Rahasya – The hidden secrets (few shots) Shot 5

Hii dear readers & silent readers , a big sorry for late update. If u want, then i accept ur tomatoes. A big thanks to all who comment on previous post.


RECAP – Megha believe on Ratri that there is a spirit behind her.

She is angry on Megha to invite him in the house. Megha enter in kitchen.

Megha : What happen to u…..Why u become angry bird.

Ratri : Shut up ! Stop ur nonsense.

Megha : Chill babes….Plzz make coffee for us.

Ratri : No way…..Continue ur daydreaming.

Megha make puppy face & she have no option.

Ratri : Now, don’t make these type of faces…..I will make.

Megha : Aww….so sweet.

Ratri hits her head.

Megha go to washroom for freshen while she search him to give Coffee.

She found him in her room. He is checking something .

Ratri : What are u doing here??

Naman : Nothingg….i lost my way.

Ratri : What’s the need of roaming in whole house.

He step toward her.

Naman : I already told u that i am a spirit .

She move backward.

Ratri : If u try to frightened me, then you don’t know me…..I never become scared from ur useless pranks.

Naman : Ohh…okk….i am agree, u are a brave girl.

Ratri : Your coffee….

Naman : Hmm….thank you..

Megha : This is not done…..You leave me alone Rati.

Ratri : I never leave alone infact after death.

Megha : Umm…..Good girl….What are u guys doing here.

Ratri : Ask to ur friend….oops…close friend.

Naman : Are u jealous from our friendship.

Ratri : Jealous…my foot….Jo mera hai wo main kisi ko cheenne nahi deti hun.

Naman : Ohh…God, i become so much scared.

Megha : Plzz…Guys…don’t start again….let’s come.

They both move from there…. Megha is about to leave when she listen weird sound but she go with them.

Megha : My coffee…

Ratri give her coffee mug. They enjoyed coffee.

Suddenly, Ratri ‘s phone beeps & she become tensed after reading message.

Megha : What happen to u ? Why ur face is looking pale.

Naman : Her face is only like that.(in a teasing manner).

Ratri : Shut up ! I am going.

She keep her Coffee mug.

Megha : Where are u going ?

Ratri : Hospital…..There is an emergency.

Megha : Wait ….i will also come with u.

Ratri : No, i will handle the situation…u just stay here.

Megha : But i am alone here without u.

Ratri : He is here na…..

Naman : Ya, i am here till then u didn’t return.

She leave from there while they both start chatting with each other.
They listen sound that somethingis broke.

Megha : Naman…..I feel so scared…

Naman : But why….maybe vase fall down from wind.

Megha : No, there is a spirit in our house.

He start laughing like maniac.

Naman : Are u serious….There is nothing like that.

Megha : Am i looking liar to u ?

Naman : Ok Baba…..u check there & i am going this side.

She nods her head & with lot of courage she move toward Ratri’s room . She checked her room & suddenly she realized that someone hold her both legs & she screamed at the top of her voice. He listen her scream & run toward her.

Naman : Why are u shouting Megh.

She hug him.

Megha : Someone hold my legs.

Naman : I am with u…..look no one is here.

They apart from each other . Suddenly, the chandelier start falling. She push him & the whole chandelier fall down. They both are shocked. All things made up of glass start cracking & break down.

Naman tried to help Ratri & Megha .


Hope u guys like it & don’t get bored. Once again sorry for late update & keep guessing who is behind these….last time, many of u doubt on Megha…well, i don’t want to reveal that…..So keep guessing .Do comments & keep smiling. Be happy & stay safe.


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  1. Fenil


    1. Niyati

      Thank u soo much bhai for ur comment…..Glad that u like this

  2. Niyaaa

    Superb niyu but naman ki aisi baton se lagta h jaise wo h per atlast me wo nahi hota jo starting me dikhta h to sayad megha ho skti h yaa may be someone else.. Nd wase bhi ye ff h seriel nahi jo seriel walon ki tarah kuch bhi dikhaye so can’t guess it.. Post nxt one nd plzz don’t be so soooo late again..

    1. Niyati

      Hey thank u soo much didu for ur comment.Glad that u like this.Ya, di it’s a thriller toh isme jaisa dikhta hai waisa hota nahi hai…..ya, keep guessing…..only 5 shots remain….i will reveal myster in maybe 8th shot….Ya, post very soon & lots of love to u.

  3. Fatmi

    Superb! Go Niyati go.. .. I like this ff.. Plz write up soon sweetie…

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u soo much for your sweetie comment….Glad that u like this as ur views really matter to me….ya,will update very soon & lots of love to u. sweetie .

  4. Veera

    Interesting part, niyati. Now i have doubts on all the three. You are maintaining the suspense really well. It’s not easy to write a thriller, but you are doing an amazing job. waiting eagerly to know the mystery.

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much di for your comment . Glad that u like this . It really means a lot to me….Ya, maybe i will disclosed mysery in 8th shot….lots of love & a very big hug to u….Firstly, i also think that’s it’s not easy to write thriller but it’s not so much difficult . I must say u should try once as u are fantabulous writer & ur ff is one of my favourite ff… Take care.

      1. Veera

        Aww that’s so sweet of you dear.

  5. Pavithra1616

    Hey niyu di, I am back and my exams are over.. There is no word to explain about this ff..it is just amazing .keep writing di..update soon.. Very mysterious ff!!!!? great imagination diii..love you lots

    1. Niyati

      Hey my lil sis, glad to know that u like this ft. Thanks for ur comment.It really means a lot to me.Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u sis. Glad to know that ur exams are over.

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