Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 11


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… ( RagLak) Episode 11

The episode starts with Ragini speaking through the phone.
Ragini : Laksh where are you? It is getting late.
Laksh : I’m caught up in a traffic. You get ready and I’ll be there very soon.
Ragini hangs up. Lavanya enters the room wearing cute dark purple long frock.
Lavanya : Mama can you do the bow for me?
Ragini bends and does the bow.
Lavanya : You look like a princess mama.

Ragini has worn a bottle green saadi and has done a simple make up. He hair is not combed she has put a messy bun.
Ragini : Thank you princess but real princess is you. I’ll check Rahul and come.
Lavanya : And then do my hair.
Ragini nods and goes to Rahul’s room. He is has spilt all the powder on the fr and was playing skating with towel wrapped around him. Ragini widens her eyes in shock.
Rahul : Mama do you wanna join me?
Ragini : Shoutan ki bachcha what have you done?

Ragini goes near him and carries and places him on the bed. She face palms and gives a stern look. Just then Laksh enters and doesn’t notice the powder. He slips and falls on Ragini and both of them fall on the bed. They share a cute but short eye lock. Laksh is on top of Ragini and Rahul comes and sits on Laksh.
Rahul : Horsey faster faster. (He rides horse on Laksh)
Laksh : Get up beta you are heavy.
Rahul : Faster faster.
Ragini bites her teeth.
Ragini : Get up Rahul you are heavy more than that your papa is heavy.
Rahul : Oops sorry mama I forgot you.
Rahul gets down while Laksh gets up and helps Ragini to get up.
Ragini : Rahul…
She keeps a step and slips. Laksh quickly hold her.
Laksh : What stupid game is this Rahul?

Rahul : Papa this it is skating.

Laksh : Skating? Arey Rahul I took you skating when we went London right? Did you skate on powder?
Rahul : Papa I can’t wait until snow comes so I made my own way.
Ragini : You never dare to do something so foolish. What if you fall and knock your head?
Rahul does situps.
Rahul : I will (one sit up) never (Another situp) do anything (He does another one) like (Another situp) this (Last sit up)
Ragini and Laksh : Okay.
Ragini : I’ll make him ready you go and get ready fast.
Ragini takes out a jungle green sharwani and makes Rahul wear it. She combs his hair and takes him out and makes him sit.
Ragini : Lavanya…
Lavanya come out with a messy hair.

Ragini : Come I’ll make your hair.
Ragini and Lavanya enter RagLak’s room. Laksh was wearing his blazer. He has worn a dark blue shirt and black trouser and blazer. Ragini takes the comb and combs Lavanya’s hair. She lefts her hair long brown hair open and clips her hair.
Ragini : Go and wear your shoe and ask chotu to wear his sandle.
Lavanya nods and leaves. Laksh finishes fixing his hair. He turns to Ragini.
Laksh : How do I look? (He spreads his sand gives a wide smile)
Ragini : Why do you bother about how you look? Trying to flirt? Remember Laksh you are a father of two kids and you have a killer wife.

She says it looking at Laksh thorugh the mirror. Laksh comes and puts her hair to a side.
Laksh : You will look beautiful if you put your hair like this to a side.
Laksh hugs her from behind. Ragini blushes and looks down.
Laksh : And jaan I’m one of the owner of SwaRagini comapany ( Laksh’s and Sanskaar’s Company) So I should be looking handsome as I will meet more people in the industry.
Ragini turns and adjusts his tie.
Ragini : Hmm you look handsome as usual.Happy?
Laksh smiles and gives a kiss on her forehead. He goes out and wears his shoe. Ragini comes out and she has combed her hair to a side and has left curls. Laksh gets mesmerized.
Lavanya : Mama this hair looks beautiful on you.
Laksh winks at Ragini while Ragini smiles.

Laksh : Shall we leave?
Ragini : Okay.
All four of them get down and goes. Ragini and Laksh gets in front while Lavanya and Rahul sits in back.

Flashback 13 years ago (No one is thinking or marrating)

Ragini is staring at Laksh. Laksh comes a step forward and leans towards Ragini. Ragini’s heart breats heavily. Laksh holds her waist and drags her closer. Both of their eyes meet each other. Laksh without moving his eyes slowly bends and places his lip on her. Ragini opens her eyes wide open. Laksh gives a soft kiss and moves back. Ragini is shell shocked.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh smiles as Ragini spoke. Ragini gives a tight slap on Laksh’s cheek. Lakhs looks at Ragini with shock.
Ragini : Are you out of your mind…(Laksh again smiles hearing her voice)…how dare you…
She realizes that she was speaking and it was because of Laksh.
Laksh : You spoke Ragini you spoke. Now you can do the presentation.
Ragini is shocked as he didn’t care about her slap.

