Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 10


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Epispde 10

The episode starts with Ragini awaking in Laksh’s arms. Ragini gives a peck on his cheek and hugs him tight.
Laksh : You should be preparing breakfast now so get up my dear lazy wife.
Ragini : I can’t get up let me stay like this for few minutes.
Laksh : Ok you stay I will go. I can’t hear the morning yell of your daughter.
Ragini : Let me stay like this for five more minutes.
Laksh : Laado…
Ragini : Uff the first husband in the world who is chasing his wife.
Laksh drags her more closer.
Laksh :You know why this husband is chasing you?
Ragini looks at him with a confused face.
Laksh : Or this husband won’t be able to control.
They hear a knock on the door.
Laksh : Yes come in.
Ragini moves away and pretends to be angry with Laksh she fakes her sleep. Rahul comes in and looks at both Ragini and Laksh. Rahul climbs to the bed and goes near Laksh.
Rahul : Papa, didn’t mama forgive you still?
Laksh : No prince she didn’t still forgive me.
Rahul : How stubborn mama is? Anyways you shouldn’t have hit mama? She loves you a lot.(Rahul starts tearing) but now because of me she hates you. If I wouldn’t have done that to di this any proplem wouldn’t have come.
Rahul starts crying.
Laksh : Hey prince we were joking beta look I and mama are friends now (Laksh shakes Ragini) Ragini get up enough acting.
Ragini gets up and laughs.
Ragini : Oh my champ is crying.
Rahul looks at Ragini and Laksh’s smiling face. Laksh too gets up. Laksh pulls Rahul towards him and embrace him.
Ragini : Rahul you look so sweet when you cry.
Rahul makes a pout face.
Rahul : Mama I’m not going to talk to you and papa you too joined mama right?
Ragini laughs and comes and hugs Rahul. (Three of them are share a group hug)
Ragini : Ohh prince forgive mama will you?
Rahul looks and Laksh and Laksh pretends to think.
Laksh : We’ll give one chance feeling sorry for her.

Lavanya comes in and folds her hand.
Lavanya : If your family drama is done let remind you that I’M GETTING LATE FOR SCHOOL.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Hmmm…
Laksh : Someone is feeling jealouse.
Lavanya makes her eye small.
Lavanya murmurs : Jealouse???
Lavanya fumes and turns to leave. Laksh quickly comes and carries her.
Lavanya : Leave me down right now.
Laksh : No I will never forgive you forever.
Laksh makes her stand on the bed. (She is turning 12)
Laksh :Won’t you forgive your papa? Even your mama did.
Lavanya looks at Ragini and raises her eyebrows. Ragini thinks just the way Laksh pretend to think.
Ragini : It’s ok Luv let’s give him another chance.
Lavanya turns and hugs Ragini and Laksh comes near Rahul all four of them share a cute group hug.

After few hours Ragini finishes tying Laksh’s tie.
Ragini : How old are you and still you din’t know how to tie a tie.
Laksh locks Ragini in his hands.
Laksh : It is not that I don’t know but there is some kind of thrill in making your wife do works.
Ragini : Achcha then let me turn in to a typical wife. Buy me a hand bag, then a love essense perfume and…
Laksh fold his hand in a namste way.
Laksh : I beg you please don’t start you don’t have to be that typical. Are you sure you can manage Rahul alone? It seems like again his fever is high.
Ragini : I’m fine you have to go today will you think Sanskaar can manage it all alone?
Laksh : Ahh btw Prakask’s daughter marraige invitation was sent through post as we had a conflict I forgot to tell you.
Ragini : Haha your favourite person on the earth.
Laksh : He was the biggest barrier for my love. Anyways we have to go.
Ragini : Yeah but Rahul?
Laksh : We’ll see if he is okay by tomorrow. Then I’m leaving and if any emergency call me.
He gives a peck on her cheek and goes out. He goes near Rahul who was sitting in the hall eating corn flecks and watching cartoon. He gives a kiss on his head.
Ragini : Laksh your phone.
Laksh : Oh thank god or it would have been hard to contact you.
Laksh gives a peck on her forehead and leaves.

Flashback 13 years ago (No one is narrating or thinking)

Ragini comes out wearing a formal dress. A white shirt and a black skirt with a black blazer and a loosen black tie. Laksh has worn a black blazer, trouser and a white shirt with a black tie. Both of them were having their blazers in their hand. Laksh gets mesmerized looking Ragini she had no much make up and her hair is combed into a tight pony and small two ear studs. Laksh was handsome too.
Ragini : Are you ready?
Laksh : I’m always ready.
Ragini : If you ruin anything I’m not gonna leave alive.
Laksh gulps and gives a weird smile.
Mr. Malhotra : So shall we leave?

