Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 19

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 19

The episode starts with Lavanya looking at Rahul’s file. She reads it out loudly.
Lavanya : Rahul Laksh Maheshwari. If he is Laksh Maheshwari then I also should be having the same surname.
She hear Sanskaar shouting so she quickly keeps all the files and goes to the living room.
Sanskaar : Sandya if you are not going to come before I count 10 I’m gonna leave you and go. 1…2…3…
Sandya comes running out of the kitchen.
Sandya : I’m ready, shall we leave?

Swara : All of you took your lunch boxes and water bottles right?
Everyone shouts ‘yes’ except Lavanya. She is lost in her own thoughts. Swara notices this.
Swara : Luv are you okay princess?
Swara walks to her and touches her forehead and finds her having fever.
Swara : You are having fever Lavanya.
Sanskaar : Then you stay home princess and take rest.

Lavanya doesn’t say anything but keeps stairing at Rahul.
Swara : All of you go, I’ll take her to her room.
The kids except Lavanya leave along with Sanskaar. Swara takes Lavanya to her room and makes her sit on the bed. She takes casual clothes and keeps on the bed.
Swara : Doll, you get changed I’ll get you something warm to drink.
Lavanya nods and remembers what she saw in the file.

Swara leave the room and when she was going passing RagLak room they hear them laughing. She smiles and goes downstairs. Ragini was resting her back on the bed and Laksh was sleeping beside her.
Ragini : Have some shame Lucky, now the kid would probably hear us.

Laksh : He will be the next Newton. Every night I read stories for him, sang songs for him, taught him alphabets.
Ragini : Yeah as soon as he come we will enter him to a college. You and your stupid brain.
Laksh : I’m not joking jaan, that is a good way of making your children brainy.
Ragini : Yes I know and if you are gonna stay speaking rubbish like what you were speaking he will end up like you.
Laksh : Yeah a handsome, romantic hunk.

Ragini : At least now shut up Lucky.
Laksh makes a pout face and just the there was a knock on the door.
Laksh : Come in.
Swara enter with a food and juice tray. There was an extra bowl of soup. Laksh gets up and takes the tray and places it on the side table.
Swara : The soup is for Lavanya.

Ragini and Laksh looks at Swara shockingly.
Laksh : Lavanya? What happened to her?
Swara : She is having high fever.
Laksh doesn’t think twice he runs to Lavanya’s room and finds Lavanya lieing on the bed. Swara and Ragini also reach.
Laksh : Princess are you okay?
He sits beside her. Lavanya sits and remembers what was written in her birth certificate.
Ragini : Shall we go to doctor Laksh? She looks so weak.

Laksh : I’ll call the doctor.
Laksh gets up and call. He sits beside Lavanya and holds her hand. Swara gives the soup Laksh takes it and tries to feed Lavanya she jerks it away. The bowl goes flying and break. Laksh is shell shocked at her behaviour.
Ragini : Lavanya…
Swara : What is wrong with you Lavanya, he is your papa.
Lavanya : No he is not.
All three of them are shell shocked.

Ragini : What do you mean?
Laksh is broken in to peices (Laksh is a soft creature in my ff)
Lavanya : My papa is Aditya Singhania. Where is he? Who is he? He is not my papa(She says it pointing her finger at Laksh)
Laksh comes close to her and hold her by her shoulder(softly). Laksh’s voice is cracking
Laksh : Who told you princess I’m not your papa? You are my daughter(He points at Lavanya) and I’m you papa.(And then he taps his chest)
Tears were rolling from all of their eyes but the one who was in heighest pain was Laksh. Ragini was not able to look at him she comes and hold his shoulder.
Lavanya : Stop lying, I saw everything. You are not my papa, why did you hide my papa? Who are you to my mama? what did you do to my papa? You Rahul’s papa.
Laksh : Lavanya don’t kill me with words. I’m only your papa.
Lavanya screams : Just get out.

Just then the doctor comes.(Their family doctor Harini)
Harini : Hello Lavanya.
Lavanya : Ask him to just get out. I won’t let you check me until he leaves.
Laksh is shattered. Ragini tries to leave with him but he makes her stay with Lavanya and leaves. He stands out of the room and some flashes appear. He remembers him promising someone. He remembers Ragini crying hugging Laksh. Just then the doctor comes out breaking Laksh’s thoughts.

Harini : I think she got to know the truth, nevermind but don’t stress herself to accept the truth. Laksh I know it is hard for you as you whole heartly accepted her as your daughter but she is a child it will take time to accept the truth. I hope you understand. The fever is due to shock and you don’t have to worry. Now she is sleeping and yeah unless she comes and speak to you don’t speak to her. It doesn’t mean that you have to totally ignore her but just take extra care without trying to explaini. Also she is deeply hurt and shock the age she got to know the truth is not right. She is just 13 and too small.

Laksh just nods and Harini leaves. Laksh turns and lets his tears fall. Ragini comes and hugs him from the back. Laksh rests his head on hers.

