characterless girl will live.
Ragini starts crying and Swara comes and hug her and Ragini break out.
Shekhar walks to Ragini and drags her to a side and raises his hand to give a slap but before he could Laksh holds his hand coming in between. They share a strong eyelock and Laksh jerks his hands and points his index finger.
Laksh : She is not anymore Ragini Gadodia remember (He drags her closer to his chest whre Harini tightens her fist and grits her teeth) now she is Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh pronounced the name very clearly in a way of showing that Ragini is his.
Shekhar pointing his index finger to Ragini.
Shekhar : You have made my head bend down and spoiled my name. I can’t hear taunting on my upbringing. I told you what will happen if something goes wrong.
Laksh : You touch her and you won’t have breath in your body.
Shekhar is shocked.
Shekhar signal his body guards by then Aditya and Laksh takes two guns from their pocket and points at Shekhar which makes everyone shock. Then polices rounds up Shekhar.
Aditya : Everything is over black cat (lol I have no idea why I named his secret name as black cat) your game is over.
Shekhar looks shocked while others are confused.
Shekhar : How do you know?
Aditya : It doesn’t matter black cat but now your play is over. It was because to catch you and get closer to you I has to ask in hand of marriage of you daughter.
Aditya points the guards to take him while Ragini steps forward.
Ragini : What did he do to take him?
Aditya : He is the reason for your own sister’s and mother’s death.
Ragini looks shocked.
Ragini : What do you mean?
Aditya : He is an underworld mafia and because of his mistake only your sister got kidnapped and got killed. He is not good as he looks. He killed people for money but no one knew that he was the head as even the people who took contracts don’t know who he is. He had his own key name ‘black cat’ which only he knew.
Ragini looks shocked.
Ragini : Is it true papa?
Shekhar : No he has no proof.
Aditya : just shut up, your system is hacked. You password is your finger print and we got it. You can’t do anything else other than getting surrender.
Ragini : Was all this wealth from that money?
Aditya : No, except the construction company other everything has got involved with that money. The construction company is under your name and no money can be added other than the investment’s profit until it is under you. Take him.
Shekhar was dragged while he frees himself and runs out. Ragini and Aditya run behind while Swara also goes behind along with Simran. Sanskaar runs without his knowledge behind Swara shouting her name. Laksh tries to run but Ap holds him.
Ap : You can’t leave Laksh it is dangerous.
Laksh : She needs me ma.
Ap : I can’t leave you.
Laksh : Ma please…
Dp frees him by force and both of them rushes out and gets in to another car where Swara, Ragini, Aditya, Simran and Sanskaar are in one and Laksh and DP are in one. Ap and Harini also come. They reach a hilly place where Shekhar gets trapped in an edge.
Aditya : There is no way you can escape.
Shekhar : Yes my wife’s and daughter’s death was happened because of me. That man wanted to know my truth and he kidnapped my daughter and tried to get information but I was not a person who gets emotionally blackmailed so I killed him along with my daughter and my wife saw it and she slipped in to a mentally ill person (Shekhar cries) but I was in pain for killing my daughter and being the reason for my wife’s death so I didn’t want that to happen again that I managed to protect Ragini from people after building up a story telling that her sister eloped and got married and that person killed her. I was able to keep her away from everyone until now.
Ragini was in utter shock she slowly moves to shekhar.
Ragini : Did you kill di and ma? (She cries bitterly) Did you kill them? You are a mudder. I hated you always for not giving me freedom but loved you more than I hated you thinking that you tried to protect me but because of you I have lost touvh with the world. I was just a body who you controlled still I kept quiet thinking that you are doing everything because you love me.
Shekhar : I was really protecting you…
Ragini interrupts : You didn’t have to protect me for this. I know there must be a reason behind it too.
Aditya : Exactly (Ragini turns) once you get married the construction business which is your mother’s but under your name will be able to transfer in to anyone.
Ragini smirks in between her tears.
Ragini : That is what I was wondering what this heartless man has been protecting me for. I’m just feeling disgusted for what you did and is doing; I am ashamed to be called as your daughter. You know what today I’m very happy that I got to know the truth not when I’m Ragini Gadodia but Ragini Laksh Maheswari. I’m so happy that the day I was left with no one I was owned by someone. I’m so happy that I was given a surname as I can never carry your surname with me cuz it is just sewage. I’m so happy that I’m safe in someone’s arm right now, if he wouldn’t be here I would have jumped off this cliff for what you have done. You and your fame will save you now not me.
Ragini turns and her eyes meet up with dazzling hazel eyes which had a smile on one corner of his slip through the tears looking proudly at his wife speaking up about their relation. Ragini walks up to him with and breaks down in his arm and sits down while Laksh sits down with her and lets her cry.
Aditya : If you don’t let us arrest you we will have to kill you in the name of encounter.
Shekhar : I’d rather jump off this cliff.
He tries to jump but Aditya shoots him shocking everyone Ragini doesn’t break the hug but tightens her grip and cries in Laksh’s arms where Laksh hugs her back tighter. Shekhar falls on the ground and the rest of the police take him.

