Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 35


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Rahul: Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 35

The episode starts with the man and the lady entering MM while the others are seated for the pooja.
The man : Can we also join?
Everyone turns and gets shocked. Lavanya stands up and runs towards the man.
Lavanya : Adi papa.
Aditya hugs and she hugs her back. Everyone smiles.
Laksh : Of course Aditya.
Aditya and Lavanya break the hug, Laashya runs towards Aditya and hugs him and he carries Laashya.
Aditya : How are you princess?
Laashya pecks him.
Laashya : I’m doing good Adi papa missed you so much.
Lavanya : Even I missed you both.
Ragini : Where is Shivan?
The lady : He will come with Ma.
Lavanya hugs the woman but something strikes it is her baby bump.
The lady : You will have to wait for another month to hug me properly.
Lavanya smiles and side hugs her.
Ragini goes and hugs the lady while Laksh hugs Aditya and then hugs the lady. All of them come and sits.
Raghav : Simmy ma is going fat day by day.
Everyone laughs while Ragini gives a stern look to Raghav.
Ragini : Raghav…
Aditya : Simran if it is hard to sit down you sit on the couch.
Swara : Simran you sit on the couch.
Simran nods and sits just then Dp hold his left chest and shouts. Everyone shouts calling in their respective ways. Sanskaar and Aditya hold him while Laksh is shell shocked. They hurriedly take Dp to hospital while Ap is left shock. Ragini and Swara take Ap and all of them reach hospital. Dp is taken to ICU while the kids are left back at MM with Simran. Everyone is tensed and shattered. Laksh is still in shock, he remembers Dp’s scolding and their moments. Ragini notices this and goes near him, he turns and looks at Ragini. Just then the doctor comes out.
Sanskaar : What happened doctor?
Doctor : He has got an attack, a major one.(Everyone is shocked) Saving chances are not ever 99%. Still are you ready to operate?
Laksh : Do whatever it is possible to save my papa, there is nothing to think start the operation. (Laksh is not at all calm he holds the doctor’s shirt) I need my papa back.
Ragini drags him to a side and makes him look in to her.
Ragini : Laksh what is wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?
Laksh holds her shoulders really tight, his eyes are tearing but not a drop has been shed.
Laksh : He is my papa Ragini.
Ragini frees herself and holds his cheeks.
Ragini : I know Laksh but why are you showing your pain on the doctor? You have to act calm right at the moment. I’m there with you, the pain or the happiness you can show it to me not others.
Laksh relaxes and hugs Ragini really tight and she caresses his hair. They break the hug.

Scene shifts to MM where Sujatha is making Shivan sleep. While others are tensed.
Sandya : Sandesh give a call to papa and see. (Sandesh gives a stern look) At least give a call to chaachu or chaachi.
Sandesh takes out his phone and dials the number and the number doesn’t respond.

Scene shifts to the hospital. Swara is consoling Ap while Laksh is seated like a statue without any expression and Ragini is standing beside him caressing his hair. Sanskaar is walking from side another. Aditya comes after paying the bills and just then the doctors comes out. Laksh and Sanskaar rushes to him and they look on for an answer. Words were not coming out of their mouth or their ears were not ready to hear. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand in nervousness.
Aditya : What happened?

Flashback 20 years ago (No is thinking or narrating)

Laksh was seated on the swing out of the room in the balcony and remembers Ragini’s behavior. Tears were rolling from his eyes (I know people he is the first boy you would see shedding tears so much) he was not ready to digest what he saw or heard. It has been a day that everything happened; he hadn’t drunk a sip of water. Only Ragini’s thoughts were flashing and her voice was echoing. He wiped his tears hearing footsteps. He didn’t want to make eye contact with whoever it was so he turned his face away. Simran came and held his shoulder and tear escaped from Laksh’s eye.
Simran : Drink this Laksh, please you have to fight for your love? You need strength to fight. It is clear misunderstanding and I promise you to clear it.
Laksh doesn’t say anything but just remains quiet, he has locked himself for the past day and determined to lock himself forever as life turned him down unexpectedly.
Laksh : Can I please stay all alone for a while? I just don’t want to meet anyone Simran, I need to gain my strength for my Ragini, and she never reacts without a reason. I need time to come over my deep pain (By now his voice is cracking) Please (He dragged it with so much of misery and helplessness)
Simran left the room and just then Sanskaar was about to enter.
Simran : Sanskaar, Laksh is sleeping I hope you don’t go and spoil his sleep.
Sanskaar looks at Simran suspiciously.
Sanskaar : What?
Simran : He is probably tired after the exercises.
Sanskaar : Okay?

