Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 26


Hi Eveyone Dafsi here with another episode of my ff and yeah thanks alot for comments and here we go…(Im actually upset today 🙁 dont mind me I know this episode was suppose to be more emotional but I couldn’t make it upto standard) here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 26

The episode starts with doctor coming out. Swara rushes to her.
Swara : Doctor how is Ragini?
Doctor Priya. : I can’t assure that I can save both of them or even one of them. You do know what problem Ragini had. All of you have taken care of her until now perfectly then what has happened? She has gone under deep shock.
Swara : Everything was unexpected doctor. Please try your best (She folds her hands and starts pleading) please.

Scene shifts to ICU. Sanskaar is looking at Laksh through the door glass (There is a small glass circle) The doctors are working very seriously.

Scene shifts to MM. Sandya, Sandesh, Sawitha, Rahul and Lavanya are seen infront of the house temple. Lavanya kneels down and starts praying (She is small so I didn’t want her to hold a diya or do something serious).

Scene shifts to the hospital. A doctor from ICU comes out.
Doctor Mehera : I think it is better to do his last formalities and let the relations know.
Sanskaar is shattered. He was taken aback to hear it from the doctor. Sanskaar holds the doctors collar.
Sanskaar : How can you do this for my Laksh? You just told that if he takes medicines regularly you can take away his tumor. He did with trust and belief.
Dp comes and holds Sanskaar.
Dp : Sanskaar calm down.
Sanskaar leaves him.
Doctor Mehera : Calm down Mr. Sanskaar. Something sever has got through maybe stress.I also mentioned him not to take any stress or not to get tired too.
The doctor goes in.

Scene shifts to the labour room. Ragini is consious and is taking Laksh’s name continously. In the ICU Laksh’s eyes are closen but he could her Ragini calling. (Actually he is not hearing her call at the moment but he remembers Ragini calling him). The operation is taking place on the both sides. The doctors leave hope for Laksh and comes out.
Doctor Harini : The tumor is taken but his living chances are very less. I can’t tell that he will luve for sure. We have kept under observance for an hour if he is not awaking for this hour he might slip to coma or anything might happen in between. Don’t worry Sanskaar keep praying and hoping but I must say better keep you mind set to accept whatever it is.(She starts tearing) Ill just check what is Ragini’s condition and come.
Sanskaar doesn’t say anything but just keeps looking at Laksh through the door. All their moment togather gets flashed in Sanskaar’s mind. Tears start rolling down the cheek.

Scene shifts to MM Lavanya is still seen kneeling down.
Sandya : Lavanya get up or you will hurt your knees.
Lavanya doesn’t answer but keeps praying. All of them get teary. Rahul comes and holds Lavanya’s shoulder.
Sawitha : From the time they left to hospital you are staying like this, if chaachu or chaachi sees you they might get worried.
Lavanya doesn’t respond but keeps praying with closed eyes.

Flashback 17 years ago. (No on is thinking or narrating

Ragini and Swara enter their class and finds Laksh is seated with a bunch of girls and talking. Lalsh smiles looking at Ragini while Ragini gives back a cold smile.
Laksh : Okay girls for today this topic is enough tomorrow we will discuss the next topic.
He comes towards Ragini and sits beside her. Ragini ignores him and was completing the notes.
Swara : Hi Laksh
Laksh : Hi Swara. So how did my jaan sleep last night? She would have missed my embrace.
Swara : Tough time for me bro.
Ragini gives a death glare to Swara while Swara gulps.
Ragini : There was nothing to miss. It was just 36 hours ago I met you.
Laksh : So you didn’t miss me?
Ragini : You are such a waste Laksh. Than flirting with girls can’t you just complete you notes which you missed when we went Australia.
Laksh laughs while Ragini shrinks her round eyes.
Laksh : Aww mera bachcha, so much care for me?
Laksh pulls her cheeks. Ragini fumes in anger and turns.
Ragini : Even if you are going to die I won’t care for you.
Laksh : But if I flirt you will care for me.
Swara : Laksh you are boiling her blood.
Laksh : I was kidding Rago.
Ragini : You keep kidding I don’t care.
Just then the lecturer enter and Laksh gets up and goes. He sits in his seat.
Laksh murmmers : Good timing sir or I would have heard a nice lot of words.