Ap : We will go home and will have a bath with ganga jal, all this sins won’t just remove from our body.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Ap and Ap turns her face away.
Laksh : I was wrong ma, I thought you would understand me and accept us but you…
Ap : No, I won’t accept both of you. Ragini is a characterless girl (Ragini stands up and Laksh stands up and holds her hand) and this girl (pointing at Swara) She at least sacrificed her life for our reputation and married Sanskaar.
Swara : No I got married Sanskaar as I love him.
Everyone looks at Swara shockingly.
Sujatha : Yai bhagawan I’m feeling like faintish. I don’t understand what is going on someone call the doctor.
Swara : I loved Sanskaar before even I knew him, I fell for his charm on the day he came to pick Laksh. Every time he comes to pick or drop I wait for him and fell in love with him.(She looks at Sanskaar) I didn’t want to confess it to nayone and when I knew he was going to be Ragini’s fiancé I was shattered.
Ragini interrupts : Swara…
Swara : I didn’t want to tell her either as if any case she ends up marrying Sanskaar she won’t forgive herself for getting married after making two people suffer, one is me and the other one is Laksh. I don’t want to starts a relation with lie so forgive me.
Ap : Are you both playing with my sons life? (She turns and sighs) If Sanskaar wishes to accept you as his wife I will accept you as my bahu but I won’t accept Ragini.
Laksh walks to Ap.
Laksh : Ma can’t you accept her as your bahu?
Ap : Not now or ever. She is a criminal’s daughter…
Laksh inteerupts : But she is your son’s wife.
Ap : I will never want criminals in my future generation.
Laksh : Ma, she and her father has nothing to do.
Ap : There is, the children will be like their parents. She will not step our house if she does then I will leave.
Laksh is shocked, he closes his eyes and lets his tears roll down and walks to Ragini and holds her by her cheeks and wipes her tears.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Will you come with me to wherever I take you?
Ragini takes his hand and keeps it on her head while Laksh looks confused.
Ragini : It is a promise on me that you should not leave your house because of me.
Laksh jerks his hand and looks at Ragini angrily.
Laksh : What are you doing?
Ragini : I have already been blamed as a criminal’s daughter Laksh (Laksh tries to speak but Ragini keeps her finger on the lips) you have got good parent don’t hurt them. Don’t take any decision in hurry. I don’t want you to have a bad name because of me, so you go. I can manage.
Laksh : Ragini where will you go? I am a man not a coward to leave you like this alone in the middle of the road. Didi I get married to you vowing like this? Just hours before we vowed to each other and did you forget what we vowed (He holds by her arm and makes her looks at him) How can I leave you when you are suffering?
Ragini : You promised on me.
Laksh : Please…
Before he could complete Ragini kisses him and shuts him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Laksh holds her cheek in one hand and wipes her tears and the other hand is wrapped around her waist and Ragini drags him closer and Laksh looks at Ragini’s closed eyes and breaks the kiss. He looks at Ragini hugs her tightly and he hugs him back really tightly and sobs and they get lost in each other’s embrace, she buried her face in his chest like how she usually does and he buried his face in her shoulder. She breaks the hug and turns without making eye contact Ap drags Laksh while he walks like a lifeless body while Ragini cries hard. Swara comes and looks at Ragini and holds her by her arms. Simran and Aditya rushes to them along with Sanskaar.
Swara : What have you done? You are now married and you have put him into a great big trouble Ragini (She shouts) what will people tell him? He can’t take care of his wife. You have made others point at his character. Why are you playing with him?
Sanskaar walks to them and sighs.
Sanskaar : I have no idea what happened or what is happening but Ragini and Swara both of you have played with my feelings. (Ragini cries harder and Swara looks at Sanskaar confusingly) but I won’t let you play with my brother’s life.
Swara : Do you know what are you speaking? She is already in pain…
Sanskaar interrupts : When the husband speaks wife should shut up. (Swara open her mouth wide open and then gives a stern look to Sanskaar) I have never seen Laksh crying so much in his life like I saw right now. Whatever the decision you took is right from your point of view as well as ours. You didn’t want to make things harder for Laksh as it is very hard to chose two important people but he has right to be with you and you, yourself took away his right.
Simran : I know it is hard to see him in pain but you have made Laksh helpless. DO you think you are brave or do you think what you did was right? He fought for you until mow and through a single promise you made him totally helpless.
Sanskaar : I’m going home, if you are coming come or stay with her.
Sanskaar leaves while Swara looks on at Ragini.
Ragini : Go away shona, I can manage.
Swara : I’m not leaving you, I’m your best friend and there in nothing more important than you to me.
Ragini hugs Swara. Simran caresses Ragini’s head.
Aditya : This is not the solution Ragini, your dad did the mistake and there is no point of you getting punishment. You need a support to come over it and the only person who can help you is your Laksh. You need him.