Scene shifts to BM, Ragini comes downstairs with her pajamas on and sits in the dining table. Swara sits next to her and starts serving food. Sumi comes and sits. The servant starts serving her. She looks at Ragini and then Swara.
Sumi : Is everything okay Ragini beta?
Ragini is lost in Laksh’s thoughts and is not responding.
Swara : Haa ma everything is okay.
Sumi : But Shona…
Swara interrupts : Everything is okay means okay ma.
She starts feeding Ragini and Ragini doesn’t take anything to her mouth. She stands up and runs up to her room and locks herself in and sits down on the floor and breaks down crying her heart out. Swara frowns at confused Sumi and runs upstairs.
Swara : Ragini open the door.
Sumi comes up and drags Swara to the room and makes her stand.
Sumi : What is going on Shona? Tell me right now.
Swara : Why do you have to know?
Sumi : I consider her as my daughter.
Swara : Maa…
Sumi looks at her worriedly and Swara sighs out and tells all what happened while Sumi is shocked.
Sumi : So what do you think? Did Laksh love her truly or not?
Swara : I don’t know ma, I can’t understand anything properly.
Sumi : We will have to speak regarding with the elders.
Swara : Ma you are going to make things worse. WE will sort out out problem please.
Sumi sighs and nods her head.
Sumi : In a way you are right. All of you are going to go in to a nw life you should be able to figure out everything.
Swara nods her head while Sumi leave.

Scene shifts to Laksh’s room he is just staring at Ragini’s and his photo on his phone and smiles in between his tears.
Laksh’s POV.
I seriously have no idea what went wrong with you but promise is a promise Ragini, I know you still love me and trust me but you stupid brain is not letting you accept you. (He smirks) everything is a test in our lives. Maybe god is trying to show us each other all our faces so that we can lead a happy life and make ourselves perfect for each other but why god has to punish you. You are just perfect my angel. (He ecks the photo and a tears escapes) I love you and will always love only you.
Laksh’s POV ends.

Scene shifts to SM, Aditya is working on the laptop and it is shown he is looking at Shekhar’s photo with full details. He just closes his eyes and closes the laptop.
Aditya : I will somehow catch you, your family might not know who you are really but I do know but your innocent daughter is probably suffering because of the curses you get. With my mission to catch you I have another mission to unite your daughter with her love.

Scene shifts to BM, Ragini is looking at the ring Laksh gave her, she kisses it and remembers all their moments. She drags her leg closer to her chest and hugs herself and buries her head on her knee and cries out loud.
Ragini’s POV.
I need you Laksh no that can ever happen, you will never think of anyone else other than your Ragini. I saw truth in your eyes and love in your words then why (She sobs) why am I doubting you? Why can’t I ignore the fact that you are cheating me? (She closes her mouth with her hands and shakes her head) No, no no no no (She takes a deep breath) I will have to clear up everything Laksh maybe everything is a misunderstanding. I was not there with you when you needed me and how can I blame you for getting help from a doctor. I love you Laksh, I just love you.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Ragini’s and Laksh’s faces split on the screen.
Flashback ends.

