Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 37


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 37

The episode starts with Ragini entering Swara’s room. Ragini goes and places her hand on Swara’s shoulder who was sitting on the bed lost in her thoughts. Swara turns and looks at Ragini. Ragini sits beside her on the couch and holds Swara’s hand.
Swara : Sandya and Sandesh were just like Laashya and Raghav, very naughty as well as sweet but now everything is changed Ragini. I miss my old children.
Ragini : Swara., with time everything will be okay. Sandesh must come over his anger and accept Sandya as his sister.
Swara nods and wipes her tears.
Swara : He is not ready to listen to anyone. No one can change his mind.
Ragini : We will try our best to bring back our Sandesh. You didn’t have you dinner too so come.
Swara : I’m not hungry Ragini.
Ragini : You are the one who told me that to overcome problems we need strength and skipping meals is not a way.

Ragini drags Swara downstairs. Laksh, Sanskaar and Aditya are busy checking few files. Laksh is really sunk in to a file.
Sanskaar : Laksh what do you think about Matur’s project.
Laksh : Let’s speak with papa regarding it.
Sanskaar and Aditya looks on and just then Ragini and Swara come downstairs.
Sanskaar : Laksh…
Laksh realizes what he told and his eyes get welled. Ragini hangs her mouth open and looks at Laksh worriedly. Laksh scratches his eyebrows and wipes his tears.
Aditya : When are you going to come over it Laksh?
Laksh doesn’t find any words his eyes just struck Ragini’s welled up eyes. Laksh shakes his head and closes the file and goes near Ragini. Aditya sighs and looks ar Sanskaar. Ragini walks upstairs and lands intheir room while Laksh follows her.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Why can’t you get over it Laksh? I thought you accepted papa’s death. I just can’t see you in this stated (She starts shouting) I told you that he is no more but you…
Laksh holds her by her cheeks and makes her look in to his eyes.
Laksh : Sorry (Ragini shakes her head) I’m sorry I was not in my sense.
Ragini : Why can’t you accept it still? I knew that you pretend to accept papa’s death for my sake. You stay awake all nights thinking that you couldn’t speak few nice words with him (Laksh shakes his head) Accept it Laksh. You can’t hide anything from me. I know you better, just like you know me better. Like you alwys care about me more I also always care about you more. There might be a time where I will even forget my name but not yours cuz I love you to that extent.
Laksh : I know Ragini, I’m really still guilty for not speaking something kind with papa. It is true that I pretended but I didn’t want you to worry for me. I need help now I thought I can come over it by myself. I need to come over my guilt and I need your help.
Laksh falls on his knees and breaks down while Ragini wipes her tears and kneels down and makes Laksh look in to her eyes and wipes his tears and pecks his forehead. She drags him to her chest and hugs him while tears roll down his cheek.
Ragini : I can’t see you broken Laksh, forget all what happened. Every tears you shed for your papa is enough or more than enough. If he was alive he would have been worried for making you worry this much.(Ragini breaks the hug and makes him look in to her eyes and wipes his tears and shakes her head) You are my life right? Then trust me your papa forgave you and he loves you. Your silent doean’t change your love towards you papa Laksh.

