Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 23

Hello everyone Dafsi here after three days hope ypu all didn’t miss m did you??? As I told you I was busy with fasting and not well too more scans and tests to go under 🙁 sorry sorry sorry and yeah here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama…(RagLak) Episode 23

The episode starts with the man who is carrying Lavanya turning and Laksh getting shocked. The man is equally shocked.
The man : Is he your papa?
Lavanya : Haa, he is only my papa.
Laksh drags Lavanya and drops her down. He gives a stern look to that man.
Laksh : So you are back?
The man : Laksh listen to me I’m here to clear up everything.
Just then Sanskaar along with therest reach there.
Laksh : Lavanya go near your bade papa.
Lavanya doesn’t move but keeps stairing at Laksh and the man.
Laksh shouts : I said go.
Lavanya runs to Sanskaar.
Laksh : Aditya just stay away from my family.
Aditya : Laksh whatever happened is an accident and I’m sorry but I’m here to clear up my confusion and to take back my daughter.
Laksh is shell shocked. It was like someone stabbed his heart.
Laksh : She is my daughter and she will not vome with you.
Aditya : It is been a couple if days I reached India and I have spoke everything with my lawyer and he said I have more right on her as her biological father.
Laksh : Do whatever you want but I will not leave her.
Aditya : Even after knowing the truth?
Laksh : What truth? (Laksh shrinks his eyes) Tell me what truth? I have nothing to hear from you.
Laksh turns to leave.
Aditya : I didn’t kill your sister. I loved her and still love her.
Laksh is shell shocked and he turns to Aditya.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Aditya : You might think that I married her for my personal benifit then you are wrong. I loved her before I met all of you.
Laksh : Then why did you come behind Ragini? The why did you agree to marry Swara?
Aditya : That is what I can’t tell anyone. That is what I’m bounded with but I will tell I never had bad intentions.
Laksh : I’m not ready to trust you or I’m never ready to give my child to you. She might be having your blood but she is mine and only mine.

Laksh tunrs and walks towards Lavanya and carries her. He walls towards the car.
Sanskaar : Are you okay Lucky?
Laksh doesn’t answer he makes Lavanya sit in th back. Rahul, Sandya, Sawitha and Sandesh too get in the back. Sanskaar gets in the driving seat and Laksh beside him
Sandesh : Papa who was that uncle?
Sanskaar : Stop questioning and remember no one is going to tell this to Swara or Ragini understood?
Lavanya : But why?
Laksh : Do what he said without questioning.
Sandesh : If you say the reason it would be more convinient to keep a secret.
Sandya : Come on guys if papa or chaachu are saying something it is for our own good so no one is suppose to open your mouth.
They reach MM. All the kids go inside.
Laksh : Lavanya
Lavanya stops and comes near Laksh. Laksh kneels down and tucks her hair behind the ears.
Laksh : Do you want to know who is he?
Lavanya : No papa if you want me to know you would have told.
Laksh smiles looking at her innocent eyes and gets teary.
Laksh : I will tell you when the correct time comes.
He pecks her forehead and goes in. Lavanya and Laksh go in. Laksh runs up to his room and finds Ragini sitting in the couch lost in her though. Laksh goes and sits beside her Ragini comes back to her senses.
Laksh : Where are you lost?
Ragini : No where.
Laksh rests his on her lap and kisses the baby bump.
Laksh : Are you angry with me?
Ragini smiles and looks at his dark glittering brown eyes and nods shakes her head.
Ragini : Do you think I can get angry on you?
Laksh : I’m sory for shouting at you. (He turns the bump) I’m sorry beta your papa is very bad he forgot you and scolded your mama too.
Ragini gets teary.
Ragini : Laksh I was not hurt for you shouting at me but was hurt that you are not sharing anything.
Laksh gets up and makes her head rest on his chest.
Laksh : I will tell everything when the correct time comes.
Ragini hugs him back and he kisses on her head and a tear escape from his eyes.

