Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 16


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 16

The episode starts with Ragini awaking. She gets up and finds Laksh sleeping in sitting position. Ragini looks at Laksh with teary eyes. Ragini makes him sleep properly and goes to washroom. She comes out wearing one of her old saree which she use to wear before they left MM. She looks at Laksh who is sleeping peacefully. She comes out of the room and sees Swara marching out of her room in anger. Ragini goes near.
Ragini : Early morning itself did you start?
Swara : He is such a waste. I have to recive padmashree award for tolerating him.
Ragini laughs looking at Swara’s cute face.
Swara : Do only girls have to wake earlly in the morning what if men also get up?
Ragini : Calm down Swara may be he is too tired.
Swara : Tired my foot, he is only good to eat and sleep. I’m going to prepare breakfast.
Ragini : I will also join you.
Swara folds her hands in a namste way.
Swara : Do you want me to get killed by your husband?
Ragini laughs and shakes her head. Okay I’ll atleast come and have chat with you. Aftet along time we got time.
Swara : Okay, before that I have to do the puja.
Ragini : Atleast let me do it?
Swara : Okay come let’s go.
Ragini and Swara go to house mandir. Ragini lights lamp and takes the aarti thaal and starts singing bhajan. All the family members except Laksh come. Ragini finishes singing bhajan.
Ap : Where is Laksh beta?
Ragini : He is sleeping ma. Last night he slept late so I thought of not awaking him.
Sanskaar bends to Swara and whispers.
Sanskaar : Learn something from your dewrani.
Swara stamps his foot and he shouts.
Sandesh : Papa what happened?
Sanskaar : Nothing nothing.
Swara sticks her tongue out and goes to kitchen. Ragini goes to kitchen and prepares coffee.
Swara : You could have told me right, I would have made.
Ragini : It is fine Swara, you know about Laksh right, he can’t survive without his morning coffee.
Swara : That also prepared by his pyaarki biwi.(Swara winks at Ragini)
Ragini takes the coffee and goes upstairs. Laksh still seen sleeping. Ragini sits beside him and starts caressing his back. Laksh awakes and he gets up and sits on the bed.
Ragini : Good morning.
Laksh : Good morning angel.
He holds his neck and presses it. It was probably because he was sitting all the time and was paining. Ragini notices this and gets teary.
Laksh : I’ll have a wash and come.
Ragini : Hmm okay.
Ragini goes and takes out his clothes and places it on the bed. She gets a call.
Ragini : Haa Vikram, cancel all the meetings.
Vikram : Are you fine madame?
Ragini : Actually Im not well and yeah if any need call me.
Laksh comes out and takes his t shirt and bottom. He gets changes while Ragini was busy searching something.
Laksh : What are you searching?
Ragini : First aid box.
Laksh : Why aren’t you again not feeling well?
Ragini finds it and comes near Laksh. She makes him sit on the bed and makes Laksh remove his t shirt.
Laksh : Ragini…
She starts applying balm very hardly while Ragini shouts.
Ragini : Who the hell asked you to sleep in sitting position? By taking care of me you will fall a sick. Laksh more than anything you are important to me.
Laksh : I didn’t want to disturb your sleep.
Ragini makes him wear his t shirt and bring the coffee.
Laksh : Did you go and make it?
Ragini : Ah…voh…
Laksh : What ah..voh…??? Let this be the first and last time. You are not getting down without me or you are not climbing up without me, understood?
Ragini nods like an obidient kid.
Laksh : Ragini (He stands up and hold her cheek) you are my life. I can’t even bear a single thing against you..
Ragini : I promise that I will take care of me and you will also have to promise that you will take care of you.
Laksh : Promise. Shall we shift to downstairs so it would be more convinient.
Ragini : No need I want to be in our room. Even when you are not around me still I feel you in this room.
Laksh gives kiss on her forehead. Just then Sawitha, Rahul and Lavanya come. Swara and Sanskaar too enter.
Sawitha : Chaachi Rahul told that you are going to bring a new baby for them to play, is it true?
Ragini : Haa princess.
Sawitha : Can you bring one for me also?
Ragini widens her eyes and looks at Lalsh and he winks back.
Lavanya : You ask your mama Sawi, as mama’s only bring babies to the world hena mama?
Swara and Sanskaar looks at each other and Swara blushes abit.
Ragini : Ahh..vohh..yeah.
Rahul : Mama I asked you a question last night you didn’t answer me.
Laksh facepalms while Sanskaar and Swara looks curiously.
Sanskaar : What question beta?
Laksh carries Rahul and takes him to the balcony.
Laksh : That is god’s gift. It is like a magic. Again you can’t ask the question Pakka?
Rahul : Pakka
Both of them again come insides.
Rahul : Question cleared, mama I’m hungry.
Swara : Come badi ma will give you food.
Rahul : No I want mama to feed.
Laksh : Okay today let papa feed, okay?
Rahul nods. Ragini rests on the bed while the others leave.After a while Laksh comes with a tray with food and juice. Ragini is seen reading a book. Laksh feeds Ragini the soup.
Ragini : Enough Lucky I’m full.
Laksh : One last mouth.
Laksh finishes feeding her and makes her drink the juice.
Laksh : Get ready, I have taken appoinment from Doctor Harini. She wants to do some scans.
Ragini nods and gets up. She goes to washroom and comes back. Both RagLak come downstair.
Lavanya : Where are you both going?
Laksh : We are going to doctor.
Rahul : Even I want to come.
Ragini : Beta we will be back soon and promise you to bring chocolates for you.
Rahul : But mama…
Laksh : You are my good boy right, stay here we will be back soon.
Ragini and Laksh leave while Rahul gets teary.

