Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 20

Hello everyone Dafsi here with another update thanks alot for your wonderful postive feedback and yeah I have completed my 20th episode today and all thanks to my reader and this dedicated to all the RagLakian’s including me 😉 and yeah here we go

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 20

The episode starts with Ragini awaking. She doesn’t find Laksh. She goes to Lavanya’s room and finds Laksh sitting beside her and changing cloth on the forehead, Laksh doesn’t notice Ragini. Ragini goes back to her room and gets fresh up. Laksh gets up and goes near window and remembers Lavanya’s words. Lavanya awakes up and finds Laksh near the window, she also remembers what she told and feels bad. Lavanya feels thirsty so she thinks to call him.
Lavnya : Pa…(She stops for a while and takes a deep breath) Mama…Mama…
She starts shouting and Laksh runs to Lavanya.
Laksh : Why beta? What do you want?
Lavanya : I want my mama.
Laksh : She is sleeping beta.
Lavanya : I don’t care awake her.
Laksh : But princess it is not good for the baby.
Lavanya : I don’t care about the baby it has nothing to do with me.
Laksh is shattered at Lavanya’s behaviour.
Laksh : Lavanya…
Just then Swara comes she looks at Laksh and then remembers what Sanskaar told her last night.
Swara : Laksh you go I will ask what she wants.
Laksh : No it is fine…
Swara : Your bhai also told that he has to speak with you.
Laksh : Didn’t he go to leave the kids?
Swara : No he sent them with the driver you go and meet him.
Laksh nods and looks at Lavanya but she turnsaway. Laksh leaves having tears in his eyes.

Ragini just then comes out of the room. Laksh is walking lost in Lavanya’s behaviour. Ragini blocks his way. Laksh comes back to his sense.
Ragini : Laksh I need to talk to you,
Laksh : I will meet bhai and come.
Ragini : You can meet bhai later now please come with me.
Laksh : Okay.
Both of them come to their room. Ragini locks it and makes Laksh sit on the bed she sits beside him.
Ragini : Laksh I know it is hard for you but you also have to think about yourself. Why are you like this? Whatever the problem which is disturbing you tell me. There is something which is bothering you than Lavanya’s problem.
Laksh : I’m fine Ragini. Did you have your breakfast?
Ragini : I’m your wife, your sole, your jaan. I know when you are in a problem without you telling me and don’t think of diverting me.
Laksh : Relax, you are not suppose to take stress like this. First tell me did you have your breakfast?
Ragini : How can I eat Laksh? When your mind is not at rest even my mind is not at rest. Will you think that I will be able to have my food.
Laksh : You have to, for our baby? He needs food Ragini. I promise you to sort out every problem and once everything is done I will tell you.
Ragini : Are you trying to carry all the problems and sadness togehter withuout sharing with me?
Laksh hold both of her cheek and kisses on her forehead.
Laksh : I have to carry them alone as you are carrying our love and happiness. I can’t even think of adding a bit of problem in you.
Laksh gives a bitter smile where Ragini looks at him lovingly.
Ragini : You know how to shut my mouth.
Laksh : That is why god made us meet and made us tie the knot.
Ragini rests her head on his chest and he hugs her.

A man is shown coming out of airport. He has worn a brown blazer and a trouser and shades are on. Their is a soft smile in his face. He comes and gets in to a car. He gets a call.
The man : Make sure everything is ready. It has been 14 years since I left Kolkata.
The caller : Sure sir.

Flashback 17years ago. ( No one is narrating or thinking)

Everyone has got ready in MM. Sanskaar has worn a red sharwani, it is clearly shown how uninterested he is. Laksh comes downstairs with a million dollar smile on his face wearing a ash sharwani while Simran has worn a pink lehenga.
Laksh : The decorations are perfect.
Ap : Is it your engagement or your bhai’s you are glowing like this?
Simran : Something good has happen to our romeo.
Laksh widens his eyes while Simran bit her tongue.
Ap : Romeo.?
Simran : Voh nothing…

Dp comes there haging up on a call.
Dp : We won’t have our engagement…
Before he could finish Sanskaar jumps up.
Sanskaar : Okay I will get changed.
Dp : Let me finish Sanskaar. We won’t have our engagement here but at Brides’s house. Last night I forgot to tell all of you. Shall we leave now?
Ap : Ji.
All of them leave. Laksh and Sanskaar in one car while Dp, Ap and Simran in another car. Sanskaar is the one driving and following Dp’s car. Laksh get a call.
Laksh : Haa Swara.
Swara : Laksh where are you?
Laksh : It is my bhai’s engagement so we are going to the bride’s house. You tell me a place I will see if I can meet you.
Swara : Come to my house, as Ragini’s house must be decorated her papa sent us here.
Laksh : Where is your house? I don’t know any of your houses.
Swara says the adress and they hang up.
Laksh : Bhai stop the car, I will come in a while. You go.
Sanskaar stops the car.
Sanskaar : Is everything ok?
Laksh : Yeah, you go.
Laksh gets down and goes.

