Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 14

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 14

The episode starts with Ragini awaking. She looks at her left and findw Rahul hugging her while Lavnya is hidden in Laksh’s embrace. She smiles and gets up. She goes to the washroom and comes out wiping her face. Laksh has already got up.
Laksh : Good morning jaan.
Ragini : Good morning pati dev.
Laksh : How are you feeling?
He comes near Ragini.
Ragini : I told you not to force me to drink that milk.
Laksh : Why, what happened?
Ragini : I vomited. (She makes pout face)
Laksh holds her face from both hand.
Laksh : Shall we go to doctor? Are you okay? Get ready let’s go. (He turns to get ready, Ragini holds his hand and stops him)
Ragini : I think its a food poison now don’t think about it go and get fresh and come. Now I’m okay.
Laksh : Sure?
Ragini : Ha ha babaa

Ragini goes to kitchen and starts making coffee. She takes coffee and goes to her room. She switches off the AC and takes out Laksh’s dresses and keeps them out. Laksh comes after having a wash.
Laksh : No Ragini you get ready we’ll go to the doctor.
Ragini : No need Laksh, today it is Rahul’s birthday and why should we make him worry? (She keeps her hand on his cheek) I’m fine jaan.
Laksh : If you feel uncomfortable again let me know okay?
Ragini nods and Laksh gives a soft peck on her forehead. Ragini goes to awake Rahul and Lavanya.
Ragini : Rahul, birthday boy get up.
Rahul : Birthday (He gets up immidietly)
Ragini : Happy Birthday beta. (Ragini gives kiss to both his cheeks)
Rahul : Thank you mama.
Laksh comes, he has worn a red t shirt and a denim. He was on a phone call he hangs up and smiles at Ragini and Rahul. Rahul is looking at Laksh with popped eyes expecting him to wish. Laksh doesn’t he takes the coffee and drinks it.
Ragini : Laksh…
Rahul interrupts her : Ma I’ll go and have a wash.
Rahul goes out looking at Laksh, Laksh was busy with his phone. Rahul leaves.
Laksh : Awake Lavanya. I’ll be going out and will be directly coming there(MM)
Laksh leaves taking his blazer. Ragini looks at his confusingly.
Ragini : Lavanya, awake beta. (Ragini carries her) Lavanya awake we have to go out so get ready.
Lavanya : Two minutes, let me finish my dream.
Ragini : Dream? La…
Just then her phone rings.
Ragini : Haa Swara bolo.
Swara : Are you coming now or in the evening?
Ragini : I thought of coming now but this Laksh went out. I don’t know what to do.
Swara : That duffer, it is fine you bring them later I will manage.
Ragini : Sure?
Swara : Ha baaba sure. Okay then bye.
Ragini : Bye.
Ragini turns to Lavanya who was smiling in her dreams. Ragini looks at her making her eyes small. Rahul enters and sits on the couch.
Rahul : Mama, why didn’t papa wish me? (He asks is in a sad tone)
Ragini : Ah..Voh beta nothing like that. He got a small work once he gets back he will wish you.
Lavnya gets up and stretches her arms and yawns. She looks around and then smiles again.
Ragini : You crazy child, what were you dreaming that you were smiling?
Lavnya : Nothing mama
Ragini : Nothing?
Lavanya : Mama (she giggles) I was sleeping in a big candy bed and my pillow was made out of mashmellow(Ragini looks at her weirdly). I was eating it.
Ragini : So what is the big deal?
Lavanya : I was not only the one eating it, even you were eating with me.
Ragini : You and your stupid dream.
Lavanya makes a cute pout face. She notices Rahul and goes near him.
Lavanya : Happy Birthday Chotu.
Lavanya gives a bone crushing hug while Ruhul puts his tongue out.
Rahul : I can’t…breath…leave me di
Lavanya leaves him and pinches his cheeks.
Lavanya : So sweet.
Ragini : Lavanya, first go have a wash and come.
Lavanya : Mama the AC was too much, how are you both sleeping in this temperature it is so cool?
Ragini : Your papa want this temperature and I’m used to it. Now without making excuses go and have a wash.
Lavanya : Ok ok.
Lavnya leaves.

Flashback before 17 years (No one is narrating or thinking)
Ragini was sitting near the chimney wrapping a towel around and sneezing one the other side Laksh was also sitting near the chimney. Ashley is seen sleeping. Ragini remembers what happened in the washroom.

Ragini’s Flashback
Ragini and Laksh were standing under the shower. They were lost in each other. They come back to their sense after few minutes when Ashley knocks.
Ashley : Are you okay madame?
Ragini : Oh..voh..yeah I’ll be coming in few minutes.
Ragini : I’ll go out and send her out. After that you leave from the window.
Laksh just nods.
Ragini opens the door. She is fully wet she goes out and closes the door behind her.
Ashley : Madame are you okay? Why are you all wet? Didn’t you have a bath?
Ragini : Yeah I had actually I forgot to take my clothes, towel and stuffs. Can you go out until I get changed?
Ashley : Sure madame.
Ashley leaves. Ragini locks the door and asks Laksh to come. Laksh comes out and sees Ragini shivering in cold. Laksh goes near her and then turns to leave Ragini holds his hand. Laksh stops and turns back. Both of them share an intense eyelock. Laksh pins her wet hair behind her ear. Ragini is just looking at him. He hugs her from behind.
Laksh : You will get sick, get changed.

Laksh leaves her room from the window. While Ragini goes to her bag and takes a long sleeved dress and a bottom. She gets changed and opens the door.
Ragini’s Flashback ends

Ragini to herself : I have to do something to get rid of him. If papa gets to know I’m talking with him itself it will be a big problem. What if he gets to know all this? He will cut Laksh in to peices. No it can’t happen. I have to avoid Laksh, but whenever Laksh gets closer to me why can’t I resist him?