Flashback 17 years ago. (No is thinking or narrating)

Swara : What? Both of you kissed? Hugged?
Ragini : Shshsh don’t shout.
Swara whispers : Laado you did all if this with your enemy
Ragini gets teary she hugs Swara tightly and Swara as an understanding bestie gives a bone crushing hug.
Ragini : I hurt him alot Shona.
Swara : You did all these for him Laado.

Both of them break their hug.
Ragini : I don’t know whether my decision is right or wrong but I can’t see him die, I rather die.
Swara : You took the right decision Laado, it is a safe decision.

Scene shifts to MM.
Laksh : You shocked us Simran (Played by Suggest me someone)
Simran : Was it a bad surprise Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. Btw where are you coming from.
Sanskaar : Aww mera pyaar ki behan he went on a project to OZ so I just picked him from air port and came.
Simran : You must be tired. Let’s go in I’ll make you ginger tea and give.
Laksh : Black coffee, I would really feel better with black coffee than you village ginger tea.
Simra : Btw Sanksaar when did you come back? I heard you left vowing and swearing that you will never come back bla bla bla.
Sanskaar looks down and scratches his head while Laksh laughs.

Laksh : He had to come as he was bankrupting and also you know what bhai is going to get married.
Simran : Yeah badi ma told me. So are you both going to make me talk over here and send me back home now itself?
Sanskaar : Oops come in come in.
Three of them come inside.

Scene shifts to Aaditya’s room. He was standing and was holding a gun in another hand. He points the gun to a blur picture and it none other than Ragini. He luaghs for a while and tears started to roll down his cheeks.
Aditya : Mission on going.

Scene shifts back to MM, Ragini was sleeping on Swara’s lap. Just then door knock.
Ragini gets up and opens te door and finds Shekhar standing.
Ragini : Papa, when did you come back?
Shekhar : I heard everything and had to come back to get you married.
Ragini looks at Shekhar shockingly.
Ragini : But so fast? I have’t finished my studies.
Shekhar : I have already spoke with them Ragini so stop worrying.

Ragini : Wait, you didn’t go to New York did you? You were checking me? (She starts breaking down) What kind of father are you? Papa how many times have I told you that I will never break your trust.
Shekhar : Swara beta tomorrow it is her and your enagement.
Swara and Ragini are shell shocked.
Swara : Engagement?
Shekhar : Didn’t your Ma tell? I and Sumi ji has decided.
Shekhar leaves fuming in anger.
Shekhar murmers : If we don’t don’t get you married even you will elope with anyone. Trusting you all is a wate of time. Better get you married and finish off our responsibility.

Ragini runs to the bed and starts crying. Swara closes the door and hugs Ragini.
Ragini : Nothing happened according to what I wanted.
Swara : Laksh really loves you Ragini you hust go away with him.
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : No, papa will kill him. If something happenes to him because of me I will never think of living.
Swara : Shshsh relax relax.

Ragini cries and sleeps on Swara’s lap. Swara takes her phone dials a number.
Swara : Ma…
Sumi : I hope you heard everything. I didn’t have any option other than making you agree at least in this way. He is really good boy.
Swara : Then you get married, I’m not going to get engaged.
Swara hangs up.

Scene shist to SM
Aditya moves his gun from Ragini’s photo to Shekhar’s photo.
Aditya : This is the target.

Scene shifts to MM. Laksh comes down after freshning up. He sits on the couch. Sinran comes with a cup of coffee.
Laksh : Thanks sissy.
Simran : Anytime bro.
Dp comes there.
Dp : Ap have you told Sanskaar about his engagement tomorrow?
Laksh : Engagement?
Ap : Not yet ji. Haa Laksh, you wilk see you bhabhi tomorrow.
Laksh : Wow it sounds interesting.
Dp : I have to invite people and Ap start the decorations.

Sanskaar comes. Ap and Dp leaves.
Sanskaar : Why don’t you get married to her. Your papa like the girl so it doesn’t matter which son marries her the only thing is she want to be a bahu and who care if it older one or younger one.
Laksh : I already have someone…(He says it remebering Ragini without his sense)…in my heart
Sanskaar and Simran : Achcha bhai, who is that girl?
Laksh comes back to his senses and Simran and Sanskaar notices Laksh tearing. Laksh gets up from the couch and and runs up stairs remembering Ragini’s confession to Aditya. Laksh goes to his room and locks it and cries his heart out remembering Ragini. Just then his phone rings. He wipes his tears but still his voice is cracking.
Laksh : Hello who is speaking?

Caller : Laksh I’m Swara. I have to say you something important.
Laksh : Ha Swara tell.
Swara says something to Laksh and he is shocked.
Laksh : I will come and meet her tomorrow.
They hang up and a deep smile comes to his lips.

Flashback ends.

Laksh was sitting beside Lavanya and Lavanya is seen sleeping.
Laksh’s monologue : Life was not always easy for us. I builded my family along with you after facing so many difficulties. You might not be my kid but you are the first person to make me feel a dad. You might not have my blood but you always have my breath in you. I will never let anyone snatch you away from me not even your real dad.

