Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 36


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode of my ff. Yeah though I keep telling I’m busy I don’t how and why I get time to write this particular ff. I seriously don’t know why and yeah here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 36

The episode starts with Laashya awaking and stretching her arms. She finds Ragini in between her and Laksh hugging him and sleeping. She makes her face as if she at lime and stands up. Laashya lies in between Ragini and Laksh where Ragini and Laksh awake.
Laksh : What are you doing princess? (He asks is still his eyes half closed) You broke my sleep.
Laksh opens his eyes and finds Laashya staring at him angrily. Ragini also looks at Laashya.
Ragini : Laashya are you dumb? Can’t you speak?
Ragini asks while sitting up.
Laashya : He is my papa.(She says it pointing at Laksh) You took my place mama.
Ragini shrinks her eyes and gives a stern look while Laksh chuckles.
Ragini : All four are the same.
Ragini looks away pouting her lips while Laashya hugs Ragini.
Laashya : Aww my mama got angry but mama I told the truth he is my papa and I’m his princess hena papa?
Laksh : Haa princess.
Ragini : Then go hug your papa itself.
Ragini carries Laashya and keeps her on Laksh lap and she walks to the cupboard while Laksh continues laughing.
Laksh : Mmm you made mama angry now you only have to bring her back to normal.
Laashya makes a cute puppy face.
Laashya : Won’t you help me papa?
Laksh : Of course sweetie now go brush your teeth and have a wash and come.
Laashya nods and leaves the room and just then Raghav also awakes.
Raghav : Good morning papa.
Laksh : Good morning now go and get changed.
Raghav nods and leave to his room. Ragini comes out of the washroom wearing a light pink saadi. Laksh looks at her shrunk face and laugh.
Ragini : Now why are you laughing?
Laksh stands up and makes her turn and tucks her wet hair behind her ear and takes out the sindoor box and make her wear sindoor and makes her wear her mangalsutra.
Laksh : Something else is missing.
Ragini looks at him confusingly while Laksh make her turn and makes her look at the mirror.
Ragini : What?
Laksh : Your smile.
Ragini gives a soft smile and turns to Laksh.
Ragini : Go get fresh, I will get you your coffee.
Ragini turns to leave Laksh holds her hand and Ragini turns.
Laksh : I love you Ragini, I never thought papa loves me so much. You made me realize. (Ragini looks on) You always make my life so easy Ragini.
Ragini smiles and looks down and then again looks at Laksh.
Ragini : Not all the papas are like mine Laksh (She gets teary and her voice starts cracking) Your papa is a great man just like you. He always considered me as his daughter and always showed right from wrong.
Laksh drags her in to a tight hug.
Laksh : Now why are you remembering the past? (He breaks the hug and wipes her tears and shakes his head indicating her not to cry) These eyes don’t deserve tears. (Laksh makes her look in to his eyes) I love you Ragini I can tolerate anything but not your tears.
Ragini : I love you too (She wipes her tears) Now go and have a wash I will get your coffee and have to check wether the kids are ready for school.
Laksh nods and goes to washroom. Ragini opens the cupboard and places Laksh’s track suit and goes out. She gets down and finds everyone ready.
Lavanya : Mama I need money.
Ragini : Money? What for?
Lavanya : Today I’m having extra classes for guitar practices.
Ragini : Guitar? I don’t have money.
Sawitha : Chaachi we are really having after school practices. Luv for guitar and I’m having dance practices.
Swara comes out of the kitchen.
Swara : I have packed extra food for your practices too.
Sawitha and Lavanya look at each other. Laksh comes getting down the stairs. Ragini runs to kitchen as she forgot to make the coffee.
Laksh : You need money right? (Sawitha and Lavanya nod their heads) Rahul go and get my purse on the dresser.
Laksh sits and ties his shoe lace while Ragini brings coffee for him. Rahul comes with the purse and hands it over to Laksh. Aditya and Simran come down, Aditya was carrying Laashya. Simran sits while Aditya drops Laashya and sits beside Laksh. Laksh takes money out and hands it over to Lavanya and Sawitha.
Ragini : Swara has packed extra food for them.
Laksh : Okay Ragini let them have this also.
Lavanya : Best papa every.
Aditya : And this is my share for my daughters.
He gives money to both Sawitha and Lavanya.
Swara : One was not enough to spoil them and another once has come.
Simran : Shona they earning for them so what?
Lavanya : Exactly, our company is one of the leading company in the industry and richest family. What is all this money for?
Ragini : It doesn’t mean you have to waste it Lavanya.
Lavanya : Papa
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Mouth zipped, Rahul tuck your shirt properly.
Sanskaar comes down in track suit,
Aditya : Shall we leave?
Laksh : Yup.
All three of them leave and just then the school bus comes to pick Lavanya, Rahul and Sawitha and they too leave.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Harini enters MM and greets everyone and takes blessings.
Harini : How is Laksh ma?
Ap : He is fine beta but he seems upset these days.
Harini : Why ma?
Ap : Don’t know beta he doesn’t come out of the room or meet anyone and it is been a few days.
Harini : I will check.
Ap nods and leaves to kitchen while Harini goes upstairs and collides with Simran who was coming out of Laksh’s room.
Simran : Hi Harini.
Harini : Hi, Laksh?
Simran : He is resting andI think you should not disturb him now. (He says it abit rudely)
Harini : I came to check him out so it doesn’t matter if he is asleep or not (She says it with a dark smirk on her lips.)
Simran : Okay then go in I will get you something to drink.
Harini enters Laksh’s room and finds it all dark.
Harini’s POV
What is wrong with this man? He has locked himself as if he is been dumped and has lost his love for years. It is just three days only. Unbelievable (She shakes her head) I can’t see him in this state I will have to change my Laksh.
Harini’s POV ends.

