Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 38


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 38

The episode starts with Laksh looking at Ragini worriedly and Ragini walks towards the washroom and starts tapping the door.
Ragini : Rahul beta come out (She starts sobbing and tapping) Mama is calling you right, come out.
Laksh holds her by her shoulder while she sits down remembering Rahul shouting. Rahul is seen crying looking at the door. Laksh kneels down beside Ragini and drags her in to his chest and hugs her tightly while Ragini breaks down.
Laksh : Ragini stop crying, he is small and doesn’t know what he is saying.(Ragini is not stopping and is still crying hugging Laksh while Laksh looks at her painfully) Ragini…
Ragini : Ask him to come out Laksh, I didn’t know my child can think like this or he is going through such lot of pain.
Laksh taps the door.
Laksh : Rahul come out beta (He taps the door for a while) Rahul…
Laksh’s voice became rough while Ragini looks at Laksh and shakes her head.
Ragini mutters : Please don’t shout at him, Please (She pleads)he is already hurt.
Laksh controls himself and takes a deep breath. Laksh makes Ragini look at him and wipes her tears.
Laksh softly : Rahul…
Rahul comes out of the washroom and looks at Ragini and Laksh who is sitting on the ground. Ragini gives a painful look to Rahul. Rahul wipes his tears and walks to the bed while Laksh holds him. Rahul jerks and goes to the bed, Ragini and Laksh stand up.
Laksh : Rahul, (He raises his voice) what kind of behavior is this?
Ragini : Laksh please…
Laksh walks to Rahul makes him look in to him.
Laksh : Do you know how much we love you? (Rahul looks at Laksh with teary eyes, while Laksh holds him by both his hands) How can you even think of speaking like that Rahul?
Rahul : It is hurting me papa, when both of you don’t notice me and don’t care me it hurts.
Ragini walks to Rahul and sits beside him and makes Rahul release from Laksh’s grip. She makes Rahul look at her and wipes his tears.
Ragini : Rahul (Her voice cracks) in what way didn’t we notice you or didn’t care you? (She caresses his hair) What made you tell this ah? Okay, forget me I am a bad mama only…
Laksh interrupts : Ragini…
Ragini signs him to be quiet and looks back at Rahul.
Ragini : Has your papa ever made you feel in that way? He always cares for you, and loves you. His first priority was always ‘Rahul’. “Ragini did you buy this for Rahul? Did you get that for Rahul? This is for Rahul. That is for Rahul.” Rahul Rahul Rahul, Rahul is the only name which comes out of his mouth. I don’t know if he is having all the photos of Raghav and Laashya from the day they were born to now but he is having each important event of your life. I don’t know if he has collected all Lavanya’s certificates and awards but yours…(Ragini drags Rahul to the study (Not the children’s study) and makes him look at all his awards arranged neatly) look.
Rahul looks at the awards with teary eyes. Laksh reaches and looks at them worriedly.
Laksh : Ragini enough…
Ragini interrupts : No Laksh, he has to know how much you and I love him. (Ragini keels down in front of Rahul) Can you remember when you were seven years when I slapped you, he slapped me? That was the first time your papa raised his hand on me. That was first time he hurt me, and he did it just for you. (Rahul gets teary while Ragini wipes her tears and looks at Laksh who walks towards them) Do you know how much I love you? (Ragini holds Rahul’s face and looks straight in to his eyes) I love you so much that I don’t know how to express it. I don’t know how to tell you how important you are in my life. I just hate myself for not making you realize or feel how much I love you and how important you are to me. Just go…

