Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 30

HELLO everyone your Dafsi is here with another episode of my ff. If all of you have read my intro you woukd be thinking what the hell is she doing until now? As I promised that this troubke which Im making will be only 5-10 epis and now it has turned out to be 30 can’t believe right?? Well I can’t believe…

So each decade oass I ask all of you to rate out if 10, name the favourit episode, name you favourite character and the character which you hate the most… So please do comment om it and here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak)Episode 30

The episode starts after 5 months. Laksh is seen entering his room. He has gone pale and eyes are swollen with a beared. He comes and sits beside Ragini and holds her hand. He pecks Ragini’s forehead.
Laksh : Today our Lavanya got her exam report, you know what she has done very well in all the subjects. She said only another month is more to come back home. Also Rahul did well this time in his exam.
He says it with a big wide smile on his lips and his eyes were glittering. There was a knock on the room.
Laksh : Come in
Swara enters with both the kids. Laksh take Laashya (The girl baby) and places her on the cradle and Swara places Raghav (The boy baby)on the other cradle which is attached to it.
Swara : Did you meet Lavanya?

Laksh : Haa she seems happy so I’m happy too. She told me that Aditya is looking after her just like me and she told still she is missing me and Ragini speacially Rahul.
Swara : Laksh why don’t you rethink over it? For how long are you gonna be like this?
The smile which was on Laksh’s fades away and he turns to Swara and his eyes are blood red due to anger he grits his teeth.
Laksh : How many times should I have to say you even if it was for life time I will stay all alone. I can look after my kids all alone but no, I can’t even utter it.
Swara : But they need a mother even if you don’t want a wife. Harini is really a good and an understanding girl.

Laksh : Swara I’m losing my temper so please leave. Again if you pick up this topic I’m surely gonna leave you all. I will go away with my kids and my Ragini. Now leave (He shouts and the babies jerk and awake and starts crying. Swara goes towards the babies) I can manage just leave.
Swara leaves looking at Laksh with pain. Laksh shakes the cradle and the babies calm down. He walks to Ragini and sits down and holds her hand.
Laksh : Come back soon Ragini your Laksh need you, our kids need you. I’m sorry for what Swara spoke they will never understand my pain. I have been narrating each and everything to you till the day one and will be keep telling whatever happened on each day, and you know what Ragini I will wait until the day you open your eyes and our promises will be there forever. (He wipes his tears) Today Rahul fell and got a small wound on his knee, he cried alot taking your name but I managed.

He keeps on telling whatever happened and eventully dozed off beside her holding her hand. Swara who was looking at him along with Sanskaar get teary. Swara hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar hugs her back.
Swara : For how long? For how many days is he going to keep speaking like this?
Sanskaar : We have to do something not for him but the children, they need a mother.

Morning Laksh awakes and finds him sleeping on the floor. He gets up and goes to washroom and comes back and finds Ap.
Laksh : Maa

Ap : You know what Laksh always a child needs a mother’s support. I know you don’t want a wife but these innocent kids what sin did they do? They need a mother’s love and care.
Laksh : Maa even don’t you understand my pain.
Ap : What if Ragini is not with us forever?
Laksh looses his temper.
Laksh : What do you mean? She is not dead, she is living my life, my soul, my breath, my Ragini is living. (He kneels down and breaks down) She is not only my wife also my life Ma I can never think of another girl in her place. Please don’t force (He begs and pleads folding his hand) She can hear us so please for god sake don’t repeat this. I can’t see her broken. I’m her Laksh, Ragini’s Laksh and will always be only hers.
Ap comes towards him and caresses his head and she is also having tears. Laksh sobs and cries out loud.

Ragini’s POV.
Laksh why do you love me so much? I love you but you always make me doubt on my love towards you. I don’t know when will I reach upto your love. Laksh everything happens for a reason but how unfortunate I am that I can’t awake and give you a bone crushing hug. I’m sorry Laksh I failed to lend my shoulders to let you cry your heart out. My love is nothing compared to each tears you shed for me. I promise to give all your happiness you lost because of me once I get up, if I fail to get up I promise to give that love in our next birth.
Ragini’s POV ends.
She is having tears.