Flashback 17 years ago (No one is narrating or thinking)
Ragini awakes yawning and fimds herself not in her room.
Ragini : Where am I?
He looks around and finds Laksh sleeping in seated position where his head is on the bed. Ragini gets teary.
Ragini whispers : Laksh, Laksh (She shakes him) Laksh.
Laksh awakes and looks at Ragini.
Laksh sleepily : Good morning jaan, where is my coffee?
Ragini : Coffee my foot get up Laksh, look you have been sleeping all night seated.
Laksh gets up and sits on the bed.
Laksh : Didn’t we get married? I dreamt we getting married.
Ragini sighs.
Ragini : Let it happen really too.
Laksh makes her head rest on his chest and tighens his grip.
Laksh : It will happen.

Scene at balcony Swara is disturbed by the sunlight and Sanskaar awakes. He sees the cute disturbed face of Swara and tries to cover tge sunlight by his hands and just then swara awakes.
Swara : Good morning.
Swara yawns and grins.
Sanskaar : Good morning.
Swara : Ohh what happened to your nose it is deep red colour.
Swara laughs and just then she remembers what happened last night and stops laughing and turns to Sanskaar. She finds him giving a stern look.
Sanskaar : Now you can leave.
Swara : Ragini…(She remembers Ragini is inside and was about to tell it and just the stops)
Sanskaar : Don’t worry I won’t tell her.
Swara looks at him confusingly.
Swara : Thank you, (She pretends to have a head ache.) I think I’m having terrible head ache as I slept out. What if I had a masala chai?
Sanskaar : You can go home and drink.
Swara : I’mfeeling like fainting also what if I faint before I reach home.
Sanskaar thinks for a while.
Sanskaar : Okay you stay here I will get you.
Swara : What if Laksh gets up?
Sanskaar : He won’t awake unless someone awakes him
Swara : Okay bring it fast.

Sanskaar leaves. Swara quickly starts tapping the window. Laksh was resting on Ragini’s lap and Ragini massaging his head.
Ragini : I have to go.
Laksh : Five minutes.
Ragini : Laksh..
Laksh gets up and gives a bone crushing hug.
Laksh : Everything is going to be okay, don’t come out again in the late night, if you need to speak anything call me I will come and meet you, other time we can meet at college. Main thing when we are around our fanily we have to pretend as strangers.
Laksh tries to break the hug bmbu Ragini is holding his t shirt tightly.
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh : Love you too.
Both of the stands up Laksh opens the balcony door while Swara was looking back to if Sanskaar is coming and taps harder getting angry on RagLak . She hits on Laksh’s nose with her palm and he shouts with pain.
Swara : Sorry sorry sorry.
Ragini : Laksh are you okay?
Laksh holds nods while holding his nose.
Swara : We have to go fast.
Swara drags Ragini Laksh holds Ragini by her wrist and kisses on her forehead
Laksh : Take care and love you.
Ragini looks at his nose red and gets teary. She kisses on his nose.
Ragini : Love you more.
Swara smiles at them. Both Swara and Ragini get down and leave.Sanskaar comes and wonders how to take the tea up. He whitles so Swara can come down and drink. He keeps whistling and Laksh comes and peeps.
Laksh : What bhai?
Sanskaar gets shocked.
Sanskaar : I brought you chai
Laksh : Chai? So why are you here come from in?
Laksh laughs while Sanskaar goes inside. He enters in just then Ap comes getting down from stairs.
Ap : Sanskaar what are you doing with the tea? Haven’t you still drink it? It would have been cold also.
Sanskaar : Ahh…Voh mom the chai us for Laksh.
Ap : Laksh? But Laksh doesn’t drink tea then why are you taking it to him? (She face palms) What is wrong with you Sanskaar?
Sanskaar drinks the tea in gulp.
Sanskaar :Nothing is wrong ma, now I’m getting late to office so I’m leaving.
He hands the cup to Ap and turns to leave.
Ap : Sanskaar after Ragini’s college can you pick ger and brink to mall? I have to get some saadi’s for her and jewels too.
Sanskaar suddenly remembers Swara and then ignores.
Sanskaar : Okay Ma