The class get over. Ragini marches out of the class room while Laksh and Swara follows her. Ragini just walks to the canteen and sits in the place where she usually sits. Swara and Laksh reach. Swara sits infront of Ragini and Laksh beside her.
Ragini : Laksh stop bothering me I don’t want to speak to you.
Laksh : Ohh meri ma forgive me I was just kidding you baby.
Ragini : I said I don’t care just get lost.
Laksh murmmers : You already know that she doesn’t like like then why are you playing with her?
Rahini happens to hear it and starts tearing. Laksh was unable to tolerate her tears.
Laksh : Stop crying for god sake. I promise you I will never speak with any girl or I won’t tease you hereafter.
Ragini : Laksh I don’t want to rule you but want you the way you are. I’m sorry for always proving myself unworthy for you Laksh. You don’t have to leave your crazy or stupid habits for my sake.
Laksh whispers : What do you mean by unworthy? And also if you don’t like them I have to leave them.
Ragini : You do it because you like it right?
Laksh : It is nothing like that do you think I’m playing with you? Trust me Ragini I was clearing some doubt on a chapter.
Ragini : Clearing doubts on for girls?
Laksh : Even boys were sitting next to me if you didn’t notice them I can’t help. Trust is what is important in a relationship.
Ragini : But you broke it.
Laksh : I never did.
Ragini : Then why did you say that you will flirt? it is because you do.
Laksh : Enough Ragini, come with me I will prove you wrong.
Ragini : I don’t want to Laksh, just leave me alone.
Laksh : Listen to me I love you and its the truth. If you don’t believe me I won’t force you to believe. I know if you don’t get it by yourself this doubting will be there for life time. I love you so much even if you come and say me that you don’t love me I won’t believe but you… Forget it (He stands up to leave and turns back) Until you trust me fully I won’t even show my face to you happy?

Laksh leaves while Ragini starts tearing.
Swara : What have you done?
Ragini : I’m fine.
Swara : You saw truth in his word Ragini then go apologise.
Ragini : He always does it, teasing me. Everytime he does it my heart aches Swara. I remember my di ‘s betrayal.
Swara : True but still he loves you for real.
Ragini remains queit.

Laksh is disturbed by Ragini’s words. He just goes near his car and kicks it. Just then Ragini comes running to the parking lot to apologise but by then Lalsh’s car is seen exiting the college. Ragini and Swara get in to their car follows Laksh’s car.
Ragini : I did a big mistake again Swara. I always keep hurting him.
Swara : Relax what you thought was not wrong. For you it is very hard to believe men after going through alot.

Ragini : Ahhh I should have believed my Laksh (She is tearing and tensed)
Just then Swara stops the car, both Swara and Ragini are shell shocked.

Flashback ends

After so much struggle Ragini loses hope and shouts “Laksh” from bottom of her lungs. Swara rushes to the door and peeps through the glass. Her eyes get welled up and she closes her mouth by her hand. The doctors take out a cute little baby and the baby starts crying. Ragini slowly closes her eyes. The doctors come out with the baby. Harini also comes out with tears.
Doctor Priya : It is a girl baby and Ragini…
Swara interrupts : What happenee to Ragini? (She turns to Harini) Harini tell me what happened?

The screen freezes on the curious face of Swara, Crying face of Sanskaar, Unconcious face of Laksh and Ragini.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya

Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Shakti Arora – Aditya
Radhika Madan – Simran
Preetika Rao – Dr. Harini

Asusual thanks alot for the daily readers and commenters your comments are the results of each episodes…Every writers need is to get appriciated and yeah if you do find my work what you have to do is just comment…I know day by day its getting bored so gonna wrap it up fast as possible 🙂 Until then keep reading as supporting 🙂

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  1. It was superb? and dnt end it soo soon we all like it

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      1. Asmitha

        Ragubi die laksh die and do rebirth story

  2. superb. very emotional ah hope ragini and laksh is fine

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  3. one of the best story dear, don’t end this, hope it will reach 100 episodes

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    Super please update soon I can’t wait dr don’t make sad endding

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  5. Mindblowing 🙂

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    superb dear and emotional

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  9. nice nothing happen to raglak.
    next part soon

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  10. Sofia

    It was really mindblowing, emotional & becoming more interesting with every passing day.
    Hope nothing bad happens to RagLak.

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  14. Nami

    U ended the chapter with A lot of suspense. M dieing to know about raglak’s condition. Hope Nthng will happen to raglak. They will get well soon

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  15. As usual superb episode and plz plz plz don’t end soon

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
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