Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 39


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 39

The episode starts with Ragini goes passing Rahul’s room and stops hearing Sandesh’s voice.
Sandesh : This is life bhai, all the parents are same.(Ragini is shocked)but chaachi and chaachu are different. (Ragini looks on while Rahul looks at Sandesh.) They really love you and in fact I can tell you that they love you the most.
Rahul : Bhaiyaa…
Sandesh interrupts : They never hurt you, accused you, blamed you for anything. They always advised you, and showed the right from wrong. Punishment was not a solution for you at any point. (Sandesh makes Rahul look at him) I know you would feel that they are giving much attention on Laashya and Raghav, it is not because they don’t love you but they are too small to handle stuff. Hope you understand their love not everyone will get a mother and a father like them. Go apologize, it is never late.
Sandesh stands up tapping Rahul’s cheek. Rahul gives bitter smile and tears roll down his cheek. Sandesh walks out and Ragini blocks his way, Ragini looks at him with teary eyes while Sandesh gives a painful look.
Ragini : When will you understand your mother’s and father’s love?
Sandesh gets teary.
Sandesh : It is dead long time ago chaachi.
Sandesh leaves while Ragini closes her eyes and lets her tears roll. Her eyes get caught up with Rahul’s teary eyes. Ragini turns to leave and Rahul comes and hugs her from behind really tight.
Rahul : Mama…(Ragini closes her eyes and lets her tears roll down and a smile appears in between her tears) I’m sorry (He starts sobbing) I’m really sorry mama.
Ragini breaks the hug and walks to her room wiping her tears and finds Laksh seated. Ragini comes rushing in and Rahul comes running behind her.
Laksh : Ragini…
Rahul interrupts : I’m sorry, whatever I spoke or did was wrong. It was something which I locked up in myself for nearly four years. I was jealous and angry from the day Laashya and Raghav were born. I thought they were the problem for all our unhappiness and my isolation. (Ragini turns to Rahul while Laksh is shocked) I’m sorry for hurting both of you (He cries and falls down) I’m sorry.

Ragini walks to Rahul and kneels down and wipes his tears.
Ragini : You have gone through such big trauma for years and you never want to share it with your mama or papa? (Rahul buries his head down to the ground) you always use to say papa is your best friend; you didn’t even want to share it with him? Why beta?
Rahul hugs Ragini and Ragini hugs him back. Rahul buries his face on her chest and cries.
Rahul : These things were cooking up in my mind but I always denied it as it is not truth but I was not able to take it anymore that I spoke out last night. I’m a bad son; I hurt both of you a lot right?
Rahul breaks the hug and looks at tearing Laksh. Laksh slants his head a bit and gives a painful look.
Laksh : Rahul…
Rahul walks to Laksh and hugs him really tight and Laksh gives back a bone crushing hug. Tears roll down from both of their eyes. Ragini walks to the and joins the hug.
Rahul : Will you forgive me for talking like this? I was proved as a bad son.
Laksh : You didn’t do any wrong to ask sorry, it was all your misunderstanding and you mind. (Laksh breaks the hug and makes Rahul look at him) In fact the fault is ours, we have failed to know you totally (Rahul shakes his head in disagreement while Laksh nods) and we have failed to understand you. In a way it is good that you spoke out like that yesterday at least now we knew what our kid is going through.
Rahul : Both of you were always the best, it is me who didn’t realize it.
Ragini : Now let’s forget it, (Ragini smiles) Now you are feeling better right Rahul?
Rahul nods while Laksh drags his to his chest and hugs him tighter and kisses on his head.
Laksh : You our life Rahul, love you and will always love you.
Rahul : Love you too papa.
Rahul hugs Laksh back.
Ragini : Now leave him Laksh or he will also get fever, I can’t look after both of you at once.
Laksh : Someone is jealous.
Rahul laughs while Ragini gives a stern look to both of them.
Ragini : There is nothing to be jealous Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. (Ragini drags Rahul and kisses on his cheek) Even I have full right on him to hug and kiss.
Laksh makes a pout face while Ragini kisses back Ragini and hugs her. Laksh starts couching and Rahul and Ragini break the hug.