After few hours Laksh reaches the venue. He has a deep smile on his lips. Simran and Sanskaar notices it.
Laksh : Where is your bride I mean bhabhi?
Ap : There she is coming.
Laksh turns and is shell shocked to see Ragini and Swara coming down. Ragini is also seen happy.
Sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing Swara. Laksh also gets mesmerized to his lady love. Both the girl come and stands. Shekhar gets on to the stage.
Shekhar : Welcome all of you. Today it is mydaughter’s and my friend’s daughter’s engagement. I’m so happy that my business competitors are going to be my business partners and family. So let’s begin the engagement. Swara Bose who I consider as my daughter to get engaged with Aditya Singhania.
Swara, Ragini (She didn’t see Laksh) Simran and Laksh gets shocked.
Simran under her breath : Aditya Singhania?
Shekahar : And my daughter Ragini Gadodia to get engaged to (Laksh closes his eyes as he understood what is going to happen) Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Ragini gets shocked heraing the surname “Maheshwari” She quickly scans to check if Laksh is there it was not hard for her to figure out her love. Her eyes get welled up with tears thinking the fact how would Laksh feel.
Ap comes in between Sanskaar and Laksh.
Ap : Laksh saw your bhabhi, the one who is wearing orange is your bhabhi. Aww my daughter in law is beautiful hena?
Laksh closes his eyes in pain.
Laksh murmers : Bhabhi?

*Laksh’s flashback starts*

Laksh thinks what just happened after he got down from the car. Laksh reach Swara’s house. There was no on except few body guards including Prakash.
Praksh : What are you doing here?
Laksh : Try to understand me Prakash it is really important. It is about two lives.
Prakash : No I can’t leave you.
Laksh holds Praksh’s leg and begs.
Laksh : I don’t have enough time please let me go.
Prakash makes him stand and pushes him out while pushing he whispers “Back second balcony” Laksh falls down and smile. He gets up and goes to the back of the house. He climbs up the pipe and his hand gets peirced to a nail, he reaches the balcony. He could see Ragini crying sitting down and Swara consoling Ragini. Laksh taps the door. Swara comes to open while Ragini is shell shocked.Ragini was wearing an orange lehenga while Swara was wearing a light blue (Both of them has not applied make up or fixed their hair)

Swara opens the door as soon as she opened from no where Ragini comes and hugs Laksh which makes him walk two steps back. Laksh is shocked at her reaction but he hugs her back really tight. Both of them share an intense and tight hug. Tears were rolling down from both of their eyes. Laksh tries to break the hug but Ragini is holding him really tight.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : I love you Laksh I love you and only you. I can’t even think anyone in your place. I need you Laksh. I’m only yours do something Laksh I can’t get married to someone else. I’m your Ragini.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh. Laksh wipes her tears and peck her forehead. Both of them are really close. Laksh’s one hand is around her waist
Laksh whispers : I know and you are only mine.
Ragini smiles through her tears and nods her head.
Laksh : Why did you lie me that you are going to marry Aditya?
Ragini : I was scared that my papa will do something to you and if something happens to you trust me I won’t be alive.
Laksh : Shshshsh…Stop being negative.
Ragini : I told Aditya to act infront of you only and I told him that I can’t think anyone other than you. He agreed to me but now papa is trying to marry me to him. Let’s elope Laksh, I can’t even think of being someone else’s.
Laksh : Relax relax. I wanted to hear everything from your mouth and now I know that you also love me just the way I do. So stop worrying from now on you will be mine and I will sort out all your problems.
Ragini nods while Laksh pecks her forehead. Both of them share an intense eyelock. Laksh leans to Ragini’s lips. Swara who was looking at these love birds coughs to remind that she is existing. Laksh leaves Ragini and both of them composes themselves.
Swara : Am I dreaming? I remember both of you fighting a month ago and now…Forget it. Tell us what should we do Laksh than romancing. (She notices Laksh’s hand is bleeding.) How did you get your hand cut?
Ragini : Cut? (She gets teary) Can’t you ever look after yourself? Why do you get hurt so much? Are you even a human?
Swara gets the first aid and Ragini dresses up the wound while Laksh looks at him lovingly.
Laksh : The pain is gone Ragini.
Ragini : I hate you so much for hurting my Laksh so much.
Laksh : But I love you.
Ragini : Now tell what should we do? I’m getting scared.
Laksh : Currntly I can’t elope and I don’t want to start our realtionship like this and also today it’s my bhai’s big day and I don’t want to ruin it too. Ragini you get engaged to him, I will somehow think of something before you get married.
Ragini : I can’t get engaged to anyone. I can’t means I can’t.
Laksh : Stop being stubborn, I will sort out everything. Believe me and I promise you.
Ragini : I’m only yours and you will be the first person in my everything.
Laksh : I’m your first in everything I’m the one who kissed you first, and then…
Ragini : Shut up.
Laksh : So don’t worry.
Swara : We are running out of time guys so make up a decision fast.
Ragini : Make me wear the ring.
Laksh : Ring? I don’t have any ring.
Ragini bends down and pulls a thread from Laksh’s sharwani and she cuts a thread from her lehenga.
Ragini : Make me wear this thread.
Laksh looks at him confusingly.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Make me wear.
Laksh nods and ties the thread in her ring finger and she ties back the thread which she removed from her lehenga in Laksh’s finger.
Ragini : This will be removed only when you officially make me wear a ring.
Laksh nods with a smile on his lip. Ragini hugs him tightly and pecks his cheek. And he breaks the hug and plants a soft kiss on her forehead.
Laksh : Take care of her Swara.
Swara nods and Laksh leaves while Ragini smiles.
Swara : I envy you, you have such a caring lover.
Ragini : You will also get one.
Both of them laughs and starts getting ready.