Ragini in her mind : Is this Laksh Maheshwari? No can’t be. He was so sticked into his ego and stubborn. After all he was proud gorilla, no it cant be. This is not Laksh who cared about him more than others.
Laksh : Ragini where are you lost? Look you spoke.
Ragini : Ahh..voh… I’m sorry Laksh I slapt…
Before she could conplete Laksh hugs her. Ragini doesn’t hug back.
Laksh : Leave it, you spoke right that is enough. Btw I’m sorry I didn’t get any idea but this. Just thought of making you shock so you will speak.
Laksh breaks the hug and holds her cheeks and wipes the tears.
Laksh : You can speak and now you can do the presentation.
Ragini opens her mouth to say something just then they hear people going towards the conference hall. Laksh holds her wrist and drags Ragini to the conference room while he is dragging Ragini keeps looking at Laksh. They take their seat still Ragini is staring at Laksh. Some of them finish presenting and RagLak’s turn come. Both of them get on to the stage. Laksh finishes the presntation and everyone claps. Ragini was continously staring at Laksh. She remembers the kiss. Her thoughts get disturbed when she hears her name. Laksh goes near and squeezes her hand in a way of giving her strength. Ragini goes near the mic and starts giving the speech, she was looking at Laksh only as she felt stronger. All of them clap at theend of the speech Laksh is really happy that he claps really loud. Ragini gets down and Laksh comes near her.
Laksh : It was really fabulous you nailed it Ragini.

Ragini doesn’t have anything to speak back. Both of them go and sit. Another few presentations takes place.
Announcer : Yeah we have got the results for the second round. (She says few names of worlds colleges about 9) and Mumbai College from India (again she says few colleges about 8. Ragini and Laksh are looking at her curiously) Kolkata College from India (Both RagLaks gets happy and high fives) and Tokyo University from Japan. These 20 colleges are selected to the next round. We will let you know about the next competition through an email. Thank you.

Both RagLak come out out the conference room and recall whatever happened on that day. Both of them look at each other and their eyes met. They share an intense and a lovely eye lock. Ragini breaks the eye lock.
Laksh : Woh Ragini…
Ragini : Mmm…(She asks raising her eyebrow)
Laksh : So the lunch?
Ragini : Hey gorilla don’t misuse my kindness towards you?
Laksh : Uff you won’t even be grateful for the person who saved you?
Ragini : Saved me? Can I know how did you save me?

Laksh : It doesn’t matter how I saved you but I saved you right? and you know what girls are craving to get a kiss from me and you…
Ragini makes an eww face.
Ragini : Kiss? That too from you? I have to use a germicide as soon as I go to hotel.
Both of them get in to the lift.
Laksh : So are you not coming to lunch with me?
Ragini : No and never.
Laksh : Ohh you think that I have no people to go with?
Ragini : Yes.
Laksh : I bet I will go to lunch and also with a girl.
Ragini fumes.
Ragini :No girl will be with you.
Laksh : You think you are Ms. World or Ms. Univerese? I felt sorry for you and helped you and you are talking too much. (Laksh points his index finger)
Ragini : As if you are Mr. Handsome. Proud gorilla.No one asked to help me(Ragini points her index finger)
The lift door opens and few people are standing out of the lift looking at them in a weird way. Both of them get down from the lift and goes to two different side.

Flashback ends.

Laksh’s car enter the marraige venue.
Laksh : You three go in I’ll park the car and come.
Ragini nods and gets down. Lavanya and Rahul too get down. Three of them enter while Laksh goes to park the car. Prakash comes and greets Ragini.
Prakash : Ragini madame has changed alot. Ohh look at little Ragini (Looking at Lavanya) What is your name beta?
Lavanya : Lavanya Laksh Maheshwari.
Prakash smiles.
Prakash : Ohh very nice name. Where is Laksh? That boy was so naughty in those days. I never thought you will end up marrying him.
Ragini smiles and looks down and then looks at Lavanya and Rahul.
Ragini : He has gone to park the car.

