Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 7

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the episode begins with ragsan eating pasta from one plate but as soon as they finished eating it they realized that they have eaten from one plate and were avoiding eyelock. But after gathering much courage Sanskar said:
ragini I am going home if you wish then I could help you to go to your room.
Ragini: ummm…. Ok.
After saying this sankar picked ragini in his arms and began to walk while he was walking ishq bulava was playing in the backgroung. He reached the room of ragini and very gently placed her on the bed. As he walked towards the door of the room he slipped due to the water on the ground and fell on ragini and they had an eyelock, ishq bulava was playing in background.
Soon they came to their senses and Sanskar said sorry to ragini and left in a hurry. As soon as he left ragini started to laugh.
The scene shifts to swalak;
Swara was taking a bath and Lakshya entered her room to find his phone he saw it on the table, took it, and went outside as soon as he left swara came out only wearing the blouse and the skirt. As she was shot on the shoulder she was having great difficulty wearing the saree. She was standing infront of the mirror trying to wear it.
While she was trying Lakshya entered her room to give her breakfast when they saw each other swara turned to other side and Lakshya turned to the other side.
Lakshya: I am very very very very sorry actually I didn’t know that you were changing I only came to give you the breakfast.
Saying this he placed the tray on the table and head toward the door.
Swara: wait wait wait!!! Actually if you remember I was shot so I was having difficulty wearing it so can you plz send some one to help me…
Lakshya: actually no one is in the house except me and ramu kaka. If you want then I can helhenp you.
Swara was some how shocked by this. Lucky looked at her and said that don’t worry I will keep my eyes close. Listening to this swara got relieved and nodded in yes.
Lucky then closed his eyes and stepped towards swara. As he was walking towards her swara’s heartbeat was going fast.
Swara pov: why is my heartbeat going so fast as he is coming towards me why am I feeling butterflies in my stomach why?…….
While she was thinking about this lucky sat on his knees and asked her to give her saree so that he can make folds. As swara gave him that he started to make folds and after making folds he tucked it into her saree and as he touched her belly. She shivered but did not showed that. Lakshya made her wear the saree. And asked her if he can now open his eyes. She said yes. And as soon as he opened his eyes he was mesmerized to see her. They both were having an eyelock while mere rubaro was playing in background.
To be continued…….

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