She goes and tucks the curtains from the either side off the curtains and Laksh awakes due to light. He hardly opens his eyes and sits up and finds Harini grinning at him.
Harini : Good morning Laksh.
Laksh : Morning.
Harini examines his face for a while. His charming and cute smile was missing and his eyes were outlined with a red and his eyes were sunk in and face has gone pale and he was not looking less than a zombie.
Harini : lakssh are you not well?
Laksh : I’m fine Harini and what made you come here?
Harini : Check up of course.
Laksh : I’m fine, if you don’t mind me can you leave?
Harini comes and stands beside him.
Harini : Laksh if you don’t mind can I ask you something? (Laksh mods and looks on) why don’t you leave Ragini.
Laksh : What do you mean Harini?
Harini : I mean she doesn’t deserve a person like you and more over she is your brother’s fiancé.
Laksh : Listen Harini before she is my brother’s fiancé she is my life.(He says it gritting his teeth) And remember once thing if you are here to tell me these again I wish that you don’t come in front of me again.
Harini : I didn’t mean Laksh, ok forgive me(She holds her ears and makes a cute puppy face) I promise that I will never speak like that.
Laksh just looks away. Simran enters with a glass of juice.
Laksh : Forget it
Simran : Are you done checking him up?
Harini : No not yet.
Simran : Laksh you get ready and I will also get ready and come.
Harini : Are you taking him somewhere?
Simran : Yeah, why?
Harini : But he can hardly walk.
Laksh : No I’m fine.
Harini : You are risking Laksh.
Laksh : I said I’m fine Harini and taking risk for her is nothing for me.
Harini in her mind : How can you love her so much even she hurt you Laksh? This is what I love in you. I will make you fall in love with me.
Her chain of thoughts was broken by Simran.
Simran : You can leave once you check him and don’t worry I will take care of him.
Harini and Simran have a strong eyelock. Simran leaves out while Harini sits beside Laksh and starts checking him.
Harini : I think you have not improved Laksh, it is better to take rest.
Laksh : I will take rest once everything is sorted out Harini, hope you understand.
Harini gives cold smile and nods.