Ragini comes along with Swara with a plate of food.
Ragini : You didn’t have anything from morning. She is just so stubborn. She might not be your kid but she just went over you.
Laksh gets up in rage and holds Ragini shoulder.
Laksh : She is my kid Ragini, she is my child. My first child. Please don’t hurt me telling that she is not my child.

Ragini makes him sit and she sits beside him. She takes the plate and starts feeding Laksh.
Ragini : Swara can you make Rahul eat and sleep?

Swara nods and leave. She finds Sanskaar coming out of Rahul’s room.
Sanskaar : Swara I have something important to tell you.
Swara : What?
Sanskaar : Come with me.
He drags Swara.
Swara : I have to make the kids eat.
Sanskaar : You can but I want to show you this.
They reach their room Sanskaar takes an envelope and gives it to Swara. She sees it and gets shell shocked.
Swara : Laksh…

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room. Ragini is caressing Laksh’s hair and Laksh is lost in Lavanya’s words. All what Lavanya said was echoing in his ears. He dozes off and Ragini also sleeps. A man is seen entering Maheshwari house and carrying Lavanya. He takes her out and Lavnaya screams. It happens to be Laksh’s dream he gets up with a jerk shouting ‘Lavanya’ Ragini also gets up and finds Laksh sweated.

Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Ragini I don’t want to lose my kid.(He is tearing) Only I can be her papa.
Ragini : Only you are her papa and no one can change it now sleep Laksh, you are stressed and you need sleep. Come here and sleep I can’t see you in this condition. Please for me?
Ragini makes Laksh rest on her chest and caresses his hair and he sleeps.
Ragini : I have ti make Lavanya understand the truth I can’t let you suffer.

Ragini remembers what happened in the afternoon.

Lavanya awakes and finds Laksh beside her and Ragini sitting on the couch.
Lavanya : Mama I want water.
Laksh gives water and Lavanya throws water on his face and throws the glass.
Ragini : What did you…
Laksh interrupts her : Ragini…
Lavanya : I want to go near my real papa and you just get rid of me. (She says it harshly to Laksh)
Ragini : He is your real papa.
Lavanya : No he is not.
Ragini : Then even…

Laksh : Okay I promise you I will amke you meet your papa.
Lavanya : I believe you but you should not get close to me. I’m not you daughter.
Laksh closes his eyes in pain and nods.
Ragini’s flashback ends

The screen freezes on the sleeping posting of RagLak


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruahna Khanna – Sawitha

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  1. It’s not at all boring.. It simply superb… But feeling really bad for laksh.. Make everything alsryt soon..

    • Dafsi

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    • Dafsi

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  2. Shazi Rajpoot

    This was such an intense part 😮 I am sorry i read you ff but never had the opportunity to comment but i am in love with it… i dont know why lavanya is being so rude to Laksh omg mystery is building up
    Cant wait to read the next chapter you are a fab writer Dafsi n this story is very different yet full of emotions

    • Dafsi

      You don’t have to be sorry di I know you are busy with both fb, twitter and insta pages Im a follower of your and yeah so Im really happy that ypu got time and commented keep reading and supportings.Thanks for the comment anyways 😀

    • Dafsi

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  3. O god feeling bad 4 laksh he is so nice person hope the situation between daughter and father may solve soon really love this episode it’s totally fab love u !!!!

    • Dafsi

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    • Dafsi

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    • Dafsi

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  4. S priya

    Itz nt at all boring dr…feeling bad fr laksh…nd wat was in tat report nd plz don’t tel me tat laksh hve some serious disease

    • Dafsi

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  5. Nisha Malik

    I loved it ❤❤ too good episode 19 is really awesome ❤? Loved Laksh care towards Lavanya ?? but still can understand what Lavanya is feeling as she has full right to know about her real dad but an awesome update dear ????❤

    • Dafsi

      Aww thanks alot Nisha happy that you liked keep reading and supporting and yeah indeed he is a good person though…And yeah everything is going to be okay 😀

  6. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

    Aww bless Laksh, Anyways it’s not boring… Can’t wait till the next epi… Take care… Love you?

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  7. Ammu

    It’s really very very interesting dear and it’s not boring. Feeling bad for laksh. I’m eagerly waiting for next episode. Plz plz plz try to update next part soon

    • Dafsi

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Really feeling sorry for Laksh and can’t see him like this
    Waiting for the next one………
    It’s not boring at all actually it’s getting interested……….

    • Dafsi

      Thanks for the comment and continous support and yeah I will post it soon keep reading and supporting as usual take care love you

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    • Dafsi

      Thank you thank you thank you…Happy that you loved it and yeah me too feeling bad and yeah everything will be revealed very soon

  11. Sueño

    I feel so sad fr laksh…… Damn I hope everything gets well soon……. n wt happnd to laksh hope his health s fyn

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      Thanks for the comment yeah everything will be okay very soon…keep reading and supporting

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