Ragini stands up and takes Laksh hand. She walks out to the balcony and shows a star which is shinning very brightly. Laksh looks at Ragini’s face very lovingly while Ragini looks at the sky. She looks at Laksh who is staring at her with so much love and pain. Both of them share a painful yet an eyelock with so much love. She turns his head to sky holding his chin and makes him look up in to the sky. She goes behind him and hugs him from the back and takes his right arm and points it at the shining star.
Ragini : Think that is your papa. Talk to him whatever you missed to talk Laksh. (She tightens her grip and rests her head on his back) I’m sure you will feel better.
Laksh looks at the star and tears roll down his cheek. He turns to Ragini and gives a painful smile through his tears and looks at her lovingly a man.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Now son and papa should have a conversation, in between I’m not necessary.
Ragini leaves pecking his cheek while Laksh looks on. She walks backward looking at Laksh. She gestures Laksh to talk with stars and leaves the room closing it behind her. Laksh turns to the stars and starts speaking. Ragini comes downstairs and finds Aditya, Sanskaar, Swara and Simran sitting in the living room. All of them look at Ragini.
Sanskaar : Is he okay?
Ragini : Yeah he is, let him be alone for a while.
Aditya : He is just too much worried as he didn’t speak with uncle.
Ragini nods.
Ragini : I will check what Laashya and Raghav are doing.
Everyone nods and she goes up stairs. She goes to the study and finds Laashya colouring while Raghav is drawing. Sawitha was doing homework while Lavanya was standing beside Rahul’s table with folded hands.
Lavanya : So you are not going to give?
Rahul : No.
Lavanya : Fine, then I will catch you when your turns come.
Ragini : What do you want Lavamya?
Ragini walks to them and stands folding her arms.
Lavanya : Nothing ma.
Ragini shrinks her eyes and looks confusingly at them.
Ragini : Should I have to remind both of you who I am. Then fine let me remind you that I’m your mother now tell me.
Rahul : Mama Di…
Lavanya : Rahul…
Ragini : Lavanya…
Lavanya : Fine let me tell itself tell you. (Lavanya sighs) I missed my annual record book and tomorrow they will be checking ours, so I asked him to give his one.

Ragini gives a stern look to Lavanya while Lavanya looks down.
Ragini : What kind of child are you Lavanya?
Lavanya : Mama, how come it is my fault?
Ragini : Don’t talk to me Lavanya (She shows her palm indicating Lavanya to stop) Just don’t talk.
Ragini marches to Lavanay’s tables and starts pulling all her books and starts searching. Lavanya looks at Ragini with teary eyes.
Lavanya : it is fine mama I will get punished, I’m sure it is not there.
Ragini is not listening to her and keep searching while Lavanya looks at her lovingly. Ragini searches it and doesn’t find it.
Rahul : I will give her mine.
Ragini : If both of you get caught it would be a shame. (Ragini stands up and comes towards Lavanya) Why beta can’t you be a bit more responsible? (Ragini sighs while Lavanya buried her head in to the floor. Ragini makes her look in to her eyes) My children should never get embarrassed infront anyone and look down. I will write the annual record book.
Lavanya : But mama it is 365 days.
Ragini : Anything for you, I don’t want to see you punished or embarrassed. I will write you go and sleep.
Ragini turns to leave while Lavanya hugs Ragini from back.
Lavanya : Sorry for causing you so much trouble mama.
Ragini turns and pecks her head.
Ragini : Go and sleep, Sawitha you have your book right?
Sawitha : Yeah Chaachi.
Ragini : Okay now go and sleep or you will get late for school. Laashya and Raghav come to sleep.
Raghav : Mama let me finish it.
Ragini : Raghav…
Laashya : I’m coming.
Lavanya comes running and Raghva also comes. Ragini leaves closing the door behind while Lavanya still is looking worried.
Sawitha : Thank god chaachi told she will write or Luv surely you are punished.
Rahul : I feel sorry for mama.
Lavanya looks at Rahul frowning at her feels guilty.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Swara are seen sititng face to face on the bed.
Swara : So is this Laksh’s plan?
Ragini nods her head and Swara looks at Ragini.
Ragini : I won’t force you Swara…
Swara interrupts : I’m fine with it.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini : Are you sure?
Swara : Yes.
Ragini looks at Swara with teary eyes.

