Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 3


Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 3

The episode starts with Ragini coming to pick Lavanya and Rahul. She parks the car just then she gets a call.
Ragini : Haa Lucky I came to pick them. Btw how did the meeting go on?
Laksh : It was good they signed the contract with us. All power is on your peck.
Ragini blushes.
Laksh : Stop blushing jaan.
Ragini : How did you know that I’m blushing.
Laksh : I’m your husbamd and being living with you for 13 years. I know each and every reaction of yours.
Ragini : Achcha pati dev now I’ll hang up as school got over and I need your treat for getting the contract.
Laksh : I’ll give it with pleasure tonight with love and…
Ragini : Have some shame Lucky you are a father of two grown kids.
Laksh : If I would have been shy then those two wouldn’t have been in this world.
Ragini : You will never change. Bye
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Bye and love you.
Ragini : Love you too.

A voice from behind : Dewrani ji are you done romancing?
Ragini turns and smiles.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara : Dewarji will never leave a chance to romance hena?
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Nothing like that Swara. Why are you here today?
Swara : Thought of taking the kids out somewhere.
Ragini : Same here. Even I thought too
Swara and Ragini think for a while.
Both togehter : Ice cream parlour?
Both of them laugh just then Lavanya and Sawitha reach. Lavanya hugs Swara while Sawitha hugs Ragini.
Lavanya : Bade ma after a long time seeing you.
Swara : Haa beta even me. Your mama and papa are very busy that they have no time to take you all to see your bade ma or bade papa or daadi or daadu.
Lavanya : I always nag mama asking her to take me but she will keep on telling tomorrow I’ll take and go tomorrow I’ll take and go.
Ragini : Sawi princess look at your friend Luv putting the blame on me. (She makes a pout face)
Sawitha : Ha Luv you shouldn’t blame chaachi. She has a lot of work at home and also to maintain a big company.
Ragini : Haa see my princess understood but not her mama or friend.
Rahul comes there along with Sandesh amd Sandya.
Rahul : Okay mama come let’s go.
Ragini : Go where?
LaRa : Did you forget the surprise?
Swara : No she didn’t and I have to tell you all something (Everyone is looking on) all of us are going to go togehter.
Ragini : So get in.
Sandesh queitly goes and gets in Ragini’s car. Sandya shakes her head and gets in Swara’s car. Sawitha also runs to Ragini’s car and sits. Lavanya goes to Swara’s car while Rahul is standing in between Ragini and Swara.
Swara : Okay champ you are coming with me hena?
Rahul grins and nods. Ragini makes a pout face.
Ragini : Leaving mama?
Rahul : Your pyaarki beta is with you right so I’ll go near bade ma.
Rahul runs and sits in Swara’s car.
Ragini : These kids ( She shakes her head) Btw Swara did you and Sandesh have a fight?
Swara : Haa Ragini. He wanted a phone I told I can’t get him one but his father who is petting him has told okay.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Ohh my jethani is so cute. Okay let’s meet in the ice cream parlour.

In Ragini’s car Sandesh was looking our of the window sitting beside Ragini.
Ragini : Sandy…
Sandesh : I’m okay chaachi
Ragini : I know you are okay dude but why do you want a phone?
Sandesh : Chaachi all my friends have a phone and what is the fault having a phone? I’m turning 16 very soon.
Ragini : I think you should listen to your mama as she always knows the best.
Sandesh : Come on chaachi even you started to lectur like mama.
Ragini : Champ this is not lecturing I’m just telling you yaar. Your mama loves you alot she cares for you that is the only reason that she is telling that she can’t get you a phone.
Sandesh : I don’t have anyway to contact once I go out of home, I always have to borrow from my friends.
Ragini : Okay I will speak with your mama and get you a phone so now ask mama sorry.
Sandesh : She won’t listen
Ragini : She is my best friend before she is your mama and she will surely listen.