Scene shifts to BM, Ragini is seen looking at her wedding card and tears are rolling down her cheeks. Swara comes with a glass of juice and places it on the table and takes the wedding card from Ragini’s hand.
Swara : Aditya weds Swara (She read out aloud) I’m happy that both of us are getting married on the same day. We were born on the same day getting married on the same day but not to the person we want.
Ragini : Swara I thought of speaking with Laksh, I shouldn’t have reacted in that way. (She wipes off her tears) I don’t know what but my heart is saying that he is innocent.
Swara : Ragini stop confusing yourself for god sake.
Ragini : No Swara, somewhere it is kicking me that everything is a misunderstanding. I saw Swara, I saw the happiness in his eyes when he saw me.
Swara : Then why the hell did you slap him.
A voice : Because she loves slapping him.
Swara and Ragini turn and finds Aditya standing near the door with his hands folded.
Swara and Ragini : Aditya?
Aditya : Haa me.
Swara : What are you doing here? I mean don’t you have manners?
Aditya doesn’t take notice of Swara, he just drags Ragini down stairs while Swara runs behind them.
Ragini : Where are you taking me?
He makes her sit in the car and drives the car off while Swara gets in to her car and follows them. Aditya stops the car in a park and Ragini looks at him confusingly.
Aditya : Get down,
Ragini : What are you up to?
Just then Simran comes and opens Ragini’s door and Swara reaches there and rushes to Ragini.
Swara: What you both doing?
Ragini : I knew from the beginning both of you are up to something.
Aditya : Achcha great, now get down.
Ragini : Swara call the police.
Swara looks at herself and then looks at Ragini, both of them are with pajamas. Both of them realize that they have not brought their mobile phones.
Simran : Are you coming or not?
Ragini : No
Simran sighs and drags Ragini out of the car and drags her to the park while Ragini was shouting “help” where no one was there except a man who was standing near the pond facing other side. Swara comes running behind them and stops. Ragini looks at Simran and the man. The man turns with folded hands.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Today only I will speak.
There was anger on his eyes which was clearly visible. Aditya comes there and stands beside Swara. Ragini looks all blank and does not understand anything. Laksh walks to Ragini and stands inches apart from her and leans down.
Laksh : What did you ask me to do? (Ragini looks on to his red eye) Do what will make me happy right? Ragini I’m really really really feeling sad for loving you.
Simran : Laksh…
Ragini looks down and starts tearing.
Laksh : You thought that I cheated you. I don’t know how you even thought of thinking such a thing. Each “I love you” which I uttered was not by my mouth but my heart and I’m really sad that it didn’t reach your heart. (Ragini starts sobbing) I’m not here either to blame you for hurting me or to express how much I love. Whatever the relation before it starts I thought of not having any misunderstanding. Whether it is husband and wife or bhabhi and dewar.
There was tight slap on Laksh’s right cheek which he expected. Ragini was in great rage where her eyes turned red. She pointed her index finger.
Ragini : Never dare to say that again. (She hugs him tightly and he hugs her back really tightly) I love you man, I just love you.
Swara drops her jaw down and her eyes popped out of her socket where Aditya and Simran were smiling look at this stupid couple.
Laksh : I know (He kisses her hair and buried his face in to her shoulder and she buried her face in his chest) I love you too.
They got lost in each other’s embrace while the other three didn’t want to disturb them. Aditya, Simran and walks away while Ragini and Laksh were still hugging each other and sobbing their heart out in a way showing how much pain both of them went through. Swara marches to the bench and sits crossing her arms where Aditya and Simran look at her.
Swara : I seriously don’t understand what just happened.
Simran and Aditya laugh.
Aditya : They got patched by themselves.
Swara : Both of you planned?
Simran : Not really. We only made them meet.
Swara :You could have told me, I would have at least got her changed in to proper clothes.
Aditya laughs.
Aditya : You yourself is not in proper clothes.
Swara : But she is the main heroine of the day so she must be in a proper clothes not pajamas.
Aditya : Swara I have to say you something.
Swara looks at him clueless shrinking her eyes.
Swara : What?
Aditya : I don’t want to get married to you.
Swara drops her jaw and holds her heart in a dramatic way while Simran and Aditya look at her tensely.
Swara : What a good new have you given to me?
Aditya : What didn’t you want to marry me?
Simran laughs.
Simran : Who will get married to a dumb head like you.
Aditya looks at shrinking his eyes with sniffed up nose making a pout.
Aditya : Don’t forget who am I?
Swara : Not only you I don’t want to get married to anyone.
Simran : But according to our plan you will have to get married.
Swara : What plan?
Aditya and Simran look at each other and smiles while Swara in middle of them shift her head from one side to another and looks at them confusingly.