Scenes shifts to MM, Laksh and Simran are seen sitting in Laksh’s room.
Laksh : Thank you so much Simran.
Simran : You are my brother and I would do anything for you.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : I will tell Harini about this.
Simran : No don’t
Laksh looks confused.
Laksh : What do you mean don’t?
Simran : There is no need to tell her anything.
Laksh : But Simran Ma has fixed her for me.
Simran : But you are not going to marry her very soon right? We can explain her later.
Laksh : Okay.
Laksh’s phone ring and he smiles deeply looking at it while Simran laughs.
Simran : I will catch you later btw talk with Sanskaar.
Laksh nods and Simran leaves. Laksh answers the phone and rests his head on the couch.
Laksh : Mmm tell Ragini.
Ragini is seen sitting on the swing in Swara’s room and Swara is seen eating French fries (Actually I’m eating it right now :p).
Ragini : What mm tell Ragini?
Laksh smiles naughtily.
Laksh : Nothing why did you call?
Ragini gets pissed off and rolls up her eyes.
Ragini : My hands were scratching that is the reason I called, bye…
Laksh interrupts : Aww mera bachcha got angry (He chuckles) I was just kidding you.
Ragini shrinks her face.
Ragini : Laksh
Laksh : I know what are you going to ask princess, I still didn’t tell Sanskaar. I will surely speak with him.
Ragini : I’m getting scared Laksh, please speak as soon as possible.
Laksh : Why do you have to get scared when I’m there?
Ragini : I believe you but the fact that everyone is calling me Sanskaar’s fiancé is killing me.
Laksh laughs,
Laksh : Very soon everyone will call you as my wife so think about it and forget this fact.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Will Sanskaar accept us?
Laksh : Obviously he will and he will explain others too.
Ragini : What about your mama and papa?
Laksh : So much of questions? Stop thinking everyone will accept you as my wife and I will make everyone accept. Now go and sleep we have college tomorrow.
Ragini : I’m waiting to meet you, it is been two weeks since I met you.
Laksh : Love you.
Ragini : Love you too.
They hang up. Ragini smiles looking at Swara while Laksh goes to Sanskaar’s room.

Swara : I still can’t believe Ragini.
Ragini : What can’t you believe?
Swara : Can’t believe that you are in love with a boy and is speaking so lovely.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : I’m a girl and obviously a girl will only fall in love with a boy not another girl.
Swara frowns.
Swara : I didn’t mean it Idiot.
Ragini : I know I was joking, even I never thought I will fall in love with someone. You know what Swara Laksh is not a person, he is a gift from the god and I will always cherish that gift.
Swara smiles and looks at Ragini who is looking up at the sky.

Scene shifts to MM, Sanskaar was reading a book and Laksh enters.
Laksh : Sanskaar
Sanskaar : Come in Lucky.
Laksh sits on the bed with his leg crossed.
Laksh : Sanskaar I came here to tell something important.
Sanksaar looks on.
Sanskaar : Yeah tell.
Laksh : I’m in love with a girl.
Sanskaar is shocked.
Sanskaar : What?
Laksh : Yeah and you know…
Before he could complete, Ap enters.
Ap interrupts : Laksh and Sanskaar come to have dinner.
Laksh : Haa ma.
Ap : Hurry up and come, these will be last days you will eat from my hand after that my bahu only will cook.
Laksh and Sanskaar smiles and they come downstairs along with Ap.

Scene shifts to BM, Ragini and Swara come downstairs and finds Sumi talking through the phone.
Sumi : Sure Sujatha ji, okay.
Sumi hangs up looks at Swara and Ragini.
Swara : Any problem?
Sumi : No problem beta, we thought of having the wedding in our house.
Swara : Good idea Ma.
Sumi nods.
Sumi : Have to ask Ragini’s papa also?