Ragini looks disappointed and then looks behind Aditya, Laksh standing with a painful smile with his hand folded. Dp comes walking to Ragini.
Dp : First time in his life he begged and I couldn’t reject him beta. (Ragini looks at Dp and then Laksh.) He has no mind to leave his wife all alone and as a father I can’t see him broken.(He folds her and Ragini shakes her head) Please come with us, I and Sanskaar spoke with Ap and she is convinced but it will take time to accept you beta nut please don’t tell you can’t come.
Ragini looks at Laksh and slants her head and smiles in between her tears and looks at him lovingly. Laksh nods and she walks to him.
Laksh : How can I leave you all alone? You never dare to do that promising thingy ever.
Ragini nods like and obedient child and Laksh hold her hand tightly and walks to the car while the others smile. All of them reach MM. AP does Swara’s grahparvesh but refuses to do Ragini’s.
DP : AP stop be stubborn…
Before he could complete Ap leaves while Harini looks at Ragini agrily.
Swara : Uncle (Dp looks on) I mean can I call you papa? (Dp smiles and nods) Papa as the elder daughter in law can I do Ragini’s grah parvesh.
Ragini is over whelmed while Dp nods. Swara does her grah parvesh and hugs Ragini. Ragini enters MM stepping in to vermillion.
Sujatha : Simran beta shall we leave? Or we won’t be able to do your grah parvesh.
Singhania’s and the rest leave MM after greeting. Dp calls the servant and asks them to show Laksh’s room to Ragini and Swara’s room to Sanskaar. Ragini and Swara go up.
Dp : Sanskaar and Laksh come to my room.
Dp enters and find Harini and Ap sitting. AP is seen crying while Harini is seen consoling her.
Harini : Then I’m leaving ma…I mean aunty.
She greets dp and leave. She rushes to her car and cries out loud. She drives the car faster crying out aloud. Scenes shifts to MM.
Ap : I have nothing to speak.
Dp : You have to accept the truth Ap.
Ap : No way, it is been years since I started thinking Harini as my bahu. She is the only person who will suit our Laksh.
Dp shouts : What is wrong with you? Destiny has its own plans, now Laksh and Ragini are married even if you accept it or not. I called you both to tell this, now both of you are married and I know both the girls are really kind and good. Both of you have to look after them and I don’t want them to see them unhappy. They are my daughters from now on. Understood?
Laksh and Sanskaar nods.
Ap : You are the one who is spoiling them.
Dp : I’m teaching them and I don’t want you to hurt any of them Ap and I’m strictly warning you that if in anycase if they leave this house and you will know what will happen then.
Dp leaves while Sanskaar and Laksh goes out and AP sits frustratingly. Sanskaar and Laksh walks up and Sanskaar turns to leave to his room.
Laksh : Bhai
Sanskaar stops and turns.
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky bolo…
Laksh : I’m sorry bhai, countless times I thought of telling you…
Sanskaar interrupts : No Lucky what you did was right. You saved to lives one is Ragini’s and the other one is mine. If we would have married our lives would be hell in fact I’m happy to get married to the person who love me.
Sanskaar and Laksh hug each other and they break the hug.
Laksh : Happy wedded life.
Sanskaar : Same to you bro.
Both of them laugh and go to their room. Sanskaar enters his room and finds Swara wearing a pajama and sitting on the couch playing angry birds go. She was playing it interestingly with her leg folded crossed. Sanskaar starts laughing. Swara looks at him confusingly.
Swara : Why are you laughing?
Sanskaar : It is our sughaarat today.
Swara get stunned listening to him while Sanskaar walks to her with a naughty smile and leans to her while she starts sweating and moves back ward and stands up. She loses balance but Sanskaar holds her by her waist and they share an eyelock. Swara composes herself and turns.
Sanskaar : You can sleep on the couch and I will sleep on the bed.
Swara turns in shock.
Swara : What?? I can’t sleep on the couch, it will ruin my appearance.
Sanskaar : But this is my room and I will sleep where I want to sleep.
Swara : Now this is my room to, I’m you r wife don’t forget.
Sanskaar : You are annoying shortie.
Swara : Shortie?
Sanskaar : Haa, now sleep here and I will sleep on the bed.
Swara drags him and pushes on the couch and runs to the bed and sleeps crossing the bed while Sanskaar was shocked at her monkey behavior. Swara dozes off while Sanskaar smiles at her and sleeps on the couch.

