Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 18


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 18

The episode starts with Laksh taking Ragini to her room.
Ragini : I’m so tired after the movie. (She yawns one oh her hand is on her hip and the other one Laksh is holding) Lucky don’t watch horror movie without me.(She makes a pout face)
They reach their room. Laksh makes her sleeps and ges up to go but finds Ragini holding his hands really tight. He removes it and peck her forehead and an smile appears on her lips. He goes down and stands near the stair case keeping his hand on his waist”
Sandesh : Why are you standing like an army officer now?
Laksh : No one is going to watch anything, go to your rooms and sleep.
Sandya : But chaachu you promised us.
Sanskaar : Haa cha…I mean haa Lucky.
Laksh : No bhai Ragini loves horror movies and if she gets to know we watched it without her she would probably get hurt.
Lavanya : We can ask sorry from mama.
Laksh : I don’t want her to be even hurt for any reason I feel like I’m cheating her.
Swara : Yeah we can watch once our new family member comes.
Rahul and Sawitha are seen sleeping. Sanskaar carries Sawitha while Sandesh carries Rahul.
Sandya and Sandesh walks passing Laksh.
Laksh : Are you both angry with chaachu?
Both of them stop and smile and shake their head.
Sandesh : Infact we are happy to have a chaachu like you.
Sandya : You love your wife so much chaachu, chaachi is really lucky to have you lucky.
Laksh smiles and pats her cheek.
Laksh : Surely we’ll watch all of us together, now go and sleep. Shall I carry Rahul?
Sandesh : It is fine I’ll manage.
Sandya and Sandesh go. Laksh also turns to go but again he is unable to see anything. His head starts spinning. He bends down holding the railings. Laksh grits his teeth in pain. He gets back his vision and manages to climb up but again his vision goes blur, he makes a vase fall and it breaks. He felt as if something on his head. He held his head and sat down again gritting his teeth and faints his hand gets cut to a piece of vase. Sanskaar who heard the vase breaking comes running and sees Laksh lieing down.
Sanskaar : Laksh…
Sanskaar doesn’t understand anything. He takes him to the guest room and makes him sleep. Sanskaar bandages his hands. He looks at Laksh in a confused way. He goes out and cleans the mess and comes back. Laksh is moaning in pain. Sanskaar also sleeps beside him caressing Laksh’s hair.

Flashback 17 years ago. (No one is narrating or thinking)

Aditya is heading to the airport. There is a dark smirk on his lips.
Aditya : I’m very close to my mission. I’m sorry Ragini I have to use you for this.
Ragini, Prakash, Ashley and Laksh reach the airport. The professor has left early. They check in and sees Aditya there. Laksh was boiling with anger. Aditya hugs Ragini and she feels uncomfortable. Laksh just looks away tightning his fist.

Scene shifts to Kolkata railway station. A girl is seen getting down with her luggage. She has worn a kurti and skinny jean and chunni on her neck. Her hair is thick and brown. She gets a phone call.
The girl : Haa haa, I’ll meet him baba stop worrying. I’ll give you a call as soon as I reach there.
She hangs up, and gets in to a cab. Her face is not yet revealed.
The driver : Destination?
The girl : Maheshwari Mansion.

The scene shifts to BM.
Swara : Mom, I’m going to Ragini’s house for lunch as she is coming today from Australia.
Sumi : I have made pickle for her so give it to her.
Swara : Okay.
Sumi : Take the key and go I will get late sometimes I might stay there so take clothes and go.
Swara : Okay Okay.
Sumi leaves while Swara goes up to get ready.

Scenes shifts to Kolkata Airport. Sanskaar has come to pick Laksh. Laksh as he doesn’t want to see Ragini’s and Aditya’s drama, he gets in to his car even without looking back. Sanskaar also gets in just then Ragini and Aditya comes out along with the body guards. Ragini’s eyes search for Laksh and doesn’t see him. She gets abit relieved.
Aditya : Shall I drop you?
Ragini : Nevermind my car is waiting. Anyways I’m happy that I met you.
Aditya : Even me. Okay then meet you again bye.
Ragini : Bye

Sanskaar and Laksh reach MM. Both of them get down. Just then the girl comes.
The girl : Hi guys…
Sanskaar and Laksh turn and widens their eyes.
The girl laughs.

Aditya reach home, he hugs his mom and dad.(Ram Prasad and Sujatha)
Sujatha : I’m so happy you agreed to marry.
Rp : The girl is really beautiful.
Aarnav smiles and blushes. He goes to his room and and takes out his phone and looks at a photo.
Aditya : I love you alot and I will hold my promise.

