Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 21


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another update of my ff and yeah thank alot for your comments it really meant alot to me daily readers thank you so much and silent reader also thank you very much for sparing tim e fir my ff thank you thank you so much

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 21

The episode starts with Laksh carrying Lavanya and coming down while holding Ragini from the other hand. He makes Lavanya and Ragini sit in the dining table. Swara finish keeping all the food and calls Sandesh and Sandya.
Swara : How long am I calling them? Sandesh… Sandya…
Both of them come running downstairs.
Swara : Are you both deaf?
She starts serving food. Laksh starts feeding Lavanya and Sawitha.
Swara : Laksh I will feed them you eat.
Laksh : It is fine, once bhai come we will eat togethet for now I will feed my princesses.
Ragini : Swara, I’m sorry for being such a burden. I’m not even helping you and you are all alone doing all these works..
Swara : What are you telling me Ragini? You are my bestie and after all you are being my sister. Won’t I do these things? If it is not me then who?
Ragini : I didn’t mean it Shona.
Swara : Don’t talk to me.
Laksh laughs looking at them. He finish feeding. Some one was peeping from the window and Lavanya notices it.
Lavanya : Papa there was someone standing near that window.
Laksh : Let me check.
He goes and finds no one.

Laksh : Go and sleep, Lavanya drink your medicines. Sawi princess you wanted help in geography right go and bring your book I will help you.
Lavanya and Sawitha : Okay
Rahul : Papa what is geography?
Laksh : Woh…It is a study of physical features of the earth and including the things in it beta.
Rahul : Ohhh even I want to study geography.
Ragini : You can study once you grow big like your didis.
Sandya : Mama this saturday there is party.
Swara : Forget it. Vini(Servent) clean the table.
Sandya : Maa…
Swara : You are not going means you are not going
Ragini : Swara let her go and come.
Swara : No Ragini last time you know right what happened.
Sandya : Chaachi please convince mama.
Ragini : Shona…
Swara : I will ask your papa and tell you.
Sandesh : Then bad luck for you sissy.
Sandya gets up from the table stamping her foot and goes.
Laksh : Swara what have you done now?
Swara : She will be okay don’t worry.
Sandesh : I’m gonna sleep good night and sleep tight.
He goes hopping to his room.

Rahul : Even I’m going good night and sleep tight.
Rahul also goes hopping like Sandesh. Sawitha comes down and just then Sanskaar comes.
Sanskaar : Didn’t you sleep?
Sawitha : Chaachu told that he will teach me geography.
Sanskaar : He is already not well so now go and sleep I will explain you tomorrow okay?
Sawitha : Okay papa.
Sawitha runs upstairs while Ragini get up from her chair.
Ragini : Laksh is not well? Sanskaar…
Sanskaar realizes what he told.
Sanskaar : Nothing Ragini it is just that I told her like that or she will disturb Laksh and Laksh has to take care of you and Lavnya both right?
Ragini : Even she is our daughter right so you don’t have to think like that hena Laksh?
Laksh : Haa bhai from when did you start thinking like this?
Sanskaar : Forgive me but I’m really hungry.
Ragini yawns.
Ragini : And I’m sleepy.
Laksh : Come I will drop you and come.
Ragini : I can manage.
Laksh : Jaan…
Ragini : Ok ok I can’t talk and win with you.