Scene shifts to Laksh’s room. Laksh enters and doesn’t find Ragini so he goes to the balcony to check. He finds Ragini standing and looking up at the sky. Ragini was speaking alone and Laksh was shocked.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Come Laksh, I will make you meet my ma.
Laksh realizes what is going on and goes towards her and stands beside her. Laksh greets up looking at the sky and Ragini rests her back on Laksh.
Laksh : So this is how you have been healing your pain?
Ragini : Yes Laksh, in fact now I’m used to this and I’m not at all feeling my ma’s separation.
Laksh smiles and hugs her from the back.
Laksh : Ma, I’m promising you that I will look after your daughter like a queen. She is my world and there will be no anything called sorrow in her life.(Ragini turns to Laksh and Laksh looks at her lovingly anf they share a lovely eyelock.) Go get changed you look tired and exhausted.
Ragini : My bag must be in Sanskaar’s room.
Laksh : I’ll go get it.
Ragini : It is fine, let’s not disturb them.
Laksh : You can wear mine if you want.
Laksh asks it naughtily.
Ragini : What problem is there in wearing my husband’s dress? So I will wear.
Ragini winks and goes to the wardrobe and takes out his bottom and t shirt. She goes infron of the dresser and stands. Laksh naughtily smiles and comes behind Ragini and hugs he removes her jewelries and unties her bun and turns her while Ragini blushes hard and she feels nervous.
Laksh : There is no need to happen anything by today, I know that it is not the correct time Ragini so let’s first feel totally comfortable with each other and take our relationship to the next level when the correct time comes.
Ragini smiles at his concern and the way he understanding her when she didn’t even utter a word out.
Ragini : How can you understand me so well Laksh? I don’t know if I would understand you if I was in your place.
Laksh : Definitely you would (Laksh pecks her forehead and tucks her hair behind her ear) Btw you looked very beautiful today.
Ragini : I know (Laksh looks at her confusingly) the way you stared at me I can understand it.
Laksh chuckles and taps her cheek.
Laksh : My Jhansi ki rani is also beautiful than I thought.
Ragini : Get lost.
Ragini goes in to the washroom while Laksh goes out to the other washroomas he was not able to wear the heavy sharwani for any longer. He enter and finds Ragini in his favourite white t shirt and a bottom. Indeed it was very big for her and she was drying her hair. Laksh laughs at her and lies on the bed.
Laksh : Make sure you dry you hair properly or you will end up having cold.
Ragini : Okay okay, pati dev.
Laksh smiles, Ragini takes the pillow and turns to leave but Laksh holds her and drags her to him and she comes and lands on his chest. Laksh tucks her hair behind her ear and they share a lovely eye lock. Laksh switches off the light. Laksh hugs Ragini and she rests on his chest. He tightens the hug and she cuddles up.
Laksh : Could you think that I will leave you anymore? From now on I want to sleep in your embrace and forever.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Feeling secured in your arms Laksh, I’m really lucky to have you in my life.
Laksh caresses her hair and she dozes off in his embrace and he too doze off.