Flashback 17 years ago. (No is narrating or thinking) Im sorry I made mistake in my orevious update at some parts instead of Aditya I had put Gautum sooo please forgive me.

Aditya : If you don’t mind can you send your body gaurds away as it is something personal.
Ragini looks at Prakash and Ashley and they leave.
Aditya : So I’m here to meet my future wife.
Ragini widens her eyes in shock and the only thing she remembered is Laksh.
Ragini under her breath : Laksh…
Aditya : Sorry…
Ragini : No, nothing btw what do you mean?
Aditya : I mean I’m here to meet you. I met you a week ago in a competition. I was there in the judging panel for the level two which was suppose to be induvidual questioning regarding financial managment. I was impressed, an Indian girl is so talented.
Ragini gives a warm smile while Laksh folds his fist.
Ragini : But Mr. Aditya…
Aditya interrupts : Ohh you don’t have to be formal, you can call me Aditya.
Ragini : Okay, but Aditya what about my papa?
Aditya : I have already spoke about it and you don’t have to worry. He has approved me already.
Just then Laksh comes there with full rage and holds Ragini’s wrist.
Ragini : Laksh…
Aditya : Ragini do you know him?
Laksh raises his index finger of the finger.
Laksh : Don’t even dare to speak with her.
Ragini : Laksh leave my hand it is hurting.
Laksh drags her while Aditya holds her other hand. He forcefully pulls Ragini and faces Laksh.
Aditya : You know what a man should not force woman, it is not manly.
Laksh : If it is so then let me say you the same thing, she is mine and only will be mine and forever. So it is you the one forcing her. Both of us love each other.
Aditya looks at Laksh with shocked expression. Ragini also looks at him with a shock. Aditya turns and looks at Ragini. Ragini looks down and lets her tears fall down.
Aditya : Whatever he is telling is it true?
Ragini doesn’t answer but stays sobbing.
Aditya : Okay let me give you time, there are two days for your flight but I will give you only one day to think. Give me a good answer. Bye and take care.
Aditya turns and gives a stern look to Laksh and puts on his shades and goes out. Ragini doesn’t say anything but just gives a painful look to Laksh and goes to her room. Laksh follows her calling her name. Ragini takes the lift while Laksh takes the stairs.He runs fast as he can, Ragini reached her floor and she walks faster to her room Laksh comes running, before Ragini could close the Laksh places his hand it gets stabbed. He shouts with a pain and manages to open the door. Ragini sits down and cries her heart out.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Why did you come to my life? Why did I meet you? Why did you make things more hard in my life Laksh? What sin did I do to you?
Laksh kneels down and his hand is bleeding as Ragini bashed the door faster his hand gets cut.
Laksh : Ragini relax, look at me.
He makes her look in to his eyes. Ragini’s face gets dripped in blood as Laksh holds her face and makes her look at him.
Laksh : Ragini, I can’t tolerate your tears Ragini I don’t know what have you done to me? I was not a person who cared for anyone, My ego, my pride, my status was big for me but when I saw a girl who didn’t even matter them I fell for her. You changed me Ragini. I could feel your pain, I never thought I would change so much that me myself will realize it. I never thought that I would think someone as my life as my jaan. Ragini I need you, I promise that every problem has to face me before it faces you. (Ragini who was looking at Laksh with teary eyes closes her eyes and lets her tears fall and she shakes her head in disagreement) Trust me Ragini you are my world and I love you Ragini I love you and only you. I can’t even think you being with another guy. I thought only I have right to be with you. I love you so much.
Laksh breaks down and sits on the floor along with Ragini and holds her hand.
Laksh : Will you be mine? I swear you that I will never leave you as I realized my love long time back, your distance really kills me Ragini.
Ragini wipes her tears and composes herself.
Ragini : This can’t happen Laksh. I can never be yours.
Laksh : Give me a proper reason, I will sort it out.
Ragini : I can’t accept anyone other than the person my papa is asking as he will kill you Laksh and I don’t love you. (She says it without looking at his eyes)
Laksh : Stop lying Ragini. I know you love me just the way I love you. If not why did you get close to me? Why did you feel comfortable in my embrace? Why did you show your pain only to me? Why did you care for me?
Ragini : It has nothing to do with this. You have got it all wrong. I can look at you only as a friend. (She tighten her jaws at was the hardest thing for her to utter)
Laksh : Wah, you are really great at acting. I should say that you deserve an oscar award.
Ragini gets up an avoids Laksh’s eye contact.
Ragini : I don’t love you so leave Laksh.
Laksh move towards her and drags her close to him. Her back hits his chest. He leans and pecks her cheek.
Laksh : I vow you that you will be only be mine not by force but by heart. I know your heart has accepted me but your brain which is scared that something will happen to me because of you is not letting you accept it.
Laksh leaves her and goes to his room. In frustration he breaks all the stuffs. He sits in middle of the room and cries. (Bolo do na zara plays in the background)

Ragini goes infront of the mirror and looks at herself. She sees her face her wrist and dress is dripped by blood. She goes to washroom and comes back wearing a pajama. She hugs her t shirt which had Laksh’s blood and cries and dozes off.

