Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 17


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode..Thanks for all the comments and selin readers thanks you so much for reading and yeah here we go….

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 17

Seven months after.

The episode starts with Lavanya and Rahul fighting and entering RagLak’s room. Ragini was sitting on the couch while Laksh was on the bed going through some files.
Rahul : Di you cheated.
Lavanya : I never cheat like you.
Rahul : Stop lying now.
Lavanya : I didn’t cheat or lie you idiot.
Ragini shouts : Stop it both of you. What is wrong with you, fighting all the time?
Laksh : Relax Ragini. Prince tell me what happened?
Rahul : Papa, di cheated when we were playing monopoly.
Lavanya : Rahul…
Laksh : Shshshsh, I’m speaking with him right? Yu should not interrupt him while I’m speaking.(He says it politely with a smile) But beta your di never cheat.(He kneels down)
Rahul : But she did.
Laksh : Princess I know you wouldn’t have cheated but your chotu has misunderstood you. What should we do?
Lavanya : I don’t know papa.
Laksh : Hmm let’s do like this Rahul will ask sorry from di and di will ask from Rahul. Okay? Either you did the mistake or not.
Lavanya : I’m sorry chotu.
Rahul : It is fine and I’m…I’m sorry…too
Lavanya : It is okay.
Laksh : Now do situps.
Lavanya starts just then Rahuo starts tearing.
Rahul : Papa I only lied Di was going to win the game so I juat pulled a fake fight.
Lavanya stops and looks at Laksh and then Ragini. Ragini signal her to be quiet.
Laksh : Look how naughty you are. What if I or mama had hit Di for cheating. (Laksh carries Rahul and sits on the bed and makes him sit on his lap) Beta losing without cheating is better than winning with cheating. You should not do anything like this again. Now say sorry to Di and hug her.
Rahul : I’m sor…
Before he could complete Lavanya higs him and hehugs her back.
Lavanya : Hereafter I will make you win chotu.
Rahul : Come di I will ask sorry infront of Sawi di, Sandya di and Sandy bhaiyaa.
Lavanya and Rahul leave while Ragini come and sit near Laksh.
Ragini :You are really good at managing kids.
Laksh : When I’m managing you, can’t manage them.
Ragini hits him and then suddenly she feels kick on her stomach.
Ragini : Laksh, he kicked.
Laksh : Who kicked, just now Rahul left.
Ragini : Not Rahul but Rahul’ brother.
Laksh : Really? I want to feel it too.
He kneels down and holds her tummy.
Ragini : Hmm he doesn’t want to listen to his papa.
Laksh : Achcha, but he kicked when you hit me. So he loves me more than you.
Ragini makes a cute sad face and pouts. She looks at her tummy.
Ragini : Is it true?
Laksh : If you want hit me and see.
Ragini starts beating and the baby again kicks. Laksh also feels as he was keeping his hand on the bump. Both of them smikes looking at each other.
Laksh : But Rahul never kicked like this.
Ragini : Hahaha he kicked when I said “I hate you Laksh” but I rarely said it.
Laksh : Hmm yeah that is why he is mama’s boy. Let my baby come and I will teach you both a good lesson. Btw Ragini how are you so sure that it is a boy? Why don’t we do a scan?
Ragini : It is just a feeling. Another naughty boy like his papa.
Laksh kisses her tummy.
Laksh : I love you so much.
Both RagLak have an intense eyelock.

Flashback 17years ago (No one is narrating or thinking)

Scene at MM everyone gather at the dining table.
Dp : So Sanskaar I have chose the girl for you. They still didn’t give an answer but hopefully they will give. She is grown up under one parent and a student of Kolkata Management College.
Ap : Laksh’s college.

The scene shifts to BM (Bose Mansion)
Swara : Now who asked you to find alliance? Mama I just don’t want to get married.
Sumi : But shona…
Swara leaves with frustration.

Scene shifts to MM.
Dp : Haa, probably Laksh would know her. Tgis Sundey once Laksh returns we all go in ask a hand for his marraige.
Sanskaar doesn’t amswer. For now he just only wants to continue his business without any disturbance.

