Rahasya – The hidden secrets (few shots) Shot 8

Hii dear readers, A big thanks to all who comment on previous post. Thank u so much for ur constant support. Let’s go to the most important shot in which I am going to reveal culprit .No cheating…..anyone don’t check end for culprit???

They both searched her everywhere but there was no sign of her. At last they have no way to return home .  They  sit in the car.

Naman : Let me drop u ….then, i am le

Ratri : No need of this…

Naman : Are u lost ur mind? You are not go alone anywhere.

He start driving. They entering in the building gate but shocked to see crowd near the building.

Naman : What is happening here ?

Ratri : How did i know…..I am with u .

He nods his head . They move forward & shocked to see her on terrace.

Ratri : Megh… What happen to u….Don’t move forward….Listen me once.

Naman : Megha, What are u doing ? Don’t do this.

Ratri : Naman, Plzz do something…..She is become crazy…..I don’t want to lost her.

Naman : I will go to terrace.

He run toward lift but she is already jump from terrace. She shout her name & tears start rolling down from her eyes. She run toward her & placed her head in her lap.

Ratri : Megha…..Why did u do this…..Somebody plzz call the ambulance( while crying).

He call the ambulance & they both rushed to hospital. She is continuously crying while he is trying to console her. Doctor informed them that she is in Coma & they are helpless to do anything.

Naman : I really don’t understand….Why she jump from terrace suddenly.

Ratri : Don’t know….

Naman : May be she is in any trauma.

Ratri : No, not at all….She is one of those people who enjoy life….& i am sure she is not in any trauma.

He nods his head.

After Some days :-

She is still in Coma. Ratri go to meet her regularly in hospital & Naman is also come in her house once a week .He also don’t know how this sympathy for her changed in love but he decided not to tell Ratri as she is not in condition to get in any new relation.

She is getting ready to go hospital . Suddenly, door bell rings. She open the door & found him on the door.

Naman : Where are u going ?

Ratri : Hospital to meet Megha….But why u come here…..You need anything.

Naman : No, I am just come here for give company to u.

Ratri : Hmm….Wait,.I will make coffee.

Naman : Are u alright ?

Ratri : Why are u asking ?

Naman : Today no arguments & fight with me.

She nods her head in disbelief & move toward kitchen. She start making coffee when spoon fall from her hand & she become irritate.

Ratri : Ahh…….I think my time is only bad.

She bend down for spoon & her sight fall on a empty wrapper.
She get up.

Ratri : What is in this & How did this come here.

Naman(from behind) : What happen ?

Ratri : Nothing…..Your coffee……( She hide wrapper in her hand).

Naman : If u don’t mind, then i will drop u.

Ratri : No……You don’t worry……I will go.

They leave from there after drinking coffee. He is driving his car when something strike in his mind.

Naman : Why wouldn’t i go hospital…..I also want to see Megha.

He turn his car & at last he reached there. He ask receptionists about her but she say that there is no doctor with this name.

Naman : Are u sure ? She is Cardiologist here.

Receptionist : Sir, You check by own.

He check the list but don’t found her name.

He is shocked & remember something .

** Flashback**

Megha : Where are u going?

Ratri : It’s the call from hospital….There is an emergency.

Megha : Wait….I will also come with u.

Ratri : No , I will handle it….You don’t worry I have no problem to go alone……U just stay here with Naman.

( The above conversation in Shot 5).

**Flashback ends**

He don’t believe that she do this & hide her identity .

****No precap****

( Author’s note – So many of u shocked to know after Ratri is mastermind but no one know the reason…..Niya di & Anu guess right, Ratri is culprit but not wrong…Why i consider her right …….. i will reveal the reason behind this in next two shots. So, when u know reason, then only consider who is wrong here ?)

Sorry for late update…..Busy with studies. I know it’s not interesting but don’t throw flying chappals on me after this??. ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Do comment & press like/ dislike. Keep smiling☺.



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    Shocking Epi.. niyu so ye tha jo tum hamse chupha rahi thi…??? to good yaar ab ye janna h ki ratri ne aisa kyun kiya.. jaldi se nxt post kar.. bye

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  3. Nandni

    Superb…. shocking revelation…. waiting for the next update

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  5. Anuradha123

    Superb episode yaar… I m shocked to know that she is the culprit… I’m very happy that u are writing such type of thrilling stories.. U nailed it.. I have become a big fan of your writing… Love u a lot dear n take care

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  7. Riru

    Niyu di awesome i must say ur r fab writer nd naman always reminds of my classmate with same name bt we call him tolon naman as its a bengali song having his name well i jst mixedd up things i was supposed to comment about ff and started this sorry?bt ur jst fab ?now i m speechless?bye❤u tc

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  8. Pavithra1616

    Niyu di, I have no words to explain about this chapter… I was shocked knowing it was Rathri… It was all her mastermind?? Can’t believe… U have great imagination di…really… Waiting for the next chapter.. Please please update soon.. I wanna read it as early as possible.. I can’t understand why rathri is doing these things… All the best.. Love u loads…???

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks lil sis for your comment dear….Glad that u like this….Your kind words…..Thank u soo much pavi for them….You get to know the reason in next update…..Ya, will update soon & luv u to moon & back ? ?

  9. Veera

    Good twist. So, ratri is the master mind behind all this, i haven’t expected it. Eager to know the reason behind her behaviour. Love you and missed you a lot, dear.❤️️?

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