Flashback 17 years ago (No one is narrating or thinking)

Ragini picks up the photo and is shocked to Aditya’s photo.
Ragini’s POV
Why is she is having his photo. Something is there behind this and I must find it out,
Ragini’s POV ends.

She enters Laksh’s room.
Laksh : What made you take so long?
Ragini : Nothing.
Laksh : Give me the file.
Ragini hands it over. Laksh takes out the number and sends it to Sanskaar. Ragini lost in her thoughts. Laksh notices this and drags her holding her wrist.
Laksh : What is disturbing you? (He makes her sit and holds her face.) Don’t tell me nothing I see something is disturbing you.

Ragini removes his and holds them and smiles.
Ragini : Nothing it is just I got a sudden head ache.
Laksh : Head ache? You are lying to me.
Ragini gulps and then sighs.
Ragini : Okay I can’t lie to you. (She says what she saw in Simran’s room.) There is something fishy.
Laksh : Mera bachcha we will find out it together and you don’t have to worry.
He pecks her forehead and taps her cheek.
Ragini : I’m scared whether we will get sepera…(Seperated)
Laksh : Shshshshs that is a thing that will never happen.
Ragini hugs Laksh
Ragini : I don’t how did I live without you until now? And I don’t how will I live without you.
Laksh : I don’t know how you lived or not but I lived very happily.
Ragini breaks the hug and makes a cute angry face while Laksh laughs. Ragini beats him for laughing and Laksh holds both her hands and drags her close and both of them share an intense and lovely eyelock.
Laksh whispers : But now my happiness is beyond the words. You have not only become my happiness but my everything. I got a meaning for my wait.
Ragini smiles and moves back and gives a naughty smile

Ragini : What wait?
Laksh : Wait for my life partner.
Ragini : What kind of life partner did you want?
Laksh : A monkey and I found it.
Laksh grins while Ragini punches his arm.
Ragini : Even I wished for a gorilla l and at last found it. Btw Laksh how do you know whether this monkey will be your Mrs. Perfect?
Laksh leans towards her and her heart beat rises and she starts blushing.
Laksh whispers : Your eyes show that you will be my Mrs. Perfect.
Ragini : So which mean you have looked in to so many girls eyes?
Laksh : Nop I was never interested in girls, but you were the first girl who stood against me you were daring but you know what there were some kind pain in your eyes which I could clearly figure out and you were the first girl I looked at.
Ragini : So you weren’t a flirt?

Laksh : Did you think I was one?
Ragini bends her head down.
Ragini : When I saw you flirting with the air hostress I thought so.
Lalsh laughs.
Laksh : That was to make my love jealouse.
Ragini : So you loved me from then?
Laksh : Nop, from the time you bumped in to me in the canteen and fell in my arms.
Ragini : Then why did you fight with me?
Laksh : You started it.
Ragini : Yeah but still you loved me.
Laksh : Not me my stupid heart did.
Ragini makes a pout face.
Ragini : I can’t help now bear me forever.
Laksh : As you say highness.
Ragini giggles and pulls his cheeks
Ragini : I thought I was the one who fell in love with yo

u first.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini : When I fell in your arms I got lost in your monkey face and fell in love but you know what…
Laksh interrputs : You were scared.
Ragini nods while Laksh laughs.
RagLak : Love at first sight.
Both of them laughed and just the someone opens the door.

Flashback ends.

Laksh is entering food in to the machine where food enters her mouth (You know some kinds of way it has been connected) while the babies are on the bed beside him and Rahul was sitting on the couch doing home work. Lavanya was on call speaking with Laksh and had speaker on.
Lavanya : I am miss all of you so much papa.
Laksh : Miss you too princess. Speak with mama and hang up. I have to make Rahul, Laashya and Raghav to sleep.
Lavanya : Okay papa, hello mama how are you today? hope you are doing good today. I miss you so much and mama tomorrow it is mother’s day celebration at our school (Laksh looks at the phone and then looks at Rahul) last year you came but this year. It is okay mama anyways miss you so much and love you. Okay papa I’m haging up bye and take care. Love you.
Laksh : Love you too.
They hang up.