Rahul : Papa are you okay?
Ragini : DIdn’t you drink the kada Laksh? (Laksh shakes his head while coughing) You are worst than a kid, can’t you at least take and drink what I have made for you?
Ragini takes the kada while Laksh makes a weird face.
Laksh : It is bitter woman.
Rahul laughs looking at Laksh’s face.
Ragini : Laksh, even Laashya drank it without hesitant why can’t you?
Laksh : I would do anything but not (He coughs) drink this crap.
Rahul hears Lavanya calling him and runs out. Ragini looks at Laksh while he closes his face with pillow. Ragini sits beside him and takes off the pillow.
Ragini : Look Laksh you are really not well, please drink this.
Laksh : But it is really bitter.
Ragini face palms. She holds Laksh’s mouth by force and makes him drink. He drinks it and he makes a disgusting face. Ragini pecks his lips and moves back leaving Laksh shocked.
Ragini : I know the medicine for everything.
Ragini winks and gets up to leave.
Laksh : You could have said at the beginning I wouldn’t have made a big fuss. (Ragini walks out laughing) I want another kada, even I’m ready to drink kada forever.
Ragini goes downstairs and finds Sawitha and Lavanya talking to each other sitting on the couch. They notice Ragini coming and stops talking and look at Ragini tensely. Ragini looks at them suspiciously.
Ragini : What are you both doing? Aren’t you supposed to be studying?
Lavanya : Ah…Woh…toh…mama (She starts stammering) N…nothing.
Ragini looks at Sawitha and Lavanya shrinking her eyes.
Ragini : Okay now go both of you.
Sawitha : How is chaacha now?
Ragini : Still he not feeling good (She sounded low and disappointed) the fever is not decreasing.
Lavanya : He will be okay mama, come Sawi we will check papa and go to study.
Lavanya and Sawitha sheepishly run up while Ragini looks at them. Ragini walks to the kitchen and finds Swara cooking.
Ragini : Swara
Swara turns to Ragini and smiles.

Swara : Ragini you don’t have to work, go look after Laksh. I will manage everything.
Ragini : Not that Swara, don’t you find Sawitha’s and Lavanya’s behavior odd?
Swara : Why Ragini?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Nothing (She smiles) I will make vegetable rice.
Swara : No it is fine Ragini, you go I will make.
Ragini : No I will make, Laksh is not eating anything at least he will eat what he likes and I will prepare it for him.
Swara nods and Ragini starts preparing food. Lavanya comes running.
Lavanya : Mama…(She starts breathing heavily) Mama…
Ragini and Swara comes out running.
Ragini : Why are you shouting Lavanya?
Lavanya : Mama, papa is shivering.
Ragini runs up stairs and Swara rushes behind her. They reach the room and Ragini rushes to Laksh and finds him shivering. Everyone rushes to the room hearing Lavanya shouting. Ragini sists beside Laksh and holds his hand and checks the temperature.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh (She gets tensed and starts rubbing Laksh’s hand and turns and looks at Sanskaar and Swara) Do something Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Relax Ragini, Swara increase the warmer heat. (Swara nods) I will call the doctor.
Ragini starts tearing while Laashya gets scared and cries.
Lavanya : Laashya stop crying, nothing will happen.
Rahul comes and holds Laashya’s hand and takes her out. Lavanya and Sawitha take Raghva out of the room. Laksh starts shivering more Sandesh and Sandya comes and helps Ragini to make Laksh warm. Ragini starts crying looking at Laksh shivering. Swara goes out to check the kids. She goes down and finds all the kids praying god. The doctor arrives and Swara takes him to the room.
Ragini : Doctor, he is shivering without a stop and temperature is also very high.
Doctor : Relax Mrs. Maheshwari I will check him.
Ragini nods. The doctor starts checking Laksh and finishes.
Doctor : The internal and external both fever have increased. I will change the medicines in to a bit powerful one and yeah make him warm as possible.
Ragini nods and rushes to Laksh.