Ragini’s chains of thoughts break when she hears some foot steps approaching towards her. It is really dark, unless the chimney light there is no light to that room. Ragini sees a strong and tall figure. She starts sweating. Suddenly the face reveals. She sighs in relief. Laksh kneels down near her.
Laksh : Drink this you will feel better.
He hands her a cup of coffee. Ragini takes it but still keeps staring at him.
Laksh : I have not added anything to it you can…
Before he could complete it Ragini starts drinking it.
Laksh : Do you trust me so much?
Ragini : No, who told you?
Laksh : Then why did you drink it?
Ragini : I know you can’t take part in the compition without me so probably you wouldn’t have added anything to me to kill me.
Laksh : I have nothing to do with your death. I have no idea why did god make me meet a mental like you.
Ragini : I should be saying that you gorilla.
Laksh fumes while Ragini grins.
Laksh : I come to help you all the time and end up getting insulted.
Ragini : No one ever asked you.
Laksh : Whatever. I’m leaving.
He was about to stand up Ragini hugs him tightly putting her arms over his shoulder.
Ragini : Let me wait like this for a while.
Laksh is really confused but doesn’t break it but hags her back but not tightly. After few minutes Ragini breaks her hug and composes herself. Ragini looks away while Laksh without speaking anything goes to his room.

Two days after, the past two days Ragini ignored and avoided Laksh as much as she can. She avoided all the awkward situations which she could face. Ragini always hanged around with Ashley on these two days. Laksh also was busy preparing for the next level as it was going to be induvidual. Laksh and Ragini come out of two different conference room and both of them at time meet in the lobby. There is a million dollar smile in both of their face which could be clearly vissible that both of them saved their college and was selected for the third level.
Laksh : So we made it?
Ragini : Hopefully, if one of us didn’t get selected both of us would be disqualified.
Laksh : Yeah, so…
Ragini : What are you upto?
Laksh : Nothing, let’s leave.
Both of them reach the hotel. Ragini came to her room along with Ashley. Ragini gets changed and remembers all what happened two days before and how hard it was for her to avoid Laksh. It was like she did a battle with herself. Ragini was very much tired avoiding Laksh than preparing for the compitition.

Laksh gets changed and he also remembers all what happened two days ago. The past two days literally killed him. Ragini avoiding him was the hardest thing ever in his life. Laksh rests on the bed he takes a pillow and hugs it.
Laksh to himself : Hard was just a word for me until you started ignoring me Ragini. I felt it in these past two days which killed me. You were very close to me but still I missed you. I never thought I would fall in love with a girl this madly and crazily which will make me talk all alone but at any cost I will make you mine. One day you will become Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
He remembers all their meeting, moments, fights.

Flashback ends.

Rahul and Sawitha enter MM along with Ragini, Sandya, Lavanya and Sumi. Suddenly all the lights get switched on. Laksh, Sanskaar, Swara, Ap, Dp, Sawitha’s friends and Rahul’s friends shout ‘Happy Birthday’. Rahul and Sawitha gets shocked. Laksh comes near Rahul and carries him.
Laksh : Did my prince get worried that his papa didn’t wish him?
Rahul gets teary.
Laksh : Happy Birthday Prince (He kisses on Rahul’s cheek)I have a surprise for you.
Rahul : Surprise?
Laksh : Haa, we’ll go home and then you will find it.
Swara : Let’s cut the cake.
Laksh drops Rahul and goes near Sawitha and bends.
Laksh : Happy Birthday doll.
Sawitha : Thank you chaachu.
Laksh : And your surprise is also waiting for you, first let’s cut and then you can see it by yourself.
Sawitha and Rahul both of them cut two different cakes. First both of then feeds eachother. Then thier respective mother, father, siblings, daadu, daadi, naani.
Sandesh : Let’s dance now.
He switches on the song and all of them dance. Laksh gets a call and leaves out. Ragini who was dancing feels dizzy and falls down. Swara sees her and shouts.
Swara : Ragini……
The music stops. All the family members runs to Ragini. All the guests leave. Sanskaar takes her to Laksh’s room. Laksh comes and sees no one he gets restless and sees Swara taking water upstairs.
Laksh : Swara, what happened?
Swara : Rrr..agini…
Laksh gets numb.
Laksh : Ragini, what happened to Ragini?
Before Swara could reply he rushes to his room and finds his Ragini on the bed and everyone around her. Lavanya and Rahul are beside her.
Laksh : Ragini… (He started tearing his eyes have turned in to red)
Rahul : Papa what happened to mama?
Laksh : What happened?
Sanskaar : She suddenly fainted Lucky, now the doctor will come
Laksh starts tapping her cheeks, he takes the water and splashes on Ragini’s face. Just then the doctor arrives.
Doctor : Can you all please stay out?
Swara takes the kids and goes out.Laksh is still standing in shock.
Doctor : Laksh, stay outside I’ll check Ragini and let you know. (She is probably their family doctor and would know everyones names so don’t mind it 🙂 )
Sanskaar takes Laksh out. Laksh goes and kicks the wall.
Laksh : This house always bring trouble for me. I shouldn’t have agreed to Ragini.
Sanskaar hold Laksh’s shoulder.
Sanskaar : Control Lucky nothing will happen.
Sanskaar hugs Laksh and Laksh starts crying. He can’t even bear a small thing against Ragini. The doctor comes out and looks at everyone. Laksh rushes to her.

Screen freezes on the curious face of Laksh.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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