Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 4


Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 4

The episode starts with Laksh driving Ragini’s car. Ragini is seated behind on her right side Lavanya is sleeping placing her head on her lap and on her left Rahul is sleeping in the same manner.
Laksh : I think they enjoyed alot in the park that is why they look tired.
Ragini : Hmm did you leave your car in the office in the greed of ice cream.
Laksh looks at Ragini from the mirror.
Laksh : It was not greed for ice cream Mrs.Laksh it was greed to spend time with family.
They reach their apartment. Laksh gets down and carries Lavanya and Ragini carries Rahul. Laksh locks the car and both of the heads to the lift. They live in the first floor and its an apartment of Gadodias and only 10 floors which are given to high class families. Laksh opens the door and makes way so that Ragini can enter. He goes to Lavanya’s room and makes her lay on the bed and removes her shoes and sock. Ragini does the same with Rahul in Rahul’s room. Both of them come out closing the door behind them.

Ragini ties her hair in a bun and goes to her room Laksh follows her.
Laksh : Jaan…
Ragini : Mmm bolo (She says it while taking her t-shirt and pajama)
Laksh : How much have they grown nuh?
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Without gtowing do you want them to be babies forever.
Laksh comes and hugs her from behind. Ragini places her hand on his hand.
Laksh : Do you know how much I love them? Do you know how much I love you?
Ragini : Mera baaba this is what you are keeping on telling for past 13 years.
Laksh : It is like…
Ragini cuts his words :…a dream. I never thought that I will have two lovely kids and a beautiful wife(She imitates Laksh)
Laksh and Ragini both of them laugh.
Ragini : Shshshshsh they will get up. Let them sleep little.
Laksh breaks the hug and makes her turn in to her. He kisses Ragini’s forehead.
Laksh : Are you ready to bear the punishment?
Ragini blushes. Laksh places his forehead on Ragini’s.
Laksh : I love you more when you blush.
Ragini : I know these cheeks only change its colour for you. Now leave me I have to prepare dinner.
Laksh : Still you didn’t bear the punishment.
Telling this he drags her closer.

Scene shifts to MM. Dp is seen seated in a easy chair and Ap is seen seated in the sofa along with Sawitha. Sandya is seen seated in the kitchen pantry and Swara is busy preparing dinner.
Swara : Sandya forvsitting there and eating almonds you can come and help me na?
Sandya : Ma eating almond gives energy to store things in your brain so I’m not doing something useless. By the way Ma are you gonna buy Sandesh a phone?
Swara : Why do you also need one?
Sandya : Did I ask now? If I want one I know whom to ask.
Swara : Who? That Laksh is only spoiling these kids. Both brothers together…
Sandya : Now why are you blaming chaachu?
Swara : Because you chaachu does what ever you all want.
Sandya :Because he loves us.
Swara : Too much love will only cause disaster.
Sanskaar enter : Swara stop acting as a typical mother.
Swara : What typical mother? you or your kids do whatever you want I don’t care.
Sanskaar : Swara…
Sanday : Papa I told nothing she itself asked do you want a phone, then she itself blamed chaachu and you, she itslelf…
Sanskaar : Sandya go to you room.
Swara : I don’t want to listen to anything. The dinner is ready come to eat. Sandya go and call everyone and come.

Scene shifts to GA (Gadodia Apartment)
Ragini comes out of the washroom after having a wash. She then smells something. She goes to the kitchen and finds Laksh preparing food.
Ragini : Smells goooooooooood
Laksh : After all Laksh Maheshwari made it.
Ragini : I know I know you arw good cook now don’t start boasting. I know my husband is best in everything.

Flashback 13 years ago (No one is thinking or nareating)
Scene begins at GM Ragini is getting down the stairs then she suddenky remembers Laksh.
Ragini mologue : Ohh no today I have to discuss with that gorilla about the project.
Shekhar : Laado beta…
Ragini : Haa dad bolo
Shekhar : I got a call from your principal regarding the international project competition for 15 days in Sydney.
Ragini : Haa dad, they asked for a permission letter too. I told Peter to remind you.
Shekhar : Yeah he did, even I’m going on a business trip to New York for 20 days which means I will come 5 days after you come. Will you be able to manage?
Ragini : Yes dad
Seckhar : Prakash give the letter to her.
A man who was standing behind him with a black bazer and black sun glasses and having a bluetooth on his ear came forward with the letter and handed it to Ragini. Ragini came out looking at the ground and just then another man who was in the same attire opened the black Chrysler door as usual. She sat and in behind and the car started. She reached college and got down. Laksh was standing near his Mercedes once Ragini came he was just staring at her. He saw the bodyguards are just eyeing her until she dissapeared from their vision.