Flashback ends.

The doctor shows the child which is a tiny dot in the x-ray. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand in happiness. They speak something which is muted. Ragini and Laksh are seen noding while Doctor smiles. Ragini and Laksh come out. Both of them gets in to the car.
Ragini : Laksh if you drive like this we will reach home by tomorrow only.
Laksh : You heard what the doctor said, you should not get tired. If I drive faster you will get tired and it is not good for both baby and you.
Ragini : Look that rickshaw is faster than you. Will anyone drive a car in 20kmph?
Laksh : You shush and wait, I know what is good for my wife and my kid.
Ragini makes a pout face.
Ragini : Laksh when will we shift our things?
Laksh : By evening.
Ragini : Okay. (Laksh stops his car in the signal Ragini sees a panipuri shop and opens her mouth and spit spills out) Pani puri.
Laksh turns to Ragini and looks at her baby face where spit has dripped from her mouth.
Laksh gets down and runs to the shop. He buys pani puri and comes back.
Ragini : Who asked you to bring?
Laksh wipes her spits with a tissue.
Laksh : Your mouth, the way you were wattering as if I never by you anything and give.
Laksh laughs while Ragini hits him.
Ragini : I…Hate…You duffer.
Laksh : But I Love You angel.

Both of them reach MM.
Laksh : Jaan, first come I’ll get you some juice.
Ragini nods and both of them go to kitchen and finds Sanskaar hugging Swara from behind.
Sanskaar : Are you okay or not?
Swara : Sanskaar Swaitha is small but what is wrong with you? Have some shame.
Swara who was cooking hits him with the elbow and Sanskaar controls him self without shouting. Laksh and Ragini laughs
Laksh : That was a bad shot.
Swara : When did you both come?
Ragini : Swara have you forgotten that not only you two but there is another love birds in this house so better think before romancing.
Swara : Those are real love birds unlike some people.
Laksh smiles and opens the fridge and takes the juice.
Laksh : No Swara you are wrong, even bhai loves you. It doesn’t matter if its after or before marraige still he loves you alot.
Sanskaar : No one understands me Lucky at last you came for my rescue. At least she stopped with that punch seeing you other wise that spoon, plate everything will fly. For 17 years I have suffered enough.
Just the Sandesh comes to kitchen and takes the glass which was in Laksh’s hand drinks.
Laksh : Oye it is for my wife.
Sandesh : Oops sorry chaachu, but there is more in the fridge.
Laksh : But this is her favourite flavour.
Sandesh : It is not my fault that you were keeping it in your hand without giving it to chaachi.
Laksh : You shaitaan kid.
Both of them fight while Ragini, Swara and Sanskaar look at then with a shocked smiling faces as Laksh was fighting with a small kid.
Sandesh : Ouch chaachu leave me.
Laksh : No not until you vomit back, if its not for her then not for anyone.
Ragini : Laksh leave him, he is small.
Laksh leaves him and looks at Sandesh making his eyes small. Sandesh sticks his tongue out.
Sandesh : Until I have my chaachi in my side you will never win.
Sanskaar : Good point Sandesh.
Swara : Laksh’s weak point.
Laksh : Also my strong point is my Ragini. Now what should I do for juice. I’ll buy and come.
Laksh turns to leave.
Ragini : You don’t have to I’ll drink lime juice.
Laksh : Are you sure? You don’t like it right.
Ragini : Nevermind I can drink it.
Laksh opens the fridge, pours it and gives to Ragini. She drinks it with two gulps.
Laksh : Now come and let’s rest.
Swara : I’ll send food to your room.
Ragini : If Rahul doesn’t eat send him I’ll feed him. He is very stubborn.
Swara : Don’t worry Ragini I will manage.

Ragini and Laksh go to their room. Ragini rests while Laksh removes his blazer. He sits beside her, and caresses her hair. He massages her forehead. Laksh takes out his phone and dials a number.
Laksh : Yeah, can you deliver it to MM? Yeah thank you
Ragini : What to deliver?
Laksh : Rahul’s birthday gift.
Ragini : What are you getting for him?
Laksh : What he wanted.
Ragini : What did he want?
Laksh : You speak too much.
Telling this he gives a soft kiss on her lip and goes to his cupboard. Ragini just smiles at him. Laksh takes out his laptop and sits beside Ragini. He checks some files in the laptop while he continues massaging her head.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s smiling faces.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia –Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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