Both Sanskaar and Swara come to the terrace of their respective house and looks at sky and both of them feel something odd and different.

Scene shifts to Sydney. Laksh comes to the reception.
Laksh : I’ll pay the charges for the damages.
Receptionist : Yes sir and your charge is 2000$.
Laksh : Okay, by evening I will pay.
Receptionist : Until the we will be not able to give you that room as the damages are really high.
Lakah : I understand but by evening only the money will get transfred…
Before he could finish a voice arise.
The voice : You can stay with me until them.
Laksh turns and finds Ragini.
Laksh : No I’m fine.
Ragini : Okay then I will pay.
Laksh :You don’t have to.
Ragini : Okay then sleep in the street.
Laksh : Okay I wilk stay with you.

Both RagLak come to Ragini’s room. Laksh takes his mobile out and calls someone.
Laksh : Hello bhai.
Sanskaar : Ohh hi Lucky? What is the matter?
Laksh : I need a 2000$
Sanskaar : What? (Sanskaar asks it shockingly?
Laksh explains everything while Sanskaar sighs.
Sanskaar : I’ll deposit it.
Laksh : Thank you so much bhai.
They hang up. Laksh turns and finds Ragini staring at him. He doesn’t speak anything but just sits on the couch which makes Ragini shock. Ragini takes puta knee length royal blue strapless frock and goes to the washroom. She comes out wearing it with her wet hair. Laksh who was reading a magazine looks at her gets mesmerized but control himself. Ragini walks to the dressing table and applies a light make up. She dries her hair and brushes it and ties a pony tail. She wears her wages and takes hr wallet and turns to leave.
Laksh : Are you going somewhere?
Ragini : Yes, today I’m going to give my answer to Aditya.
Laksh hearing Aditya’s names boils in anger. He comes close and drags her to him holding her waist. Ragini good clearly see the anger through his eyes.
Laksh : Why are you dressed so beautifully to meet that man?
Ragini : It is none of your business Laksh.
Laksh tightens his grip.
Laksh : It must be only my business as you are only mine.
Ragini : Leave me Laksh it is hurting me.
Laksh : Can’t you understand my pain? And another thing is leaving you is something that which will never happen. Go, go and tell him that you already have a soul for you.
Laksh leaves her.
Ragini : Come with me I will answer infront of you.
Ragini drags him and goes. Both of them reach a expensive coffee shop. Aditya looking at Ragini and Laksh coming gets up.
Aditya : Hi, you look beautiful.
Laksh tigtens his fist.
Ragini : Aww thank you.
Aditya : So you have brought him too.
Ragini : Yeah
Aditya : Take your seat.
Both RagLak sit along with Aditya.
Aditya : What do you want to drink? Btw along with you even I’m going to India.
Laksh looks at Aditya shockingly.
Ragini : Ohh that is cool btw Aditya I’m lacking time so I’ll be giving the amswer and going as I have to pack my stuff.
Aditya : Yeah nevermind. So your answer is?
Ragini : I’m ready to marry you.
Laksh gets shell shocked and gets up. Tears were rolling from his eyes without his knowledge. He fept as if his sould just broke in to peices. The whole word seemed as if it stopped. He gives a painful look to Ragini while Ragini avoids eye contact and continues to talk with Aditya. Laksh leaves the place as a lifeless body.

Scene at coffee shop.
Ragini : I’m sorry.
Aditya : You don’t have to be.
Ragini : I hope you understand me.
Aditya : I will always be there for you so stop worrying.
Ragini : Then I’m leaving bye.
Aditya : Bye and take care.
Ragini also leaves while Aditya sighs and smiles.

Flashback ends.