Scene shifts to Ragini and Laksh who are still lost in each others embrace. Laksh breaks the hug but Ragini has still placed her head on his chest.
Ragini : I’m sorry.
Laksh : Shshshshsh… I don’t want to hear any justification from your side. I understand everything. You saw me and Harini together and misunderstood hena?
Ragini nods her head and looks at Laksh who is looking at her.
Ragini : How can you understand me so much?
Laksh : Because our hearts are connected.
Ragini : I’m sorry for not being with you when you needed a support.
Laksh holds her cheeks and pecks her forehead. Then he wraped his arms around her waist while Ragini looked deep in to his eyes where his soft eyes were smiling.
Laksh : I always had your support so you don’t have to be sorry. Not physically but mentally your love is my strength.
Ragini : Another three weeks more Laksh.
Laksh : I tried so many time to tell Sanskaar but each time something was obstructing. You don’t worry I will somehow solve it you trust me right?
Ragini nods and rests her head on his chest while Laksh caresses her hair.
Ragini : What if we don’t get do anything until the marriage day?
Laksh : There is a backup plan.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh confusingly.
Ragini : Back up?
Laksh says something which is muted and Ragini looks on.
Laksh : So you don’t have to worry.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : I knew you will end up thinking like me.
Laksh chuckles and both of them share and intense yet lovely and cute eyelock
Flashback ends.

Laks, Aditya and Sanskaar return back home. Laksh goes up to his room and finds Ragini placing his dresses on the bed.
Ragini : I will pack you food get ready fast.
Laksh : As you say highness.
Ragini makes a weird face.
Ragini : You have not stopped being dramatic.
Ragini rushes to leave while Laksh holds her by her waist and drags her closer to him.
Laksh whispers : I have not stopped being romantic too
Laksh winks at Ragini while she blushes.
Ragini : If you want food leave me now.
Laksh : If you want your husband to have food give me token.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Ragini…

Laksh raises his eyebrows while Ragini pecks his cheek and runs out. She reaches the kitchen and finds Swara packing food.
Ragini : Have you given food for ma?
Swara : I gave her Ragini but don’t know if she ate it.
Ragini : I will check.
Ragini leaves to AP’s room and finds her staring at Dp’s photo.
Ragini : Ma
Ap turns and wipes her tears.
Ap : Come in beta.
Ragini goes and makes her sit and she sits beside her.
Ragini : Ma, if you don’t eat you will fall a sick ma. You have to come out of it ma.
Ap : How can I eat beta?
Ragini : Please me for your daughter won’t you eat?
Laashya and Raghva enter.
Laashya : Daadi why aren’t you eating?
Raghav : Haa Daadi if you don’t eat you will fall a sick.
Ragini looks at them smiling in between her tears.
Laashya : Daadi, papa told that daadu is looking at us and if we become naughty like Raghav he won’t look at us.
Raghav: I’m naughty you chipkali.
Laashya : I’m not a chipkali you monkey.
Raghav hits Laashya and runs while Laashya runs behind him, Ap smiles looking at them.
Ragini : These two will never stop fighting and Ma now you have to eat. Promise?
Ap : Promise.
Ragini leaves shouting Raghav’s and Laashya’s names. Sanskaar and Laksh both come downstairs.
Laksh : Now why are you shouting.
Laashya comes running and stands behind Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Laashya baby what happened?
Raghav comes running and Aditya who was getting down stairs carries him.
Laksh : Both of you again started to fight?
Raghav : Leave me Adi papa she said monkey.
Sanskaar : Is it true Laashya?
Laashya : He called me Chipkali.
Swara and Simran come out hearing the shouts.
Aditya : Is it true that you called her chipkali?
Raghav : She called me naughty.
Laksh : Okay now stop, whoever it is who started both of you ask sorry for each other.
Raaghav and Laashya look at each other shrinking their eyes.
Ragini : Laashya, tell sorry.
Laashya : Sorry.
Swara : Now Raghav you tell sorry.
Raghav : Sorry.
Sanskaar : Oka both of you go and play.
Aditya leaves Raghav. Both Laashya and Raghav come face to face and give stern looks for each other and go to opposite directions after fuming.
Sanskaar shakes his head in disbelief.
Sanskaar : They are just like Sandya and Sandesh.
Sanskaar laughs while others look on; Swara gets teary and goes in. Sanskaar realizes what he told and looks at the direction where Swara ran. Laksh places his hand on Sanskaar’s shoulder and taps it.
Laksh : Let’s leave it is getting late for the office.
Sanskaar goes out while Ragini and Laksh look at each other. Ragini makes a worried face while Laksh comes close to her and pecks her forehead.
Laksh : Everything will be back to normal, don’t worry.
Ragini nods Laksh leaves patting her cheek.
Aditya : Simran shall we leave, today the appointment is in the morning.
Ragini : Shall I come with you?
Simran : No I can manage.
Aditya and Simran leave while Ragini looks on.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s face.


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