Ragini stands up and walks to her room still crying and remembering what Rahul spoke. She just goes to her room and sits on the couch and starts sobbing. She hugs the pillow and cries out. Rahul is just numb and does not understand how to react.
Laksh : I still can’t believe my champ spoke out like that. (Rahul looks at Laksh’s teary eyes and Laksh’s voice starts cracking) A child’s first hero is always his papa and a father’s first hero is always his son. You are and will always remain as my first hero. Your mama is right, I seriously hate myself for not making you feel my love and care for you. I thought my son is grown and is smart enough to understand his papa’s and mama’s love. Though Ragini said that she failed to become a good mother, you have no idea how special you are in her heart and I’m pretty sure that you are really special than your di, Laashya and Raghav. We always love you Rahul (He swallows his misery) and ‘Rahul’ will always remain special in both your mama’s and papa’s heart no matter what you say.
Laksh goes up wiping his tears and finds Ragini crying hugging the pillow. Laksh sits beside her and Ragini encircles her arms around Laksh and buries her face in his chest and cries.
Ragini : There is no pain to a mother more than this Laksh, I have failed to be a good mother.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Honestly Laksh I love Rahul more than I love my other kids, he is our first sign of love. You know how happy I was when he was born. (She smiles through tears)I can’t express how much happy I was when I knew our love was growing in my womb. He is a blessing from god and he was first to make me feel a mother. How can I explain him everything? How can I make him realize my love for him is unconditional? He is our life Laksh life.
Laksh makes her look in to him and wipes her tears and pecks her forehead and shkkes his head.
Laksh : Shshshshsh… Calm down Ragini, stop crying.
Ragini rests her head on his lap weeps; she eventually falls asleep after crying so much. Laksh just caresses her hair and he falls asleep sitting.

It is morning and Ragini awakes and finds herself on the couch and Laksh is missing. She remembers all what happened last night and goes to the washroom and comes out after getting changed. Still her eyes were swollen and face had gone pale. Laashya awakes and sits up.
Laashya : Good morning mama.
Ragini gives a bitter smile.
Ragini : Good morning sweetie. Go, go and have a wash.
Laashya nods and turns to leave, Laksh enters and Laashya hugs Laksh.
Laksh : My princess woke early. (Laashya smiles and looks at Laksh.) Go and have a wash.
Laashya runs while Ragini looks at Laksh and then again turns to the mirror. Laksh comes and makes Ragini look at him. Laksh applies sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Ragini gets teary and hugs Laksh and Laksh hugs her back and kisses on her head. Ragini break the hug and wipes her tears and goes down and Laksh follows her. She gets down and finds Lavanya standing in front of Rahul folding her hand.
Sawitha : Chaachi Rahul…
Ragini interrupts : I know.
Lavanya turns shockingly and looks at Ragini.
Lavanya : Mama, did you know?
Ragini : Lavanya you got your book right? Now leave it.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh : She asked to leave it then what you have to do is leave it not talk back.
Lavanya and the rest except Ragini and Rahul is shocked the way Laksh replied as he has never spoke in that way.
Aditya : Is everything okay Lucky?
Laksh nods and sits on the couch.
Laksh : Ragini get me my coffee.
Ragini nods and leaves to kitchen while Swara follows her. Everyone smells that something is really not well.
Swara : Ragini did something happen? (Ragini shakes her head and smiles.) Even if you shake your head your face shows there is something wrong.
Ragini leaves out with the coffee and gives it to Laksh. Swara comes with the food and gives it to the kids. Laashya comes running down and sits beside Sanskaar.
Laksh : Sanskaar and Aditya, I’m taking a leave today from office hope both of you can manage.
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky we can manage but it seems you are not okay.
Simran : Haa both of you look dull and tired.
Ragini : Nothing like that Simran.
Ragini and Laksh look at each other and Laksh leaves handing the coffee cup to Ragini, both of them share a painful eye lock. Sanskaar and Aditya too leave. Just then the school bus comes. Sawitha leaves hugging Swara and Ragini while Lavanya also does the same. Rahul comes near Ragini and she hugs him really tight and tears roll down her cheeks. Ragini gave a hug which answered all Rahul’s questions. Swara notices this along with Simran.

Flashback 20 years ago (No is thinking or narrating)

Laksh is seen standing up from the couch.
Laksh : What? Are you serious Swara?
Swara : Haa Lucky, she told it to me and I’m pretty sure that she would do anything for you.
Laksh : She is mad, how can she think like that? (Laksh starts panicking) I have to do something Swara.
Swara : I would do anything for her happiness as I owe her a lot.
Laksh says something which is muted and Swara is seen nodding. Swara turns and is shocked.