Ragini stepped in to the class room and found Swara sitting she queitly went and sat next to her.
Swara : Hey Ragini why are you looking upset?
Ragini : It is not upset Swara (She gives wide smile) for twenty days Im gonna be be free from that man.
Swara : Which man?
Ragini : Who else my father only.
Swara : What makes you so happy?
Ragini : I wished Hitler would have been my paoa atleast that man fought for his blood but my father forgit blood also.
Swara : Ragini you dad at least loves you, he didn’t leave you like mine. He never left you or your mother like my father did. (Swara stareted tearing)
Ragini : I’m sorry…
Swara : It is okay. It is because of my mother now we have all these money and status.

Laksh enters the class. He walks straight towards Ragini and forwards his hand.
Laksh : Hi I’m Laksh Maheshwari
Ragini : Ohh at last someone has got to know who really I am
Laksh : Come on Ragini forget the past and let us be friends.
Ragini : Never you proud gorilla.
Laksh drops his jaw down.
Laksh : Gorilla??
Ragini : Haa gorilla only. Swara am I disgracing gorillas?
Swara giggles. Laksh slaps the desk Ragini jerk and looks in to his eyes.
Laksh softly : These 15 days are more than enough to make you my friend or more than that.
Ragini : Challenging? Accepted not these 15 days even if you take 15 years I will not be you friend. Better move you face away as I can’t tolerate it for even minutes.
Laksh moves away and sits in his seat while Ragini gives a stern look to laksh.
Flashback end

Laksh has placed everthing on the dining table. Ragini makes Rahul wear his t-shirt and wipes his hear with towel. Lavanya come and sits in the dining table.
Lavanya : Yaaaaaaay papa has cooked.
Ragini comes with Rahul.
Ragini : Why isn’t your mama’s food good that you are screaming?
Lavanya : Mama nothing can be compared to mama’s food but when papa cooks it is something different.
Rahul : Mama I’m not hungry I can’t eat.
Ragini : Prince your papa has cooked it with much difficuty so you have to eat.
Laksh comes and places his last dish and rubs his hand.
Laksh : Okay let’s start eating.
Rahul : Mama…
Ragini : I know where are you coming to. Now you want me to feed you?
Laksh : Why beta you have big hands now you are big eat with your hands.
Lavanya : Haa Rahul eat with your hands stop
bothering mama.
Rahul makes pout face. Ragini starts serving and she too sits. Rahul is unable to eat Ragini notices this.
Ragini : Beta come I’ll feed you.
Lavanya and Laksh : That is not fair
Ragini : Laksh you too
Lavanya : Then feed me also.
Laksh : Haa me too see I burnt my hand.
Rahul, Lavanya and Ragini’s gaze turns towards Laksh at once.
Lavanya : What? Your hand got burnt and you didn’t even tell.
Laksh : Voh…Princess…
Rahul come and sees Laksh hand. His right palm has burnt. Rahul and Lavanya gets teary.
Rahul : Papa is it hurting?
Laksh : No beta
Ragini : What is this Laksh are you so careless (She is having tears in her eyes) What happened?
Laksh : Nothing Laado I just caught the pan withou any cloth and…
Ragini cuts his words : What nothing? (She goes to bring the first aid) Look at your hand and then speak (She comes and bends. He takes the oinment and starts applying. Laksh hisses with pain)
Lavanya : Papa why did you hurt yourself? Look how much is it paining for you?
Laksh looks at them lovingly. Ragini kisses his hand and tears fall on it. Lavanya and Rahul both of them come and hug Laksh. Ragini also hugs him.

Screen frrezes on their hugging position.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh Navika Kotia – Sandya Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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Credit to: Dafsi

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