Swara : I will bring cloth and water to change.
Ragini nods and sits beside rubbing Laksh’s hands. Sandesh rubs Laksh’s leg.
Sanskaar : Sandya, go, eat and sleep you college is starting from tomorrow right?
Sandya nods and leave and the kids enter and Swara too enters. Ragini takes the cloth and places it on Laksh’s forehead.
Ragini : All of you go and sleep.
Rahul : Papa…
Ragini interrupts : Papa will be fine beta, all of you go and sleep.
Swara : Laashya and Raghav will sleep with badi ma today.
Raghav : Will you say stories badi ma?
Swara : Haa of course.
Swara takes Laashya and Raghav. Rahul leaves along with Sawitha. Lavanya looks on.
Ragini : Go and sleep Luv. (Lavanya looks on with teary eyes and Ragini walks to her) Lavanya what are you looking on? Go and sleep, I will take care of your papa.
Lavanya : Mama, I think papa is always praying that all the problems and difficulty should come for him (Ragini looks on) It is he or you always fall in problem. Why not us?
Ragini holds her cheek.
Ragini : What are you telling Lavanya?
Lavanya : Why is god only testing both of you?
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Nothing like that Lavanya and we are fine to face any problem for our children. There can’t be anything called sad or hard for our kids. Me and your papa together will always make your path crystal clear and remove all the thorns out of your way.
Lavanya hug Ragini.
Lavanya : Love you mama
Ragini kisses her head.
Ragini : Love you more.
Lavanya breaks the hug and leave while Ragini smiles and goes out. She checks if Raghav and Laashya are fine and then she walks passing Rahul’s room and finds him asleep. She goes back to their room and changes the cloth on Laksh’s head and sits beside him. She covers Laksh properly and increases the heat of the heater and caresses his hair in one hand and holds his hand on the other hand.

Flashback 20 years ago. (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini is seen standing in front of long dress hanger which is full of lehengas. She was asked to choose what she likes.
Ragini’s POV.
Should I have to laugh at myself or cry at myself? Everything of marriage is happening with my consent. From the embroidery to the decoration was done according to me, while everything which is not important is done according to me why only the person who I am going to marry is not in my favour; the person who I am going to live my life with. Is this is a punishment by god? Maybe Laksh deserves someone worth than me. Whatever is written in our fate I will accept it.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Her eyes get struck in to a hot pink lehenga and suddenly she remembers Laksh’s and her moments and breaks down. She remembers Laksh telling that he dreamt her in a hot pink lehenga and looked stunning while she laughed at his stupid dream. She took the lehenga and went to her dressing room and came out wearing it, her hair was left open and there was no makeup done. She looked pale and her eyes were swollen enough that anyone could figure out how much she has cried. She sat in front of the dresser and she was not looking less than a lifeless body. The country’s famous bridal dresser was called, she started her work while Ragini was continuously staring and cursing her reflection.

Scene shifts to MM where all of them are getting read. Ap is seen worn a very pretty saadi with her hair perfectly done with a bun and all the accessories while Dp in a jungle green Sharwani. Sanskaar is shown getting dressed in a gold sharwani and he was maintaining his charm. He looks at his reflection and somewhere in his heart he feels what he is going to do is not right and he was a lot disturbed. His eyes got struck in to a figure and he turned and looked at with mixed emotions.
Sanskaar : Laksh come in.
Laksh : Bhai I need to speak something important with you.
Sanskaar : Laksh even I have something important to speak with you.
Laksh : Go ahead bhai.
Sanskaar: I don’t think doing this marriage is right, I have no idea why but I feel like getting married to Ragini is not right. (An unknown smile appeared on Laksh’s face) Why are you smiling?
Laksh composes himself.
Laksh : I want to say that…
Sanskaar interrupts : But I have no option left other than marrying her, it is a promise I made to both ma and papa.
Laksh : Bhai…
Just then AP enters.
Ap : Arey why aren’t you still ready?
Laksh : Ma…
Ap looks at Sanskaar lovingly and caresses his hair.
Ap : I’m so proud of you, today you are fulfilling one of the duty of a son. (Sanskaar smiles while Laksh looks upset.) Laksh go and get ready right now.
Laksh nods and leave to his room and looks confused.
Laksh’s POV.
Everything is going unplanned, I was supposed to convince bhai but now… I have no option left, what am I to do? Ragini Ragini Ragini, without your support how can I do anything? (He sits on the bed) I need you and your support. (He scratches his forehead and takes out his phone and types something) I have to do this for us. I know you won’t accept to this but still I have to do this.

Scene shifts to GM, Swara is seen ready and is looking very pretty. She was stunning in the red mixed orange lehenga. She was a lost bride yet she was feeling very much comfortable with what she is going to do for some reason. She was not sure if it was because she is uniting two love birds or she is uniting herself with her love.
Swara’s POV.
It was love at first sight with my khadoos, I saw him first when he came to pick Laksh in our college and fell for his cuteness and charm. I was shattered when I learned that he was my best friend’s fiancé. I was not obsessed so I managed myself not to shatter in front of anyone but I couldn’t control my feelings towards him. Every time I met him I fell for him again and again. I didn’t want make Ragini feel bad, so if any case she ends up with him she wouldn’t live with guilt of marrying her best friend’s love so I kept quiet about my love. Let’s see what destiny has written.
Swara’s POV ends.