Prakash : And what is your name little Laksh?
Rahul grins at his statement as he always wants to be called as his papa.
Rahul : Rahul Laksh Maheshwari.
Prakash : You too have a nice name. Go and play over there (He points at some children playing)
Lavanya and Rahul nod and look at Ragini.
Ragini : Go and play but don’t be naughty.
Lavanya and Rahul nod and leave. Ragini is looking for Laksh. After few minutes Laksh enters and Ragini signals him to go and speak with Prakash. He nods and leaves. The wedding gets over. Ragini moves to a side and starts speaking with some guests. There was a set of girls standing beside her.
Girl 1 (Shreya) : He is so damn hot and handsome.
Girl 2 (Tina) : Which one Shreya?
Shreya : That black blazer and dark blue shirt.
Ragini over hears them and just looks around to see whom are they talking about.
Girl 3 (Geetha) : Is he the one, one who has a cute smile? (She says it pointing)
Ragini peeps to see whom is she pointing at and gets stunned to see it is none other than her own husband Laksh Maheshwari. Shreya shrugs.
Shreya : Yes,yes yes exactly he is the one.

Tina : Ohh look someone is blushing.
Ragini murmurs : Blushing? Who the hell other than me can blush?
Geetha : What if he is married?
Tina : Married? Can’t be look at his face how happy he is. If he is married that smile won’t be there.
Shreya : Then shall I propose him?
Tina : Go on or you will be late.
Just then Laksh heads towards Ragini but before that these girls stops him.
Geetha : Hello excuse me.
Laksh : Yes how can I help you? (He asks in a way of flirting)
Ragini murmurs : Help you, how the hell will he help them?
Shreya is blushing while Ragini is boiling with anger.
Tina : You don’t have to help us but her.(She points at Shreya)
Laksh : So beauty what help should I do?
Ragini unders her breath : Beauty??? Beauty my foot.
Shreya blushes.
Geetha : Go on Shreya tell it fast.
Shreya : Hi I’m Shreya Gupta
Laksh : Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari.
Shreya : So you are the young business tycoon?
Laksh : Yeah, how can I help you?
Shreya : Let me come to the point direcrly. I think I love you and want to marry you.
Ragini opens her eyes wide open while Laksh gives a wide smile.
Laksh : Yeah sure.
Ragini comes there.

Ragini : Excuse me ladies and gentle man.
Tina : Who are you?
Ragini : Actually I came here to talk about your friends proposal and…
Geetha : We know how to manage now you leave.
Lavnya comes there.
Lavanya : Mama who are these aunties?
Tina : Will you please leave with your kid?
Laksh : I’m ready but one problem.
Shreya, Tina and Geetha : Problem?
Ragini :Yes a big problem is there.
Tina : Can you please shut up.
Rahul comes running.
Rahul : Papa…Mama…di did’t give me the chocolate.
Shreya, Geetha and Tina are shocked.
Shreya : Papa?
Geetha : Mama?
Tina : What, do you have a kid?

Laksh smiles : No I have two.
Geetha : That means are you married?
Ragini : Of course and it is me who he is married to Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh : This is my only problem.(He makes a cute sad face)
Ragini : Problem? Am I a problem? Look Lavanya and Rahul your papa is calling me problem.
Laksh burst out into laugh.
Laksh : I’m sorry girls I was bored and was just kidding you all.
Ragini drags him out to the parking lot while Lavanya and Rahul comes behind them confused. Ragini beats Laksh and both of them starts bursting out in to laugh.
Ragini : You shouldn’t have done it.
Laksh : I was just playing laado. (Laksh carries Rahul) Ohh champ why didn’t di give chocolate? Its okay I’ll get you one.
Lavanya : What happened mama?
Ragini : Haha nothing princess your papa tried to escape from us before that I caught him.
Rahul : Leave me down papa you are a cheater.
Lavanya keeps her hand on the waist and makes her eyes small.
Lavanya : Escape from us?

Laksh carries her and kisses on her cheek.
Laksh : I thought of escaping from your mama baby not you.
Ragini : Achcha then okay you three wait, I’m going.
Ragini turns to leave stamping her feet.
Rahul, Laksh and Lavanya : How can we live without you?
Ragini stops and turns making a pout face. Lakah stretches the other arm. Ragini walks to him and hugs him. Lavanya joins them as Laksh was already carrying and Rahul hugs Laksh and Ragini. Ragini breaks the hug and carries Rahul. Laksh carrying Lavanya and Ragini carrying Rahul. Ragini and Laksh looks at each other with love and care both of them have a cute smile andk they share an intense eyeloc

The screen freezes on their eyeloc


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahu

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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