Scene at college Ragini and Swara were talking and just then Laksh enters. Ragini doesn’t see him but feels his presence. She keeps on talking with Swara, Laksh comes from behind and closes Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini : Manish right?
Laksh whispers : Manish? Who the hell is that?
Ragini : Then Karan, I know it is Karan.(Laksh is still closing her eyes) Mmm then Veer for sure.
Laksh fumes in anger while Ragini giggles. Swara controls her laugh. Laksh takes of his hands, Ragini quickly holds him by his wrist. Laksh turns and gives a stern look.
Laksh : Manish, Karan, Veer but not Laksh.
Ragini : Aww mera bachcha got angry? (Ragini laughs and makes him sit next to her) Do you think that I won’t find out your touch or your presence? I just only wanted to tease you baby.
Ragini pulls Laksh’s cheeks while Laksh makes a pout face. He wraps his hand over her shoulder and both of them share an intense and lovely eye lock. Just then Laksh’s friends enter and gets shokced to see RagLak together.
Sam : Pinch me Rakesh am I dreaming.
Rakesh pinches him whike he screams and RagLak break their eyelock.
Swara : Both of you spoilt scene.
Laksh : Hi guys after a long time.(He waves at them with a grin)
Sam : What is happening here? When did this happen?
Laksh : Don’t mind it guys I won the bet.
Rakesh : What bet?
Ragini stands up from her seat and comes twards them.
Ragini : What bet?
Sam : Ohho okay I will give you the treat.
Ragini : Laksh I’m asking you what bet are you talking about?
Laksh : The bet to make you fall in love with me.
Ragini is shattered she was about to fall but Swara holds her.
Laksh : I loving you was just a drama and a bet..
Before he could complete it Ragini points her index finger but she doesn’t get words. She fumes in anger and leaves. Ragini marches put of the class room and goes to canteen. Laksh comes behind her jus then Ragini’s phone ring.
Ragini : Hello, who is this? (Tears were rolling from her eyes)
Caller : It is me Sanskaar.
Laksh comes near Ragini and stands folding his hands. Ragini turns away.
Ragini : Haa Sanskaar tell.
Ragini wipes her tewrs.
Sanskaar : Did I disturb you?
Ragini : No I anyways didn’t have lectures.
Sanskaar : I will be coming to pick you to go to mall, ma wants some stuff to buy and shee thinks that you should like them.
Ragini : Yeah I’m fine with it.
Sanskaar : Okay then bye.
They hang up.

Sanskaar’s POV
Why can’t I think you as my future wife. Whenever I see you or think about you I try my best to accept you as my fiance but why my heart is not letting me to. I try my best to love you but I’m failing. Why am.I not getting the spark which they use to say we get ehen we see our life partner our soulmate.
Sanskaar’s POV ends.

Ragini turms and finds Laksh sticking his tongue out and folding his arms. Ragini marches to him and gives a tight slap where Laksh is shell shocked and holds his cheek.
Ragini : This is for playing with my feelings. Again come infront of me you won’t have your teeth in your mouth.(She turns to leave and again turns back) You have no idea how much I love you. (She says it softly)
Ragini turns to leave Laksh holds her wrist and drags her to a corner and pins her to the wall. They share an intense eyelock.

Flakshback ends.

Laksh is seen awake sitting on the bed lost in his thoughts. Ragini gets disturbs and awakes. She switches on the light and finds Laksh awake.
Ragini sleepily : Didn’t you sleep?
Laksh is not answering he is just lost in his world.
Ragini : Laksh (She shakes him) I’m feeling hungry.
Laksh comes out of his thoughts.
Laksh : What do you want to eat?
Ragini : I want chocolate ice cream with nuts.
Laksh : You could have reminded me while I returned from office right? Now from where to get it?
Ragini tries to get up and Laksh helps her out. Ragini makes a pout face and taps her tongue.
Ragini : But I feel to eat it Lucky ji. Your son is very bad feeling hungry at this hour and troubling both hus mama and papa.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : I’ll see if Swara has bought and kept or else I will go get it.
Ragini : If its not there kitchen you don’t have to go hena baby?(She looks at her bump) We will eat something else okay? Papa is sin right?
Lakshvlooks at her kiddish behaviour and laughs. He goes down.
Ragini’s monologue : I’m sorry Laksh i can’t see you disturbed like this. I sweared that i will find out what is disturbing you but I’m unable to. I agree that you are really good at hiding things from me me. I have to at least divert your mind doing thing like this.

