Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 32

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 32

Flashback 17 years ago (No is thinking or narrating)

Ragini was sitting on the bed folding her leg crossed. She was wearing yellow t shirt with a short and hair tied in a messy bun and was closing her eyes and doing breathing exercise.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini doesn’t respond.
Swara : Ragini…Ra…gi…ni
Ragini openes her eyes and gives a death glare to Swara.
Ragini : How many times have I told you not to disturb me while I’m excersing?
Swara makes a pout face and then laughs.
Swara : You look so cute when you laugh to be Mrs. Maheshwari.
Ragini suddenly get the though of Sanskaar.
Ragini : To be Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari. When you call me Mrs.Maheshwari Shona there is immense pain in my heart. (Swara looks at Ragini with a confuaed look) Don’t give me that look. I mean Swara when you say Mrs. Maheshwari it is so uncomfortable it reminds me of Sanskaar jeth.
Swara : Jeth?
Ragini : Haa Laksh’s older brother is jeth.
Swara : He is your fiance.
Ragini starts tearing.
Ragini : Shut up Swara, you are scaring me. I’m already fearing the fact that Laksh is going away from me and you are here scaring me.
Swara climbs up to the bed and hugs Ragini.
Swara : I was just joking baaba.
Ragini : I don’t know how will I live without Laksh.
Swara : Both of you will get together an it is a promise made by your best friend.

Scene shifts to MM, Sanskaar was sitting on the couch in Laksh’s room and Lalsh was busy writing the notes which he missed while went to Australia. He remembers him promising Ragini about telling their relationship.
Laksh : Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky bolo
Just then Simran enters with a mug of coffee and a cup of tea. Laksh looks at Simran while Simran raises her eye brow asking ‘What’.
Laksh POV
I will somehow get the truth out of her mouth by asking cross questions.
Laksh’s POV ends
Laksh : Simran don’t you have any idea of getting married?
Laksh calls Ragini so that Ragini can hear it by herself.
Scene shifts to BM.
Ragini was sleeping on Swara’s lap.
Swara : How much do you love Laksh?
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : I love him so much that I can’t live without him. He is now my life Swara.
Swara : What made you love him so much Laado?
Ragini : ‘LAKSH’. Laksh in whole made me fall in love with him deep down. No particular reason, he has all the qualities of a good husband.
Swara : I’m so happy for you. You never even look at a guy but now…
Just then Ragini’s phone ring and a million dollar smile appear.
Ragini : Laksh.
She answers itand jumps out of the bed. Swara smiles looking at her.
Swara : Let her be happy forever. Go please don’t take away her happiness.

Ragini sits on the swing which out in Swara’s balcony.
Ragini : Hello.
Laksh doesn’t answer reply.
Simran : Marraige? Why should I marry now?
Ragini understands what is Laksh upti and signals Swara to come and she switches on the speakers.
Laksh : Why not? Ragini (Sanskar looks at Laksh as he took his bhabhi’s name so casually and Laksh motices it) I mean bhabhi.
Ragini grits her teeth stamps her feet.
Ragini murmmers : This idiot.
Simran : You don’t have to worry Laksh I’m staying single to give you company on your marraige.
Just then Ap enters.
Ap : Achcha Simran beta then we will have to find a boy for you.
Swara and Ragini looks at each other confusingly while Laksh and Sanskaar also looks at each other confusingly.
Simran : What do you mean?
Ap :Are Simran beta we have fixed our Laksh’s marriage too.
Laksh is shell shell shell shocked not because he got to know it but his life, his love heard and thinking of her he dropped his jaw to the ground. He caressed the bed to find the phone so that she won’t hear anything futher on the other hand Ragini and Swara just stood up in shock she just stepped back twice and again landed on the swing. Swara took the phone to her hand and tried to cut it but unfortunately phone gets stucked. Laksh couldn’t find the phone as he hid it in aplace where Simran coupdn’t find and he hid it in a hurry.(Actually guys these things are happening in split seconds)
Ap : Harini my friends doctor who is doing her medicine in Kolkata College. We had her in our mind for years to get her married to one of you two but her parents told let her finish studying. Two weeks ago both of the died in an accident and she is living alone.We have already spoke about the marraige with her relatives and even they accepted as it is not safe to keep a girl alone.
Laksh at last finds the phone and switches it off.

