Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 24

HELLO everyone Dafsi here with another chappy to share and yeah sorry for the lat was busy with schedules and yeah my sis left back to US and Im really sad at the moment πŸ™ So I dont think todays epi is good as much as the before one okay stopped my bak bak and here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 24

The episode starts with Laksh fainting and Sanskaar holding him. Everyone shouts calling the way they use to call Laksh. Sanskaar carries Laksh and places him on the couch. Ragini takes a deep breath while Swara comes near her.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini cuts her words : I’m strong Swara nothing will happen to my Laksh.
Lavanya walks near Laksh and shakes him.
Lavanya : Papa awake or else that uncle will come and take me. Papa please open your eyes papa I’m getting scared.
Sanskaar calls the doctor.
Sandya : Rahul, Sawitha and Lavanya come up with me.
Lavanya : No I won’t leave my papa and come.
Sandesh : Princess listen to us nothing will happen to our chaachu so come.
Sawitha : Haa Luv come.
All the kids go up. Lavanya is continously crying while Sandya and Sandesh are consoling her.

Harini(Their family doctor) reaches. She nters and asks what through her eyes while Swara asks her not to tell through her eyes.
Harini : Ragini don’t get panicked nothing is wrong with Laksh let me check, it is not good fot you to get tensed.
Ragini holds her tummy and looks at the baby bumb and then looks at Laksh and remembers their moments. Harini starts checking Laksh. He opens his eyes slowly.
Laksh shouts : Lavanya (He sits up looks around and doesn’t find her)
Ragini comes forward and sits beside him.
Ragini : She is up Laksh.
They have a teary and painful eyelock.
Harini : Its regular stress take some rest and then you will be okay.
Laksh nods. Harini stands up and leaves while Sanskaar follows her.
Swara : I will get you both something to drink.
Swara leaves. Ragini doesn’t say anything she stands up to leave but Laksh holds her wrist.
Ragini sits back and wipes her tears. She straightly looks at Laksh and takes out a deep breath.
Ragini : Tell me, what were you going to say?
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : No Laksh if you would have shared everything with me without thinking about my condition you wouldn’t have fallen upto this. We could have faced all the problems together like we use to do. Love me as much as you want but stop being selfish even I do love my husband come on Laksh give me my right. If you can know each and everything about me why can’t I? I must say Laksh people use to say that no matter what your loved ones try to hide you can find it but Laksh I’m blank about what is going on. I’m failing to be proper wife and a mother…
Laksh : Shshshshsh…(Laksh holds her hands and just then Ragini breaks down and cries bitterly) Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : I’m getting scared Laksh, I’m feeling as if you are going far away from me. I feel like I’m skipping my duties and responsibilities. Whenever I see you I see a big bundle of problems on your head. I need my Laksh back, my Laksh who was active and strong.
Laksh hugs her tightly and she hugs him back. She cries hard as much as she can. She is crying as she was holding her tears while Laksh fainted as she had to be strong for her kid but she lost control when she spoke out.

Scene shifts to the MM garden.
Sanskaar : Thanks alot Harini for not speaking up. Ragini would literally crashed down.
Harini : You don’t have to thank as all of you are my friends. Btw is Laksh taking his medicines properly?
Sanskaar : Yes as I’m the one who giving medicines or else he would forget.
Harini smiles.
Harini : So another three weeke more for Ragini’s delivery. Better tell her about Laksh after the delivery and yeah I spoke with a senior doctor and he said me that this can be treated if you operate it on right time before it is too late.
Sanskaar : He doesn’t want anything to be done until the delivery.
Harini checks out the time.
Harini : I’ll leave then as it is getting late for the hospital.
Harini leaves while Sanskaar goes in and finds Ragini resting her head on Laksh’s chest and he is caressing her back.

Sanskaar’s POV
I do love Swara but whenever I see Laksh I feel as I should love Swara another little more. He never romances or flirts with Ragini in public but his love is just crystal clearly shown through his concern and care. I just want them to be togehter and forever like this. God please take away their problems.
Sanskaar’s POV ends.

Flashback 17 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini : Leave me Laksh.
Laksh : Did you believe me?
Ragini : You acted well so I had to believe.
Laksh : Then will you forgive me?
Ragini : You are a cheater and betrayer…
Before she could complete Laksh closes her mouth with his hands and shakes his head.
Laksh : Don’t spit your words as you can never take it back and I don’t want you to regret later after knowing that I was teasing you.
Ragini searches truth in Laksh’s eyes and at last finds it and both share and intense and lovely eyelock.
Laksh : Today it is first of April so thought of pranking you but you are really a fool. I never knew my jaan was this much foolish.
Ragini get teary when Laksh says it and turns his head to the right. She finds the slap mark. She bites Laksh’s hand on her mouth and he screams with pain.
Laksh : You are really out of your mind.
Ragini quickly pecks his cheek and he is left shock.
Ragini : You never know what I went through when you told that you were betting.
Laksh : I just lied, you think Laksh Maheshwari son of Annapurna Maheshwari can do it. My mother has told you can do anything but not to play with girls feelings.
Ragini : I hate you so much.
She hugs him telling this while Laksh laughs.
Laksh : But I love you.
Ragini : Then convince me somehow before the day end and I will forgive you.
Laksh : Deal done my sugar cane.