Rahul : I forgot to tell tomorrow it is mothers day celebrarion so I’m not going.
Laksh : Beta your mama is not well so it is an excuse.
Rahul : My mama is unwell becuase of Laashya and Raaghv.
Laksh : How many times have I told you not to blame them Rahul? They have nothing to do with your mama’s unwell.
Rahul : Whatever I hate them.
Rahul leaves while Laksh sits on the couch. Sanskaar enters and sits beside him.
Laksh : How am I going to explain him? What sin did I do bhai that my loved one’s are so hurt.
Sanskaar : Not any sin Lucky it is just the circumstance. Laksh I know how much you Ragini as you at times make me feel whether I love Swara that much. You have
made me feel that you are a better husband and you are a better father but now what you are doing is wrong. Are you gonna stay like this forever?
Laksh interrupts : Bhai please…

Sanskaar holds his shoulder and interrupts : Laksh listen to me. Forget about yourself but think about Lavanya, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav they meed a mother. Forget Rahul and Lavanya they are grown but what about these two kids not all the tike you are gonna stay with them they need speacial care and attension. Tomorrow the mother’s day celebration is happening in their school and just imagine yourself standing without your mother. Laksh I know you can never give the place of the wife to anyone else except Ragini but abit stop being selfish and think about the kids. Hope you will think and give a good answer.
Sanskaar leaves leaving Laksh blank. Laksh doesn’t have any idea about how to react. He walked towards the bed like a lost soul and carried the babies and placed them on the cradle. He lied beside Ragini and hugged really tight and started sobbing. He felt miserable and helpless. It seemed like his world have stopped revolving. Each word of Sanskaar echoed and each promises he made with Ragini flashed. He tightened his grip hoping that Ragini will hug him back, the hope he had every day and night was still there. Tears rolled down his cheeks without an end. His uncondional and infinite love towards Ragini which is strong that even he is angry on himself for loving her so much that he forgot to to think about their kids. He was so stubborn to give the place of Ragini in his heart and life to another woman and he never wanted to give the motherhood of his children except Ragini but he failed to think from the children’s POV. He dozed of hugging her really tight hoping she will awake him with his regular coffee and the good morning peck.

Screen freezes on their sleeping position.


Gracy Goswami as Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia as Rahul

Faisal Khan as Sandesh
Navika Kotia as Sandya
Ruhana Khanna as Sawitha

Shakti Arora as Aditya
Radhika Madan as Simran
Preetika Rao as Dr. Harini

Thank you thank you so kuch for each of your support and comment which all of you have been giving me until now and I have no idea how am I gonna pay it back for making me smile everyday…

First of all sorry for making some of you cry and worry and its a sole promise that I won’t dissapoint any of you and this ff is going to be a happy ending for sure but not very soon but very soon…

So how did all of you find my todays epi? Unexpected right? I know I love giving shocks and suspense…So keep reading and not to forget to support through your loving comment and yeah do comment on what I have requested all of you to comment…

Adressing has become a minor problem I’m 18 on coming october and I dont at all mind you’ll calling in anyway Im fine until its pleasent 🙂

About my update this particular ff will be uploaded on SUNDAYS, TUESDAYS,WEDNESDAYS AND THURSDAYS 🙂 thanks again 🙂

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  1. Wow your gd are so amazing
    I really like them no I love them
    My favourite character are lash ,Rahul,ragani and lavanya
    Please make ragani wake up please
    I don’t want lash to marry even if it is for his children

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much for the comment ? And yeah thanks a lot for the comment and yeah keep reading to know what is going to happen and yeah do keep supporting ? Thank you

  2. No please don’t end it
    Can you please do another episode today please

    1. Dafsi

      I won’t end it very soon but I will drag this and yeah I won’t be able to post another one today ? You know right busy with fasting and all the stuff hope I didn’t disappoint you dear..keep reading and supporting 🙂

  3. Awesome Dafsi, it was emotional, Laksh is such a caring one. Loved today’s episode, keep going. Take care and keep smiling?