Ragini’s POV
It was the best night ever, I felt secured and protect in his arms. The sleep was very peaceful and relaxing. Everything what happened today was like a dream, both my marriage with Laksh and my papa being a criminal. God gave me both sadness and happiness together but my happiness took over my sadness. I determined myself to be a good wife and a good bahu and always be my Laksh’s side no matter what happened. He loves immensely and moreover cares for me. Respecting me and understanding me are what I love in him the most. He is blessing to me from god My Laksh became my life and he is going to be a person who I will love to the infinite or more than that. I will make his every problem my problem and will never let him shatter down. I will be his strength and support. Still it is hard to believe but I have to believe. I was scared to open my eyes in the morning what if everything was a dream? That fact feared me. What if all what happened until now is just a dream? No that can ever happen. I love my Laksh, ‘LAKSH’ my world.
Ragini’s POV ends.

Laksh’s POV.
She was close to me not even inches apart, I felt her warmth yet she was shivering for my AC temperature which was unusual than any of the houses and she kept cuddling like a small kid. I was very happy in fact I was not able to express my happiness to Ragini and I will surely express how special she is to me very soon. I understand what she was going through though she didn’t try to show me. I determined myself to be a protecting shield to my Ragini and be a good husband. Never thought a girl will cross my life and become my life. Everything seems like a mere dream. I was the happiest man on the earth right now. Though nothing happened in between us still this embrace was just enough or more than enough to me her closeness and warmth was more than enough for me. I love my Ragini, ‘RAGINI’ my world.
Laksh’s POV ends.
Ragini and Laksh are seen sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace while someone is shown standing looking at them out from the window.

Flashback ends.