*Laksh’ Flashback ends*

Ragini and Laksh look at each other with pain. Laksh just feels helpless. On the other hand Swara understand what is going and feels helpless too. Sanskaar though he had no problem in marrying anyone also felt as if someone stabbed his heart when he got to know that the girl who he got mesmerized is not the girl who is going to get engaged to.

Flashback ends.

Lavanya has been ignoring Laksh for few days but it was very hard for her to stay without him. It was very hard for her to wait without uttering the word “Papa”. She was unable to waut without looking her innocent paoa’s face. She also knows that he loves her beyond any papa would love theit children but she was stubborn to accept it. Laksh carries Rahul and comes to Lavanya’s room. Lavanya was watching cartoon. Laksh drops Rahul down. Rahul goes near Lavanya and checks her fever.
Rahul : How are you di?
Lavanya doesn’r reply.
Rahul : Di…
Lavanya : I’m fine.
Rahul : Did you drink medi?
Lavanya : Yes.
Rahul : Get well soon di.
Lavanya : You go and play.
Rahul finds her bahaviour odd but he leaves his room. Laksh doesn’t speak anything and turns to leave.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh stops and closes his eyes and lets his tears roll down. He wipes it and turns.
Lavanya : Do you hate me for hurting you?
Laksh doesn’t finds words he shakes his head.
Lavanya : Is my real papa living? If he comes to take me will you leave me?
Laksh comes running and hugs Lavanya tightly.
Laksh : No, you are my daughter I will not leave you. How can you think that I can hate you? Even if you are going to leave me I will not leave you.
Lavanya cries hugging him.
Lavanya : Sorry papa, I hurt you so much. How could I think that you will make difference with me. You have never made me even think like that. I was hurt for not being your daughter papa, I felt unlucky for not being your daughter papa.
Laksh breaks the hug and wipes her tears and kisses her cheeks.
Laksh : There should not be tears in my princess’s eyes. Forget everything and only thing you have to keep in your mind is I’m your papa. You are Lavanya Laksh Maheshwari. Okay?
Lavanya nods her head.
Lavanya : Sorry papa.
Laksh takes her to his lap and hugs her tightly. Ragini comes there.
Ragini : Papa and daughter has forgotten me. I’m the one who patched you up both.
Lavanya : He is my papa. We will fight, we will patch up you don’t interfere.
Laksh again loses his vision and doesn’t hear anything but shakes his head and manages to be back normal. Lavanya and Ragini are fighting.
Ragini : I’m the one who explained papa’s love to you.
Lavanya : Even if you wouldn’t have I would have realized it.
Ragini : You or papa here after fight or do whatever you want.
Laksh : Ragooooo…
Lavanya : I hurt all of you alot. I’m bad girl, I’m a bad daughter I don’t desrve your love.
Ragini comes and sits next to Laksh and holds Lavanya’s cheek.
Ragini :You are our princess and we love you so much. No one can ever get a daughter like you. You are good, kind? understanding, lovely, smart, intelligent girl. We are so proud of you.
Laksh : Your mama is right. you are a blessing. Laksh tightens his hug and hugs Ragini from the other hand. Laksh kisses Lavanya’s head while she hides her face in his chest.

Screen freezes on Laksh looking at Lavanya lovingly.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Thanks you so much for your comments and supoort I have replied to each of you induvidually as I found time and yeah I’m very happy about Neha’s analysis one thing is that she has given a chance to know all the RagLak ff and the other one is mentioning my ff thank you so much Neha

And yeah I have reaxhed my 20th episode and it is simply because all of you and Im very thankful and grateful

I want you all to rate my ff out of 10 and tell me which was the best epi for 10-20 if you remember so far and tell me how do feel about my story??

Thanks again and keep reading and supporting love you and take care

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