Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 5

Hey guys naina here!!! Guys so so so sorry it the late update and for not replying to to your comments ??!! So the episode begins ……

Summi attended the call…. And she was he’ll shocked and the phone feel from her hand. And she fell to floor… After seeing the situation sanskar picked get and asked her what happened and gave her glass of water. Summi told her that ragini father (Shekhar) had a minor accident and she need to go to him. She requested him to stay with Ragini as s
he is unwell. He agreed and she left for goa…….
It is morning….
Lucky entered swara room and saw that she was sleeping. He was mesmerized to see the innocence of her face. He began to watch her (awww??). Now swara was gaining consciousness but lucky was so busy in staring her that he did not notice that she was moving swara was hell shocked to see lucky and she started to tell maa!!!maa!!! But till now lucky gained consciousness and he quickly ran to her and he closed her mouth with his hands there was an eyelockand music was playing in background…..and made her quite…
He then made her realize that she was in his house and told her that she got shot yesterday……

To be continued….

So so sorry guys for the short update but i am extremely busy with my exams that i am not allowed to get phone!!! Hope you guys understand me situation ??…

Guess plz comment…

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  1. ya.small update is. good rather than no update

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  4. Waiting for the next and long episode.all the very best for ur exam.

  5. Awsm epi…all the best…

  6. very short update. v can undeestand ur situation but nxt time give a long epi.

  7. Nice..all t best fr ur exams

  8. awesome but small

  9. Nice but short Plz update the next part soon

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