Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 31

Hello everyone Dafsi here woth another update whith my ff or should I call your ff whatever with another part m…And yeah I’m kinds over whelmed with the comments and responds…Please read my bak bak in the bottom of the episode 🙂 And here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 31

The episode starts with Laksh opening his eyes. No she was not with a cup of coffee but he still didn’t look disappointed. He pecked Ragini’s forehead and looked at her pretty pale face and smiled and a tear escaped. He walked to the washroom and came back. He kneeled down near Ragini held her hand really tight.
Laksh : I’m sorry jaan. I know you are happy that our kids are gonna get a mother. I know you will forgive your Laksh for sure but your Laksh will never ever forgive himself for doing this. I’m cursing myself and hating myself for doing this. The fingers which touched your maang is not ready to touch someone elses’s maang but situations turned out against me. (He is literally crying) I hate myself for doing this Ragini. I failed to keep our promises. (He broke down) I’m just a walking broken sole right now. My strength, my life, my world us lieing infront of me and I’m nothing without them. (He smiles through his tears indeed it was a painful smile where his eyes were blood red and face was pale)Ragini though this marraige happens and the world will call her as my wife but for me, for Laksh Maheshwari you will be his wife for all the births. I have given myself to you so I’m not scared of marrying her right now as I know that I will never fall for her not only her I will never fall for anyone. I hate you Ragini I hate you for not awaking and stopping this marraige. (He cries and hugs her crushing her bones. He showed all his pain. The helplessness of him) I love you and I will always love only you.
Sanskaar enters the room and holds Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh stands up and hugs him tightly.
Laksh : Ask her to awake bhai, tell her that her Laksh is going to marry someone. I’m sure she will awake and come right downstairs and give a tight slap across my face. Tell her bhai tell my Ragini to open her eyes.
Sanskaar was not able to control his tears that he started tearing. He hugged Laksh really tight and Laksh literally broke down into billions of pieces (I’m actually tearing guys)
Sanskaar : Laksh everything will be okay.
They break the hug. Swara enter the room.
Swara : Laksh should we have to move Ragini…
Laksh loses his control and points his indes finger towards her.
Laksh : Don’t you dare to move her inch from our room.
Swara : I’m sorry Laksh I understand what is going…
Laksh : No Swara you will never understand if you do you would stop my wedding. (Laksh leave but turns.) Listen Ragini will live in this room and I will shift to guest room and Harini will live in a seperate room.
Laksh leaves angrily.
Swara : I thought if not only giving a mother to the kids also a good life partner to Laksh and it was a promise made to Ragini from me.

Swara remembers.(Flashback)

On the way to hospital Ragini opens her eyes,
Ragini : Swara you have to promise me one thing. I know I’m going to leave all of you for sure.
Swara : Shut up Ragini.
Ragini smiles throught her tears.
Ragini : I don’t know what is wrong with my Laksh but I’m sure that he will be okay if inany case if something happen to me…
Swara cuts her words : Nothing will happen.
Ragini : Swara you know about my condition if in anycase if something happens to me you will have to find a good girl for my Laksh and she sould be a caring and loving wife. Also she should be a good mother who understands my children. Promise me.
Swara : Ragini stop talking nonsense.
Ragini : Please promise. (She cires with pain) Who will take care of him when I’m not around. Who will look after my kids? So please make him marry.
Swara : Do you think he will marry?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : No he won’t but you have to make him understand. Don’t make him feel that all of you are trying to give comfort for him but the kids then surely he will understand. Then eventually he will move on with her.
Swara : Ragini nothing will happen.
Ragini : Promise me Swara. Get my Laksh married to a good girl.
She is unable to utter the words as it was the hardest thing she could think of. She said it with so much pain both mentally and physically. Swara closed her eyes and let her tears roll down and she cries hard she was unable look at her friend more over her soul sister suffering.
Swara : Promise.
Ragini closed her eyes letting the tears roll and she held her stomach and remembered her moments with Laksh. She whispered “I love you Laksh” and she fainted as the pain was unbearable.

Swara’s flashback ends.

Laksh comes downstairs wearing a simple navy blue sharwani with no work in it with a white trouser. There was no glow in his face. He was a walking dead body. Tears were rolling down his cheek which he didn’t try to wipe or hide. He wanted to show each and everyone how much pain he is in. His eye caught up Harini getting down the stairs along with Swara. She had worn a red lehenga with a simple work and she looked simple and elegant. Laksh remembered Ragini getting down the stairs on their marraige he smiled in between his tears. When the fact he realized that it was his wedding but not with his love his smile faded away. Sanskaar walked to Laksh.
Sanskaar : Wipe you tears Lucky.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : What is point of wiping it Sanskaar. Nothing is going to change.
Sanskaar takes out the hanky and wipes it forcefully.
Sanskaar : I know your pain…
Laksh interrupts : No you don’t and you will never will and I wish you never should under go what I am going through. (He says it gritting his teeth.)
Sanskaar : For Ragini’s sake stop crying.
Laksh : These tears are for her. It will only stop the day she slaps me for betraying her and for breaking the promises.
Sanskaar : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Leave me alone.
Rahul walks to Laksh and holds Laksh’s hand.
Rahul : Papa
Laksh kneels down.
Laksh : Yes prince.
Rahul : Badi ma told it your marraige is today and you are going to bring a new mama to us.
Laksh : Yes beta (He says it with so much difficutly)
Rahul : Then what wil happen to my mama? Will you put her out? (Rahul starts tearing and his voice starts cracking) Papa please don’t do that.
Laksh hugs him tightly.
Laksh : I will never do that Rahul your mama is my life. Your new mama is to look after you only. I will never put your mama out.
They break the hug Rahul pecks Laksh and wipes Laksh’s tears.

