Ragsan+Swalak true love episode 4


Hey guys naina here  ! so sorry for the mistake in the previous episode actually I wanted to type ragsan but by mistake I typed raglak!! And so sorry for not replying ur worthy messages actually my final exams are going to start that’s why I was busy for preparing them but as soon my exams get over I will update daily!!

The episode starts with Sanskar picking ragini and taking her to the hospital. She was admitted in emergency and Sanskar was waiting for her. The doctor came out and sanskar rushed to him. He asked the doctor about the condition of the lady as he did not knew ragini’s name. the doctor said that her left foot got sprain and because of extreme shock she got unconscious but he has given him injection so she will soon gain consciousness. So Sanskar went inside and sat on the sofa and waited for ragini to wake but while waiting he felt asleep. While he was sleeping ragini got awake and tried to stand but due to the sprain she lost her balance and was about to fall when Sanskar held her from her waist. There was a long eyelock and allah waariyan played in background. After some time they both were disturbed by the noise outside the room. Sanskar made her sit and told her that her left foot got sprain she thanked him from saving her and asked his name. he told her his name and asked the same question to her. To which she replied Ragini. After talking he asked her her address. She was shocked but he said that he was asking so that he could drop her. She said ok and gave him her address. After signing discharge papers he asked her to come. She said that she can’t walk so he picked her up. While he was walking allah waariyan was playing in bg.

The scene shifts to swara. She was shivering and hearing the noises lucky entered her room and saw her shivering. He panicked after seeing her in that condition so he quickly called his family doctor. After talking to the doctor, he thought that I should do it or not but I am doing this to save her life. So he walked closer to her. And bended to her mouth and began to give her mouth to mouth. After few time she stopped shivering and he went back to his room.

The scene shifts to ragsan reaching baadi. Sanskar picked ragini from the car and walked towards her house. As he entered the house summi was shocked to see the condition of ragini. And asked Sanskar what happened to her. He tells her all the things that happened with her. She was shocked but she told him to place ragini in her room. He went to her room picking ragini and placed her on her bed and covered her with a quilt.

As he went downstairs, summi thanked him from saving ragini and asked him to sit and that she would bring tea to her. After so much requesting he sat down, as he sat down there was a phone call. After receiving it summi was hell shocked and dropped the phone from her hands…..

Recap: summi leaving the house….. more ragsan moments …….more swalak moments

Credit to: Naina

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  1. i am confused….why did laksh give mouth to mouth resuscitation if she was not unconscious? nice ragsan scene…waiting for the ones in next update. best luck with exams

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