Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 6

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After learning the truth she thanked lakshya.. They both continued talking and were very much busy until lakshya’s phone rang. As soon as he picked it up he said yes bhai any problem actually the call was from sanskar. Sanskar said that he was with his friends and will come home tomorrow in the morning. Lakshya said ok and cut the call….
Sanskar went to kitchen to eat something while searching a plate fell from him and this made wake up Ragini. Ragini tried to walk but she couldn’t do so she called out summi. But summi was not there so instead of her sanskar went to her and ask if she wanted something. To which she replied that she heard some noise. Sanskar said that he was hungry and while searching something to eat a plate fell from him.
Ragini: if you are hungry then you should have told me wait I’ll make something for you….
After saying this she tried to stand up but she couldn’t…
Sanskar: look you can’t even walk properly then how will you make food for me wait i will order something.
Ragini :are u mad??
Sanskar :huh??
Ragini: have looked at the time…
Its night one o’clock. No restaurant will be open now…
Sanskar: wait i have an idea…
Ragini: what???
But before she could speak something sanskar picked her up in his arms. And placed her on the shelf of the kitchen…

The scene shifts to swalak…
Swara asked lucky If he had some clothes because the clothes she was wearing were filled with blood. Lucky thought for a moment and opened the cupboard and took out a saree.
He took this to her and asked her to wear it.
Swara: wow such a beautiful saree!!! But who’s saree is it??
Lucky: this is it my sister. You can go and change I’ll say to ramu kaka to make breakfast for you and yeah if you need any kind of help you can ask me.
After saying this he walked out of the room. Swara stood there for some moments and then went to take a bath…
There Ragini was instructing sanskar how to make pasta. At last be made it and began to eat himself leaving Ragini behind. Ragini asked him to give her too.
But he was too busy in eating that he did not heard her. So Ragini picked a spoon and throw at him.
Sanskar: ouch!!!! What the….
Ate you mad??
Ragini: huh?? Why are you eating alone i also want to eat.
Sanskar: so you should have said me
why have you throw that on me??
Ragini: because you were not….
Before she could complete her sentence sanskar made get eat pasta. After she ate the first bite she began to eat more. And eventually they both were eating from one plate.
The episode ended onvthe eating faces of ragsan.

recap: swara reaching her house…. Swaragini shocked to see each others conditions…. One month leap

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