Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 33

Surprise!!! shocked right to see another episode?? Well I have another shock hehehe nothing much it is that I will not upload the ff on coming week as Im ver busy (Advance sowwy) If in any case I get a chance I might upload on the days I have mentioned (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Firday) but there won’t be an update tomorro I have already given you two today 🙂 and here we go and it is suspense!!!

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 33

The episode starts after 4 years leap. A boy of four years is shown running and a lady in her 40s is running behind him.
The lady : Raaghav stop running I can’t run like you.
Raaghav stops and turns.
Raaghav : Daadi is better than you.
He sticks his tongue out and starts running again the lady starts running behind him again. Then suddenly someone grabs by her hand in a room and pins the lady in to the wall.
The lady : Laksh leave me.

Scene shifts to the hall of MM. Raaghav clashes with a boy in his age 12.
They boy : Raaghav be careful while running.
Raaghav : Bhai you have to be careful while walking.
Ap : Rahul call Sandesh bhaiyaa and complain about Raaghav.
Raaghav : Sandesh bhaiyaa?? (He laughs) I’m not scared of him too.
Ap opens her mouth wide open amd Raaghva again starts runnin upstairs and clashes on another person. He looks at him and gulps while Ap and Rahul are looking at them.
Raaghav : So…sorr…rry Sandesh bhaiya.
Sandesh : Be careful next time.
Saying this he went out and got into his car. (He is probably 19 years) and drove it off.
Rahul runs to Raaghav and makes him look at him.
Rahul : Raaghav next time you do this you know what will happen hena chotu? Don’t run as accidents doesn’t tell and happen.
Raaghav nods and again starts running. Rahul shakes his agreement with complete disagreement.

Scene shifts to another room which very very big. It is a white room with colourful things all ove the room. A girl is shown wearing a rayband glasses and reading book with a three quarter and black t shirt and hair in a messy bun.She has worn a big headset. The things in the room are shaking as the sound of the buffers were so loud. Two girls one with a short and baggy t shirt and the other one with three quarter and sleeveless skinny. Both of them are dancing on a song off their head. (Think any song you want) Just then someone openes the room door and both of them them turn and gets shocked.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Harini is seen sitting in a dark room on a rocking chair. She has her hair tied in to a pony tail and pajamas on. She was drinking wine and she finishes drinking. A light is spotted on a photo and is revealed to Laksh’s photo where he has worns a drak blue shirt with grey blazer and shades on. The she takes the remote and changes the picture and the picture is revealed to be Ragini where she is wearing a whiter shalwar with a purple duppata. Harini throws the glass on the projecter screen where Ragini’s face get broken. She switches the light on and the room is full of Laksh’s photos. Photos from school to now.
Harini : You have made me mad Laksh, how can you think that I will let you marry another girl. When I got to know that you touched another girl I killed the person who informed me in anger. I will make you mine at any cost. Me being a doctor took a life of a person then imagine how much do I love you Laksh. I will make you understand it anyhow.

Scene shifts to BM. Ragini switches on her phone and finds missed calls and messeges from Laksh asking to call him. Swara enters with a glass of milk.
Swara : Laado drink this.
Ragini : I don’t want Swara.
Swara : Get ready.
Ragini : What?
Swara marches to the wadrobe and takes out pink kurti and white jean and gives it Ragini.
Swara : Wear this and get ready.
She leaves the room leaving Ragini confused.

Scene shifts to MM. Laksh is very much disturbed about Ragini. Simran enters with a boul of soup. She places it on the tabe and sits beside Laksh.
Simran : Laksh aren’t you happy with the marraige?
Laksh : I don’t want to get married.
Simran : Is it becuase of Ragini?
Laksh is she ll shocked. He rolls up his eyes and then sighs.
Laksh : No point of hiding it anymore.
Simran : No pointing of hiding what?
Laksh : Hiding everything. Okay let me ask directly what connection do you have with Aditya?
Simran is equally socked.
Simran : Ah..woh…toh(She starts stammering and then sighs out) Fine I and Aditya love each other.
Laksh : Love?
Simran : Yeah, he is an army officer and when he came on a training to our village we both fell in love.
Laksh is shocked again.
Laksh under his breath : Army?
Laksh : So Aarnav told that I and Ragini love each other?
Simran : Yeah that was the reason on that day when you both were alon in the room before Maami could open the door I opened so there won’t be any problem.

(The day when they planned to watch the movie and they confess that both of them fell in love at once and while they ere laughing somone opened and the flashback stopped over there. Simran is narrating Laksh)
Ragini and Laksh : Love at first sight.
Ragini and Laksh laughs and just then someone opens the door and its turned out to be Simran. Both RagLak were not in an awkward position.
Simran : Where is Swara and Sanskaar?
Laksh : They went as an important work came up.
Ragini : Then I’m leaving.
Simran : Haa yeah sure.

Both Simran and Ragini go downstairs and Ap looks at them.
Ap : Arey Ragini beta where is Swara?
Ragini : Ma an importan work came and she went along with Sanslaar I stayed as Laksh was alone and now you have returned so I’m leaving.
Ap : I thought bringing something for you to eat but Simran told that she will check out first.
Ragini smiles and takes blessing from her and leaves.
Simran’s narration finishes.

