Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 22

Hello everyone Dafsi here with another part and Im asking advance sorry for being irregular in future episodes as you all know the Ramadhan has started and Im busy with fasting also Im sick again, a food poison again. I and food don’t get along πŸ™ I thought of breaking up with food (Yes I am a foodie)…Oops forgot to thank you all for the comments and support hehehe I know I annoy all of you too much with my talking sorry Im chatter box though πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ ;D Here we go…

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 22

Episode starts with Laksh and Sanskaar coming out of the hospital. Both of them gets in to the car.
Sanskaar : Just continue drinking the medicines. Once Ragini’s delivery happens we can tell her. Just nearly month more.(Laksh nods his head.) I don’t know why god is punishing you Laksh, you are such a soft creature.
Laksh gives a bitter smile.
Laksh : There is a reason for everything don’t blame god as he is the only person I have put my full trust and hope.
Both of them reach MM. Ragini was sleeping on the living room couch while Lavanya and Sawitha were doing home work sitting down. Lavanya sees Laksh.
Lavanya : Papa…(She shouts and comes running Laksh signal her to be quiet and shows Ragini sleeping) Papa…(She says it soflty) Bade papa…
Laksh and Sanskaar bends down.
Laksh : Why my princess?
Lavanya : I love you so much papa and I love you too bade papa.
Laksh : Was this the reason you called us for?
Laksh makes a pout face.
Lavnya : Nop the real reason is take us to the ice cream parlour today.
Sanskaar : Ohh is that why our cute little shaitaan was buttering us?
Lavanya : Please take us?
Laksh : Okay I’ll get chaged and come all of you get ready and wait.
Sanskaar : Even I’ll get changed and come.
Laksh and Sanskaar leave. Laksh goes to his room and Sanskaar follows him.
Sanksaar : I will keep the medicines in my room, when you are taking it get it from my room.
Laksh nods and goes to washroom Sanskaar sighs and leaves just then he hears Laksh vomiting. Sanskaar hurries to the washroom and finds Laksh vomiting blood.
Sanskaar : Laksh…
Laksh washes his mouth and takes the face towel and wipes his face.
Laksh : I’m okay.
Sanskaar : No you are not.
Laksh gives a bitter smile.
Laksh : Go get changed I will get ready and come.
Sanskaar : Lucky…
Laksh pushes Sanskaar out and gives a wide smile and locks the door. He takes out his phone and sits down and looks at the display picture. (A photo of him with Ragini with the baby bump and Lavanya and Rahul hugging them) Tears starts rolling from his cheek. He cries his heart out and goes near the his big wedding photo frame where Ragini is with hot pink lehenga and Laksh in a dark blue Sharwani. He takes the frame in his hand and sits on the bed he looks at it and a faint smile appear on his lips. He remembers he carrying Ragini and taking the marraige vows. Laksh places the frame back and wipes his tears.

Scene shifts to the living room Sanskaar comes and finds the children waiting for him and Laksh. Laksh has not yet arrived. Sanskaar geta bit of tensed. Ragini has woke and is combing Lavanya’s hair.
Laksh shouts : Ragini…Ragini…
Ragini : Is Laksh calling me?
Swara : Yeah Laado, usually he never calls you but comes near you as he doesn’t want you to climb up and down alone.
Ragini : I will go and see.
Sanskaar : It is fine I will see.
Ragini : No maybe he can’t find what he wants.
Ragini gets up hardly and goes up. She enters her room. Laksh was searching something in the cupboard.
Ragini : Why did you call me Laksh?
Laksh : What made you take so long to come (He asks it without looking at Ragini and abit rudely)
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts her : What Laksh? Where is my purple shirt? I asked you not to wash it.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh again interrupts her : Did you come here to remind me of my name?
Ragini is shocked at his behaviour. Laksh closes the cupboard and turns to Ragini. He realizes the way he spoke and also he realized that he forgot Ragini is pregnant. Ragini gets teary.
Laksh : Woh…Ragini…I mean…
Ragini : Are you okay? (She comes forward and holds both of his cheeks) You look pale and your eyes are red.
Laksh : Yeah I’m fine, I’m sorry Rago it is just that I didn’t sleep last night. Did you come up all alone? (Ragini looks at him confusingly) Why did you come you could have called me.
Ragini is shell shocked.
Ragini : Laksh you are the one who called me. Are you feeling sick? Shall we go to doctor? I don’t find you okay.
Laksh is hsocked as he doesn’t remember him calling her. He get teary for hurting her without his knowledge.
Laksh : No no I’m okay babaa, it is just a small problem in the office so I was lost but I don’t know how come I forgot that you are…
Ragini interrupts him : Stop lying Laksh, there is something else going on in you and why can’t you tell me? What made you forget that I’m pregnant? Your change and silence kills me.

