Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 9

Hello guys naina here with another episode so sorry guys for the short update!!!
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The episode begins in baadi where everyone is busy in the preprations.
Summi: laado have you made the Prasad and shona have you cleaned the mandir.
Swaragini: yes maa and yeah plz don’t worry everything is done.
Then they both looked at eo and began to laugh.
Summi: acha now don’t make funn of me go take a bath and get ready the maheshwaris will be arriving .
Swaragini nodded in yes and went to their room.
Ragini first came down wearing a dark blue saree with a golden blouse with a maang tikka and matching earings and bangles with light make up and pink lipstick. Then came swara wearing a dark pink saree with black blouse with matching accessories and light make up and matching lipstick.

The maheshwaris arrived Sanskar said to Lakshya to go as he has to make an important call. Lakshya nodded in yes and went inside with ap,dp,sujatha and rp. They entered and greeted summi and Shekhar and Lakshya took blessings from summi and Shekhar. Summi was going to put the Prasad in the mandir but it was heavy so Lakshya said that he will take it there.
Summi : no no beta I will manage.

Lakshya: aunty that’s not fair you call me beta and if I am saying that I will do it so you are saying no.
After saying this he went there. Inside the mandir swara was standing on the stool because she was tying the garland of flowers in the entrance. Lakshya went there he placed the Prasad on the table and was going when he noticed that the stool was misbalancing as he walked towards it swara got misbalanced and was about to fall when Lakshya holded her. Sanam re was playing in the bg and they both were lost in eo eyes until summi called swara. Swara came into senses and asked Lakshya to put her down.
He put her down and was mesmerized to see her. He was staring her and said that she was looking very beautiful. Swara listened to it and blushed a litte and ran from there.

Lakshya pov: whenever I am with her I just forget everything around myself. Her beautiful eyes have driven me crazy.
Saying this he left from there.

At the entrance ragini was busy in making the rangoli. And Sanskar has ajust attended the call and was going inside but he did not noticed her. So he accidently stepped in the rangoli and because of the colors he slipped and landed on ragini. Sanskar’s head was in ragini’s lap. And Sanskar was fully covered in colors.
They both were staring in eo eyes and ishq bulava was playing in bg. They were disturbed when summi called ragini .
Sanskar: I am so sorry I did not noticed the rangoli.
Ragini: its okay I will make it again.
Saying this she left. The episode ended on the leaving face of ragini.

Recap: Sanskar coming out wearing a towel and having an encounter with ragini……

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