Swara was scolding the wrokers. Ragini and Laksh come down stairs.
Swara : If you can’t work properly the leave. All the five are the same. We are not getting work without paying you right, then why can’t you work properly. Now go and do the work I gave you.
All of them nod and leave. Laksh makes Ragini sit on the sofa in the living room.
Ragini : What happened Swara that you are this angry.
Swara : They were gossping without doing the work I gave.
Laksh brings chocolate milk and gives to Ragini and he too sits.
Laksh : Relax Swara you might end up getting blood pressure btw where is Ma?
Swara facepalms.
Swara : I forgot to tell you, papa and ma went for a wedding they will be comung after a week,
Laksh : Peace for a week.
Ragini gets frustrated hits him with her elbow and the baby kicks. Ragini hold her tummy again while Laksh laughs.
Swara : I’ll make tea for everyone. Now your bhai also will come.
Swara leave while Ragini rests her head on Laksh’s chest.
Ragini : Forgive Papa will you Laksh, he realized your mistake and forgave you just like that forgive him.
All the kids come down. Rahul come and sits on Laksh’s lap.
Rahul : Mama take your head, he is my papa.
Ragini : Jealous, but he is my husband so I won’t take.
Rahul makes a pout face while Ragini sticks her tongue out.
Sandya : Shall we watch a movie?
Sandesh : Yeah all the family are together so lets watch.
Lavanya : Let badai papa come.
Sabskaar just then comes.
Sanskaar : Bingo. Everyone is there except my lazy wife.
Swara comes out of kitchen with a tray in her hand.
Swara : Lazy? Sanskaar in the morning like a school boy I have to get you ready.
Rahul : Really? (He laughs) Me being small gets ready without anyone’s hel
Lavanya : Liar, you alway cry that you want papa to make you ready.
Sawitha : Okay let’s watch.
Sanskaar : Let me get changed until then decide what to watch.
Sasnakaar leaves.
Ragini : I’m hungry.
Laksh : What do you want?
Ragini : When you all told movie remembered popcorn and I want popcorn.
Laksh makes Rahul sits on the couch and he gets up.
Swara : I’ll make it.
Just then Sanskaar calls Swara.
Laksh : You help your spouse and I will help mine.
Swara nods and leave. Laksh while making pop corn suddenly he feels that everything went blank. He closes his eyes and holds his head. He washes his face and comes with two pop corn bowls.
Ragini : Are you okay?
Laksh : Haa.
Ragini : You looks tired.
Laksh : I’m fine.
Swara and Sanskaar come down.
Sanskaar : What have you planned to watch?
Sawitha : Horror movie.
Swara and Laksh : No way.
Lavanya : But why? it will be fun.
Laksh : Princess it is not good for your mama and the baby. Let’s watch Alvin and the chipmunk the road chip.
Sandesh : Okay and then let’s watch horror movie in the night after chaachi sleep.
Ragini : Laksh…(She says it in a sad way)
Laksh : No one is not going to watch anything without my jaan.Understood?
He winks at them.
Everyone : Yes.
Laksh : Good.

They start watching Alvin and the chipmunk the road chip. Laksh feels uneasy and Ragini senses it. She makes him rest him on her lap and caresses his hair. While she is eating pop corns she feed Laksh too. All of them watch it interstingly. Sandesh was esting his head on Swara’s lap sitting down. Rahul was sitting near Ragini resting his head in her chest. Lavanya, Sawitha and Sandya were cuddling pillows while Swara was resting her head on Sanskaar’s chest.

The screen freezes on that one big happy family.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

Doctor Harini – Preetika Rao
Aditya Singhania – Shakti Arora

Thanks alot for the commetns Im really grateful for each of you but abit dissapointed as I got lesser comments than before, I think its getting bored day by day..Im sory for that if its so I might end this very soon

Coming to other ff, I will be posting them only on Frdiay, Saturday and Sunday (Which mean Once a week) While this ff will be posted daily…

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Okay here are somethings to guess…
Is Lavanya Laksh’s and Ragini’s kid? May be yes or may be not.
Will the baby who is going to be born be a trouble to the happy family or not?
Will his/her sibling be happy or not?
What is going on with Laksh?
What did Dp do that Laksh has still not forgiven?
Is Aditya a positive or a nagative character?

Some of them are real and some of them are fake those just to hint youl something so keep guessing..Keep commenting

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Credit to: Dafsi

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