The doctor sighs and he shakes his head.
Doctor : We couldn’t save him.
All of them were taken aback. Ap just shattered down and Swara hugged her tightly. Sanskaar hugges Aditya and burst out his heart out while Laksh was numb. He was just standing still, Ragini was shaking him but he just stood there frozen. He walked to his father very slowly and took off the white cloth and saw Dp closing his eyes. Ragini went behind Laksh and held his shoulder and took him off from there, Laksh just walked like a dead body. Ragini made him sit and shook him.
Ragini : Cry Laksh, cry your heart out. (She was shaking him and he didn’t even shed a drop of tear) Laksh…
She hugged him while he was still seated and hugged her back and tears started rolling.
Laksh : I couldn’t just speak a few kind words Ragini. I will be living with guilt of not forgiving papa forever. ( He started sobbing) I love my papa so much and my anger was fake. I always cared for him and loved papa Ragini but he left me.
Ragini was unable to bear Laksh crying she broke the hug and knelt down and wiped his tears and shook her head.
Ragini calmly : Shshshsh… Your papa loves you the most, do you know that? (Laksh looks on) Do you know that he took so many promises on behalf of you? The day you told that you forgave him he called me to speak personally Laksh, it was on Rahul’s 10th birthday. He knew that you didn’t forgive him whole heartedly but still he was not ready to tell it to you and make him feel great, he forgave you but he forgave you whole heartedly. (Laksh looks down and tears roll down his cheek) Look at me Laksh, He told that he know that you love him but you are very stubborn to accept the fact that you love him. (Laksh hugs Ragini really tightly) I promised him on the day I and you united after coma that I will never leave you or let you shatter. He was not able to see you in that state so he made me promise not to leave you.
Laksh : Why didn’t you tell me before?
Ragini : He got me promised not to tell you anything as you will feel bad. You know what your papa has never got any pain by you. Even your anger he knew it was because of love. He saw your love towards your anger.
They break the hug, she wipes her tears and makes him look at her.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : You have to accept everything and be strong. Have you have ever seen your papa shattered? Start living like him, this is not the time to shatter. I’m sure that your papa will rest in peace as your tears showed how much you regret. You have to be strong for your Ma Laksh.
Laksh nods and wipes his tears and walks to the ICU. Swara and Ragini look at each other. Sanskaar is seen seated with his head down while Aditya does all the formalities. Laksh goes towards Ap and kneels down Ap hugs him and cry.
Laksh : Ma, I know it is painful but you have to accept it. Please don’t shatter down as papa never liked anyone shattering.
Ap breaks the hug and nods.
Aditya : We can take uncle now and leave.
Sanskaar and Laksh nod. They take the body and leave. Laksh stops in front of the ICU finds DP’s ring fallen and picks it and gets teary. Ragini comes and rests her head on his shoulder and he rests his head on hers.

Next day, a photo of Dp has been hung on the wall and a garland is put on. Laksh is seen sitting in his room lost in his thought while Ragini is busy making Laashya and Raghav sleep.
Raghav : When will daadu come back mama?
Ragini : He won’t come back beta.
Laashya : Then who will take me piggy back ride?
Ragini : Papa will take you.
Laashya : But when Daadu takes us it is more fun.
Raghav : Why all of us have only one Daadu mama?
Laksh gets up and comes towards them.
Laksh : Enough of questions now sleep. (He says it softly)
Laashya : If Daadu comes only I will sleep.
Ragini and Laksh looks at each other. Laksh lies beside Laashya and caresses her hair while Laashya looks at him with a cute puppy face.
Laksh : Daadu has gone near god sweetie and he is looking at you, if you be naughty then he won’t look at you.
Ragini : So now sleep both of you.
Laashya hugs Laksh and sleeps while Ragini and Raghav eventually fall asleep. Laksh is still awake and is thinking his Dp’s moments. He removes Laashys from his embrace and walks to the balcony and he finds Dp standing beside him.
Laksh : Papa…
Dp smiles and holds Laksh’s shoulder.
Dp : I know beta I doubted you and your wife for something which you didn’t do and I was angry on both of you and even you behaved wrong with me. (Laksh bends his head down) When I knew the truth I forgave you for your wrong behavior while you remained without forgiving me.
Laksh : Papa…
Dp interrupts : But beta I always saw love through your anger. You were angry with me for doubting you and you were hurt because of it. People only get hurt by the ones you love. I left this world very peacefully you know why? I have found that both of my daughters in law will look after my sons and my wife. Swara, she is very strong and I’m pretty sure that she will always manage everything perfectly. She will be a physical support to our family and when it comes to Ragini she knows how to control others emotion and she will be a great mental support to everyone and specially you. (Laksh looks on) Though you are grown up and is a father of four kids you are still a kid in heart. Still that old naughty, stubborn, fun, intelligent Laksh and beta I always want you to be like this forever and I know the only person who can make you stay like that is your wife, your Ragini.

Laksh gets teary and tries to hug Dp but he disappears. Laksh then suddenly awakes shouting “Papa”. Ragini awakes too and switches on the light.
Ragini : Laksh are you okay?
Laksh nods while Ragini gets up and pours water in to the glass and makes Laksh drink it and caresses his hair and sits beside him.
Laksh : I saw papa (He says whatever Dp said) I will fulfill all his wishes.
Ragini smiles holds Laksh’s hand.
Ragini : At least now you realized everything and I’m so happy Laksh. I told you papa loves you a lot.
Laksh : You are my both weakness and my strength Ragini. (Ragini smiles and Laksh hugs her and she hugs him back)

Screen freezes on their hugging position.


Ritvi Jain as Laashya
Yuvaan from Suhani Si Ek Ladki as Raghav

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