Swara found Simran also in a red lehenga yet it was simple than hers. She was looking simple and nervous. She knew deep down what she was going to do is wrong but as the rest she has no any option left. Swara and Simran looked at each other and nodded they pulled their pallu over their faces and came out of the room. They got downstairs and were called to the car.
Scene shifts to Ragini’s room, her back was shown. The ladies left the room, Ragini walked to her mother’s and sister’s photo frame and had a glance and turned to the window when she heard the dog barking. Laksh was standing there in a dark blue sharwani and was looking so handsome and dashing. He just stood there numb looking at Ragini, she was looking beautiful that he was just in frozen state. Ragini’s cheeks turned pink to blood red where laksh still stayed frozen. Ragini was looking very pretty and lovely, a simple yet elegant makeup was done where her hair was pulled into a tight bun and the ornaments were perfectly placed. Though she was unhappy she yet managed to look gorgeous and royal. Laksh couldn’t move his eyes off her no not even for a millisecond. They shared an eyelock with so much love, care, pain and many mixed emotions which Lasted for minutes. Laksh’s phone started vibrating and he came back to his senses. HE faced palm and held Ragini’s hand.
Ragini : Where are you taking me?
Laksh just gave her a blank look and dragged her out of her room and found no one. He quickly rushed out and got in to a car where Ragini was standing out clueless.
Laksh : Are you going to get in or not?
He sounded a bit rude. He dragges Ragini in to the car and locked it.
Ragini : What are you trying to do Laksh? I already told all what I have to tell you.
Laksh : Sam drive the car.
Ragini was struggling to get out of the car where Laksh was holding her tight.

Scene shifts to MM, where Swara and Simran along with Shekhar and Sharmishta reaches. Maheshwari’s and Sinnghania’s welcome them. Both Sanskaar and Aditya are seen seated and doing the pooja.
Ap : Where is Simran beta, she told that she is going to help Swara and Ragini?
Swara : Woh…aunty she told that she will come in a while as she got an important work.
Ap nods and they enter in.
Pandit : Bring the brides.
Swara and Simran have worn the same colour so Ap and Sujatha gets confused.
Sujatha : Are chori who is my bahu now?
Simran raises her hand.
Sujatha : Are you in a school Swara?
Sujatha takes Simran to Aditya thinking it is Swara and makes her sit next to Aditya while Ap takes Swara near Sanskaar thinking she is Ragini. The brides sit and they start doing the rituals.

Scene shifts to a temple where Laksh’s car comes and stops.
Ragini : What are you trying to do Laksh?
Laksh : You were annoying me so much, won’t your mouth be quiet for a while.
Laksh shouts out while Ragini gets scared.
Ragini : You kidnapped me and now you are shouting at me. I file surely file a complaint against you.
Laksh : Do whatever you want but not now.
Laksh gets down and drags Ragini up the temple and makes her sit. They start doing the pooja and Ragini is trying stand up but Laksh hold her tight.

Scene shifts to MM, Harini enters wearing a blue lehenga. She searches for Laksh and goes near Ap.
Harini : Ma where is Laksh?
Ap : He might be still getting ready that boy…
Dp interrupts : Ap give the garlands to them.
Ap nods and leave while Harini goes upstairs.

Scene shifts to temple Laksh stands up to exchange garland but Ragini just stays sitting.
Laksh : Stop neing stubborn Ragini, there is no option left for you.
Ragini cries.
Ragini : Laksh what you are doing is a suicide.(She stands up) With which heart am I supposed to get married to you? I can’t even think of marrying you knowing that you will get killed.
Laksh makes her look in to him.
Laksh : Whatever it is I will face.
Laksh makes her wear Ragini garland and holds Ragini hand and makes her wear him garland and sits. Ragini remembers a guy getting stabbed in front of her eyes for speaking with her. She looks at Laksh with teary eyes.

Scene shifts to MM, both couples are seen taking pheres, while Harini keeps knocking Laksh’s room door. She peeps through the key hole and doesn’t find a trace of Laksh. She tries her best to open but fails, she goes downstairs and scans the hall and doesn’t find Laksh and she feels someone else missing too.
Harini in her mind : Where did that chipkali go? Something doesn’t look okay. Both off them already had something going on between them. Maybe Laksh doesn’t want to see his love…oops I mean ex love getting married.

