Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 8

Hey guys naina here with an other episode!!! Thank you so much for the comments ???
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The episode behind with lucky making swara wearing saree. Then he opened his eyes and he was mesmerized to see her in the saree. Mere rubaru was playing in the background. After sometime swara saod thank you to lucky. But he was so busy in staring her that he did not heard her so swara pinched lucky.
Lucky: aaaaaaah….
Have you gone mad i have helped u and u are pinching me…
Swara: o have said thank you if u have heard it…
Lucky: oh i am sorry. U complete the breakfast and then i will drop you to your house.
Swara nodded in yes. AND lucky left.
After half an hour swara was in her house and was calling out summi. But summi was not in the house so ragini answered her so she went up stairs.
Both are shocked to see each other
Ragini: swara!! Are you fine what hapeened to you??
Swara: yes laado i am fine i was just shot….
So she told her all that happened with her but did not tell her that lucky helped her in wearing saree.
Ragini also told what ever happened with her.
Soon they both were hugging in eo and swaragini was playing in bg.

After one month,
Swaragini has fully recovered and summi and Shekhar has returned home and have decided to perform a pooja.
In which they have invited the mahshwaris because dp was the friend of Shekhar.

Recap: swalak and ragsan having an encounter…..

So sorry guys for the short update but i will try to upload a longer one tomorrow… ??

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