Scene at MM, Laksh comes out of his room and was about to go out.
Ap : Laksh
Laksh stops.
Laksh : Haa ma.
Ap : Can you get your and Sanskaar’s sharwani if you are going out?
Laksh : Okay ma.
Laksh rushes out and opens his car and just then Simran comes.
Simran : Lucky wait, I will also come
Laksh thinks for a while and nods. Both of them get in and Laksh reaches BM.

Scene shifts to BM.
Ragini : I asked you not tell him anything.
Swara : I can’t ruin your happiness Ragini, you will live your life long with pain. How can you even think of living under the same roof with a person who you love.
Ragini : With time everything will change Swara.
Swara : Nothing will change, by what you are going to do is ruin the life of a three. One yours, then your Laksh’s and Sanskaar’s.
Ragini : But Swara… (Just then they hear someone opening the door and gets shocked) Laksh
Laksh rushes to her and holds her by her arms really tight and makes her look in his red raged eyes.
Laksh : What do you think you are doing?By thinking that you are saving my life you are trying to ruin it forever.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Just shut up…
Ragini’s eyes get welled up and both of them share a painful eye lock.
Ragini : My arm are paining.
Laksh : It is nothing in front of my pain Ragini, why aren’t you understanding my love towards you? How many times more should I have to explain you? How many times more should I have to remind you are my life?
Ragini jerks him away.
Ragini : I can’t get killed because of you. Knowing that my papa will kill me I can’t get married to you.
Laksh and Swara are shell shocked.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Just shut up Swara, if I go against my papa and marry, I know what is the end and I can’t die because of him also I thought of not running my papa’s reputation. I can’t go against my papa who protected me from all the danger because of someone who just came in to my life.
Swara : You are uttering your words without thinking.
Laksh : So was it the reason you kept ignoring and hurting me in all the functions?
Ragini : Yes and tomorrow is my wedding and I don’t want to look tired.
Ragini leaves the room leaving Laksh and Swara shocked. Swara tries to go behind her but Laksh holds her by her hand.
Laksh : Leave her alone, I know what to do.
Swara looks at Laksh confusingly.
Swara : Laksh…
Laksh : But I must say your friend is really bad at acting, she thought by telling stories like this she can hurt and make me hate her. She is so innocent and that is what I love in her so much.

Scene shifts Harini’s house where she is jumps in to the bed hugging Laksh’s photo.
Harini’s POV.
At last Ragini is not ready to take any risk regarding you so she is not ready to marry you, which means I will get you with ease. My wait is gonna be over. (She smiles) I know Laksh it is very painful to see your loved one with another person but I will heal your pain being with you.
Harini’s POV ends.

She dozes off hugging Laksh’s photo. Scene shifts to MM, Sanskaar is seen sitting in his room lost in his thoughts.
Sanskaar’s POV
Tomorrow is my wedding with Ragini and even if I’m not happy why am I sad? Something is really not right. Why do I feel that Ragini is not the correct match for me? Then who is the correct math for me? (He looks up and prays to god) Nothing bad should happen please help me.
Sanskaar’s POV ends

Scene shifts to BM, Swara is seen sitting on the bed. She drags her legs to her chest and encircles her hand around it. She places her chin on the knee and looks up.
Swara’s POV.
I have accepted to marry him only for Ragini’s sake, I owe her a lot but in a way I’m feeling happy too and I don’t know what the reason is. (She lies on the bed) I hope everything happens according what we planned and god, please help us.
Swara’s POV ends

Swara dozes off hugging a pillow. Scene shifts to SM, Aditya is seen sitting on the couch.
Aditya’s POV.
I might use the wrong way to catch you but I’m not ready to ruin anyone’s happiness or anyone’s life. This marriage was the only way to get closer to you and collects evidence against you and now I’m very much closer to you. I’m happy in both way, one is that I’m fulfilling both my promises, one to catch you and the other one is to marry Simran.
Aditya’s POV

He rests his head to the couch. Scenes shifts to MM, Simran is seen looking up at the sky.
Simran’s POV.
I was shocked at first when I saw you getting engaged to another girl, but when I got to know the reason behind it I was happy. I know the way I’m uniting you is not correct but we have no any option left as this is the only way all the problems can sort out.
Simran’s POV ends.