Laksh : So that was told buly Aditya that I and Ragini were alone and Swara was called by…
Simran cuts his words : …Yeah he is the one told that his mom called Swara and Sanskaar dropped as he was also with his mother.
Laksh : Why is he doing it? If he loves you then why is he acting as if he is forced to marry?
Simran : I’m sorry but I can’t amswer it but I and Aditya will surely help you both.
Just then someone knocks the door.
Laksh : Come in.
Harini enters while Laksh and Simran look on.
Laksh : Oh hi.
Harini : Hello, I came to meet my friend.
Laksh : You are always welcome.
Harini : Simran if you don’t mind can you get me some water?
Laksh : Get her something to drink and yeah we will talk about it later.
Simran : Yeah sure.

Harini sits beside him.
Laksh : So are you after hospital?
Harini : Haa.
Laksh : Ohh great.
Harini gets a call she keeps her belonging on the bed and goes out. Laksh takes the stethoscope and plugs it on and starts listning to his beat.
Laksh murmurs : Ragini…Ragini…Ragini (He hears is beat but he says Ragini’s name according to the beat

In the hall Swara and Ragini are seen entering. Simran comes out of the kitchen.
Ragini : Hi
Simran : Hello bhabi (Simran wink at Ragini and Ragini feels uncomfortable) Laksh is in the room. Snaksaar and Do maama has gone to office and maami has gone to mandir.
Swara and Ragini look at each other while Simran goes back to the kitchen.
Simran : Both of you go I will get you something to drink.
Ragini and Swara go up. Harini notices this and enters Laksh’s room by purpose. She sits next to Laksh. Swara and Ragini are approaching towards them Harini is lost in Laksh’s innocent face which is chanting his love’s name beautifully nodding his head accorting to his heart beat. Harini comes back to her senses hearing foot steps. She shakes Laksh.
Harini : Who’s name do you hear in you heart beat.
Just then Ragini and Swara enter and Laksh doesn’t notice them. Laksh bluhes and remembers Ragini.
Laksh : Harini (Ragini is hella shocked to hear it, she just doesn’t make any noices but moves back and walks downstairs dragging Swara) you know what I hear my Love Ragini’s name (Laksh bends his head and looks at his ring while Harini smirks and grits her teeth) I love her so much.

Ragini drags Swara out and gets into the car.
Swara : Ragini leave me, I will ask that man why is he playing with you feelings.
Ragini cries her heart out. She hugs Swara really tight and crushes her bone. Swara knows that Ragini is not ready to listen anything but she has to cry her heart out.

Flashback ends.

The two girls are shocked looking at the door. She was wearing a yellow Saree with her hair left open.
The lady : Sandya and Lavanya when wilk you both grow up?
Look at you study room it is like a dust bin.
Sandya : Mom come on.
Swara gives a stern look.
Swara : Clean this mess right now both of you.
Lavanya : Badi ma Sawitha…
Swara : She did nothing but you both were dancing your head off clean this mess and go back to you rooms. Sandya next week your college is starting. I can’t beleive my eyes that you are acting so childishly. Go get chaged look at your attire.
Sandya : Mom
Lavanya giggles.
Swara : You are not less Luv, you papa has pet you so much look how short your…
Lavanya : Yeah what? (She laughs and pinches Swara’s cheeks) That is what it is called Shorts.

Scene shifts to Laksh leaning to the lady who was running behind Raaghav.
They lady : Laksh leave me.
Laksh : Jaan why are you running so much? No matter how much you run my fat wife you will never go thin.
The lady : Achcha pati dev now will you please leave your ugly fat wife.
Laksh : Who told that you are ugly? I only told that you have gone fat (Laksh winks at her) btw I want my morning peck.
The lady : Have some shame Laksh.
Laksh : Gonna give or shall I take?
He drags her closer wrapping his hand around her waist.

Both of them hear Swara shouting and rushes to the study room.
Swara : Clean this mess or both of you won’t get food.
Laksh : Why are you shouting at my princesses Swara?
Laksh goes and hugs Sandya and Lavanya.
Swara : Your two princesses are isn’t either like Sawitha or Laashya. Both of them are gold.
Laksh : And these two are Platinum.
Laksh, Sandya and Lavanya together stick their tongue out while the lady laughs at them.
Swara : Ragini stop laughing.
Ragini : Okay meri jethaani. Btw where is my choti princess?
Swara : She is in her room just now I gave her milk and biscuits.
A small girl of age four enters the room.
Ragini : Aww my princess why didn’t you draw or colour today?
Laashya : Mama it was too loud. Sandy di and Luv di were dancing to the song and the volume was so high si I was colouring in my room.
Laksh carries Laashya and pecks her.
Laksh : Sandy di aur Luv di ask sorry from Laashya.
Sandya and Lavanya : Sorry(Both of them does a sit up together.) Happy?
Laashya : Very happy.

Screen freezes laughing faces of all of them.


Gracy Goswami as Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia as Rahul
Ritvi Jain as Laashya
And I want one as Raaghav

Faisal Khan as Sandesh
Navika Kotia as Sandya
Ruhana Khanna as Sawitha

Shakri Arora as Aditya
Radhika Madan as Simran
Preetika Rao as Harini

And yeah thanks alot for the comment and your lovey dovey support thank you…I hope youvlike the todays chappy 🙂 I have had made you all sad and worry and think it is enough

And yeah if you are unclear about my previous chap yeah let me tell you thatvit is the flashback 🙂 If you need further clarification do comment I wilk reply to you for sure.

And yeah I told I will upload she is the one but couldn’t as I didnt have time 🙁 sowwy and yeah I reply to each of your comments

Keep reading and supporting please do comment on how did you find it?

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