Rahasya – The hidden secrets (few shots) Shot 6

Hii dear readers & silent readers, Niyati is here with the next part. I know it’s too late but I have fever nowadays that’s why didn’t post this. So sorry for late update & support me as always.


Recap – Ratri caught Naman while checking out her house

Naman & Megha still tried to understand the situation. Suddenly doorbell ring.

Megha: Who is on the door ?

Naman : Relax….I will check.

Megha : No, don’t leave me alone….plzz.

Naman : Calm down….I am coming in just five minutes.

He open the door & found her . She is shocked to see their state.

Ratri : Is any earthquake come here…

Megha: You say like that…

Ratri : What could be expect from two kids….right…

Naman : We don’t do anything….

Megha : He is right….this happen bcoz of that spirit.

Ratri pinch on Megha’s hand to shut her mouth infront of Naman .

Naman : There is no need of hide anything ….I don’t believe on these things but after this i am believing on u  .

Ratri : So what ! You can’t do anything for us , so it’s  better if u don’t interfere in this matter. Mind ur own business .

Megha : Rati….plzz…..Why are u guys fighting ? We have to solve this problem together.

Ratri : Really….What should he do….Is he going to fight with that spirit.

Naman : I will help u ….

Ratri : Why u didn’t get it that we don’t need ur help ?

Megha : Naman, She is only like that….don’t take her serious.

Naman smirk while she give deadly glare to Megha & leave from there while stamping on floor.

Naman : Now, I am going….I have some important work.

She nods her head while he leave from there.

Megha : Rati , Is this any manner to behave….He is just tried to help us.

Ratri : Megh , we don’t become selfish like this….His life is also in danger if he help us.

Megha : But Rati….

Ratri : I don’t want him involvement in this…It’s already so late….Let’s go to sleep.

Megha: Hmm….

They both move to their room but they are  busy in their thoughts. He drive his car in alone highway. Suddenly, he see weird things on road . He stop the car with a jerk but fortunatelyhe is safe. He still don’t understand that what happen some minutes ago with him.

On other side –

She continuously banged her room’s  door.

Ratri : Have u gone mad Megh….What happen now ?

Megha : Rati, I heard some sound in my room.

Ratri : Megh, i don’t listen anything.

Megha : Plzzz….Come with me.

They both move toward her room. She open the door .

Ratri : See there is nothing.

Megha : okk….i am sorry for disturbing u.

She hug her.

Ratri : Take care megh & don’t think about morning’s incident.

She nods her head but still she is scared.

Precap-  Megha is in danger


Sorry for short & late update guys. This ff is going to end in next 4 shots & i disclosed the culprit in 8th shot. Do comments & don’t forget to click on like button.Keep guessing & reading. Be happy & Sta safe. Keep smiling.



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