Simran goes in locking the door behind and the scenes shifts to BM. Ragini is seen sitting on the swing where she use to speak with Laksh all night. She remembers all what happened from the day one to now. (Think a background song you want). She cries hard remembering all their sweet talks and Laksh’s loving gestures. Scene shifts to MM, Laksh is seen looking at Ragni’s photo in his mobile and caresses it.
Laksh’s POV.
I know Ragini you must be crying right now and I promise that this will be your last cry thinking our separation. I’m sorry for not lending my chest to burry your face and cry your heart out. You are too stubborn, why can’t you be stubborn on our love too? How could you think there is a life for this Laksh without Ragini? My happiness lies on you. Whatever the problem I will face alone for you, your love has changed me to that extent, an extent where the rich, selfish, egoistic Laksh has forgotten himself. I love you Ragini and will love you forever and protect you forever in my embrace.
Laksh’s POV ends.

Ragini’s POV.
I love you Laksh and my love couldn’t chose me over you. I can’t let anything happen to you because of me. I will somehow make you move on in your life. I never believed in men, I have been hating men from the childhood and you changed me. I felt secured and protected in your arms and your love and care brought happiness but it didn’t last forever. How unlucky am I? I thought I can get shielded in your embrace and loved with your care. All the bubbles just shattered in to pieces. (She just sobs and wipes her tears) Whatever it is I will never let your happiness shatter down.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Flashback ends.

Ragini is seen lost in Rahul’s thoughts and is folding dresses, Swara enters and notices this.
Swara : Ragini
Ragini jerks out of her thoughts and looks at Swara.
Ragini : Haa Swara
Swara : Is there any problem in between you and Rahul
Ragini sits on the couch and breaks down, she says all what happened and Swara is shocked. Ragini cries while Swara hugs her.
Ragini : What is more painful than this for a mother? What kind of mother I am? How can I not know my child’s pain? I have failed to become a good mother.
Swara breaks the hug and makes her look and wipes her tears.
Swara : Ragini you are like a small kid (Swara chuckles) He is a bit jealous and that’s it and don’t take his words seriously.
Ragini : What do you mean Swara?
Swara : He is just small and he is a bit hurt, give him a bit more attention and he will be okay. How childish you are.
Ragini wipes her tears and looks at Swara smiling.
Ragini : Feeling bad for Laksh, he would have been hurt a lot. How can Rahul even think of speaking like that? Laksh loves Rahul so much in fact Rahul is Laksh’s life.
Swara : Make him realize it Ragini, anyways stop worrying.
Ragini nods.
Ragini : Did Simran eat?
Swara : She went to Aditya’s house with Suji ma, it is very close for her for checkups.
Ragini nods while Swara stands up and Laksh enters just then. Laksh takes out his clothes and walks to the washroom.
Ragini : I will come down and make the curry.
Swara : I think you need to rest for a while, I will manage,
Ragini : No I will come, you go.
Swara : Ragini…
Sanskaar calls Swara and she rushes out while Ragini smiles looking at her. Laksh comes out wearing a bottom and t shirt wiping his hair and coughing. He sits on the couch and looks at Ragini who is staring at him. Ragini takes the towel and wipes Laksh’s hair with love. Laksh looks at Ragini with love. Ragini while wiping touches Laksh’s forehead and finds it warm.
Ragini : Laksh are you having fever?
Laksh tries to speak and coughs, he shakes his head. Ragini looks at him worriedly.
Laksh : No (He coughs) I’m fine.
Ragini : Fine? You can’t speak properly and are you fine? (Ragini wipes his hair hardly and goes to the dresser and takes out the hair dryer) And you have bathed with cold and fever. Why can’t you take care of yourself a bit?
Laksh : I’m fine Ragini.
Ragini dries his hair while Laksh looks at her worriedly. Ragini takes Laksh to the bed and makes his lie.
Ragini : You are not moving out of the bed, look how warm you are. (Ragini gets teary while Laksh stays coughing. Ragini sits beside him and holds his hand and rubs his hand. There was a knock on the door.) Come in.
Sanskaar enters.
Sanskaar : Why is Lucky coughing in this way? Is he okay?
Ragini : He is not well Sanskaar.
Laksh : I’m fine.
Laksh again coughs and Sanskaar and Ragini look at each other.
Sanskaar : I will call the doctor.
Laksh : Sanskaar, I will just drink (He coughs) some herbs and I will be okay.
Ragini : Just stop talking and take some rest, Sanskaar you call the doctor.
Sanskaar nods and calls while Laksh looks at Ragini’s worried face.
Sanskaar : I will ask Swara to get you something warm to drink.
Ragini nods while Sanskaar leaves. Ragini holds Laksh’s hands and rubs it.
Ragini : Can’t you take a bit more care on you?
Laksh drags her to his chest and hugs her. Ragini hugs him back really tight.
Laksh : I’m just fine jaan (He pecks her head) stop worrying.
Laksh starts coughing and shivering. Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh.
Ragini : You are really having fever.