Scene shifts to Harini’s house, she is seen entering her room which is full of Laksh’s photos. She sits on the bed still smirking.
Harini’s POV.
I know Laksh you are and Ragini are united again but trust me it will not last forever; I will somehow get her married to your brother. There is no place to anyone in your life other than me.
Harini’s POV ends

Scene shifts to the airport and Shekhar is walking out with his guards. He comes and gets in to the car and takes out his phone and dials a number.
Shekhar : Once my daughter marriage is over we will confirm the deal.
The caller : Sure Mr. Shekhar.
Shekhar hangs up and he reaches BM. He enters and finds Ragini and Swara sitting in the living room and Sumi is busy with some file. He greet them. Shekhar sits beside Ragini.
Shekhar : I hope my daughter didn’t trouble you a lot.
Sumi : Not at all Shekar ji.
Shekhar : If Janaki was alive she would have been very happy to see her daughter wedding.
Ragini gets teary while Swara holds her hand and presses it.
Sumi : I owe Janaki a lot, it is because of her Swara is alive. She is the one who calmed her thirst when I was not able to.
Shekhar nods and looks at confused Swara and Ragini.
Shekhar : I will remind you one thing Ragini, I don’t want any bad name for my name and my upbringing. There are so many important people coming to your wedding and don’t even think of making my head bow down.
Ragini nods while Swara looks at her worriedly.
Sumi : Both of you go an sleep.
Shekhar : Then I’m leaving, we will talk about the rest tomorrow.
Shekhar greets and leave while Ragini goes up sobbing.
Swara : Don’t worry Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : No Swara, you heard what papa told. He might kill me and Laksh both of us.
Swara : Nothing will happen.
Ragini shakes her head and looks up and then looks at the floor and breaks down.
Ragini : I can never let anything happen to him, whether if it is because of me or not.
Swara : Don’t shatter Ragini, you were strong until now and now you can’t back off. Laksh is ready to take any risk for you and you also have to take the equal risk.
Ragini : I would take any risk for him but I can’t take any risk if it matters about his life. You know what happened before; you know what the consequence is of a boy who even tries to speak with me.
Swara nods.
Swara : True but Ragini trust me nothing like that will happen.
Ragini : I’m not ready to kill my Laksh, I’d rather die so I have taken decision.
Ragini looked determined while tears rolled down her eyes without a stop. Swara shook her head and tried to speak but Ragini just left the room.

Flashback ends.

Ragini is seen writing the annual book in her room while Laashya and Raghav are sleeping. Laksh comes out of the washroom and sits on the couch.
Laksh : You could have asked her to write.
Ragini : She has other works too Laksh, anyways it is a lot of work to do. One years report how can she write in one day?
Laksh : How can you write?
Ragini : If you stop disturbing me I will write.
Laksh sighs and goes out while Ragini looks at him and then again continues writing. Laksh reaches Lavanya’s room and he knocks it and finds it open so he enters and finds Lavanya sitting on the couch with her legs dragged to her chest in the dark. Laksh switches on the light and Lavanya looks at him with teary eyes. Laksh smiles and sits beside her.
Lavanya : Papa (Lavanya hugs Laksh and Laksh wraps his hand around her shoulder) Both of you always suffer because of me only. I should have been more responsible.
Laksh : Shshshshsh…How can you think my princess is a trouble for me?
Laksh makes her look in to his eyes and wipes her tears and pecks her forehead.
Lavanya : How will mama write the whole thing? I’d rather get punished for my mistake.
Laksh : She is your mother and she will never let you fall down infront of others eyes. I knew that you wouldn’t sleep but stay weeping whole night for your mistake.
Lavanya : I always trouble her only but she never gets angry on me. I’m a bad girls papa, I’m a bad daughter. I was only a burden for you.
Laksh : Who are you tell my daughter is bad ah? (Laksh rests Lavanya’s head in his chest and caresses her hair) You were never a burden and will never be a burden in fact you are our blessing now like my good girl go and sleep.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh interrupts : Won’t you listen to your papa? Go and sleep.
Lavanya rests her head on Laksh’s lap and falls asleep while Laksh caresses her hair. He carries Lavanya and places her on the bed and covers her with a blanket. Laksh switches off the light and leaves the room closing the door behind. While he returns to his room he finds Rahul standing out of his room. Rahul goes near the door and then again returns and then again goes near the door and again turns back, he again goes near the door and turns and clashes with Laksh. Rahul looks up at Laksh while Laksh with folded hands raises his eyebrows.
Rahul : Nothing.
Rahul turns to leave Laksh holds by his shoulder and takes him in. Ragini is still seen writing and she turns when she hears footsteps.
Ragini : What are you doing late night Rahul?
Laksh : Haa beta tell.
Laksh sits and makes Rahul sit beside him.
Rahul : Nothing.
Laksh : Nothing? Then what were you doing out of our room. (Laksh takes Rahul to his lap and makes him look at him) Whatever it is stop worrying and tell.
Rahul : I’m the one who hid di’s annual report.
Ragini turns to them shockingly while Laksh looks at Ragini shockingly.
Ragini shouts : What?
Laksh : Ragini (Ragini stands up and walks to the couch) Why beta?
Rahul looks down and gets teary.
Ragini shouts : Papa is asking right tell the reason.
Laksh : Ragini relax. (Laksh makes Rahul stand) Why did you hide it?
Rahul : You always love di a lot, (Ragini drops her jaw to the ground while Laksh looks at Rahul confusingly) Whenever I do a wrong both of you scold me but if di does you don’t.
Ragini : Rahul…
Rahul interrupts : And then these two came, Laashya and Raghav to spoil my happiness.
Ragini and Laksh look at each other in shock. Ragini closes her mouth with her palm and walks towards Rahul and makes him turn to her.
Ragini : What are you telling Rahul?
Rahul : I’m telling the truth, I don’t even know if you both remember me or not. I’m feeling lost and alone (Rahul cries out while Laashya awakes for the sound) I’m being hate and always unnoticed.
Laashya : Mama…
Ragini turns to Laashya while Rahul looks at them angrily and painfully still tears rolling down from his eyes. Ragini goes near Laashya and makes her sleep still giving a painful and worried look at Laksh. Laksh holds Rahul’s hand and walks out of the room to Rahul’s room while Laashya falls asleep hugging Ragini.

