Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 2

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 2

The episode starts with Ragini breaking the hug with Lavanya.
Ragini : Beta now mama has to attend and important meeting. If you don’t have morning classes does it mean that you don’t have school?
Lavanya : No mama I have school but bade papa was scared to leave me and Sawitha alone so he dropped me, Sawitha and Thanu here.
Ragini : Okay beta where is Sawitha now?
Lavanya : Maybe with Thanu in here house. I came up to tell that we didn’t have morning classes and will bw going school with Thanu’s dad but look where I ended up.
Ragini : Your school bus has put us in to a great trouble. For month we have to drop you. As you got morning hour classes you bade papa took the responsibility of you to drop and only I or your papa had to pick you and Rahul as we promised a day after day and dropping Rahul was to be in the same way. Now leave it your papa will drop you all at school.

Lavanya nods. Both of them come out and see Rahul and Laksh playing building blocks.
Lavanya shouts : Papa only 15 minutes is there to go to school and you are playing with this idiot.
Laksh : Ohh princess we were waiting until our queen and princess finish talking.
Ragini : Achcha then leave them at school and…
Laksh : And what?
Ragini : I will pick them and also there is a surprise.
LaRa (Lavanya and Rahul) : Surprise? Awesome
Laksh : Ok go and get in to the car. I will come.
Lavanya and Rahul nods and runs out. Laksh looks at Ragini and moves towards her. Ragini gives an angry look and turns ti carry the handbag. Laksh hugs her from behind.
Ragini : Leave me Lucky
Laksh : I’m sorry Laado I shouldn’t have started the fight in the morning but I was so tired…
Ragini : I have told you not to fight when kids are there I’m also sorry I shouldn’t have screamed at you.
Laksh turns her gives soft kiss on her forehead. Ragini gives peck on his cheek.
Ragini : Okay now let’s leave.
Laksh : As you say you highness.
Both of them laugh and they leave. LaRa who were hiding and watching all the smiles and high fives and runs to parking lot. Ragini and Laksh doesn’t notice them amd they reach. She gives a kiss on LaRa’s forehead.
Ragini : Ok then I’m leaving bye.

She gets in to her car and leaves.
Laksh : Get in fast.
Lavanya : Oh papa I forgot to call Sawitha.
A girl from behind : You Luv I’m gonna kill you. I thought you forgot and left me. I asked Thanu also to leave telling that I will come with you.
Lavanya : I’m sorry babaa
Laksh : Sawi princess what are you doing?
Sawitha : Chaachu (She explains whatever happened)
Laksh : Okay now come and get in fast kids.
All of them get in. Rahul sits in front with Laksh while Sawitha and Rahul sits back.
Laksh : Sawi did bhai get scolded yesterday?
Sawitha : Haa chachu he nicely got scolded from mama. Wait but how did you know?
Laksh : When I was speaking with your papa last night I heard your mama yelling. Obviously I knew it was not my princesses but that shoutan ki bachcha.
Rahul : Sandesh bhai is so good papa. He use to get scolded without a reason.
Laksh : Achcha what good did he do to you?
Rahul grins and looks at giggling Sawitha and Lavanya.
They reached school. Laksh gets down and kisses on there heads. He waves bye and turns to get in. He finds Sandesh and Sandya (Non identical twins) approaching towards him.
Laksh : Ohh big man and lady.
Sandya : What are you doing here chaachu?
Laksh : Just came to check if any pretty teachers are there.
Sandesh : Need any help? Chaachi (He looks behind Laksh with widened eyes.)
Laksh gete stunned. He turns with cosed eyes.
Laksh : I’m sorry jaan I was just joking…
He opens the eyes and finds two school girls stairing at him. He hears Sandesh and Sandya laughing out aloud. He turns and finds Sandesh running backward.
Sandesh : I’m sorry chaachu I was kidding.
Laksh : This kid deserves Swara’s scolds. Okay Sandya now go or you will get late.
Sandya : Okay chaachu by the way are yout his scared to chaachi?
Laksh grins and nods his head. Sandya laughs and leaves bidding bye. Laksh shakes his head and gets in to the car and he leaves.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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