Laksh.closes her mouth and shakes her head he opens his mouth to speak just then Lavanya comes in.
Lavanya : Papa it is getting late come fast.
Ragini : Lavanya you go I and papa will come.
Laksh carries Lavanya and pecks her cheek.
Laksh : We should not get late so all of us will go togehter.
Laksh leaves while Ragini is stunned to see Laksh’s different behaviour. Laksh and Lavanya come down and Ragini follows them. Laksh drops Lavanya down.
Laksh : All of you go get in I will come fast.
The kids go out. Laksh turns and plants a soft kiss on Ragini’s forehead.
Laksh : Take care and I’m sorry for behaving weirdly okay? Don’t think too much it is really a problem in my office.
Ragini nods while Laksh smiles and leave along with Sanskaar. Ragini still remains confused and Swara notices it.
Swara : Ragini are you okay?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Nothing seems okay shona.(She sits and makes Swara sit too and tells whatever happened.) I’m getting scared shona.
Swara : I think you are thinking too much. Maybe their office problem even Sanskaar behaves weirdly.
Ragini sighs and gives a warm smile to Swara.

Flashback 17 years ago (No is narrating or thinking)

Laksh is looking at Ragini with folded hands.
Ragini : Speak something Laksh.
Laksh : How am I suppose to react? You told me that you are getting engaged to Aditya and now it turned out to be my brother.
Ragini : I asked Aditya and he told me that he told my dad that he doesn’t want to marry me. He could only tell that he can’t tell papa that she loves someone else as it will be harmful for me as well as you. Papa only told me that I’m getting engaged but not to whom I thought it will be Adiya. Then papa and Sumi aunty has decided to let Adiya marry Swara.
Laksh : I don’t care what happened but I’m helpless at the moment. Do you think that I’m suppose to go and tell my family I love my bhai’s fiance?
Ragini holds Laksh’s collor and grits her teeth.
Ragini : Never dare to say I’m someone else’s. I’m your and only yours. ( She leaves it and makes his collar) I’m sorry but do something.
Laksh’s room door knocks.
Ragini : Who is that…
Laksh face palms and closes her mouth. Again the door knocks.
Sanskaar : Laksh are you awake?
Laksh doesn’t reply but makes Ragini stick to the wall. Sanskaar leaves.
Laksh : Have you gone mad?
Ragini : I forgot that this your house.
Laksh : First thing is that you ran away from your house hoping to elope with me. Second thing is you are eloping with the brother of one who you got engaged and the third thing is you forgot that this is not your house. Ragini are you in your sense?
Ragini holds his shirt and drags him closer, her eyes were welling up and she shakes her head slowly. She rests her head on his chest.
Ragini : No I’m not in my senses and the fault is totaly on you. I have fallen in love with you deep down.
Laksh hugs her back really tightly.
Laksh : I will think of something else. Go back to your home Ragini this is not the way.
Ragini : But Laksh…
Laksh leanes towards her, his one hand is around her waist and the other one is holding her cheek and he places his forehead on hers and looks deep in to her eyes.
Laksh whispers : Shshshshsh trust me everything will be okay.
Ragini hugs him tightly and she breaks the hug and leaves pecking his cheek.

Scene shifts to the garden. Sanskaar is walking out and tries to enter Laksh’s room throught the balcony (Guys there is an easy way to enter his balcony as it is shorter and there is ladder kind of thing) Ragini tries to get down and finds Sanskaar aproaching. She face palms and runs into Laksh’s room.
Laksh : Didn’t you leave?
Ragini : No your bhai is coming this way.
Laksh : Bhai? Maybe he wants to speak something important. Go hide in the bathroom.
Ragini : I’m not the problem.

Sanskaar is coming towards the balcony(The place where to get into to the balcony and bumps into someone and that person holds his shirt while Sanskaar holds that person by waist. The person was wearing a hoodie and it removes and it turns out to be Swara. It was dark but her face was shining to the moon light. Sanskaar gets lost in her eyes and they share an intense eyelock.