    1. Dafsi

      Hahaha yeah do he such a caring husband ? Thanks for the comment keep reading and supporting ? Take care and keep smiling too

  4. Sindhura

    Will laksh agrees
    How bad situation was he in noq

    1. Dafsi

      Keep reading to know Laksh’s decision ☺️ Thanks a lot for the comment keep reading and supporting ?

  5. De dafsi I don’t want harini …even fr children sake plz make ragini awake…I loved laksh character t most nd I like all character nd ya I don’t like ragini in coma because of tat laksh s suffering ha ha just fr dr…love ur ff a lot

    1. Dafsi

      Thanks for loving my ff and yeah do keep reading ? And yeah everything will be okay so keep reading and supporting ? Thanks a lot for the comment

  6. RKapoor

    Awesome awesome awesome my bestie it is just fab !!! my fav character r laksh , lavanya ,rahul,ragz ,raghav and all lol and yah ur all episodes r mindblowing and yah why swara is thinking about harini ?? she should contact me i am ready to become a mother of 4 at age of 19 lol so keep similing and aiways rock like this bye lots of love from me !!!!

    1. Dafsi

      Hahaha who’s bestie am I the great writer Riya’s bestie so obviously I must be somewhere near to her writing ?? hahaha don’t forget that I’m single to Swara didn’t even think about me ☹️☹️ Then how come you lol anyways if he says I will marry any girl other than Harini I will ask Swara to call you ? Anyways thanks a lot for commenting Ri and yeah lots of love from me too take care keep reading and supporting and not to forget keep writing your rocking ffs ????

  7. Touched…..plz don’t end it…

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much for the comment.. Keep reading and supporting ?? and yeah I won’t end it soon ??

  8. typical Indian psychology, if laksh is in same condition as ragini than no one ask her to marry someone, when I read swara,annapurna words it’s like someone is punching my heart

    wonderful part dafsi dear, really difficult to choose particular part in this ff, every part has its own glow 100/10.. 10for this part, 90 for you??

    1. Dafsi

      Yeah true had to pick up that psychology as it is lame but interesting to read on dramas hahaha and yeah I’m sorry for making you worried lovely ☹️☹️ Keep reading and supporting ☺️??

  9. superb episode I loved laksh, ragini character of this ff. 10/10 sis. ragini wake up soon

    1. Dafsi

      Thanks for the rating and comment ?? keep reading and supporting ??

  10. Priya15

    It’s so emotional…. No laksh should not marry Harini di… No never di…. Amazing di…

    1. Dafsi

      Hahaha Chirac Priya your do will never think anyone other than raglak in this ff as they are meant to be each other??? thanks a lot for commenting dear and sorry for making you worry ☹️☹️ Keep reading and supporting ??

    2. Dafsi

      Hahaha chilax Priya your do will never think anyone other than raglak in this ff as they are meant to be each other??? thanks a lot for commenting dear and sorry for making you worry ☹️☹️ Keep reading and supporting ??

      1. Priya15

        Ha ok di…u have sent me a pm…i m getting notification but cant see the msg…

    3. Dafsi

      Ohh maybe a technical error dear ☹️ If it is nothing personal you can comment on me or just try again ☺️☺️☺️???

  11. Heyoooooi……….. Awesme epi dear…….. U made me cry today??
    It ws splendid…….. Each n evry emotion touched me……… I jus hope ragini wakes up soon ……. Ah!!!!!! Seriously I lov ths one….. I’m basically swasan fan bt nw I lyk raglak too……????
    I oly read ths particular ff of raglak……..
    Love ya…… tke care……..☺☺☺

    1. Dafsi

      Are you seriously only reading this ff of RagLak ?? you made me shock… But anyways try reading other ff as there are many better one’s and yeah thanks a lot for the wonderful comment keep reading and supporting ????

  12. wow very nice…

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much for the comment ? Keep reading and supporting ??

  13. Rafeee

    its emotional…i love laksh part…plz dnt make laksh to marry someone… plzz…

    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much for the comment ?? keep reading and supporting and yeah do keep reading to know what is gonna happen ??