Scene shifts to SM. (The house in MATSH)
Lavanya : Adi papa take me and go right now.
Aditya : Princess listen to me.
Lavanya : Are you gonna take me or shall I go by myself? This marriage should not happen.
Aditya : Lavanya…
Lavanya scream from bottom of her lungs “Take me and go” She then breaks down and starts crying.
Lavanya : No one is suppose to take my mama’s place. (She sits down and cries so hard) I want to stop this marriage Adi papa please take me.
Lavanya begs and pleads folding her hand. Aditya starts tearing and makes her stand. He wipes her tears and pecks her forehead and Lavanya hugs him.
Aditya : Princess stop crying. Your papa is getting married not to give your mama’s place to another woman but to look after your siblings.
Lavanya cries out loud and breaks the hug.
Lavanya : No no no that can never happen (She folds her hand) I will stay with you forever Adi papa but please take me.
Aditya lets his tears roll down.
Aditya : You don’t have to stay with me forever but we will stop this wedding it is promise made to a daughter by a father.
Lavanya hugs Aditya and Aditya hugs her back.

Scene shifts to MM.
Pandit : Bring the groom.
Laksh is lost in his own world Sanskaar notices this and shakes him and gestures him to go. Laksh gives him a death glare though it was really painful. His eyes were not less red than earlier but it has gone darker but indeed he was paler than before(Imagine a zombie) He stood on the stage. Swara brought Harini and made her stand and even she was not having a smile.

Harini remembers what Laksh spoke after he agreed.
Harini enters Laksh’s room.
Harini : I was shock when I heard you accepted.
Laksh : I didn’t have any option and Harini let me be frank with you. (Laksh sighs) You know how much I love Ragini I can never ever think of giving her place in my heart or my life also I can never give the place of the motherhood to anyone.
Harini : I understand Laksh, I will be in my limits.
Laksh : Thanks for understanding, another thing is we will have diffrent rooms.
Harini : I promise that I will never cross the limit of friendship and I promise to be a good mother while growing the place of Ragini in their hearts.
Laksh smiles and nods and Harini smiles back.
Flashback ends.

Pandit breaks her chain of thoughts.
Pandit : Make him wear the ring.
Harini tries to make him wear and finds the ‘RagLak’ carved ring in his finger.
Ap : Remove the ring beta.
Harini : It is fine ma.
Harini make him wear it on top of it.
Laksh without touching her hand he makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Scene shifts to SM. Lavanya and Aditya get in to the car and Aditya drives it fastly. Lavanya is tensed.

Scene shifts to MM.
Pandit : Groom come and sit on mandap.
Laksh unwillingly goes and sits. He continously looks at the staircase hoping Ragini will come running downstairs. It seemes as if he is running out of tears but still few drops were rolling down. Some rituals begun, Swara starts tearing. Sanskaar controls his tears as he knew what he was doing isn’t right but he had to do it for his brother’s betterment. Swara held Sanskaar’s hand and tears rolled down her eyes. Sandya, Sandesh and Sawitha were not looking less sad. They also knew how much their chaachu had love their chaachi and is loving their chaachi.
Sandya : Why is he doing this?
Sandesh : He has to do this for Laashya and Raaghav.
Sandya : True those little one’s desrve the love and care of a mother.
Pandit : Call the bride.
Swara takes Harini and makes her sit beside Laksh. Laksh moves a bit so that he is not touching Harini. They do some rituals together.

Aditya and Lavanya are caught in traffic. Lavanya prays god. Aditya looks at her worriedly and holds her shoulder.
Lavanya : Adi papa why did papa agree to marry. Doesn’t he love mama?
Aditya : He loves her baby but getting married to another woman doesn’t change your papa’s love towards mama. It is just to look after your brother and sister.
Lavanya : Isn’t badi ma and daadi enough?
Aditya doesn’t know how to reply that he just kept quiet.

Scene shifts to MM.
Pandit ji : Take the seven phereses.
Laksh and Harini stand up. He doesn’t hold her hand but just starts walking.

Lavanya and Aditya reach MM. Lavanya runs out of the car and she falls. Aditya picks her up and finds her hand and knee cut deeply and bleeding.
Aditya : Lavanya…
Lavanya interrupts : Adi papa leave me.
Lavanya runs inside and Aditya follows her. Both of them reach and is shocked.

The screen freezes on their shocking face.


Gracy Goswami as Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia as Rahul

Faisal Khan as Sandesh
Navika Kotia as Sandya.
Ruhana Khanna as Sawitha

Shakti Arora as Aditya
Radhija Madan as Simran
Preetika Rao as Dr. Harini

Amd yeah todays epi there was no flashback and yeah nect chappy will be on wednesday and yeah tomorrow I will be uploading She is the One

Okay guys so how did you find epi today?? Good or bad? I know it was worst part but sowwy please tolerate me 🙂 🙂 and yeah comment on how did you find my ff good or bad

Im sorry for makingvmost of you all cry and worry but there are more twist and turn bends and so called whatever things are on it way so keep reading and dont for get to suppoet as it is what I meed the most…Love you alk my cute sisters, friends and readers thank thank thank you so much…

What did Aditya and Lavanya get shokced seeing??
Is Aditya really good or acting good?
What is going on each of their minds?
What will happen to Ragini after this marriage?
Harini will she be a hood mother? And will she try to be a good wife.
Will Ragini get up or be like this forever?
And what is going on Dafsi’s mind? I know I sound lunatic so please don’t mind me. 😉

Somw are only reading and some are guessting try guessing so story would be interesting from the level okay so meet you up with another chappy 🙂 🙂 bye bye take care love you 😀 : D

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