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Hello Dafsi here I know Im the worst writer in Telly Updates…Three ongoing fanfictions are mine Sasural Swaragini Ka, She is the One and Raghvi aur Raghvi Sisters Forever…

Im really really sorry for breaking up promises…Trust me my laptop display has crashed and Ill get it made by next week all my stocked episodes of those ff are in my lap and Im really sorry for dissapointing you all… The coming episodes are just ready to be upload by coming week…

Secondly Im not well I got a panic attack along with food poisoning and gastritis…I was really sick and weak now Im aliright…

Thirdly my lectures and classes have begun and Im covering up stuffs I missed…

And at last but not the least I can’t stop writing so until my laptop comes ti my hand I have just thought of writing a small ff on RagLak with few episode and that too only with you permission…

This will be a cute small family story which will only have cute family fights and mastis…Please do comment if I have to continue or not?

Credit to: Dafsi

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  1. ya continue dafsi i am biggest fan of raglak and u r ff dear !!!!

  2. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Just continue it dafsi di ur just an amazing writer and don’t feel sorry for those things and get well soon and di pls upload regularly luv u tc ??

  3. Plz cntnue dafsi I love all ur ff’s n take care of urselves dr

  4. finally…….ilove raglak

  5. Awesome please continue

  6. You are an amazing writter.plzz continue

  7. Superb dear and thanks a lot for raglak. Plz continue

  8. I jst love ur ff… nd continue it also…

  9. Cntnu dr…I’m fan of ur ff…lve ragalk…take care of ur health…

  10. Get well….take care

  11. Great plz continue

  12. cntnue dear

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