The scene shifts to GM. Ragini comes in looking down. Ashley was carrying Ragini’s bag. Shekhar has not yet come home but she was used to walk like this only in her house. Just when she was about climb up a voice come.
The voice : Welcome back.
Ragini turns and runs to Swara.
Ragini : I missed you so much Shona.
Swara : Even me Laado. Come tell me what happened in Australia.
Ragini : Patience baba, we have enough time.
Swara : No I can’t even wait more than 5 minutes
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Okay let’s go
Both of them come to Ragini’s room. She says each and everything to Swara. (Everything except Laksh’s pov and scenes regarding Laksh all alone)

Flashback ends.

Ragini awakes and doesn’t find Laksh. She gets up and goes to washroom and comes back. She goes out and when she just pass guest room she screams. Laksh gets up with a jerk shouting “Ragini” He comes out and finds Ragini holding the wall and tearing. Laksh sees her leg deeply cut to a piece of vase which he broke last night. The rest also come.
Laksh : Ragini are you okay? .
Laksh carries her and makes her sit on the bed. Swara takes the first aid box. Laksh is tearing, only Sanskaar could understand the pain behind Laksh’s tears. It was probably just because his Ragini got hurt because of him. He ia thevone who broke the vase. Laksh finish dressing and sits beside her and wipes her tears.
Laksh : I’m sorry.
Ragini : It was my fault I should have looked and walked.
Swara : I’ll prepare breakfast.
Lavanya : Mama is it hurting? The cut was quiet deep.
Ragini : Little, you have school right go and get ready.
Rahul : Mama is not well so I have to look after you hena?
Swara : As if you look after mama if you don’t go school. Come I will get you ready. Others go and get ready.
All of them leave RagLak alone. Lavanya goes out and turns back.
Lavanya’s monologue : I want my birth certificate, now I shouldn’t disturb mama or papa. Maybe it is in the study. I saw papa arranging all the documents in the study the day we shifted things. I better get ready and check it out.

Laksh : Is it hurting?
Ragini : I’m okay, btw where were you in the morning?
Laksh remembers all what happened in the night. He scratches his eyebrows.
Laksh : I and bhai were discussing about some files and fell asleep.
Ragini notices his hand.
Ragini : What happened to your hand?
Laksh : Noting a small cut.
Ragini : Small cut? look at the bandage size.
Laksh : Bhai bandaged it.
Ragini : How did it get cut?
Laksh : You ask so much of questions.
Ragini : It is probably because you are trying to hide things from me.
Laksh : Nothing like that jaan. I’ll go and get you something to eat.
Ragini : I won’t eat until you answer.
Laksh : Stop being stubborn.
Ragini : Then tell me what is wrong with you. I have been noticing physical changes in you. You look tired, disturbed and you have gone thin within a month. You have changed Laksh.
Laksh gets up and looks away.
Laksh : I’m fine, stop bothering about me,(He turns and kneels down) I asked to take care of you and look now you have hurt yourself.
Ragini : It is because you hurt yourself without listning to me. I got hurt because of you (Laksh looks at Ragini confusingly) you got hurt that is why I also got hurt.
Laksh : Yeah Im sorry. (He hold his ears and asks a genuine sorry)
Ragini : I was joking, go and get fresh up and come.
Ragini pecks his forehead and Laksh gets up and goes.
Ragini in her mind : I know Laksh something is really bothering you and you don’t want me to know it. As you always say that everything should face you befire facing me, just like that everything should face me before facing you Laksh.

Scene shifts to study room. Lavanya climbs on a chair and takes few files. She starts seaching for her birth certificate. She finds it and keeps it a side. She arranges all the files and keeps them back. She takes the file and gets shocked to see something.
Lavanya : Lavanya Aditya Singhania. (She reads it out aloud and gets stunned.) Aditya Singhania. Who is Aditya Singhania? Why am I having his surname?
She takes our Rahul’s certificate and gets shock. Tears started to roll down her cheek.

The screen freezes on her shocked face.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Thanks alot for your comments, Im really grateful for each of you who commented speacially the daily commenters..Silent reader and daily reader thanks alot for reading my story…

Dont confuse this after 7 months ehich mean Ragini is in her seventh month…I mentioned it in my previous update…

So how is my story line going? Good or bad?

Here are some hints to guess…
What is Aditya’s mission?
Who is that girl?
Why did Sanskaar and Laksh get shock?
How will Swara react listining whatever happened in Australia?
What us wrong with Laksh and how will Sanskaar help him?
Will Ragini get to know abput Laksh’s illness?
What did Lavanya see in Rahul’s birth certificate that she got shocked?

Keep reading to know what is going to happen…

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Credit to: Dafsi

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