Swara comes running there.
Swara : Ragini, Sanskaar has come.
RagLak break the hug and looks at each other.
Laksh : You go I will come.
Ragini : But how?
Laksh : Go
Swara and Ragini comes to the parking lot. Just then sees Sanskaar and Laksh speaking with each other.
Laksh : Ohhh bahabhi and bhabhi’s bff
Ragini widens her eyes and folds her fist tightly while Swara giggles. Sanskaar feels uncomfortable somewhere in his heart when Laksh called her bhabhi.
Sanskaar : Hi Ragini and Swara.
Ragini : Hi.
Swara : Hello btw what happened to both of your noses.
Laksh and Sanskaar fumes remembering what Swara did and both of them are unable to speak up.
Ragini : Swara…
Sanskaar : Shall we leave?
Swara : What is your brother doing as third wheeler?
Laksh and Ragini gives death glare to Swara and she realizes what she told and gulps while Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar : Why don’t you become the fourth wheel
Ragini : Sure why not Swara?
Sanskaar and Laksh get in the car in the front while Swara and Ragini get in behind.
Laksh : Bhai you know what before your engagement bhabhi use to have four bordy gaurds around her all the time.
Sanskaar : Really?
Swara : Haa, now only she has got freedom or else always boys uses to come behind her and bother.
Sanskaar looks at Ragini from the back mirror but his eyes just catches the reflection of Swara smiling and looking at Ragini. They reach the mall and goes inside a shop and finds Ap there. Sanskaar goes to park the car.
Ap : Ohh Laksh you also came that is good so we can buy dress for you also and this is Swara hena?
(Swara and Ragini both take blessings from Ap and she blesses back) I’ll go in three of you come along with Sanskaar.
Ap goes in while Laksh smiles naughtily.
Ragini : I asked you to convince not make me angry.
Laksh : Chilax jaan, I know how to convince you.
Swara rolls her bottom lip.
Swara : Courage.
Ragini : My foot, listen Mr. Laksh Maheshwari if you don’t convince me before the day end and you will know who is Ragini Gadodia.
Laksh comes close to her and leans and Ragini starts sweating in nervousness. Laksh laughs and moves back and just then Sanskaar comes.
Sanskaar : Shall we go in?
The three nod and they go in. Ragini looks at Laksh and Laksh looks at her back. She shrinks her eyes and raises her eyebrow in a way of showing attitude why Laksh winks at her and smiles naughtily.

Ap, Ragini and Swara are chosing dress.
Ap : Swara beta we will buy dress for you also after all it is you wedding too.
Swara : No it is fine aunty my in laws will buy.
Ap : It is fine I will speak with them you don’t work after all Sujatha is one of my friend so you don’t have to worry.
Swara smiles and nods. Ragini’s each dress is bought under Laksh’s favour. Swara just smiles looking at the way they were chosing dress. Ragini had her bluetooth plugged while Laksh was few feet far from Ragini. Sanskaar was busy on a call.
Ragini : Are you blind Swara(She pretends to speak with Swara as Ap is close to her) this colour won’t suit me.
Laksh : Okay then put it aside and take the royal blue one it will suit you.
Ragini picks the royal blue anarkali and smiles.
Laksh : I know you are not yet convinced but I will make you convince.
Ragini : Mmm, let’s see.
They finish purchasing dresses and goes to jewellary section (The section which I’m allergic to). They select some jewelleries and leave.

Swara and Ragini are living together in GM. Sumi has gone out of station to attend a business meeting. (She is an independent business woman). Ragini was continoulsy fuming in anger.
Swara : Ragini your blood pressure is going to rise.
Ragini : That man is such a waste. I don’t know what is running in his mind.
A voice : Which man?

Ragini and Swara turn and get shocked.

Flashback ends.

Laksh and comes getting down from a side and Lavanya comes from the other side. Laksh kneels down and caresses her hair.
Laksh : You don’t have to get scared papa is never going to leave you. Answer them without fear after all you are Lavanya Laksh Maheshwari.
Lavanya : What if they tell I have to go with that papa? I can’t live without you. (She starts crying)
Ragini comes near and hugs her.
Ragini : No one can seperate us beta you are our child. Our daughter so you will be with us.
Sanskaar carries Lavanya.
Lavanya : Bade papa will you look after mama and papa if I leave them.
Laksh and Ragini starts tearing.
Sanskaar : You are not gonna leave us baby, don’t worry.
Sanskaar heads out carrying Lavanya and Laksh also leaves. Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini : I need my child back Laksh, promise me you will return with her.
Laksh kisses on her forehead.
Laksh : You have gone through alot of pain Ragini and each time I promised myself not to give pain again but I’m failing. I promise you I will bring our princess back.

Laksh comes out and sits in the back of the car with Lavanya while Sanskaar sits in the driving seat. Lavanya hugs Laksh as tight as she can and Laksh also hugs her back. He hides his tears so that Lavanya won’t break down seeing him weak.
Lavanya : I love you papa, no matter what happen you will and only you will always be my papa.
Laksh : Love you too my life.
Laksh pecks on her head. They reach the family court and gets down. They see Aditya standing near his car. Laksh carries Lavanya. Both Lavanya and Laksh give a stern look to Aditya while Aditya fumes in anger.

Screen freezes on their faces.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivansh Kotia -Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Shakti Arora – Aditya
Radhika Madan – Simran
Preetika Rao – Dr. Harini.

Thank you so much for your comments I think after the telly updares is upgrade the comments have got low for some reason andI have no idea about it and yeah anyways. Thank you so much for all the readers silent and active both readers thank you so much for continous support and yeah hope the story line isn’t boring if so let me just know I would stop it as my wrsit and fingers know the pain of it lol dont mind me… Im busy these days with my health check ups and fasting also …And yeah I’m just 18 so please whoever is older to me can call by my nick name and whoever is younger to me can call me di or whatever you want and I have no problem with anyway you all adress me I’m fine with anything.

And yeah do comment if you like the story line and I will try my best to upload a promo by night πŸ™‚ keep reading take care love you guys a lot πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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