Scene shifts to temple.
Paindit : Take the phere.
Laksh stands up but Ragini doesn’t, Laksh is really tired of Ragini’s stubbornness.
Laksh : Are you going to stand up or no?
Ragini : No.
Laksh : Achcha, then stay sitting but I will not let you.
He bends and carried Ragini and starts walking.
Ragini : Laksh leave me.
Laksh : That will never happen.
Both of them share an intense eyelock. Laksh again get lost in her beauty, he tries himself not to look at Ragini as he loses himself in her beauty. Ragini was inches apart from him and it was not easy to control him from getting lost in her charm and beauty Ragini gave up on her stubbornness. She understood that her stubbornness is not going to work with Laksh. She held him tightly and rested her head on his chest where Laksh realized that Ragini accepted him. Laksh smiled and continued taking pheres.
Ragini : Leave me down, I will be a good a girl and walk.
Laksh : No, I’m fine to carry my jaan.
Ragini smiles and Laksh continued walking and Ragini tightened her grip.

Scene shifts to MM, they couples sit. The groom makes the brides wear managalsutra. Ap and Sujatha walk to take off the pallu off their bahu’s head.
Sumi : No (Sumi knows everything)
Ap and Sujatha stop and looks at Sumi confusingly.
Ap : Sumi ji what happened?
Sumi : No I mean, it is our tradition that bride should not take off her ghunghnat until she enter her sasural.
Ap smiles and nods.
Ap : Sanskaar beta apply the sindoor through her veil.
Sanskaar hesitates but then he feels what he is doing is not wrong and applies sindoor while Swara closes her eyes. Aditya too applies sindoor on Simran’s maang. Scene shifts to the temple, where Laksh makes Ragini wear the mangalsutra and they share an eyelock. Laksh takes the sindoor and looks at it and then looks at Ragini’s glittering eyes and applies it on her maang. Ragini closes her eyes and smiles and a tear escape from her eye.
Pandit : The marriage is completed, both of you are husband and wife now.
Laksh and Ragini looked at each other and smiled. Laksh stands up and make Ragini stand up and head to the car. Both of them get in behind. Ragini rests her heads on his shoulder and Laksh holds her hand and pecks her head. He encircles his hand over her shoulder and makes her rest on his chest.
Ragini : Will everything be okay?
Laksh sighs.
Laksh : Nothing will be okay (Ragini looks at him worriedly) But I will make everything okay.
Ragini looks disturbed and tensed.
Ragini : I’m really scared Laksh, how will we face papa? What if he does something to you?
Laksh : Arey mera bachcha stop worrying, nothing will happen as you think.
Laksh tightens his hug and takes out his phone and he doesn’t find network.

Scene shifts to MM, the marriage gets over and both the couples take blessings. While Simran bends and veil falls and everyone gets shocked.
Sujatha : Who is this? (She starts getting tensed) Where is Swara?
Ap : Simran
Simran gets tensed and Aditya hold her hand.
Sujatha : Where is Swara? Did she elope with anyone? I knew these days girls are…
Before she could complete Sharmishta shouts out.
Sumi : Enough, Swara there is no need to hide out anymore somehow the world should know everything one day so let it be today.
Shekhar : What are saying Sumi ji?
Sumi : Swara come out.
Swara opens her veil and everyone is shocked. Sanskaar is shell shocked so is Harini.
Sanskaar : Swara…
Ap: What is happening? Then where is Ragini.
A voice : We are here.
Everyone turns to staircase and is shocked to see Ragini and Laksh with garlands holding each other’s hands.

Flashback ends.