  14. lakshya is my favorite and plzz get ragini back and next part soon

    1. Dafsi

      Yeah u will get her okay very soon please have patience ?? keep reading and supporting dear ??

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      Ohh don’t beg dear I will surely consider your request buddy and I’m sorry for making you worried ☹️☹️ Keep reading and supporting dear thanks a lot for the comment ???

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    1. Dafsi

      I’m really really sorry for giving pain and I’m sorry for making a lot of problems in their lives ☹️☹️☹️ But promise sort out everything very soon so keep reading and supporting ???thanks a lot for the support

  17. Dafsi. I have read ur ff from the beginning! I just love it to the core ??
    I am a crazy Raglak fan ❤❤❤

    My cousin anjali loves swasan and is currently writing 2 fps on them. Before she had written a swasan os which I converted to Raglak with her permission
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    Its very long though

    1. Dafsi

      Hello Ananya yeah I saw the OS And bookmarked it to read as I’m really really busy dear but it’s a promise to read it and comment on it for sure and the length is not a problem at all ????? and yeah keep reading and supporting and yeah thanks a lot for the comment ???☺️☺️☺️ Thank you

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    1. Dafsi

      I will surely make her awake but you will have to say for a while and yeah thanks a lot for the message ??? keep reading and supporting ???

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    1. Dafsi

      I’m so happy that you loved it ? And yeah I will not end it very soon anyways thank you thank you so much for the comment keep reading and supporting ??????

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      Yeah I will surely make her well dear and yeah keep reading to lnow what is gonna happen thanks for the comment 🙂 🙂

  21. I love laksh nd their kids they r really awesome nd plz I don’t need laksh to marry again I beg u dafsi

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      You dont have to beg dear and yeah thanks alot for the comment 🙂 keep reading and supporting 🙂 🙂

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      Thank you thank you so much 😀 hahaha its okay dear Im happy that you loved my ff in whole and yeah keep reading and supporting 🙂 🙂

  23. 1st of all sorry i couldn’t comment in previous parts. Today’s episodeis very emotional nd touching. U made me cry with it. I don’t want laksh marry harini even for children’s sake. Plz make ragini wake up from coma.

    In ur ff all characters are my favourite i luv laksh the most. Nd i don’t hate anything in ur ff i just luv it. Pls don’t end it soon.

    1. Dafsi

      It is fine dear btw I’m sorry f making you cry ☹️ But I’m happy that you like my ff and yeah I will not end it soon ? Btw thank you so so so much for the comment ??

  24. Yashasvi

    hey sorry i ddn’t commented yrrrrrrrrr but i am regular reader of swaragini but dnt knw when i check it i didn’t found ur, but today i just saw epi 30 n then read all the 3 remaining…….u wrote amazing.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zainam dii laksh ki shaadi kissi qur se mat kr vao

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    1. Dafsi

      Thank you so much for the comment ? In really sorry for making you cry ☹️ Thanks a lot for reading and supporting keep reading and supporting ???

      1. Yashasvi

        hey no need of sorry, no sorry n no thank u in frndship yrrrrr

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    1. Dafsi

      Hahaha I’m sorry for making you feel jealous eat at times me myself is jealously of Ragini ?Hahaah anyways keep reading and supporting ??and I never ever thought I will have die hard fans too??? thank you so much Neha 🙂

  28. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Laksh care and love towards Ragini is adorable and incomparable
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    1. Dafsi

      Thanks a lot for the comment ?? it is never late dear so no hard feelings thanks a lot for the comment ?? keep reading and supporting thanks again for the wonderful comment ????

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear

  29. Nami

    Awesome. Laksh is so caring. Laksh’s love for ragini is till eternity. No one can replace her in his life. Loved the way u expresses laksh’s love towards ragini. U nailed it again. Hope ragini gets well soon

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      Thank you so much for the comment 🙂 and yeah everything will be okay so keep reading and supporting 🙂 😀 😀

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      Yeah she will be okay and yeah thanks for the comment keep reading and supporting 🙂 🙂

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  32. Dafsi

    Thank you so much ?? yeah keep reading to know what is going to happen and yeah keep supporting ????

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