Ragini takes out the remote and switches off the AC and cover him with the blanket. The doctor comes along with Swara and Sanskaar. Swara keep the soup bowl on the table. Doctor starts checking Laksh while Ragini is tensed.
Doctor : He is having high fever and a regular cough, nothing to worry. I will write few medicines and try to keep him warm.
Ragini nods and the doctor leave while Sanskaar goes behind him.
Swara : Ragini don’t worry, make Laksh drink the soup and he will feel better.
Ragini nods and takes the soup bowl and sits beside Laksh. Laksh sits and Ragini feed him. Swara turns to leave and finds Raghav on the door.
Raghav : Mama, I’m hungry.
Swara : Raghav beta come I will give you food.
Raghav looks at Ragini feeding soup for Laksh.
Raghav : What happened to papa?
Laksh : Nothing prince.
Swara : Come Raghav I will give you food, papa is a bit not well.
Raghav comes to Laksh and touches his forehead.
Raghav : You are warm papa, you are having fever.
Ragini : Go and eat, badi ma will give you food. Let papa take rest okay?
Raghav nods and leave while Ragini makes Laksh lie and takes out the first aid box. She takes out a vapour rub and rubs it on his palm. Laksh falls asleep and Ragini goes downstairs. Ragini goes to kitchen and prepares kada. Swara enters while Ragini pours it in a glass.
Swara : You could have told me.
Ragini : It is fine Swara, btw has the kids come?
Swara nods.
Swara : Just now they came.
Ragini goes out and finds Lavanya and Sawitha sitting exhausted while Rahul is going upstairs.
Lavanya : Mama I very tired today, btw is it juice?
Ragini : No Lavanya this is kada for papa.
Rahul stops and turns.
Rahul : What happened to papa?
Swara : He is not well…
Before she could finish Lavanya, Rahul and Sawitha runs up. Ragini follows them. Rahul opens the door and finds Laksh sleeping he gets teary. Ragini reaches.
Ragini : Don’t awake him, all of you go get changed and then you can meet hime now.
Lavanya : What happened mama?
Ragini : He got fever and cold.
Sawitha : Let him take rest Luv.
Lavanya nods and both of them leave while Rahul looks at Laksh worriedly. Rahul turns and leave while Ragini look on. Ragini keeps the kada and sits beside Laksh and check his temperature. She looks at him worriedly.

Scene shifts to Rahul’s room, Rahul comes out of the washroom and sits on the bed and remembers all what happened last night. H feels disturbed and uncomfortable. Sandesh goes walking pass Rahul’s room and finds Rahul crying. Sandesh enters the room and sits beside Rahul while Rahul looks at Sandesh shockingly. Sandesh gives an evil smile while Rahul looks at Sandesh. Ragini goes passing Rahul’s room and stops hearing Sandesh’s voice.
Sandesh : This is life bhai, all the parents are same.
Ragini gets shocked.

Screen freezes on the shocked face of Ragini.


Ritvi Jain as Laashya
Yuvaan from Suhani Si Ek Ladki as Raghav.

Thanks a lot for the comments guys and yeah hope this episode was not boring and yeah do comment on how you found it good or bad…I tried my best to give a lengthy one and good one hope I didn’t disappoint you…May be I made your wait worth so do comment if it is good or bad…….And talking about the other ffs I will post them once I complete episode 40 of this ff so please stay calm until then  keep reading and yeah do keep supporting…

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