Swara was cutting fruits watching TV while Ragini was busy feeding Laashya and Raghav.
Ragini : Raghav come and sit here beta I can’t run behind you.
Raghav is shown running all around the living room while Laashya is drawing sitting down and Ragini is feeding lunch. Raghav comes and sits beside Ragini he eats a mouth and runs back. They see the news going on.
The reporter : The Mheshwari brothers are ready to compete JK constructions and get the contract though (Sanskaar and Laksh are shown entering their office with shades on) we know our dashing brothers who has never lost a contract is ready, JK construction the new CEO David Kapoor is equally ready and it is his first contract. “This is not new to me and I’m the one who is presenting the presentation has no doubt on we are getting it” said Laksh Maheshwari the middle age business tycoon who is still dashing and any girl would fall for him.
The news topic changes while Ragini grits her teeth.
Ragini : Dashing business tycoon my foot. He is 43 years old and this girl is keeping on telling dashing.
Swara giggles.
Swara : Relax Ragini, are you feeling jealous btw?
Ragini laughs sheepishly.
Ragini : At least my husband is 43 (Ragini sticks her tongue out) but your husband being 46 was called as dashing.
Swara : Get lost Ragini, he or his dashing. All the time his leg and back pains.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : My Laksh is strong still.
Swara : If they get this project let’s keep a pooja for their evil eyes.
Ragini : Yup, even if they get or not we have to do a pooja for our dashing brothers.
Ragini sounded dramatic, and both of them laughed out loud.
Swara : Get ready and come we have to go on time.
Ragini : Okay, Raghav and Laashya come I’ll make you get ready and you will stay with daadi until the meeting finishes okay?
Raghav : Are we going to Shiv’s house?
He asks it while running up hitting Laashya and Laashya runs behind him, Ragini runs behind them.
Ragini : If both of you fight I won’t let you go to shiv’s house.
Raghav stands on the bed and Laashya throws pillow and it knocks to Ragini’s frame and it doesn’t fall down.
Raghav : if you can catch me Lash baby.
Ragini : Raghav(She holds Raghav and carries him) stop being naughty and stop annoying her beta.
Ragini walks to his room and gets him changed and gets Laashya changed too. Ragini comes down wearing a blue saadi (She wears how she use to wear in the serial). All of them leave, Ragini sits in the driving seat while Raghav sits beside her. Swara and Laashya sits in the back and she drives off. They drop Laashya in Aditya’s house and takes Raghav along with them as they know if both of them are together it would be world war three.
Swara : Raghav you must be a good boy or the teachers will hit you.
Raghav nods while Ragini caresses his hair. They reach school and they meet all the teachers along with their respective kids. Scene shifts to MM where Ragini’s frame which Laashya threw the pillow falls down and Laksh who was doing the presentation feels restless. He still continues doing but he feels so restless so he finishes it and everyone is impressed. Sanskaar senses something wrong with Laksh.
Sasnkaar whispers : Is everything okay?
Laksh : No Sanskaar I’m feeling something is really not right, hope Ragini and everyone is fine.
They announce the results , Laksh and Sanskaar gets it and they hug each other. They shake hands and Laksh excuses him and comes out.

Scene shifts to school, Ragini and Swara come out along with Raghav.
Raghav : Badi ma I want to ice cream.
Swara : Come I will get you.
Ragini gets Laksh’s call and walks to the car.
Laksh : Are you okay Ragini?
Ragini : Haa Laksh I’m fine.
Laksh relaxes and Ragini gets worried.
Ragini : What happened to the contract?
Laksh : We made it.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : I know my husband is talented.

Swara : Raghav (She shouts) Raghav
Ragini turns and finds Swara searching for Raghav.
Ragini : Raghav
She starts searching while Laksh hears her shouting and gets tensed. Ragini cuts the call and again he calls and she answers.
Laksh : What happened?
Ragini : Laksh Raghav is missing.
Laksh rushes out and Sanskaar follows him.
Laksh : Where are you Ragini?
Ragini : School…
Someone closes her nose with a hanky and her phone falls.
Laksh : Hello…Hello Ragini…
He cuts and calls back there was no answer. He gets in to his car and drives faster and is tensed. Near the school parking lot Swara is seen searching for Raghav and she comes near the car and finds Ragini’s phone down and is shocked. Ragini is seen unconscious in a vehicle while Laksh is seen driving tensely.

Screen freezes on the faces of Ragini and Laksh.


Ritvi Jain as Laashya
Yuvaan from Suhani Si Ek Ladki as Raghav

Thanks a lot for your coninous support and love do keep reading and supporting and yeah how did you find my todays’s episode? Good or bad? Whatever it is just do comment… I tried my level best to give a good update and I hope that I succeeded so do comment… It si indeed a lengthy one and yeah from today I’m pausing my this ff and I will continue my other ff and I will surely let you know when will restart this ff until the take care everyone love you guys  it might take nearly two to three weeks as I have planned to end up my other ffs off  So take car with loads of love Dafsi <3

So here guess what will happen next….
What will happen to Ragini and where Raghav?
Will Laksh find out?
Who was the person standing out in the past?
How will Ap get convinced?
And many more to come…

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