Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 29


HELLO everyone Dafsi here with another episode of my ff and yeah thanks alot for your comment and here is a good news that this ff of mine is not going to get eliminate which means I will surely annoy all of you with this particular ff 🙂 😀

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 29

The episode starts with Laksh sighing.
Laksh : You can take the baby.
Everyone is shocked including Aditya.

Lavanya shouts : No.
Everyone looks at her.
Laksh : Lavanya…
Lavanya interrupts : No papa I’m not selfish. You and mama has never taught me to become selfish. I can’t ruin the happiness of my sister at any cost. (She walks towards Laksh and Laksh kneels down) She needs you papa, she should be grown up with your values, I can never think if being happy after sending away from the place where she is meant to be.
Laksh : Lavanya…

Lavanya hugs Laksh really tightly and cries and Laksh hugs her back.
Lavanya : You are the best papa ever. You are a god’s blessing to my life. (She breaks the hug) Even my own father wouldn’t understand me this much.(She says it looking at Aditya and wipes Laksh tears) I’m Lavanya Laksh Maheshwari your strong daughter. So papa don’t worry it is just the matter of six months. I will take it as a challenge not six month even if it takes six lives I will be your daughter and no one can ever change it.
Lavanya walks to Rahul and hugs him. Both of them cry and remember their moments and fights. She goes near Sawitha, Sandya and Sandesh all five of them share a group hug where all of the are sobbing. She then goes near Sanskaar and he carries her.

Lavanya : Bade papa promise you will look after papa.
Sanskaar gets tearh and nods. He kisses on her cheek. Laksh still kneeling down and sobbing. Lavanya goes near Swara and hugs her she then kisses the baby.
Lavanya : Bade ma look after mama and papa. In the name looking after mama, papa will skip meals.
Swara cries out.
Swara : Promise.
Lavanya goes near Ap and hugs her, she then kisses the baby and smiles. She then turns to Laksh and kisses on hs forehead and wipes his tears and runs upstairs. She reaches RagLak’s room where Laksh follows her. Lavanya hugs Ragini really really tightky and hugs, Laksh looks on.
Lavanya : Glad that you are in coma or I wouldn’t have beared your cry. Thanks for everything mama and I love you the most. I will be back very soon and it is a promise made buy a daughter to her mother.
Laksh goes and join their hug, tears roll from Ragini’s eyes. Three of the cry for a while hugging each other. They remember their moments together.

Flashback 17 years ago ( No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Swara enter MM, both of them take blessing from Ap and Dp. Sanskaar comes out and gets mesmerized seeing Swara. She has worn a peach long sleevless frock and white a cardigan on it with her hair plaited into a french braid.
Ap : I and you papa are going to Mandir along with Simran. The food is already prepared.
Sanskaar : Ji ma
The three of them leave.

Simran’s POV.
It was a good opportunity to have an eye on them but my maami spoilt it.
Simran’s POV ends

Sanskaar along with Swara and Ragini enter Laksh’s room. Laksh seated on the bed. He gets mesmerizd to his lady love worn baby pink frock just as swara’s with a white cardigan and hair left open. Both of then share and intense eyelock.
Sanskaar : So what shall we watch?
Just then his phone ring.

Sanskaar : I’ll be there soon.
He hangs up.
Laksh : Any probelm Sanskaar?
Sanksaar : Client meeting and will take an hour. If you don’t mind I will attend it and come and then we will watch.
Ragini : Ohh that is so bad. We will also go home.
Laksh gets surprised.
Sanskaar : No Ragini you and chipakali (Swara dglares at Sanskaar) I mean what was her name…
Swara interrupts : Swara, Swara bose.
Sanskaar : You and Swara stay I will go and come back. Laksh is also alone right?
Ragini : But Sanskaar…
Laksh is boiling in anger.
Laksh : If she doesn’t want then don’t force.
Ragini : Ok ok I will stay.
Sanskaar : Thank you so much Ragini, now I will leave.
Swara also gets a call and she attends it.
Swara : Hello
Caller : Chori I’m Aditya’s Ma speaking

Swara : Haa anuty tell.
Sujatha : Can you come to the city mall within an hour?
Swara : Yeah sure aunty.
They hang up and Swara explains everything.
Sanskaar : Shall I drop you?
Swara : Sure.
Sanskaar and Sanskaar leave. Ragini turns to leave and Laksh holds her hands.
Ragini : Leave my hand.
Laksh : I caught it not to leave.
Ragini blushes and smiles. Ragini turns and sits beside him and they shar an eyelock.
Laksh : You look beautiful.
Ragini blushes and hugs him.
Ragini : Missed you alot.
Laksh her back.
Laksh : Missed you more.
After few minutes they break the hug.
Ragini : Laksh I feel like cheating.
Laksh : Don’t worry I will tell bhai by tonight.