Scene shifts to Laksh’s room.
Laksh : If we are eloping why Swara?
Ragini bends her head down she was just looking so cute like a school kid with her jump suit and hair tied to a pony tail.
Ragini : She was suppose to elope with us.
Laksh widens his eyes and left his mouth hung open.
Laksh : What?
Ragini : As she was also not interested in the marraige she thought of coming with me I also agreed as she is my best friend and will give a good company if she was not there I wouldn’t have thought of coming all akone to elope. In tge name eloping i can’t get bit by dogs so I insisted her though she hesitated.
Laksh : Are you serious? What will people talk about me? They will make up stories telling that I ran with two girls.
Ragini makes a pout face and makes a cute puppy face.
Ragini : I thought of helping her.
Laksh laughs at her stupid behaviour. Laksh moves to her and drags her to a hug.
Laksh : Along with our problem I’m sure I will solve hers too.
Ragini gets teary and breaks her hug and looks into Laksh’s eyes.
Ragini : Thank you so much Laksh and I love you.
Laksh holds her cheeks and kisses her both eyes.
Laksh : Love you more.
Ragini blushes and smiles.

Swara comes back to her sense but doesn’t break the eyelock.
Swara in here mind : Think shona think what to tell. You can’t put Laado or Lucky in trouble.
Before she could think Sanskaar breaks the eyelock and makes her stand straight.
Sanskaar : What are you doing here at this hour?
Swara is speechless.
Sanskaar : I’m talking with you Ms. Swara.
Swara : Ah…voh…voh… I…me… I came…
Sanskaar waslooking at Swara curiously and then he laughs lookibg at her cute face.
Sanskaar : When will you finish telling?
Swara takes a deep breath.
Swara : I came to check you.
Sanskaar : Check me? (He fumes) I’m your friends fiance and you are engaged too.
Swara : That is why I came to check whether you are good, you behaviour like to check whether you have weird behaviours like sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep boxing…
Sanskaar : Stop stop stop, what is sleep boxing?
Swara : Don’t you know they kick and punch when you sleep? Laado hates people who disturbs her sleep.

Ragini and Laksh were listning to them sitting in the balcony.Laksh looks at Ragini.
Laksh whispers : Do your really hate people who disturbes your sleep?
Ragini nods and makes a cute sad face. Laksh smiles naughtily
Laksh : Then I’m gonna be the first person to be loved after disturbimg your sleep.
Ragini hits him with her elbow.
Ragini : Shameless Lucky I hate you.
Laksh : But I love you.

Swara does some boxing moves and punches Sanskaar in his nose. He screams in pain. Ap who was awake to drink water hears it.
Ap shouts : Who is out there? She opens the window.
Sanskaar drags Swara and clibs up to Laksh’s balcony he make Swara climb first and then he climbs by that Laksh and Ragini go in. Laksh closes the window and opens the curtain so that Sabskaar doesn’t see them.
Sanskaar : Thank go Laksh is asleep or what would he think about us?
Swara : I have to go.
She turns but Sanskaar hold her wrist.
Sanskaar : Probably security gaurds are surely awake and i don’t want you to get cuaght as it will harm your character.
Swara smiles unknowingly and she also remembers Ragini is in and she can’t leave Ragini all alone. Swara turns and nods. Sanskaar and Swara sits down near the window while Laksh and Ragini are seated on the other side of the window. Ragini rests her head Laksh’s chest and falls asleep. Laksh slowly carries her and places her on the bed. He lets down all the curtaing so that no one has any chance to see her. Laksh covers Ragini with the blanket he sits down and holds her hand he falls asleeps admiring her beauty. Swara also falls a sleep in Sanskaar’s shoulders. Sanskaar makes her sleep on his lap and he falls asleep after staring at her beauty for a long time

Flashback ends.

The kids along with Sanskaar plays cricket while Laksh looks at them sitting in a table under an umbrella. He was laughing at them and he starts tearing.
Sanskaar : Sandesh it was an out.
Sandesh : Papa stop lying it was not out.
Sanskaar : Let’s ask Rahul, beta you tell out or not out.
Rahul : Out.
Sanskaar screams in happiness. Laksh remembers both of them playing when the were kids. Laksh was scanning the scene and was feeling something odd. He gets up fast and runs to them.
Laksh : Were is Lavanya?
Sawitha : Here she… (Sawitha turns and doesn’t find Lavanya) she was here.
Laksh gets panicked and starts sweating. He shouts running telling Lavanya’s name. Just then he sees someone carrying her in the corner of the park. The man has worn a blazer and a trouser. Laksh runs to him and holds his shoulder.
Laksh : Lavanya…
Lavanya sees Laksh and smiles.
Lavanya : Papa…
The man turns and Laksh gets shell shocked.

The screen freezes on the shocked face of Laksh.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Shakti Arora – Aditya
Radhika Madan – Simran

Thank you thank you so much for the comments and yeah it did make my day…Anyways keep reading and supporting… Yup though I love tragic ending I dont want to break others expectations Im still thinking on it…Still I will not dissapoint you…Thanks again for your friendly support of commenters and silent readers who spare time to read my ff

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