Laksh smiles. He holds her hand and takes her upstairs to their room. He adjusts the pillows and make her lie down. He covers her with blanket and plants a soft kiss on her forehead Ragini smiles and Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds his wrist.
Ragini : Laksh are you really unwell?
Laksh gets panicked but manages to maintain a warm smile. He turns to her and kneels down beside her.
Laksh : I knew that you would really take Sanskaar’s words seriously. He didn’t mean Laado (Laksh adresses Ragini with so many nickmames so don’t get confused 😉 ) He just wanted Sawitha to go and sleep early. Don’t stress yourself or strain yourself thinking too much.
Ragini nods her head.
Ragini : I was tensed when I heard it. I know even if you are having slight illness you won’t tell me and at this point you won’t even think to tell me. So I won’t force you to tell me but Laksh you have to keep your promise that you will take care of you. I have no idea how will I live without you. You are my world and my everything lies on you Laksh.
Laksh : I will hold my promise so stop worrying okay? (He gives a warm smile yet his eyes showed pain)
Ragini nods and holds his hands tightly. Laksh sits on the ground and caresses her hair and she dozes off. Just then Sanakaar comes.
Sanskaar : Lucky.
Laksh stands up and goes out giving a stern look. Sanskaar goes behind Laksh.
Sanskaar : Laksh I’m sorry I…I didn’t mean to say it.
Laksh goes to living room and stops ( Living room in the top floor). Swara also comes hearing Sanskaar calling Laksh’s name. Sanskaar comes and holds Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh turns and holds Sanskaar by holding both of his arms. Laksh’s eyes have turned red and misty. Laksh grits his teeth.
Laksh : Do you have any idea of what will happen if she gets to know? Ahh? I have no fear for death but the only thing which I’m bothered is about my Ragini. How will she bear the truth bhai? I will die without pain but Ragini she will have to suffer her life long.
Sanskaar : Relax Laksh relax. Nothing will happen to you.
Sanskaar drags Laksh in to her brotherly hug and caresses his hair. Swara gets teary and starts crying.
Laksh : I’m sorry bhai, I don’t want Ragini to know anything please.
Sanskaar breaks the hug and wipes Laksh’s tears while Laksh is still sobbing.
Sanskaar : It is a promise Laksh and now you stop crying and I know nothing will happen to you.
Laksh shakes his head slowly. Tears were rolling down his cheek.
Laksh : Both of you make me a promise. (Swara and Sanskaar look on) If something happens to me you should not let my Ragini break down, you have to look after her, keep her happy, if possible make her marry to a good man who can take care of her and my kids.
Swara : Laksh just shut up. We have already consulted the India’s best doctor and he said this operations has been done before.
Laksh gives a bitter smile.
Laksh : He would have also told my saving chances are low don’t worry Swara I’m strong and not scared of illness the only thing I’m scared of breaking my Ragini.
Saying this he holds his head and faints but Sanskaar holds Laksh.
Swara : Laksh open your eyes.
Sanskaar : Lucky…
Sanskaar takes him to their room and splashes water. Laksh holds his head tightly and grittes his teeth.
Sanskaar : Swara take the vacination.
Swara takes it out from the drawer and gives it Sanskaar. He vaccinates him and Laksh calms down and murmers Ragini’s name. He dozes off. Swara holds Sanskaar’s shoukder and presses it. Sanskaar gets up and hugs Swara and cries his heart out. Swara also cries.

Flashback 17 years ago (No one is narrating or thinking)

Swara and Aditya finish exchanging ring. Ragini is holding Sanskaar’s hand with one hand and the other hand is holding the ring. Her eyes are locked with Laksh’s eyes.
Shekhar : Make him wear the ring beta.
Ragini closes his eyes and lets her tears fall down. She makes Sanskaar wear the ring remembering Laksh’s promises and whatever happened before the engagement start.
Ap : Sanskaar here make her wear the ring.
Sanskaar take it unwillingly and holds her hand and makes her wear the ring but Ap stops him.
Ap : What is that thread in your hand?
Ragini : Voh…it is nothing.
Ap : Then remove it beta.
Ragini closes her eyes. Sanskaar finds it some what odd.
Sanskaar : Nevermind.
He makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps and throws flowers. Swara drags Ragini to a side.
Swara : What is going on Ragini? From where did Laksh’s bhai come from?
Ragini : Laksh always use to tell that he will make me Mrs. Maheshwari and god is making it come true but not the way I wanted.
Swara : Stop talking negatively. Laksh will surely do something but I don’t understand why did Aditya become my fiance.
Ragini : Even I don’t understand but right now I want to meet Laksh.

Aditya was speaking with some guests and just then someone taps his shoulder. He turns and gets shell shocked.