They reach the parking lot of the ice cream parlour. Swara parks her car she gets down and she is wearing a sadi so so she stumbles and falls but Sandesh holds her.
Sandesh : Are you okay mama?
Swara : Haa
Sandesh : I’m sorry mama.
Swara : Sorry for what?
Sandesh : Sorry for troubling you and fighting with you yesterday. (He holds his ear and makes a cute puppy face)
Swara : It’s okay beta.
Sandya : Uffo if you are done with your son mother drama shall we go in?
Sandesh : I smell some one is burning with jealousy.
Sandya : Ha ha very funny.
Sandesh : I don’t know how I was living with you for 9 months all alone
Sandya : Now only you are wondering? I have been wondering this from ages.
Lavanya : Ohhhh bhai and di it’s getting late. Challe na?

All of them enter and sits in a big family table.
Ragini : Okay guys what do you want you can order.
Two voices from behind : Enjoying without us?
Ragini turns : Laksh… Sanskaar…
Laksh : Laado you didn’t even inform me na?
Ragini : If it is not me then who?
Swara : I informed Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : And I informed Lucky.
Laksh keeps on looking at Ragini making his eyes small.
Ragini stands up and goes towards him and whispers.
Ragini : I’m sorry baaba it was a sudden plan and while coming in the car I thought of informing but I was busy speaking with Sandesh. I’m sorry sorry…
Laksh : Shshshshsh or you will have to bear the punishment infront of everyone.
He says it with a harsh tone. He moves towards the table and sits beside the Sawitha.
Sanskaar : Hey my little boy how are you champ?
Rahul : I’m now big bade papa dont call me little.
Sanskaar : Okay big man here after I’ll not call you like that pardon me.
Sanskaar sits beside him.
Lavanya : Hey Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari are you planning to stand there itself come and sit.
Ragini turns and marches towards the chair and sits. Laksh gives a evil smile. The waiter comes and gets the order. Ragini and Laksh are looking at each other.

Flashback 13 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating.)
Ragini is sitting in the college canteen with Swara. Ragini has worn a white long kurti and black legging and had left her hair open and left it to a side. Laksh enters the canteen along with his friends.
Laksh : Come on guys I’m not used eat in these cheap places. If you want ice cream I’ll get you in a very expensive place.

Ragini over hears him but ignores him. She gets up to get her food just then collides with Laksh. She was about to fall but Laksh holds her and makes her stand. He gets lost in her beauty. She tucks her hair behind the ear and looks directly in to Laksh’s eyes.
Ragini : Do you have your eyes in back of your head?
Laksh looks on confusingly.
Ragini : Are you from a dumb,deaf and blind school?
Laksh : Here better mind your tongue first know whom are you speaking with and then speak. I’m Laksh Maheshwari on of the heir of Maheshwari Group and you have no class to stand in front of me itslef cheapo…
Ragini : Shut up I said.If you are Laksh Maheshwari so what? Am I looking like a begger for you? you also get to know whom are you speaking with.
Laksh : I already know (Ragini looks on making her eyes small) the only duaghter of a local goon.
Ragini opens her mouth to speak while Laksh and his friends laugh.
Ragini : You… I’ll show you who I am to you. Let’s go Swara.
Swara and Ragini heads out. Ragini straightly marches to her lecture room. As soon as she entered a girl from nowhere appears and hugs her.

Screen shifts to the canteen.
Laksh : Guys here the ice cream is not bad. By the way Sam did you get to know who that girl is.
Sam : No, Rakesh went to collect the details. There he is.
Rakesh : Bro the treat you are giving for the interenational project hena?
Laksh : Haan haan now tell me who is she?
Rakesh : To the project you have got your partner hena?
Laksh : Yes man someone called Ragini Gadodia who was new to the college got chosen as she was topper in her previous college. Also I got to know that she is the only duaghter of the leading business tycoon Shekar Gadodia and the only heir of Gadodia Constructions.
Rakesh : There you itself told the whole details about the girl you fought with.
Laksh gets up with shock.

Scene shifts to the lecture room.
Ragini : What are you telling Diya, Lakah Maheshwari is my project partner? That proud gorilla? This can’t happen. I can’t even tolerate him for 15 minutes how am I going to tolerate him for 15 days?
Flashback ends.

The waiter serves everyone their ice cream. The screen freezes on the happy faces of the kids.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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Credit to: Dafsi

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