Laksh’s POV
Laksh what have you done? What might she go through? No I can’t let her shatter. Now what are you going to do? Think Laksh think.
Laksh’s POV ends.
Simran : Maami do you have her picture?
Ap turns.
Ap : Harini beta.
Harini enters with a grey kurti and black jean.
Simran : Good choice maamin (She then remembers Ragini) but Laksh (She stops realizing that no one knows about Ragini and Laksh other than her and even Laksh doesn’t know that she knows his realtionship)
Ap : I have promised her family and now she is my bahu. (She caresses Laksh’s hair) Sanskaar aur Simran both of you leave. Let Harini and Laksh speak and get to know each other.
Sanskaar : But ma you didn’t even ask his opinion.
Dp enters.
Dp : This marraige will hapoen at anycost Sanskaar. We didn’t ask your permission too.
Sanskaar and Simran leaves along with Ap and Dp.

Ragini goes in to the room like a dead body and sits on the bed.
Ragini : Did I hear it correctly?
Swara : Laado…
Ragini interrupts: I know Laksh will never go against his mother.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini shows her hand and asks her to stop.
Ragini : I will speak with him first. I’m not ready to assume or shatter without asking him. I know he won’t go against his mother more than that I know my Laksh wil not leave me even if I ask him to.
Ragini didn’t shatter even a drop of tear suddenly she faints.
Swara shouts : Ragini

Scene shifts to SM.
Aditya : What are you telling?
Simran : Haa Adi I felt very bad for Laksh.
Aditya : Simran my intension is not to hurt anyone but to save. We love each other and know the pain of seperation. We have to join hands to unite Ragini and Laksh.
Simran : I’m always there with you Adi. I will speak with Laksh regarding this.
Aditya : You tell him but not everything, you know what I mean.
Simran : I know and I promise that I won’t utter it out.
Aditya smiles.
Aditya : Love you.
Simran : Love you too.

Scene shifts to MM, Harini is standing and Laksh is very uncomfortable he suddenly feels an immense pain in his heart. The thought of Ragini and her face was flashing ove and over. He gave a painful smile and gestured Harini to sit. Harini sits and she smiles.
Laksh : Harini I hope I can be honset with you. I am in love with another girl. (Harini is shell shocked) And I have promised that I will be with her forever.
Harini : I understand, I will tell aunty that I don’t like you.
She gives an assuring smile and Laksh sighs in relief.
Laksh : Thank you so much hope we can be friends.
Harini nods and forwards her hand Laksh forwards his hand. Both of them shake hands. Harini gets up and leaves.

Laksh takes out his phone and starts dialing Ragini’s phone and it says switched off. This makes Laksh panick.

Scene shifts to BM. Doctor check Ragini.
Doctor : Nothing to worry I think she is shocked seeing something or hearing something. Let her just rest and yeah it is better to let hear cry.
Doctor leaves while Sumi follows her. Swara sits beside Ragini amd caresses Ragini’s hair. Ragini gains consious and murmmers “Laksh”.
Swara : Relax Ragini, we will speak with him.
Just then Swara’s phone rings and the name displays as ‘Laksh’. Swara doesn’t answer but switches off the phone and makes Ragini sleep.

Scene shifts to MM. Harini gets downstairs and Ap comes out of the kitchen.
Ap : Beta did you finish speaking?
Harini : Nahi ma woh I think Laksh and I don’t get along well.
Ap : What do you mean beta it is the first day? You have to get friendly and then decide.
Harini : It is fine Ma
Harini starts tearing
Ap : Why are you crying beta? Don’t worry Laksh is the correct match for you. You are his wife, the perfect girl for him.
Harini : But Ma Laksh…
Ap interrupts : He would never go against me. I promise you beta.
Harini smiles in between her tears.
Harini : Maa I have an important work but I wilk surely come tomorrow.
She turns and smirks.
Flashback ends.

Present is shown.
Harini is smirking while going on phereses.

Screen freezes on Harini’s past and present smirking face.


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