Sanskaar was talking with some guests and then notices Swara and Ragini are together. So he thinks if going and speaking. He was shy and uncomfortable so he drags Laksh along with him.
Sanskaar : Hi Ragini.
Ragini feels uncomfortable she tried her best not to make eye contact with Laksh but it was the hardest task ever. Laksh’s and Ragini’s eyes met and they shared a painful eyelock. Sanskaar who was waiting for the reply was noticed by Swara and she hits Ragini with her elbow. Ragini comes back to her sense.
Ragini : Oh…Hi Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Ragini this is my brother Laksh, I think you have already met hin in your college.
Ragini : Yeah I have met.
Laksh : Hi.
He forwards his hand whoch makes both Ragini and Swara shock. Ragini also forwards her hand.
Ragini : Hello and Sanskaar this is my best friend…
Sanskaar interrupts : Swara right? Nice to meet you.
Sanskaar forwards his hand and Swara to forwards his hands. Both of them felt something odd and slight current passing through their bodies.
Swara : Nice to meet you.
Sanskaar : Btw Ragini, I know nothing about you and I know you know nothing about me as well. Actually I was not interested in marraige but let me be frank with you as you are going to be my future wife. (Laksh tightens his fist and closes his eyes.) So I think we should get to know each other.
Ragini : Sure.
Swara : Can you excuse us Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Sure (He gives a cold smile while Ragini and Swara leave) Ragini seems like a good and innocent girl but Swara seems like a jhansi ki rani.
Laksh just smiles and just then Ap capls Sanskaar and he leaves.

Aditya : Simran.
Simran : Haa it is me.
Aditya : What are you doing here?
Simran : I should be asking you that. What are you doing here and what did you do here?
Aditya drags Simran to a room.
Aditya : Let me explain you. (He says some thing ans it is muted.)
Simran : Can I believe you?
Aditya : I swear you that I won’t leave you.
Simran hugs him and he hugs Simran back. (It was genuine hug indeed)

Flashback ends

Laksh awakes and finds himself in his room and Sanskaar sitting on the couch. Laksh hold his head in pain.
Laksh : Where is Ragini?
Sanskaar : Gone to check up with Swara and Sumi Ma.
Laksh : How could I forget that today it was her day and sleep?
Sanskaar : You get ready we are going tot docotor.
Laksh : Bhai…
Sanskaar : For Ragini’s sake get ready.
Laksh nods and goes to the washroom. After a while he comes down wearing black shirt, grey blazer and black trouser. Just then Swara, Ragini and Sumi come. Ragini come making a pout face, Laksh goes near her and holds her cheek.
Laksh : What ahppened to my baby ahh?
Ragini : I have gone altogether five kilogrames.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Achcha my dear teddy bear wife still you look beautiful as before.
Ragini ; Liar
Laksh : Haa, ask Sumi Ma if you want.
Sumi : She is not bautiful as before but more beautiful tham before.
Laksh : Exactly.
Ragini laughs and blushes.
Swara : Maa now the kids will come I will make lunch.
Sumi : I will also help you.
Swara : Ragini you stay in the hall and if you want anything call me okay?
Swara and Sumi leave while. Laksh is lost in blushed face.
Sanskaar : I will wait for you in the car
Sanskaar leaves. Laksh comes near Ragini and holds her by waist but because of her bump he is unable to hug. Laksh makes a cute pouty face Ragini laughs looking at him.
Ragini : He is asking you ti give some break for his mama.
Laksh : But I’m his papa he has to listen to me.
Laksh turns Ragini and hugs her from back. Laksh kisses her blushing cheeks.
Laksh whispers : Take care
He leans to peck her neck but he again loses his vision so he moves back. Ragini smiles and nods. Laksh pretends he got a call, he takes out his moblie and keeps it in his ear and runs out waving bye. He goes out and holds the wall Sanskaar comes to him and holds him by his shoulder and makes him sit in the car.

Screen freezes on the painful face of Laksh and happy face.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Shakti Arora – Aditya
Radhika Madan – Simran
Dr. Harini – Preetika Rao

First of all a bone crushing to all of you for rating my ff I hope all of you were honest thank you so much it really made my day and yeah there will be more twists and turns but I gurantee that I won’t dissapoint all of you for sure

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