Ashley walks and opens the door for Ragini. and she too sits. Prakash sits in front beside the driver.
Laksh : Then what about me?
Prakash : This car is only for Ragini Madame and there you can join your professor.
Laksh fumes and goes. He gets in to the car. All of them reach to the venue. Ragini and Laksh goes in while the others sit in the lobby. Both of them are waiting for the lift. Ragini is feeling nervouse she starts biting her nails and tapping her legs. Laksh notices this and holds her and squeezes her hand. Ragini lets him hold as she felt relieved.
Laksh : Don’t be nervouse I’m there with you.
Ragini nods. She doesn’t argue back as she knows that her nervousness was clearly visible. Both of them gets in to the lift and Laksh is still holding Ragini’s hand. He presses the floor number 15. Ragini comes close to him and makes her fingers enter in between his finger. (You know the way how couples hold.)
Ragini : You will be there with me right?
Laksh says yes throught his eyes and gives a warm smile. Both of them share and intense eye lock. Suddenly the door opens and an old woman enter along with two other men. Ragini and Laksh apart away as those three were eyeing them in a weird way. They reach their floor while the woman and the men too get down.

Laksh : Ragini you are ready with the speech right? Can I hear it for once?
Just then another lady in her mid 30s come.
The lady : Hello everyone please head to the conference room at sharp 10.00 a.m.
She leaves. Laksh and Ragini sit along with other people in the lobby area.
Laksh : We have an hour more, so now you can tell me the speech.
Ragini opens her mouth but she is unable to speak.
Laksh : Come on yaar just tell it once if there is any errors I can correct them.
Ragini clears her throat and opens her mouth and starts speaking no sound is coming. She quickly takes out her mobile and types.
Laksh : I asked you to tell the speech not…( Ragini shows her mobile and Laksh reads) “My voice is not coming you gorilla. I’m unable to speak”
Laksh : What the hell? (He shouts while everyone looks at him) What are you telling Ragini don’t play it is not the time to play.
Ragini doesn’t respond. She starts crying, Laksh realizes that she is not playing but for real she is unable to talk.
Laksh : Okay okay relax. Stop crying Ragini. (She looks at Laksh while he wipes her tears with both of his thumbs. She looks at Laksh with her glittering eyes making a cute sad face) Take deep breath (Laksh takes a deep breath in) and put out(He breahts out)
Ragini also does the same. Laksh goes and gets a cup of water and makes Ragini drink it.
Laksh : Again take a deep breath.
Ragini does the same thing.
Laksh : Now speak.
Ragini open her mouth and still her voice doesn’t come.(Usually when people get too nervouse this temporary dumbness occurs.)She again starts crying and Laksh was not able to control her this time. He gets tensed too, he takes Ragini to a corner where no people are there and consoles her. She cries so hard. He hugs her as he was not able to look at the crying face of hers. She hugs him back very tightly in a way to show how important this project is.
Laksh : Stop crying I will do this presentation alone and atop worrying this just due to nervouseness. Ragini…
No she was not ready listen to him. She continued her cry. Laksh was not able to bear her tears her face turned red. Laksh couldn’t console her either. He started tearing. Suddenly something pops in to his brain. He break the hug and wipes her tears and Ragini looks at him in a confused way.

Flashback ends.

Lavanya was doing her homework and Ragini was helping her. Rahul was playing lego. The door bell rings.
Lavanya and Rahul : Papa…
Ragini goes and opens it. Laksh comes and hugs her gives a peck on her forehead. Rahul comes and jumps while Laksh carries and rotates him.
Laksh : How are you feling champ?
Rahul : Now I’m fine.
Laksh : Really? Mama has looked after you very well.
Lavanya closes her book and comes and sits on the couch. Ragini brings coffee for Laksh.
Laksh : Why is my princess upset?
Lavanya : Papa I want to join a club but I’m confused.
Laksh : Confused? Choose what you like beta.
Lavanya : Both my favourite clubs are on the same day. Music and Dancing. I’m confused which one to choose.
Rahul is sitting on Laksh’s lap. He carries him and keeps him on the sofa. Laksh takes the coffee and sips.
Laksh : Choose what you like the most.
Lavanya : That is what I’m confused with.
Ragini comes and sits.
Ragini : I prefer music even I can help you too.
Lavanya : But Sawitha is planning to join dancing club.
Laksh : I think your mama is right join music club, beta you don’t have to join what ever which Sawith is joining.
Lavnya : Hmm okay. (She makes a sad face.)
Ragini : Now why are you upset?
Lavnya : I’m not upset I’ll join the music club itself.
Rahul : I know why di is upset. She wants to do whatever Sawi di want to do.
Lavanya : Nothing like that chotu. I’ll do what mama and papa is asking me to do as they know the best.
Lavanya smiles. Ragini makes Lavanya lean on her chest and caresses her hair.
Ragini : You are the best daughter in the world.
Lavanya : And you are the best mother and you are the best father in the world.
Rahul : Then me? Am I not the worlds best brother?
Rahul makes a cute sad face while Lavanya sticks her tongue out. Ragini and Laksh laughs. Laksh carries and moves near Ragini and Lavanya.
Ragini and Laksh : You are worlds best son.
Lavanya : And worlds best bother I mean brother.

Lavanya runs and Rahul runs behind her.
Rahul : Di I’m not gonna leave you.
Lavanya : I’ll give you a choclate chotu leave me.
Both of them enter Lavanya’s room running. Ragini rests her head on Laksh’s chest. amd Laksh encircles her.
Ragini : Complete family.
Laksh pecks her head.

The screen freezes on their hugging position.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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