Rahasya – The hidden secrets (few shots) Shot 7

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Recap – Naman tried to help Ratri & Megha.


Megha is trying every possible way to sleep but sleep is very far from her eyes. She hear some weird sounds. She closed her eyes tightly & cover herself with blanket. Suddenly she feel someone snatch the blanket. She get up immediately & found no one there.

Megha : What is happening with me ? Ahh….My head is badly paining.

She open the door & move toward hall. She move to the kitchen & start drinking water from glass. Suddenly, She see a shadow which move toward out of the house . She start follow that shadow.

After some time –

Ratri is sleeping peacefully . She wake up & come in hall for water. She noticed her room’s door is open.

Ratri : Megh is going crazy…..Is this any time to wake up.

She move toward her room & find it empty.

Ratri : Megh ……Where are u ? Are u in the washroom ( while knocking the door of washroom).

She open the door & also found it empty. She is shocked.

On the other side –

He take a deep breath & tried to console himself after that incident.

Nanan : I think I call Megha & ask about their condition…hope they are safe.

He call her.

She is worried for her when her phone ring . She pick up the call.

Naman : Megha ….Are u guys alright.

Ratri : Nothing is fine Naman….

Naman : Ratri, What happen….Why are u crying ….Where is Megha.

Ratri : Megh is no where….

Naman : What ! Are u serious….

Ratri : I don’t know….I searched whole house but she is not here….even she don’t take her phone with her….

Naman : Calm down….I am coming till then u don’t go anywhere .

He cut the call & turn his car back toward their house. He drive car with great speed. He reached there & is shocked to see the door is open. He enter & find her in hall.

Naman : You know what….Door is open that means she is somewhere outside.

Ratri : But we don’t know where is she ?

Naman : You just sit here….Please don’t take stress.

He give her the glass of water.

Ratri : I don’t want….We don’t waste time.

Naman : Hmm….It’s not possible to search her in whole city.

Ratri : Now what should we do…We should report to police but they don’t do anything before 24 hours….

Naman : Okk….We search her in her favourite places in this city.

They both sit in the car & search her in all places but there is no sign of her.

Precap – Megha has commit suicide.

( Author’s note : After reading precap, there are many question in ur mind but i already told u that this story is thriller & somewhere horror also…. So twist are common. Stay tuned with this fs bcoz in next chapter i am going to reveal culprit…i mean who is behind these things….So bear me for last three shots & thank u so much for ur constant support ).

# Is Megha really commit suicide or it’s a murder.

Sorry for late update guys…..busy with studies & school. Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Do comment & like/dislike. Keep smiling ?. Be happy & Stay safe. Next update is maybe on Friday till then guess the mystery behind precap.

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  1. Fenil

    Ohhh gosh now where she went behind that Shadow.Ratri and Naman joins hands lol ladte Hain but problem ke waqt Saath good.horrible precap.loved it.waiting for next.

    1. Niyati

      Thank u so much bhai for your comment….glad that u like this…Ya, will update soon….take care?

  2. Nandni

    Waiting for the next update

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment….ya, will update soon.

  3. Reebamathew

    Wow cutiepie is so superb,keep writing dear

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thank u so much for ur comment di….glad that u like this….ya, will keep writing & lots of love to u.

  4. Amazing chapter! ?
    Megha followed the shadow….scary
    Precap is very sad! ?
    Please do post your next chapter soon!

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Mansi dear for your comment…glad that u like this….ya, will update soon & lots of love to u ?? episode is not much scary …I think??

  5. Awwwww my sweetie
    Itna suspense ???
    N d precap??
    Plz post soo
    Loads of love????????

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks Cadbury for ur comment…glad that u like this….aur itna suspence na rakhungi to sab read nahi karenge? …..ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  6. Anuradha123

    Wow niyu dear! It’s lovely yaar… I m sorry that I was not able to comment on your previous articles… Today’s part is fantastic, mind-blowing etc n etc… Eagerly waiting for the next part… Please update it fast… Can’t wait anymore.. Precap was mind blowing… I thought megha is the culprit but yaar precap padhne k baad mujhe ratri par doubt ho raha hai.. Anyways let’s see who is the villain here…at last lots of love to u my sweetie..

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks sweetie for ur comment….glad that u like this….no need to be sorry dear bcoz u are not well…how are u dear ?? …..hope u are better now….ya, will update very soon & take care & lots of love to u…..u forget our friendship rules dear…no sorry, no thank u .

  7. Niyaaa

    Awsome Epi niyu nd guess krna muskil ho raha h pehle megha culprit lag rahi thi ab precap padhne k baad ratri… pata nahi so post nxt asap…. nd last mujhe ek baat samaj nahi aati hamesha sab saye k pichche kyun jate h especially in horror case… hahaha???

    1. Niyaaa

      Bye lovv u post ur cupid ff too

    2. Niyati

      Thank u so much for ur comment di….glad that u like this….ya, will update soon till then guessing?…..Sab same ke piece kyun jaate hai ….ye to mujhe big nahi pata??….lots of love to u & ya, will post my kanchi fs maybe on Thursday or Friday…

  8. Pavithra1616

    Hey niyu di… It was just fanstastic.. Where did Megha go?? What was that shadow?? Its just full of mysteries… U have great imagination di.. Really!!?
    There is no evidence to think who will be the villain.. Reading the precap I was like omg!? waiting to know who is the villain here.. Update soon di.. Very soon actually!!!? I can’t wait.. Love u loads.. Study well di.. All the best…

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks dear for your comment…Glad that u like this lil sis….it really means a lot to me….Ya, will update tomorrow & lots of loves to u dear.

  9. Fatmi

    Kaab iye rahsaya khatam hoga..mujhe or intezaar nehi hoo raha…Niyati dear I liked the epi..bt when will u end our suspense? All the best…

    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot dear for comment….Glad that u like this ? ? ?

      1. Fatmi

        Ya of course u r my lil sweetest Frnd and sister and ur writting is superb as usual ,so hw could I not like them? ??? Best of luck

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