Laksh awakes and finds Ragini changing the cloth in his head. Ragini smiles and places it on his forehead.
Ragini : How are you feeling now?
Laksh : Better.
Ragini : You scared me yesterday. (Laksh tries to get up.) No Laksh you are not moving an inch.
Laksh : But Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Please Laksh, you have to recover totally. Still you are having fever.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : No means no, you are not moving.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Listen to…
Laksh interrupts : I want to use the washroom.
Ragini laughs awkwardly and grins.
Ragini : Let me help you.
Laksh sits with difficulty and keeps his feet on the ground while Ragini held him by his shoulder.
Laksh : I can manage.
Ragini : Still you are having fever and is shivering, how can you manage?
Laksh : Okay Mrs. Stubborn you, yourself take me. (Ragini takes his to washroom and she tries to enter along with him) at least leave me here.
Ragini : But Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Trying to take advantage out of my sickness?
Ragini leaves Laksh and gives death glare.
Ragini : Go, go by yourself.(She points at the washroom and says while Laksh chuckles and goes in) Don’t lock it.
Ragini walks to the cupboard and takes out her saadi and Laksh’s bottom and t shirt and just the Swara comes.
Swara : Good morning.
Ragini : Good morning shona.
Swara : Where is Laksh?
Ragini: In the washroom, btw did Laashya and Raghav trouble you?
Swara : Not at all Ragini, they were very obedient like their mama and papa.
Ragini grins proudly while Swara frowns.
Ragini : Okay okay relax.
Swara : What didn’t they do? OMG Sandya and Sandesh were manageable, trust me Ragini have to give you and Laksh an award for managing them.
Laashya enters.
Laashya : To manage whom badi ma?
Swara gives a death glare to Laashya while Laashya comes and hugs Ragini.
Swara : Look what have your daughter done? She wanted to see me as an alien and spilt the whole ink on my face. (Ragini starts laughing while Swara frowns and Ragini controls herself)And your son was going horse on Sanskaar. My god how hard was it to awake him.
Ragini laughs out loud and holds her stomach. She stops once she saw death glares are attacking her. She composed herself and turned to Laashya.
Ragini : Is it true what badi ma is telling Laashya?
Laashya makes a cute puppy face and buries her face to the ground.
Swara : She is acting nautunki.
Laashya looks at Swara, she winks at her and sticks her tongue out and runs out shouting “Badi ma the alien”. Ragini laughs and Swara too bursts out.
Ragini : Sorry Swara…
Swara : You don’t have to Ragini, after a long time yesterday Sanskaar laughed his heart out.
Ragini : Both of them are really really naughty and it is very hard for me to manage, if it is not Laksh (She remembers Laksh went to washroom) Laksh…
Swara : Why Ragini?
Ragini rushes to the washroom and starts tapping.
Ragini : Laksh…(She taps) Laksh…( There was no response and she gets tensed) Laksh…
Swara : Laksh (She taps) Laksh…

Both of them tap and look at each other. Ragini gets tensed and worried and just then Laksh opens the door and Ragini hugs him tightly and Laksh looks at her confusingly while Swara relaxes.
Laksh : What happened Ragini?
Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : Is this your work Laksh, scaring me?
Laksh sits on the bed and Ragini turns to leave and Laksh holds her by her hand.
Laksh : I’m sorry and I want a kada (He meant a kiss)
Ragini blushes and turns while Swara is shocked and confused and just then Sandya enters, she has worn a black jean with a purple kurti and her hair left open.
Sandya : It is my first day at college so I want to take blessings from all of you.
She takes blessing from Swara and hugs Swara.
Swara : Study well.
Sandya takes blessing from Ragini.
Ragini : Study well and make your mama and papa proud.
Sandya nods and walks to Laksh, Laksh hugs her and pecks her forehead. Sandya takes blessing.
Laksh : Study well and stay happy. Ragini get me my wallet.
Ragini gives his wallet which was on the dresser. Laksh takes it and gives money.
Swara : Laksh…
Ragini : Not today Swara (She walks to Sandya) She is entering in to a new world and let her first day be the best day.
Sandya hugs both Ragini and Laksh.
Sandya : Best chaachi aur chaachu ever.
Sawitha, Lavanya and Rahul entera and they break the hug.
Lavanya : I smell something unusual.
Sawitha : I think someone has bribed chaachu already.
Rahul : Is it so papa?
Swara I know where are you three aiming the stone to, now go down all of you. Let Laksh take rest.
Swara pushes all the kids while Ragini and Laksh laugh. Ragini sits beside Laksh and rests her head on his chest.
Ragini : Laksh
Laksh : Mmm
Ragini : I want all of us to be back to normal.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini : I mean Sandesh, Sanskaar and everyone.
Laksh : We will bring back everything to normal, both Ragini and Laksh together will solve all the problems like we always did.
Ragini hugs him tight.
Ragini : You are my strength Laksh.
Laksh kisses on her head.
Laksh : Love you.
Ragini : Love you too.

Screen freezes on the faces of Ragini and Laksh.

Ritvi Jain as Laashya
Yuvan from Suhani si ek ladki

Hope you like today’s episode, I got phlegm and cough so a bit finding hard to concentrate and write but I managed as much as I can hope all of you enjoyed it and liked it please do comment on how do you find my episodes and how to you fid my story line? Is it good or bad? Interesting or uninteresting? Whatever it is what you have to do is comment…And yeah thanks a lot again for both personal and (I’m abit shivering right now so I’ll stop) public support…Take care love you…

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