Laksh comes down and opens the fridge and starts searching for ice cream. Some one comes there and holds Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh jerks and turns.
Laksh : Sanskaar you scared me.
Sanskaar : What are you doing at this hour?
Laksh : What are you doing?
Sanskaar : Came to get water.
Laksh : Ahh your babhi wants to eat so searching ice cream for her. (Laksh finds) Got it.
Sanskaar laughs while Laksh puts it in a bowl by then Sanskaar filld the water jug. Both of them goes up and goes to their room. Laksh enters and Ragini starts coughing.
Laksh : Ragini are you okay?
Ragini : Give me I want to eat.
Laksh : Forget it, you are having cough and you want ice cream. Ragini don’t make me furry.
Ragini makes cute puppy face.
Ragini : But I’m hungry jaan.
Laksh : I will get you something soon.
Laksh goes downstairs and starts making toast. He suddenly feels as if someone is pushing from behind and again he feels dizzy. Laksh washes his face but starts vomitting blood and sees black and white flashes. He washes his mouth and face and wipes it with serviate. He takes the toast up along with cheese and cucumber and a glass of milk.
Laksh : Eat this.
Ragini : But Laksh your baby wants ice cream.
Laksh : Achcha he will listen to me but you are the one who is stubborn.
Ragini grins and Laksh feed her. He makes her drink the milk.
Laksh : Now sleep it is already late.
Ragini widesn her arms and Laksh hugs her. He rests his head on his chest and falls asleep. Laksh also falls asleep.

Ragini is adjusting Laksh’s collar and Lakshvlooks at her lovingly.
Laksh : I’m very much excited to meet me little champ.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Just few weeks more and then he will be in our arms.
Laksh hold Ragini’s cheeks.
Laksh : I want to see that happiness in you agin.
Just then Lavanya comes running.
Lavanya : Pa…Papp… (She is breathing heavily)Papa…
Laksh rushes to her and kneels down.
Laksh : What happened baby? Relax and tell.
Lavanya takes breath and looks at Ragini and then looks at Laksh again.
Lavanya : Papa, that uncle we met yesterday has come.
Laksh is shell shokced.
Ragini : Which uncle?
Laksh comes down along with Lavanya and Ragini follows them. Ragini is shell shocked.
Ragini : Aditya??
Laksh shouts : What are you doing here?
Swara comes rushing down hearing Laksh’s voice and Sanskaar comes too.
Swara : Aditya?
Laksh : I already told you to stay away from my family.
Aditya : Ofcourse I’m staying away but I’m here to take away my right.(He walks towards Lavanya and carries her) To take away my blood, my daughter.
Lavanya is shell shocked the rest of the kids also come.
Lavanya : Leave me down, who are you? (She starts tearing) Papa, Mama ask him to leave me.
Laksh comes and drags Lavanya hugs her tightly.
Laksh puts her down hold Aditya’s neck. Laksh’s eyes turns red in anger. Sanskaar comes and holds him.
Sanskaar : Leave him Laksh
Laksh : She is my daughter.
Aditya : In what way? I’m her biological father.
Laksh : But I’m her legal father.
Aditya : Legal? I know how to take her. Meet you at the court.
Laksh : I will never let a criminal like you to snatch away my child.
Aditya : What if she wills?
Laksh : She will never.
Aditya goes near Lavanya and bends.
Aditya : Will you comebwith your real papa?
Lavanya looks on.
Aditya : Tell me princess. Will you come with your own papa?
Lavanya shakes her head. She hides behind Ragini.
Ragini : Aditya stay away from her, she is our child and will be forever.
Aditya laughs.
Aditya : You are not suppose to shout Ragini it is not good for your real baby.
Laksh : Okay whatever it is let’s face in the court. Now get out or I will have to throw you out in a bad way.
Aditya fumes in anger and goes out. Laksh holds his head and faints while Ragini is shell shokced. Sanskaar holds Laksh.

Screen freezes on shocked face of Ragini.


Lavanya : Gracy Goswami
Rahul : Shivanash Kotia

Faisal Khan : Sandesh
Navika Kotia : Sandya
Ruhana Khanna : Sawitha

Shakti Arora : Aditya
Radhika Madan : Simran

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