Scenes shift to Rahul’s room. Rahul jerks Laksh’s hand and stands in front of Laksh leaving Laksh shocked.
Rahul : Go away to your kids, look mama didn’t even care for me. Once Laashya woke she went to her not me this is the truth.
Laksh : What are you talking beta?
Ragini comes and stands and she is still in shock.
Rahul : Even now you went to di and checked if she slept or not, have you ever checked like that? You stopped caring me and loving me once Raghav and Laashya was born. Rahul just disappeared from your lives. (Laksh’s eyes got welled up while Ragini starts crying.) I was not less than a worker, both of you remembered me to get the file, bring the purse, fetch water and whenever you want to get a work done. Your world was filled with di, Laashya and Raghav not Rahul, I’m nothing and no one to you.
Laksh shook his head in disagreement while Rahul walked backward nodding. Ragini was stepping forward while Rahul just ran in to the washroom and locked himself in. Ragini gives a painful look to Laksh while Laksh holds her by her shoulder.
Ragini : Laksh are we such bad parents?
Ragini’s voice was cracking and disappointment was filled. She just gave painful look and looked down.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Did I fail to be a good mother? (She looks at Laksh) Forget it, I would have slipped chances to prove myself as a good mother Laksh but you, you never left a chance to prove yourself as a great father. How can we explain him how much we love him as he is our first symbol of love? I’m clueless Laksh…
Laksh walks towards Ragini and wipes her tears and shakes his head while Ragini looks at him painfully.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s painful face and Laksh’s worried face.


Ritvi Jain as Laashya
Yuvaan from Suhani Si Ek Ladki as Raghav.
Thank you so much for the comments and support both through comments and personal messages I’m really over whelmed with your love towards my ff and me…Thank you so much for the continuous support and yeah do keep supporting…

So how did you find my today’s episode? Boring? Okay whatever it is do comment on how you find it both negative and positive are welcome but not rudely hehehe my heart is very soft and is not able bear up scolding 😉 so please scold softly…
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