Ragini nods while Laksh drags her to his chest and encirlces hand around waist and Ragini one of her hand on his ches and the other one is on his back.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Mmm
Ragini : Everything will be okay right?
Laksh : I promise my princess everything will be okay. Stop worrying, I can’t see you worried.
Ragini gets teary.
Ragini : Every girl wants a husband like her father but I have got a husband who showed who a father is. I never been treated like this. I am rich and have everything but never got love.
Laksh pecks her head.
Laksh : You will get what you deserve Ragini.
Ragini : God made me meet you for that reason only. I have never felt protective, cared, loved and secured like when Im in your arms.

Laksh gives a warm smiles while he flet Ragini sobbing.
Laksh : Jaan.
He makes her look in to his eyes.
Ragini : I don’t want to leave you, your absence kills me.(Ragini cries) Your distance is really paining Laksh. I need to be like this forever in your arms.
Laksh hugs really tight.
Laksh : Don’t get scared and worried I can’t tolerate your tears. You are only mine, my Ragini.
Ragini : I promise you that I will face any problem along with you no matter what it is.
Laksh : Now stop crying. Whenever Im with you, you cry.
Ragini wipes her tears.
Ragini : I don’t know why when you hug me I feel to cry.
Laksh : Really? Then don’t hug me.
Ragini : Maybe it is because Im too happy.
Laksh : Why do you have to express it through crying? There are so many other ways.
Laksh winks at Ragini.
Ragini : Keep dreaming you won’t get anything.

Laksh makes a pout face.
Laksh : I know how to take.
He holds her back leans towards her. Both of them share and eyelock and Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh moves towards her and Ragini breathes heavily. Ragini clutches his t shirt and just the Laksh’s phone ring and they apart away.
Laksh : Kya timing hai.
Ragini laughs.

Laksh : Haa bhai bolo.
Sanskaar : Laksh can you ask Ragini to check if my yellow file is in my room and quickly send me the number in it.
Laksh : Ahh okay bhai I’ll text you.
They hang up and Laksh conveys the messege. Ragini goes to Sanskaar’s room and get the file while she returned she heard a window slamming so she enters a room and closes the window and turns to leave a book falls down. She takes it places it on the table and finds a photo down. She pick it and is shocked to the photo.

Flashback ends.

Laksh seen sitting beside Ragini holding her hand.
Laksh : Today he took away our daughter Ragini. He took away our Lavanya. I’m not going to dhatter but fight for our daughter and you know Ragini our small son is just like you all the time crying and wants to be in my hands but our daughter is brave like her sister but she isbjust like you. Choti ugly Ragini. (He smiles through his tears and remember him proposing Ragini)

Swara and Sanskaar were peeping from the door and has tears.
Sanskaar : I can’t see him in this state.
Swara : We will have to do something.

Scene shifts SM (Sighnia Mansion)
Aditya : Where is Lavanya?

Maid : She is stepping out of her room.
Aditya : I will check out.
Aditya goes to Lavanya’s room.
Aditya : Lavanya beta.
Lavanya doesn’t respond but is shown sleeping on the bed murmmering “papa”.
Aditya : Come to have dinner.
Lavanya : Leave me alone.
Aditya moves towards her and makes her sits and hugs her. Tears roll down his cheek.
Aditya in his mind : Just six month and you wilk go back to your mama and papa and I will…
Lavanya breaks his chains of thoughts.

Lavanya : Are you really papa? If you are my paoa why don’t you care about my happiness? My happiness is staying with my papa. My Laksh papa.
Aditya makes her look into his eyes.
Aditya : I will promise to send you back to your papa only if you are going to be a good girl. Now come and eat.
Lavanya looks on.

Screen freezes on the looking on face of Lavanya


Gracy Goswami as Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia as Rahul

Faisal Khan as Sandesh
Navika Kotia as Sandya
Ruhana Khanna as Sawitha

Shakthi Arora as Aditya
Radhika Madan as Simran
Preetika Rao as Dr. Harini

Firstly thankas alot for the comments and yeah thanks for the love and concern. Do keep reading and supporting…I have replied to each of you induvidually 🙂 do comment on how you fine my story and episodes 🙂 And I hlgave you good news and I have a bad new as well from today onwards my ff won’t be regula…Advance sorry…

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      The good news for this ff readers is that I will not end this ff and for you I have a good new that Im not gonna end Ragini aur Raghvi which is your favourite ff 🙂 but I will end my other two very soon as Im getting busy with my studies day by day and yeah I edited the cover and glad you like it 🙂 and thanks for commenting cutie 🙂 😀

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